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I’ve Had A Lot Of Offers From Record Labels But They Demand Sex- Feli Nuna

Ghanaian songstress, Feli Nuna talks about record labels in the country. Moreover, she stated that she had a lot of record labels interested in investing in her music. However, they all wanted sex from her first.

“I’ve had a lot of offers from people who want to invest in my craft but they all say: ‘Your waist is nice’, or ‘you are a nice girl’, and at the end, sometimes they might not start from the beginning but it always gets there and I always complain”

She made these statements in an interview on the Class Drive on Class 91.3FM. Furthermore, she stated that she was looking out for a someone who believes in her craft and not her waist.

“I want an executive producer who does not want to sleep with me but who wants to bring me money and work with me”

Also, Feli Nuna pointed out that

“all the male artistes you see, big men and influential people support them, so, does it mean that they also sleep with them? You are investing to get your money back; that is the same way you should approach it with a female artiste as well.”

FInally, Nuna urged rich female entrepreneurs to invest in female artistes because the music business is lucrative.

“I’ve been facing this [challenge] from the outset of my career. I urge women who are financially sound to invest as well, they should also invest in other female artistes as well. Trust me, the music business is booming, you can make a lot of money from the music business if you take it seriously. More record labels focus on the show not the business”

Majid Michel reportedly flies out of the country to undergo Throat Surgery

Actor turned Preacher, Majid Michel is out of the country. Moreover, he’s out of the country for throat surgery.

Majid revealed in an interview last year that two years ago, he noticed a breakage in his voice.

“Over two years ago, I was travelling and then suddenly my voice started breaking and it’s been like this for over two years now”

Also, he added that he went to the hospital for a checkup. However, they told him there was absolutely nothing wrong with his throat.

“I don’t know what is wrong with my voice. I have checked at Korle-bu and 37 Military hospitals and they all said there is nothing wrong with my voice. They have checked my throat and everything is perfect”

He, however, stated that he’s able to project his voice when given a microphone.

“It’s funny if I have a microphone with speakers it comes and if am giving a public talk or giving a public speech but speaking to you like this or on the telephone, it is worse. You won’t hear me when you call me on phone so you have to text”

Sonnie Badu Talks About His Upcoming Concert

UK-based Gospel Act, Dr. Sonnie Badu talks about his upcmoing concert. Moreover, he stated that the concert is a dream come true. This is because he first manifested in his dream. Therefore, he cannot wait for the dream to become a reality come July 6, 2019.

According to Badu, he always wanted to do something very historical. Therefore, the dream for the concert came he birthed the INVASION concert. Also, he stated that he is optimistic this will be an annual concert

“I have always believed in us as Africans and always prayed to God to help me do something that will inspire my generation. I am optimistic of staging concerts in stadiums and arenas all over the world and I am glad come July 6th, this dream will be a reality”

Furthermore, he advised his many followers to keep dreaming. This is because dreams come true and disclosed that after the Invasion Concert in Maryland, the next stop will be in Africa.

The event takes place at the Dar Constitution Hall in Maryland

The Church Has Become A Place For Beauty Pageant Competitions – Actress

Kumawood actress turned Evangelist, Gloria Kani has begun her ministry as a born again christian.

The actress has in a video thrown light on recent happenings in the various churches.

Gloria has in a video shared online called on Ghanaian Christian women who have decided to

make the church a place to display their weird fashion sense and a place for pageantry to put a stop to it.

In the video, she expresses her shock as to why some of these ladies have decided to always

go to the church literally naked all in the name of showing off some attire they have.

She questions why the nakedness of ladies are easily seen in churches now, than can be seen outside the church.

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The ‘Devil In The Detail’ actress adds that if these ladies claim that they actually go to their

churches for the good news as it is supposed to be, then they should change their manner of

dressing because Christ did not die for his followers to behave this way.

She cited the example of virtuous women like Mary Magdalene and others from the Bible as

people, Ghanaian christian women should try as much as possible to learn from.

Watch the video of Gloria Kani below:

South African Tourism Partners EIB For Content Production

SOUTH Africa’s tourism marketing organization, South African Tourism (SA Tourism) and EIB Network partnered. Moreover, their partnership is for production of content about South Africa for Ghanaian audience.

The West Africa office of SA Tourism partnered with EIB to create, Revealed with Bola Ray.

Currently, Bola is in South Africa shooting season 4 of the show. Furthermore, he showcases various experiences that Ghanaians can have in South Africa. The content will be aired on Ghana One TV (GHOne TV) and showed across EIB’s Social Media platforms.

The West Africa Regional Manager of SAT, Thekiso Rakolojane stated

“We believe that it will inspire West Africans to visit South Africa in numbers and increase our brand’s awareness in the region” 

Also, Mr. Rakolojane noted that Ghana is a key market for SA Tourism. Moreover, they believe the partnership  to produce relatable content would inspire many Ghanaians to visit South Africa.

According to Bola Ray, EIB is

“thrilled about this partnership with SA Tourism as it affords us the right and desirable content to attract eyeballs and share of the market, dishing out compelling lifestyle content to the delight of our viewers, and we are extremely happy about that. Moreover, it is no doubt a phenomenal partnership.”

Kenkey Fest 2019 Set For March 9 At Mantse Agbonaa

This year’s edition of Kenkey Fest, the official yearly party for all kenkey lovers, is slated for Saturday, 9th March 2019 at Mantse Agbonaa, Jamestown-Accra.

This year’s edition which happens to be its fourth is in partnership with Atinka Media Village,

Raba Rides, and Gigi.

Kenkey Fest brings together a variety of kenkey delicacies in the country. Kenkey is a Ghanaian

meal made from corn.


The exciting event is aims at exploring the different types of kenkey meals across Ghana aside

the commonly known ones.

It also debunks the notion that kenkey is for Gas only as Northern kenkey makes an appearance  this time at the event.

Activities that will make the event even more colorful include live band karaoke, musical chairs,

Good Old Days (Traditional Games) and lots of activities.

Winners of some competitions will be given some Gigi wears.

Time for Kenkey Fest is 9 am till you can’t eat any more balls of kenkey.

Bisa K’dei Drops 1924(VIDEO)

Multiple awards-winning singer, Bisa Kdei gives us another highlife song to party with.

Titled “1924”, the song talks about how a man will work hard for money to satisfy the love of a young girl.

1924 takes us back to the olden way of life, where everyone flaunts their lover holding hands, and dancing together.


As we approach the Easter holidays, i believe this is one of the best party starter songs we will need to have fun with.

Management of Bisa Kdei promises to release the visuals for 1924 in no time soon.

Enjoy the audio from below!

The Biggest Achievement Of Hiplife Is Employment -Reggie Rockstone

Hiplife grand papa, Reggie Rockstone talks about hiplife in Ghana. Moreover, he revealed the biggest achievement of the genre he created.

Reggie Rockstone made these statements in an interview with Amansan Krakye on Radio Central. According to him, one of the biggest achievement of hip life is employment.

He said :

“The biggest achievement of hiplife is the employment, it has created jobs. Without hip life I don’t know what some of these would have been doing. It brought a lot of employment, from radio, television, it’s affected everything. If hip life didn’t come like Jay Z and the rest won’t come to Ghana. It’s created jobs, today Sarkodie can be on a billboard. It has created a lot of avenues for the young to express themselves”

He added :

“Apart from that it’s hip life we use to entertain ourselves in town, we dance with it at parties and other places. Music is food for the soul so we are feeding the soul”

Reggie pioneered the music genre ‘Hip life’ in the early 90’s. It is a mixture of highlife and hip-hop, basically songs with chorus and rap.

Every Season Has Its Artistes – Stonebwoy Replies Tic

Burinton Music frontliner, Stonebwoy, has played down criticisms that the Ghanaian music industry is currently being run by three artistes.

According to him, every season in the music industry has its own celebrated artistes.

Speaking to KMJ on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Tuesday, Stonebwoy said listeners get attached

to the music of up-and-coming artistes who turn to rule the music scene till the songs of others take over.

“Once upon a time Tic Tac [now called Tic], Tinny and some other artiste were ruling the music scene. They were hotter when some of us were not,” he added.

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Stonebwoy’s comments however follows Tic’s comments that only three artistes are currently

ruling the Ghana music industry.

The hiplife artiste accused industry players and show organizers of booking three artistes for

almost every show during the 2018 Christmas season.

According to Tic, the monopoly some of these artistes are enjoying have caused other singers to be sidelined. This, he says, does not help other artistes grow.

Watch interview below:

Gloria Sarfo Descends On Fan For Comparing Her To Sandra Ankobiah

Actress and presenter, Gloria Osei Sarfo descends on a fan. Moreover, a fan on social media mocked and compared her fashion sense to that of Sandra Ankobiah and Akosua Vee.

Therefore, she went ballistics on the fan

Furthermore, according to the Angel TV presenter, there are many things negative that people say about her on social media. Also, she easily allows it to slide by because of her accommodative nature. However, the one thing she does not and will never appreciate is somebody comparing her with others.

In a photo, she spells it out in clear terms that this fan who goes by the username Noami Raayal is “VERY VERY STUPID” to compare her with others.

Gloria Sarfo further uses the caption of the post she put on her wall to also mock this follower and also state categorically that if any of her social media followers cannot stand the things she posts on her handle they should find their way out

“Sometimes they need to taste a piece of us
Just a lil piece
“Fanshion Inspiration” Indeed
The Gloria Sarfo brand will promote the GlowCity brand “until forever”✔ Deal with it
Why the “HATE” tho aah hwE n’anim bi
Now i know where all this is coming from(They cant just stand my shine) God deal with them for me la” 

Keep Your Insults Coming; They Help Make Me More Popular – Moesha Budoung

Instagram sensation, Moesha Boduong has asked her critics to keep keep badmouthing her because such comments make her more popular.

According to the actress, she currently feels very bad when she’s not being talked about and insulted in social media.

Moesha Bodoung who was on Nana Ama Mcbrown’s show mentioned that she loves to hear

people talk about her because that makes her fulfilled.


Moesha receives insults anytime she posts her photos on social media but that is not a worry

to her because it helps her to remain relevant and being talked about.

She further mentioned that she is a care free person and therefore treats the insults as ‘one of those things’.

She indicated that she has not worked on her fat curvy shaped buttocks but rather has engaged

in a liposuction to get the fat out of her tummy.

She called on Ghanaians to keep talking about her since that helps her to gain some forms of popularity among her peers.

I Kissed Sis Afia Because I Like Her – Kelvynboy Confesses

Artiste signed onto Burniton music, Kelvin Brown, popularly known as Kelvynboy has finally

confirmed kissing songstress Sista Afia.

This confirmation of the Kelvevynboy was given in an interview with Zionfelix on the ‘Uncut’.

The ‘Hustle’ singer was seen giving a simple and smooth kiss recently to Sista Afia in a video

There were many speculations and uncertainties that came as to whether or not if the kiss

he gave the talented songstress in the music video of the ‘Conner Conner’ song was real.

He went further to reveal Sista Afia is somebody she likes a lot and that his relationship with

the ‘Slay Queen’ hitmaker is simply a cordial one.

The smooth singing Afrobeats singer added that there have been many occasions where they

have both hanged out together either at the studios or through one of their many lift sections

because her female friend might have failed to come with her car to the studio or have developed a problem with her car.

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Kelvynboy was however very emphatic to deny the rumors that they have some kind of sexual

relationship that exists between them when the question came up in the interview which was

filmed during the launch of Stonebwoy‘s ‘Independence Concert’.

He is billed as part of the few artists who will perform at the concert that is slated to take place at the Labadi Beach Hotel on March, 5.

Kelvynboy further revealed that he is single.

Watch the video below:

My Femininity Is Taking Me Places – Rosemond Brown

Controversial social media queen, Rosemond Brown talks about her body. Moreover, according to people, she has sex with all the so-called ‘rich’ people who come her way. This is the way she maintains the ‘celebrity’ status she has in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

Rosemond spoke on these rumours on the ‘Uncut’ show by Zionfelix. Furthermore, she revealed that her waist and sex are the two giant pillars in her life. According to her, they brought her this far and will take her to all the places she ever dreamed of.

The host asked what she achieved with her waist. Brown proudly stated that she recently bought and registered a Kia Forte. This was through the hard work of her waist in bed.

Also, she revealed that aside from the car, she recorded her recent music track with the money she got from her body to the individual who was willing to dish out the cash she needed.

This latest revelation from Akuapem Poloo is certainly a total contradiction to her previous revelation that her 2019 registered car was bought with the money she received from fooling all over social media.

At this point nobody knows if this is the truth or another one of her tales.

Daddy Lumba, Ofori Amponsah, Efya To Feature At MTN Music Festival

The leading telecommunications network in Ghana, MTN is set to treat Ghanaians to a phenomenal night of great Ghanaian music at the MTN Music Festival.

The Independence Day edition of the MTN Music Festival will however take place at the Accra

International Conference Centre in Accra on the Tuesday 5th of March at 6pm.

“The MTN Music Festival is geared towards celebrating our evergreen Ghanaian

music and culture. This is one of the best treats we can give our customers on the

eve of Ghana’s independence anniversary celebrations”, Noel Ganson, Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Ghana said.

Key artistes on the bill to perform on the night are the legend Daddy Lumba, alongside

highlife musician Ofori Amponsah and songstress and award winning vocalist Efya.

The Music Festival however aims to celebrate and express the heritage of the Ghanaian through

Music, Dance and Poetry.


The festival usually comes off on the eve of selected national holidays throughout the year.

The event is one of several platforms that MTN Ghana uses to support and promote the creative arts industry.

MTN Ghana has also created other traditional and digital platforms including MTN Hitmaker

and MTN Regional festivals.

Furthermore, recent partnership between MTN and Aftown are one of the platforms that

drive listening, streaming and monetizing of local music in the digital age.

Whilst waiting for the Music Festival, fans can download songs of the artistes and set them as

caller tune by dialling *1355#

Yaw Dabo Lists How Much He Charges For Movies

Kumawood actor, Yaw Dabo talks about his movie roles. Moreover, he disclosed the specific figures he takes for movie roles.

According to the actor, the amount he charges for movies changes as and when he deems fit. He made these statements on the ‘Celebrity Ride with Zionfelix’.

Furthermore, he stated that he together with his management led by Kofi Asamoah, have not sat down to pen any specific figures they charge for movie roles.

He revealed that usually, his charges are either 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 or even 5,000 Ghana cedis. Dabo revealed that these prices depend on the specific kind of role he plays. Also, it depends on the bargaining strength of the producer of the movie he is expected to be a cast.

Asked the highest amount he has received for a role in either a movie or a music video, the talented diminutive actor cum football administrator disclosed that he recently took a whopping GH 10,000 cedis for a music video they shot in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Creative Arts Court To Be Operational By Mid-2019 – Okraku-Mantey

The President of the Creative Arts Council has assured people in the creative industry the special court to deal with creative issues and disputes will begin work by mid 2019.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Mark Okraku-Mantey explained that lawmakers have

agreed on the operation of the court to protect the intellectual properties and rights of all people

in the creative art industry.

“People are just pirating music and works of many creative art people. Some of them think they are doing the owners of the arts a favour,” he told KMJ host of the show.

The President’s comments however come after the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture set

up Creative Arts Mediation Committee to deal with all matters relating to intellectual property

rights and disputes involving creative artists.


Furthermore, membership of the committee is made up of representatives of the Ghana Music

Rights Organization (GHAMRO), Audio-Visual Rights Society of Ghana (ARSOG), Musicians

Union of Ghana, Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) and Ghana Actors Guild.

The committee is chaired by Mr. Justice Samuel Brobbey, retired Supreme Court Judge, board

chairman of the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) and chairman of the Brobbey

Commission that collated views from the public leading to the creation of six more regions in the country.

Mark Okraku-Mantey revealed the committee has begun looking into some cases already present.

“We’ve selected some people to sit with Justice Brobbey to go through some of the cases,” he revealed.

The Creative Arts Council president has meanwhile, assured industry players the creative arts special court has come to stay.

According to him, disputes and conflicts are inevitable. “We have always known there are issues but we did not know where to go.”

The court will moreover be made available at all times to all the people in the creative industry who

need their conflicts and copyright issues resolved.

“This is not an event that needs sponsorship to operate every year. No, it has the backing of the law,” he said.

Mr. Okraku-Mantey however warned the industry players to desist from bringing personal issues to the court.

Furthermore, Ministry and the Creative Arts Council is working to get the information about the court to all industry players.

“We will make sure all relevant TV and radio stations talk about and advertise the information across the industry,” Mr. Okraku-Mantey added.

Fella Makafui Narrates How She Jumped On ‘Omo Ada’

Ghanaian musician and Yolo TV star, Fella Makafui talks about her part in Medikal’s song. Moreover, she was in the song ‘Omo Ada’. Her lines were ‘my body is doing me like something, my body is doing me like something…”

However, she says that it the last time anyone will hear her on a song. This is because she’s not a musician.

Fella made these statements on the ‘Uncut’ show. Furthermore, Fella revealed that the decision to have her on the track was something they never planned. She disclosed that her boyfriend, Medikal only called her to come and say something on the song. At that point he was already working on it while she was busily doing something else in the room.

She further revealed that even though it was unplanned, it shocked her that the song received that massive airplay it had and continues to get both on radio and many other social media platforms.

The CEO of the Fella businesses ended by reiterating her point that her many loyal fans should not begin to classify her as a musician because she is not one and does not even have any song to her name yet. She, however, didn’t not fail to admit that there is a possibility that she may have another song come out in the near future.

Yvonne Nelson, Okoro And Jackie Appiah To Re-Unite After 10 Years

A-list Ghanaian actresses, Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Nelson and Yvonne Okoro will be co-starring in a new movie project, almost a decade of not acting together.

The upcoming project was announced by Yvonne Nelson a few days ago saying “she can’t wait” for it to happen.

Meanwhile, the movie project will be coming from the stables of YN Productions, owned by Yvonne Nelson.

According to her, both Jackie Appiah and Yvonne Okoro have agreed to be part of the production.

“I have this wonderful script that I want to shoot soon this year. I actually have Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Okoro and myself on this project. I’ve already spoken to them. So yes we will be working this year,” she said on Paragon FM while promoting ‘Sin City’ in Takoradi.

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All three actresses are household names on the African continent. They have massive following around the world; therefore, coming together in a new movie is a unique move for the fans to anticipate.

They last co-starred in ‘4play Reloaded’, a 2010 movie directed by Frank Rajah.

After that movie, Yvonne Nelson and Jackie Appiah both acted in ‘Sisters At War’ while Yvonne

Okoro was also featured in ‘3 Some’ in 2011 with Yvonne Nelson.

However, the three of them haven’t acted together since 2010.

But Yvonne Nelson assures that will happen very soon.

Ghanaian Language ‘Twi’ Featured In Hollywood Horror Series “Sleepy Hollow”(VIDEO)

One of the most popular Ghanaian local dialects has gone international – and this time, it’s

Hollywood. Twi has made its way through the American film industry in one of its horror

series which airs on Fox.

The series called “Sleepy Hollow” featured Ghanaian local language Twi in one of its scenes.

In one of the scenes which has gone viral, Twi was used as an incarnation to cast out a demon

and hilarious.


The scene shows a female cast (probably Nicole Beharie) who wasn’t perfect at the language trying to read Twi at a library to cast out a demon.

Watch the full scene below:

I Didn’t Slap Prince Tsegah – Stonebwoy

Dancehall musician and Burniton music boss, Stonebwoy clears the air about certain allegations. Moreover, according to people, he slapped Hitz FM presenter, Prince Tsegah when they went to the studios to promote his concert. However, he cleared himself of all such allegations.

He clarified the incidence on Hitz FM’s ‘Day Break Hitz’ entertainment review show hosted by KMJ. Furthermore, Stonebwoy stated categorically that he never laid a finger on the host of the ‘You Sey Wetin’ show. This is because he can never do such a thing in either this life or the afterlife.

However, he quickly advised that people, in particular, radio and TV presenters should try as much as possible to be very professional with their work. This is because millions of people listen and take the things they say on air to heart.

Also, he stressed that anytime presenters like Prince Tsegah, who he considers as an uncle or a senior most brother want to talk about issues that relate to celebrities like himself, they should ensure that they stick to the subject matter. Therefore, avoid throwing out shades and tantrums at them because they are also humans.

Dissing Sarkodie Will Be A Wrong Move – Edem

Ghanaian musician, Edem talks about musical beefs and Sarkodie. Moreover, for a long time many people believed that Edem’s popular ‘Hyeba’ song was about Sarkodie. However, the award-winning musician says that was never the case.

He made these statements while speaking on Kumasi-based Luv FM’s drive time show hosted by DJ Reuben. Furthermore,  Edem admitted that there was nothing wrong when rappers go at each other lyrically. However, that particular track wasn’t about Sarkodie.

The VRMG boss stated emphatically that it is a wrong move, if not totally disastrous to make any form of lyrical move or ‘attack’ on Sarkodie.

According to him, they are all just doing music. However, they both represent two very strong ethnic groups in the country. He revealed that whereas, the ‘Can’t Let You Go’ hitmaker represents the Akan ethnic group in Ghana, he, on the other hand, represents the Ewe ethnic group.

Therefore, he stated that for this prime reason, he feels there is no need to pitch against each other ever.