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Victoria Lebene In New Photos

Victoria Lebene continues to flaunt her body.

Ghanaian actress, Victoria Lebene attended Mzvee’s surprise party. Furthermore, she went for a simple nude look with a jacket. However, when you zoom into the picture, you can see her nipples. Moreover, a lot of people are of the opinion that it was a stunt to seek attention.

Furthermore, she posted the photos on her social media.

Also, she became the brand ambassador for Pineapple Cosmetics.

Moreover, the actress and veteran actor, Kofi Adjorlolo, were an item some time back. However, the relationship went south after many criticisms from a section of the general public.

Victoria Lebene in an eye-popping top and new photos

Nana Ama McBrown Stuns In African Prints

Nana Ama Mcbrown shows them how it’s done.

Ghanaian actress and style icon, Nana Ama Mcbrown has new photos in African prints. Furthermore, she served us with an intriguing and stunning fashion statement in wax print.

Moreover, she shared beautiful photos of herself in a peplum top and matching pants of the same fabric. Also, she incorporated both an edgy and simple style. Therefore, it has a corporate feel to it. This outfit can be used as the usual Friday wear theme for the corporate world.

The dark brown and green- colored African print fabric perfectly complements her skin tone. Also, she had on minimal accessories.

Nana Ama Mcbrown in African prints

Alcohol, Wee Caused My Kidney Failure – OJ Blaq

OJ Blaq talks about his kidney problems.

Ghanaian musician, Andy Alexander Nii Akrashie, known as OJ Blaq revealed what contributed to his kidney ailment a few years ago.

Furthermore, according to him, alcohol and smoking affected his health greatly.

Moreover, the sickness nearly claimed his life. He spoke about this with Jessica Opare-Saforo on Citi FM’s ‘Traffic Avenue.

OJ Blaq about contributing factors to kidney failure.

“I was not hypertensive, I was not diabetic but I’ll say it’s lifestyle. Too much alcohol, smoking, meat and all that lifestyle did not help. And what I have understood is that wherever you are weak that’s where Satan uses to attack you.”

Furthermore, he said he started smoking and drinking when he was at the basic school level. According to him, he started smoking the cigarette when he was at Achimota Primary School. In his third year at the Junior High School, he added marijuana.

Few years ago, OJ Blaq was down with kidney failure. However, according to him, God miraculously healed him, and he has now become stronger than before.

Recounting his ordeal, OJ said he really went through pain when he was hit by the sickness.

However, later checks proved that his condition had reversed to normal; a situation which is rare among people who suffer kidney failure.


Introduce Cinemas To Revive Movie Industry – Abdul Salam Mumuni

Movie producer and CEO of Venus Films Productions, Abdul Salam Mumuni talks about the movie industry.

Furthermore, he blames difficulties associated with production on the absence of cinemas in Ghana.

He made these statements on 3FM’s Easy Stream.

Moreover, he said the revival of cinemas in the country would help producers retrieve money spent on production.

Also, he said it would serve as a means of revenue generation. This is to enable producers to embark on other major projects.

Abdul Salam Mumuni on movie cinemas

“We need movie cinemas all over the regions. In Accra alone, we need like five cinemas. We don’t have cinemas in place now so if you shoot a good movie you cannot make your money out of it.” 

Moreover, he believes the days of cinema made the movie industry more lucrative. This is compared to what is happening on the movie scene now.

According to him, movie producers in the past even made money for just promoting their movies and making sales from VCDs and DVDs. However, the situation is different now.

Furthermore, he noted that people are gradually watching movies in the cinemas. Hence the call for more cinemas to accommodate the hundreds of movie lovers who visit the cinemas.

Celebrities Championing The Legalisation Of “Wee” Should Educate The Public On Its Negative Effects — Mark Okraku-Mantey

Mark Okraku Mantey wants a nuanced discussion.

The president of the Creative Arts Council, Mark Okraku-Mantey wants the advocates of marijuana to also educate the public on its negative effects.

Furthermore, he was of the view that in as much as the illicit drug has positive effects, it also has some negative effects. Therefore, the celebrities championing its legalisation should touch on that too.

Mark Okraku-Mantey made these statements on Hitz FM’s ‘Daybreak Hitz’

“Weed has become a norm for the youth, whether we like it or not…our musicians have propagated it [use] openly. These celebs are role models for our children and they will pick up these things. They can’t decode or decipher things rightly. Children can easily copy their lifestyle and celebs are not ready to talk about it”.

Also, Mark advised celebrities on how to live a healthy lifestyle

“I never did cigarette or herb. I think with those in that space, it’s more of community, bonding, click and it’s a fraternity. Let’s not discard that marijuana doesn’t have a bad side”.

I Make Too Much Money To Consider Taking Bribe – Anas

Anas makes his stance clear. Hon. Kennedy Agyapong premiered his own investigative piece called “Who Watches The Watchman?”. Furthermore, it was on air during the week at the forecourt of Ken City.

Moreover, the documentary made damning allegations against Anas Aremeyaw Anas. Therefore, he went on UTV to clear the air on some of the allegations.

Also, the host asked about claims that he had received an offer of $100,000 from Kwasi Nyantakyi to drop the story.

Anas on taking bribes and cost of doing his work

“I have said that he who alleges must prove it. I mean I can’t see why anybody would not want to mention a third party who I have sent. I have told those who are making those claims. As for me, I have never, and please mark the word, NEVER taken bribe from anybody in respect of either Kwasi Nyantayi or any other story I have done in my entire life.

You know what that means to me, if I’m found culpable of taking bribe? It means I will lose all the jobs I do across the world. I have to be smart enough. How much is that money compared to the money I make when I work outside? So nobody in his right sense will risk it. I have said if they think I have given money to a third party it is up to them, let them mention the name.

It’s fair, and that’s why I have already taken some people to court, to prove those allegations. This is a law-governed society. You don’t just go about talking. You supply people with the needed evidence so that we can move forward as a nation. This country cannot be moving only based on rumors.”

10 Surefire Signs That Your Ex (Secretly) Wants You Back

Are you confused because your ex keeps sending you mixed messages?

He calls, and then disappears.

He says he is over you, but keeps in touch with your family.

And that makes getting over him and mending your broken heart a million times harder.

Inside you feel that there’s something going on:

Maybe your ex wants you back? Could it be that you can get back together?

How can you know?

On the other hand, you don’t want to fool yourself that your ex wants you back.

False hopes can leave you broken-hearted for the second time – from the same guy. It won’t be pretty.

How to Know if Your Ex Wants You Back?

To help you figure out, see these 10 signs that you ex wants you back, divided into 2 possible situations:

1. If you still keep in touch (The “just friends” horrific zone)

2. If you are in a “no contact” situation.

1. Your ex contacts you frequently, without any encouragement by you. He either calls you, texts you (more than once a week though), or sends you private messages on Facebook.

2. Your ex keeps sharing his life with you. He talks (or writes) a lot about himself and about new things that happen in his life.

3. Your ex is interested in what you are doing, who you are seeing and if you are dating someone else. He seems jealous if you do.

4. Your ex makes sure that you know that you are the first person he tells all the significant stuff in his  life.

5. Your ex keeps mentioning that he is not dating anyone else, or that he is not interested in meeting someone new.

6. Your ex asks for your advice (and approval) before he makes any major decision.

7. Your ex seems to show up everywhere you go. Even when not everywhere, but in many places.

8. Your ex flatters you, tells you how good-looking you are and calls you “baby” “honey” etc.

9. Your ex seems to put a lot of effort in his looks when he meets you. He looks hot every time you see him.

10. Your ex touches you. He tends to put his arms around you and look for other opportunities for a physical contact with you.

2. If You’re in a No-Contact Situation

1. Your ex keeps in touch with your friends and/or your family – frequently.

2. When your ex meets someone who knows you, he asks a million questions about you, and if you are seeing anyone new.

3. Your ex “accidentally” shows up in places he knows he’ll meet you. And I mean more than once.

4. Your ex’s friends “happen to mention” that he or she is not dating anyone new.

5. Your ex likes or comments on your Facebook status updates.

6. Your ex shows signs of missing you through gloomy Facebook status updates, like “my life feels so empty”, or “I’m so tired of this world”.

7. You bump into your ex one day and he seems to know everything about your life (after the breakup): What you’re doing, who you’re seeing etc.

8. Your ex drunk-dials, texts or emails you. The alcohol has given him the courage to show you that you are still on his mind.

9. Your ex doesn’t want to return some of your stuff.

10. Your ex is upset and mad if you are the one that doesn’t want to stay in contact.


5 Reasons Why Women Fall For Bad Guys

It is usually said that women love bad guys and mostly fall for them.

But why do most women fall for the worst of guys when there are good men waiting for them?

Why do women have to have at least one bad experience before finding the right man for them? What explains their weird and unjustified interest in guys who are not right for them and can be classified as playboys or bad guys’?

Before learning the lesson and taking interest in the right kind of guys, women tend to waste their time after those I-am-not-ready-for-anything-serious kinds of guys. There is something about these players that attracts women to them despite of the clear signs of them being time-wasters.

Here are five reasons why women fall in love with the wrong guys:

1. Nice Is Boring:

Our guilty pleasures don’t make us feel so guilty, do they? There is something inherently boring about nice things; they are plain with no ups and downs to make us feel alive. Although there can be committed relationships with fun it but fun is a lot easier to attain with guys who don’t care. Girls fall in love with such guys in hopes of changing their minds while having all the fun, only to be told at the end that ˜it is time we part ways’. And then they cry which is only partially justifiable.

The adrenaline rush and those absolutely thrilling dates which you know will be followed by amazing sex are what make women look past the good guys. Either good guys need to up their game or women need to be a little patient to have fun.

2. They Are A Challenge:

Once familiar with the arrogant, ˜too cool to care’ guy, girls take it as a challenge to change the way they are. They want to tame the shrewd and make a perfect love story while doing so, where the guy who did not believe in love before has now fallen in love with the same girl who he loathed. Women know, too, that they are stepping in the wrong room but they do it anyway in hopes of making it right before stepping out, only that happens very rarely and it is she who gets hurt big time.

3. The Run:

Relationships with bad guys are like loops; they give you attention, a lot of it, then take it away and make you beg for it until they decide to give it back. Bad guys make sure you run after them and no matter how much you hate it, you signed up for it, for them, so you keep chasing them. When, after a long run, you finally get them back, that happiness is what makes you want to do it again and every other time he runs away.

4. Some Never Learn:

After all the drama and being left heartbroken by jerk(s), some women never learn the lesson and end up falling for the same kind of guy again. Most tragically, some end up marrying such guys while the world sees and sympathizes with her. Such women keep forgiving the shortcomings and faults of such men lowering their self-respect all in the name of love. Love is blind, indeed, but you should never let it make you dumb enough to not see what is happening.

You should also check  8 Mistakes You Might Be Making By Ditching The ‘Nice Guy’

What made men the way they are is a whole different story. There are bad fish in the sea but you can always build a taste for the good ones and be able to tell the difference between the two. And if you think that you are love struck with the wrong guy, try to pull out and imagine how much better you would love the right guy.

5. They Are Hotter:

Women tend to associate physical attractiveness with good skills in bed which is a major reason of their interest in the bad, popular guys. They are hot and condescending and that is enough for some to forget about every other guy they have met no matter how nice. Some women have the life is too short’ philosophy which does not let them be with guys who take too long to take them to the bedroom.

Everybody wants a lifelong love but what they also want is someone who would explore their lustful side, their sexualities with them. All of it comes gift-wrapped with a bad guy which can be availed in the beginning of the relationship because, usually, there is no happy ending to such lustful relationships. Hot guys are eye candies and you can’t lick a candy forever.


Delay Says She Doesn’t Ridicule Her Guests

Delay talks about her show.

Ghanaian music producer, Mark Okraku Mantey vowed never to appear on Deloris Frimpong Manso’s ‘Delay show’. Furthermore, he said the show is to ridicule celebrities.

Moreover, celebrities such as Kurl Songx, Joyce Blessing, Vicky Zugah have had issues with the host. This is after appearing on the show.

However, now she finally responds to claims that she ‘forces’ celebrities to say what they never want to say on live TV.

Delay talks about how she conducts interviews and replies Mark Okraku Mantey

“I don’t force anyone to say things they don’t want to say on my show. The Delay Show is a talk show where I allow my guests to free their minds. My guests have the liberty to answer the questions posed to them and if they are not comfortable, no one pushes them to answer”.

“Any good presenter would ask questions any ordinary Ghanaian wants to know. Rosemond Brown said that I wanted to use her to be popular and I asked her if I needed her to be popular? That is a question any good presenter would ask. Or”?

“I think The Delay Show is the best now because of the buzz around it. Personalities such as Sarkodie, Asamoah Gyan, Stonebwoy, Bisa Kdei, Ofori Amponsah, Yvonne Okoro, KKD, Akumaa Mama Zimbi, Grace Omaboe (Maame Dokono) and Shatta Wale have all been on the show”.

Captain Planet Drops New Single ‘Your Mother Saw Me’ (AUDIO)

After the successful release of his hit single, ‘Obi Agye Obi Gorl’ Captian Planet of 4X4 fame is banck with another banger.

He titles this new single ‘Your Mother Saw Me’. This time round, Captain Planet talks about how he was able to escape from his girlfriend’s father.

He was however in the process of escaping seen by his girlfriend’s mother.

Enjoy the song below;


Former Attorney General Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong Appointed To The International Criminal Court

Congratulations to Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong.

Former Attorney General, Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong, has a new role at the International Criminal Court (ICC). Also, she was the Minister of Justice under the John Dramani Mahama government

Furthermore, Mrs Appiah-Oppong has a three year term on the ICC’s Court of Arbitration.

The ICC took the decision during a World Council Meeting in Paris last week.

President of ICC’s letter to Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong to welcome her

“I am delighted that you have agreed to serve as part of the 1 July 2018 – 30 June 2021 term of office; the inauguration of this revitalized and fully gender-balanced Court opens a promising new chapter in the Court’s history with its largest, most regionally and generationally diverse network of members to date”

Mrs Appiah-Oppong is a practicing lawyer with over 20 years experience. Moreover, she served as AG for the entire full term of President Mahama from February 2013- January 2017.

Furthermore, she earned worldwide acclaim after leading Ghana’s team. This was in the Maritime Dispute against Cote d’Ivoire at the ITLOS (International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea).

Danny Beatz Reveals What Motivated Him To Become A Sound Engineer

RuffTown Records signed sound engineer, Danny Beatz has revealed what inspired him to start producing his own beats.

According to him, he never learnt sound engineering from anyone or from any school but he is self-taught.

He however revealed that, music has always been his passion and he decided to follow it years ago. As a result, he went to a studio to have his song recorded. But the man in charge of the studio ended up speaking to him harshly as if he was a kid. This, he explained got him very pissed and he went home.

However, as determined as he was, he told himself he could do it if only he will put his mind to it. He later bought for himself a software online and started producing his own books after learning to do so from some books he downloaded.

“I have passion for music and anything related to it and wanted to be an artiste, so somewhere is 2008, I went to one studio to be recorded and I did not like the way the guy spoke to me.

“He spoke to me as if I was a kid, with so much disrespect. It was too negative for me so I told myself; if I put my mind to it, I can do this on my own. I went home, bought software online, downloaded books, started playing with the software and that has been it. He recounted in an interview with Graphic Showbiz.

But just like many great men and women today, Danny revealed that he did not get it easy. According to him, his own people tried to discourage him but he set a timeline for himself and here he is today.

“I remember my people trying to discourage me and I told them they should give me five years and I will surprise them and here we are today,” he told Showbiz.

Although it is paying off, Danny Beatz says it could be better.

“It has though not as I would want but I think with hard work and God’s grace, I would be fine. I am more than focused to get to the top”, he added.

Danny also explained that being a music producer requires a lot of patience because it comes with many challenges.

“Though I have not experienced any act coming back to me to say the beat I produced is not a good one, there are some who think they know it all and feel that what they want is the best and in situations like that, I try to speak my mind and let them know what is right. Some will understand immediately but for others, it takes time.”

Having dropped out of school, Danny Beatz plans to go back to school soon. But for now, he is working as hard as he can to leave his mark.

“It takes extra hard work, dedication and prayer to get to the top and when you do, never forget where you came from.

“To my management, I want to thank them for believing in me and not giving up. God bless them and my fans should watch out for my new song”, he added.

Danny Beatz, real name Daniel Owusu Agyapong is currently out with a new single ‘Love Juju.’

Enjoy it below;


Danny Beatz Reveals Why He Is Still Single

Renowned music producer cum musician, Danny Beatz known in real life as Daniel Owusu Agyapong is one of the names to contend with when it comes to making of beats in Ghana.

However, the handsome, talented, young man is still single, yes he’s not married.

The reason being that Danny says he’s extra cautious when it comes to women.

According to the man behind the beat of Ebony’s popular ‘Hustle’ song, he is extra careful about women because you never can be sure if they are gold diggers, agents of destruction or they genuinely like you.

“You know some guys think that being famous means you have all the ladies at your beck and call but the truth is that, it is not so. The ladies will come not because of what your real name is but because you are an artiste.

“For example, most of these ladies will come not because my name is Daniel but because I am Danny Beatz. They will come with the intention to milk you dry. Most of these ladies are gold diggers and they have an agenda.

“Some are also sent to destroy you, so you need to be on guard and be careful keeping in mind that not every lady who throws herself at you is good,” he told Graphic Showbiz in an interview.

Well, if he’s not married then he might at least have a girlfriend then, but Danny Beatz still answered no.

According to him, “I am married to my music now, I am not in any relationship. I spend almost all of my time either reading books, listening to music, producing, writing music, playing games or watching movies and that is it.”

Danny has worked with the likes of AK Songstress, Mzbel, Ebony, Pope Skinny, Guru, Tutulapato, among others.

He has also produced some hit songs such as ‘Medekuku’, ‘Mi Yard’, and ‘Ticles’.

Despite his great control over beats, Danny has no formal training in engineering, he is self-taught.

Danny Beatz is signed onto RuffTown Music records and is currently promoting his latest single, ‘Love Juju’.


President Akufo Addo Sacks EC Chair Person-Charlotte Osei and Her Two Deputies

Nana Addo sacks the EC chairperson.

President of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo has suddenly sacked the chair person of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, Mrs Charlotte Osei. Furthermore, her 2 deputies are part of the sack. Moreover, the reason cited was misconduct.

The Information Minister, Dr Mustapha Abdul-Hamid issued the statement to the press.

The two deputies are Mr Amadu Sulley and Ms Georgina Opoku Amankwah.

The minister said that President Akufo-Addo took the decision to dismiss them “after the committee set up by the Chief Justice, Justice Sophia Akuffo pursuant 146 (4) of the constitution, to investigate separate complaints brought against the three persons by Ghanaian citizens, recommended their removal from office.”

Background of case about dismissal of EC Chairperson, Charlotte Osei

Furthermore, some workers petitioned the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. They asked for investigations into allegations of fraud and financial malfeasance.

Also, they demanded her removal over allegations that she terminated a contract with STL.

Moreover, in response she accused her deputy Chairpersons of the Commission of arrogance and illegally signing contracts worth over GH¢40 million without her approval.

Read the full statement issued by the Information Minister below

Breaking News: Former Vice President, Kwesi Amissah-Arthur Has Passed On

Reports reaching us indicates that former Vice President of Ghana, Kwesi Amissah-Arthur is dead.

According to reports an aide to the late Kwesi Amissah-Arthur confirmed the death to Citi News.

Reports indicated that he collapsed at Airforce Gym on Friday morning during a workout session, and was rushed to the 37 Military Hospital.

Before becoming Veep in August 2012, he was Governor of the Bank of Ghana from 2009 to 2012.

From 1983 to 1986, Amissah-Arthur served as a special assistant to the Secretary of Finance and Economic Planning, Kwesi Botchwey under the Provisional National Defense Council (PNDC) government.

He also served as the Deputy Secretary for Finance in the PNDC government from February 1986 to March 1993.

From April 1993, he continued as the Deputy Minister for Finance in the under the Fourth Republic’s first government until March 1997.

Mr. Amissah-Arthur was appointed as Governor of the Bank of Ghana in October 2009. That was by then-President John Atta Mills.

He held that position until August 6 2012, when he became Vice-President of Ghana following the death of Atta Mills.


I Never Said I Wanted To Be Like Wizkid, But He Is My Target – Kuami Eugene

Lynx Entertainment artiste, Eugene Marfo, popularly known as Kuami Eugene has debunked reports suggesting that he once said he wants to be like the Nigerian superstar, Wizkid.

According to the Angela hitmaker, that is a total contradiction of what he said.

He made this known in an interview on Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity show. Kuami Eugene rather explained that what he said was that Wizkid is his target and focus so long his career in music is concerned.

According to him, the CEO of Starboy Entertainment has achieved a lot for himself in music, hence he looks up to him.

“I said Wizkid was my target, he was my focus, not that I want to be like him. He is the target of my career, he has achieved a lot and I want to go that high.” He told host, Foster Romanus when he asked if it was true that he had once stated his desire to be like Wizkid.

Kuami Eugene came into the limelight when he entered the MTN Hitmaker Competition in 2016. He emerged the second-runner up in the season’s finale.

He was signed shortly after to the award-winning Ghanaian record, Lynx Entertainment.

Kuami Eugene rapidly became one of the fastest rising stars in Ghana in 2017. This follows the release of hit singles ‘Ebeyeyie’, ‘Hribaba’, ‘Show Dem’ and ‘Boom Bang Bang’.

But the release of his hit single  ‘Angela’ made him a household name in the Ghanaian music industry.

He won the Highlife Artiste of the Year and Best New Act of the Year at the2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Samini To Drop New Single, ‘Obaa’, On July 1

Dancehall/Reggae artiste, Samini is really back and back for good. He released ‘My Own’ last year and it’s been highly received by many music enthusiasts.

‘My Own’ also won the Reggae/Dancehall song of the year at the 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

The ‘Iskoki’ hitmaker has again announced the release of yet another banger, dubbed ‘Obaa’ to wit Woman.

‘Obaa’ is expected to hit the airwaves and social media on Sunday, July 1, 2018.

It will also published under the singer’s HighGrade Family imprint.

Meanwhile, ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has described Samini’s ‘My Own’ as a “Fantastic” song.

According to Anas, “It’s a great song. It has all the rhythms, the arrangement, and all that – fantastic.” He told Francis Abban, host of Morning Starr on Starr 103.5 FM Thursday morning.

We surely believe ‘Obaa’ is not going to be an exception.

Highlights On Samini’s Music Career

Samini is expected to release a new album — his 7th since 2004. The LP is expected to cater specifically for the Reggae genre. 2006 MOBO Award winner, Samini is credited with engineering the careers of such big names as Stonebwoy, Kofi Kinaata, Hus Eugene among others.

His HighGrade Family, is currently home to singer Deon Boakye, with whom he recently collaborated on “You Do All”. A renowned live performer, Samini has performed alongside Sean Paul, Akon, Kevin Little, Shaggy, Wayne Wonder, Damian Marley, Bennie Man, Jay-Z, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Culture, Steel Pulse among others.

He has also collaborated with the likes of Kelly Rowland, WizKid, Mac Tontoh, MI Abaga, and Reggie Rockstone.

Samini is credited with songs such as; Iskoki, New Style, Time Bomb, Winner, among others.

Watch out for this space because we will surely let you know when the track finally drops.

I Would Have Ended It All — Nyantakyi After Watching ‘Number 12’

Former GFA President, Kwesi Nyantakyi apparently contemplated suicide. Furthermore, this was after the release of Anas’ bombshell exposé, ‘Number 12’.

Moreover, a close confidant of the disgraced football executive revealed that Nyantakyi expressed a desire to ‘end it all’. However, he stopped due to his children.

Furthermore, after being caught in the video, he has lost his roles at every level of football.

He lost roles at the GFA, WAFU, CAF and Fifa and at the moment is fighting to even stay out of jail.

Moreover, the source close to Nyantakyi said they did all they could to stop the airing of the video. However, it didn’t come to pass and after it was aired, Nyantakyi literally fell to his knees. He made these statements to

Source close to Kwesi Nyantakyi talks reaction to Number 12

“My brother it was not easy for the man (Nyantakyi). It is still not easy. We organised one hundred thousand dollars and sent it to a big man who is close to Anas to kill this matter but it didn’t work out. The man is actually in pain. This is man that one day could become the president of FIFA. Now all those dreams have sublimed.” 

Also, he lamented:

“I am finished, what have I got to live for? But for my children I would have ended it all.”

Samini’s ‘My Own’ Is A Fantastic Song – Anas

If you ever thought that investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas is too busy to listen to songs, then you may have to re-think that.

The awards winning journalist has described Dancehall/Reggae artiste, Samini’s ‘My Own’ song as “fantastic”.

Anas on in an interview on Morning Starr on Starr 103.5 FM took time to tell host, Francis Abban the very ‘spices’ that makes the song a fantastic one.

“It’s a great song. It has all the rhythms, the arrangement, and all that – fantastic.” He noted.

Samini released new song titled ‘My Own’ on Reggae Fest album in June last year. He followed it with a touching video in July 2017 which has close to a million views on Youtube.

which has since won the hearts of many music lovers.

The song has not only won the hearts of many music lovers but also resuscitated the career of Samini which had been dormant for a decade.

Samini signed his first record deal with Ashanti International. He left the label to High Grade Family.

He has six studio albums to his credit. He has won multiple awards both in Ghana, and around the world.

For your viewing pleasure, enjoy the song below;

Shatta Wale’s Manager Robbed At Gun Point

Ghana is not longer a safe haven for anyone anymore. People now live in fear of being robbed, attacked, killed, kidnapped among other atrocities on daily basis.

Robbers now have diverse means of attacking their victims even in broad day light and they mostly go scot free after committing their atrocities.

They end up killing or injuring many even after getting what they want and for those are lucky enough to go free, they begin to live in fear as the memory keeps haunting them.

One of such people who was recently attacked is Dancehall act, Shatta Wale’s manager, Julio Cyriaano.

According to Julio, he was robbed at gun point on Thursday.

He further explained the robbery took place at around 2:00am when he was asleep together with his family.

The robbers were five in number and were all armed, they drove off with Julio’s car.

He announced the unfortunate incident on his Facebook timeline.

He was however thankful that the robbers did not harm neither him nor any of his family members.

Former project manager at Echo House, Julio Cyriaano took over the overall management role after Shatta Wale few years ago. This was after Shatta parted ways with Lawrence Nana Asiamah, also known as Bulldog.

Julio and Shatta Wale have been friends for a very long time, hence his decision to make him (Julio) his new manager.

Read Julio’s post below;

Moesha Boduong Glows In ‘Slit And Kaba'(PHOTOS)

Instagram queen and socialite, Moesha Boduong is no new name when it comes to ‘slaying’ in Ghana.

She’s one of the most active celebrtities on social media, precisely Instagram.

No day goes by without her sharing photos of herself with her fan and followers.

She’s considered as one of the fashionable icons in the entertainment industry.

Considering her curvaceous body shape, Moesha looks d*mn hot in anything she wears.

We’ve seen her on so many ocassions dresses to kill but hardly in African prints, not to talk of ‘Slit and Kaba’ style.

However, the Instagram sensation yesterday, shared a very beauiful photo of herslf looking very Ghanaian and African.

Moesha was clad in a beautiful ‘Slit and Kaba’ style made from a white and black colored African print.

One more notable thing was the fact that Moey was all covered up, except for a little revealing cleavage.

The picture has since received over 16 thousand likes and above 200 comments.

Check them out below and let us know if you love Moesha in slit and Kaba or not;