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Shatta Wale Kills The Week(Photos)

Self-acclaimed Dancehall King, Charles Nii Armah, known by his stage name Shatta Wale has been noted by many as one who comes with a different and unique style of dressing. Even though a few do not like his style, many others do love him for what he does and his way of dressing to them is just him being himself to deliver his best when it comes to dancehall music.

Over the week, kept it’s keen eyes as usual on many of our celebrities on the various social media platforms but one that caught our attention most was that of the dancehall artiste Shatta Wale.

This picture has however won our photo of the week votes.
in the picture, the ‘taking over’ hitmaker is seen slaying in an all formal wear(suit) with gold wristwatch, bracelet and just one neck chain and a black shade.

Photo of the week

Although the picture didn’t give a full view of the artiste, it however received highest likes by many of his followers with as many as 13,954 likes. So did Shatta slay the week with this pic for you or not?

Akrampa Indigenes Cry Over Poor Roads

Members of Akrampa Community in Awutu Bereku in the Central Region are appealing to the government to help them get their fair share of the national cake by providing them with better road networks.

According to the indigenes whose main occupation is farming, the bad roads are hampering their movement in and out of the community since the roads have become less accessible and very difficult to plough.

The residents cried that, life has become extremely difficult as they cannot get access to vehicles to transport their farm produce to the neighboring communities for sale thereby making most of the produce go rotten.

They further stated that due to this, they sometimes have to walk miles before they even get to the Akrampa township.
They are therefore calling on the government to come to their aid.

Akoo Nana Lashes Out At Obour For Squandering Musician’s Royalties

William Ato Ankrah, a hiplife artiste popularly known by his stage name Akoo Nana has lashed out at Bice Kuffour aka Obour, the President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) accusing him of lavishing Musician’s money on his families abroad.

Akoo Nana

According to Akoo Nana, most artistes live pretentious lives of living comfortably in order to gain reputation when in actual fact they they are suffering and have to keep ‘hustling’ hard to the point that even some artistes have to go for the services of uber in order to make their daily  rounds even though they should have been enjoying or ripping the fruits of their hard works if things had been different.

The Artistes bemoaned a situation in which most of these musicians have neither accommodation of their own nor food to eat and even worst of all have to encounter many embarrassing situations of begging for money from the public in order to cater for themselves and settle their bills when they are sick.

He further accused Obour and his administration of negligence and for only showing love or any sort of care when a musician is sick and bedridden or yet still dead even though they themselves parade themselves in all the latest and big cars and live in comfortable homes with hard earned monies of these same musicians they have neglected.
” Obour doesn’t care and has no respect for Ghanaian artistes and also not being serious with his responsibilities at MUSIGA but Obour’s wife and children are living abroad on which he is lavishly spending their money on, musicians must seat up and fight for what is theirs”

He further referred to Obour’s eight-year reign as a wasteful one maintaining that he has done very little since his tenure and if anything at all, to renovate the Union’s office.

The ‘Amponsah’ song hit maker stressed that: Obour has never painted the place,doors are rusted, the MUSIGA office is messed up”

In a live Facebook video, Akoo Nana disclosed that most artistes live fake lives even though they are seen bragging about their shows organized abroad on big stages when in reality,these artistes are only given peanuts after their shows but come back to Ghana with many deceptive stories on lavish living.

Akoo Nana is however  not the only artiste to express his disappointment in Obour as others like Shatta Wale,Kwaw Kese among others too have done same.
Watch Akoo Nana’s live video below:


I Am Still A Feminist – Gifty Anti

A photograph of television hostess, Gifty Anti seemingly kneeling before her husband has gone viral. However, the hostess has come out to deny that she knelt before her husband. The viral photo made a lot of people questions her beliefs as a feminist and whether or not she upholds the feminism beliefs.

When the photo was posted a lot of people took to social media to bash her and accuse her of being a sell out. She took to Instagram to make her stance known.

In the post she stated,

“Well it seems the word FEMINISM and the coming up of young ladies joining the movement is scaring some people. “It was my birthday, 23rd January, 2017, and my husband gave me a stool. I was so excited and honored. He put me on the stool and I hugged him. “But well according to some bloggers, I was kneeling before my husband and so some feminists are ‘heartbroken’. Lord have mercy.

And by the way what if I was kneeling before my husband?(who is a chief too). Does it make me less of a feminist? Which feminist code does loving your husband break? My Name is Oheneyere Gifty Anti and yes I am a FEMINIST, married with many children.”

Miss Ghana To Hold Street Fashion Show

Organisers of Miss Ghana, Exclusive Events would hold a Street Fashion Show for this year’s competition. The event is scheduled to happen on the 30th of September, 2017.

The event will happen at Osu Oxford Streets at 7pm. The street fashion show happening is part of the numerous activities the 20 finalists compete in ahead of the grand finale.

The finals of the 2017 Miss Ghana 60YearsOn beauty pageant is slated for Saturday, October 7 at the State Banquette Hall in Accra.

Miss Ghana 2017/MissGhana60YearsOn is powered by Exclusive Event Gh. Ltd in collaboration with Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture and Ghana60YearsOn Planning Committee.

The Street Fashion Show promises to be exciting.

Daddy Lumba Turns 53Years Today


With 20 albums under his belt, Daddy Lumba’s albums have yielded more number one and top ten hits than any other Ghanaian musician in our time. Coining so many phrases with his lyrics, Lumba has been responsible for some of the lingo used in everyday language.

Going to a social function without hearing at least one of his songs is like going to Chicago without seeing the Sears Tower silhouetting the skyline.

Born Charles Kojo Fosu, Daddy Lumba started his music career as one of the duo in the group Lumba Brothers, when he collaborated with his partner Nana Acheampong and released their first album entitled ‘Yereye Aka Akwantuo Mu’. This song depicted the number of Ghanaian immigrants that originally leave the country to seek better fortunes abroad but make those temporary homes permanent due to financial, emotional or other unforeseen hardships. The album was produced by Lumba’s wife.

After Lumba Brothers, Lumba’s first solo album became an instant hit catapulting him straight into superstar status and making him a household name and a national treasure. Since then, he has averaged an album a year and has collaborated with other top musicians such as A. B. Crentsil, Selina, Felix Owusu, Yaw Micah, Borax and lately with Pat Thomas another iconic figure in the Ghanaian music industry.

On his first solo album, the song ‘Theresa’ quickly became a hit as he crooned about a lover and how no other woman is comparable. His delivery was unique, his style was impeccable. His ability to coin and mince ordinary sounding words and turning them into indecipherable incoherent phrases put his vocal technique unlike any other Ghanaian musician before him. His up tempo beats were undeniably high heat. On the title track ‘Obi ato me so boo’, the steady thumping drums and the consistent groovy bass line along with the sharp piercing lead guitar licks sent chills through one’s spine.

On the song, his simultaneous craving and praising a new found lover while chiding and humiliating a former lover puts one in a bi-polar mood swing. However his uncanny ability to drag people along this sing-along melodic joy ride depending on whether you are praising a lover or dishing out insults to a former leave listeners to conjecture where they stand.

His second album ‘Sika Asem’ wasted no time in climbing up the charts thus squashing the ‘sophomore syndrome’, a situation whereby most musicians’ second album fail to meet the standards or exceed their first ones. This album established him as a gifted musician who would be around for a long time.

Year after year he released one hit album after the another including, ‘Ohia Asem’, ‘Playboy’, ‘Seese Wo Se’, ‘Odo Foforo’, Biribi Gye Gye Wo’ and ‘Back for Good’. Then just like so many pop musicians before him had done, he found a new life in gospel music and released ‘Mesom Jesus’ and ‘Woana Na Otene’. Praising and singing about Jesus had become a passion and he reached out to the many fans who had previously not listened to his secular music.

After taking some time off from the pop scene, Lumba reverted to the genre and released ‘Aben Wo Ha’ an album that took the country and his fans by storm. His finesse with words was up to the summit, his beat had become even more vibrant and the consistency of his tempo had precise and recognizable overtones of his familiar and unique style. The master had coined yet another phrase for the country.

After having collaborated previously with other stars, Lumba in 1999 paired up with a rising star Ofori Amponsah to release ‘Woho Kyere’. That album produced five hits and thrust Amposah into the national spotlight. Reenergized, Lumba followed up with ‘Adepa Hye Adepa’, ‘Poison’, ‘Papa Samo’, ‘Ofie Banbofo’, ‘Asee Ho’, Odo Bewu Dee Eno Nwu’ and the latest, collaboration with Pat Thomas entitled ‘Ahenfo Kyinie’.

The Music legend is currently known for his latest album  ‘Enko Den’. The album, which was  officially on the 21st of January last year gave birth to 9 tracks of a true sensation; recorded by Roro; mixed and mastered by Bodo Staiger  in Germany. The track list includes; Enko Den, Yenfa Anadwo Nye nda, Biakoye, Dasebre Dwamena, Osoro Nkye Me Ne, Osoro Nkye Me Ne(instrumental),Enko Den(Bodo’s Mix) Biakoye(inst.) and Yefiri Adom beko Adom mu wishes the music the Music Legend a very wonderful birthday with more glories and prosperous years to come.

Biography Credit: Ghana Mma

Ministry To Regulate Tourist Sites

Ghana’s tourism sector has been struggling for a while. However, it seems there is good news on the horizon. The Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture has stated that it has presented a memo to Cabinet for the formulation of a Legislative Instrument to regulate tourist sites. The LI which is termed the Regulations of Tourist Attractions and Site; is aimed at putting all tourist sites and attractions under the Ghana Tourism Authority for proper regulation.
The Minister has stated that the LI would go a long way to strengthen the management structure as well as revenue sharing of these sites and attractions between the municipal assembly, ministry and the community.

She added there are many value-added evaluations that would be done to enhance the tourism potentials especially roads leading to the sites and attractions, laid down regulations, ownership structure and maintenance.
She said all tourist sites and attractions would come under one umbrella to be managed. This would take care of revenue allocation and activity regulations.
She added that the ministry was also working hard to get a tourism infrastructure fund, which would be spearheaded by the Ministry of Finance but would be used purposely for the infrastructural development of tourist sites.
She called on the chiefs and people of communities where tourist sites are located to collaborate with the Municipal Assemblies and the ministry to ensure that the sites are developed to the maximum standard.

Moesha Budong Joins in One Corner Dance Craze(Video)

Actress Moesha Buduong has been noted as to be one of the most endowed actresses in the entertainment industry. She is loved by many for what she does but as usual,there are others who seem to have ‘beef’ with her for sometimes exposing too much of her body parts.

The actress who was recently spotted in a video posted on her official Instagram page dancing to the popular music ‘one corner’ once again  displays her endowment in a vigorous body shake
The ‘one corner’ dance craze,which took over the airwaves some few weeks ago has witnessed many people including celebrities joining in the dance with different videos posted of the dancers on various social media platforms.

Although many have come out to express their dislike and worries over the ‘dance craze’ including celebrities such as the ace broadcaster KKD, the UK-based Ghanian Gospel Singer. Minister Dr.Sonnie Badu and the Head Pastor of Wordflame Family Chapel Rev. Mrs Jennifer Selly, it looks like the dance craze is not ending anytime soon.
However, upon all the hype and high love attached to the song, Patapaa,the owner of the song says he is broke as he cannot show a dime for it’s patronage.
Check out Moesha’s ‘one corner’ dance video below:

We Need Motivation Policy – GNAT To Government

Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) said it’s waiting for Government’s Policy on Teacher Motivation. This is due to the fact that teachers work under difficult conditions in the country. The Association is convinced that there is the need for government and stakeholders to provide decent working conditions, safe and healthy working environments, high-quality training and continuous professional development for teachers to operate at their optimum.
These statements were made at the launch of World Teachers Day on the theme: “Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers”. GNAT instituted a week named “GNAT Week” to educate members and the public and also to celebrate the teaching profession.

To celebrate the week there would be quiz competitions, radio discussions, fun games throughout the Districts and Regions. There would be a national durbar at the Jackson Park in Koforidua on October 5, to climax the activities.
The Acting GNAT President, spoke on the Free Senior High School policy and commended the government for the initiative, saying that, the policy came as a relief to most parents whose incomes can hardly cater for the basic needs of their homes.
She urged government, in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service, to be circumspect in dealing with the challenges that would arise, to ensure that the policy goes hand-in-hand with the provision of quality education.
“The Association prefers a relationship that will be more consultative, collaborative and co-operative in addressing the challenges that may arise,” she added.
On corporate social responsibility initiatives, the Acting GNAT President said the Association had assisted 50 needy school children in the Eastern Region with school uniforms, school bags, Canvas, boots, textbooks and stationery to motivate them to go to school.
Mr David Acheampong, the General Secretary of GNAT said the recent action by the GES management to sidestep the laid down procedure in punishing heads of SHS, who may have disobeyed implementation regulation for the free SHS policy was undesirable. He called on the GES Council to intervene immediately to ensure that the right processes were followed to protect the sanctity of the school environment.
Mr Acheampong reminded the government of its pledge to make the teacher the pivot of quality education delivery since it was the obligation of government to ensure that teachers were empowered, valued, honoured and respected in the performance of their duty.

Emeritus Prof Nketia Honored As “Legend Of The Ages”

An event was held at the Banquet Hall of the State House to honour the academic life and achievements of Emeritus Professor Joseph Hanson Kwabena Nketia. Emeritus Prof. Nketia is one of the celebrated minds in Ghana. His work in the field of music is acknowledged nationally and globally.

President Nana Akufo-Addo was on hand to pay tribute to this music legend. He stated, “one runs out of adjectives trying to describe this noble Ghanaian. A few come readily to mind, though – composer, ethnomusicologist, writer, scholar, instrumentalist, and, above all, Ghanaian patriot.” The President continued touting his achievements and used the opportunity to speak on the importance of inclusive education. The following were some words from his statement:

“Indeed, such has been his impact that, today, his concept and interpretation of time and rhythmic patterns in Ghanaian, and other African, folk music have become the standard for music scholars around the world, complementing that of another Ghanaian musical legend, Ephraim Amu, who, coincidentally, was his mentor. Such is the quality of the man we are celebrating today. His life’s work is a great message for the youth, that the sky is the limit for anyone who wants to work hard. This celebration also affords us the opportunity to apply Emeritus Professor Nketia’s ideas to nation-building. He has given us the gilded marbles, retrieved from the past, and it is our duty to incorporate them into the architecture of our culture and national identity, going forward.”
“Education, as we all know, is the equaliser of opportunity. At this juncture in our nation’s history, broad access to education is vital if we are to transform our economy from one dependent on the production and export of raw materials to a value-added, industrialised one. That is the rationale of the free Senior High School policy. It is meant to ensure that the doors of education, at least up to the end of senior high school, are open to all, irrespective of the circumstances of birth. An educated workforce is our surest bet of ensuring the progress and prosperity of our nation.”

The President was not the only person to celebrate the great man. He received citations from the various organisations and schools he impacted. The lessons from his life, academics and achievements are one that should be emulated by everyone.

Oswald represents Ghana at Storymoja Festival

Oswald Okaitei, Ghanaian poet and playwright, is going to be representing Ghana in Kenya for this year’s Storymoja Festival. The festival is expected to take place at the National Museum in Nairobi from 27th September -1st October, 2017. Oswald is the 3rd Ghanaian artiste to be at the festival.

He is going to put up a performance, engage in discussions, perform at the Open-Mic session and host a poetry masterclass. Before going to the festival, he performed at the Ugandan Poetry Festival—Babishai Niwe Poetry Festival— and where he also hosted a workshop on “The Art of Spoken word”.

Oswald is known for blending folk music and poetry lines to paint beautiful imagery in the eyes of the mind. He has performed with the Ghana Dance Ensemble, Bukom Dance Ensemble and the Shidaa Cultural Troupe to the admiration of countless audience.

He is a World Poetry Director from Ghana, a multi-international award winning poet/spoken word artiste and one of the fresh breaths to poetry/spoken word in the world. He has translated poems of Professors Lade Wosornu, Kofi Awoonor, Kofi Anyidoho and Dr. Mawuli Adjei into dramatic performances and has shared performing stage (national & international) with Spoken word icons as Muta Baruka, Rocky Dawuni, Prof. Kofi Anyidoho, Prof. Atukwei Okai among others.

Storymoja, a Kenya-based festival which hopes to bring together a wonderful gathering of writers, artists, creatives and leaders from across the globe to come and join in an auspicious celebration of books and culture and to inspire, think, perform, impact, launch books among others. It is geared at creating the new Africa. This year’s Storymoja Festival has been themed ‘Black Peace.’

Movie Industry Needs POP – Agya Koo

Ghanaian actor Kofi Adu popularly known as Agya Koo has given his thoughts about the Ghana movie industry. He acknowledged that the movie industry is not dead as many are speculating but rather facing a lot of new challenges. He humorously stated that the movie industry need Plaster of Paris (POP).

He said that telenovelas are not to blame for the failings of the movie industry. He said that telenovelas have always existed in the past yet they could not match the local movies he was featured in. He urged movie producers to try as much as possible to revive the industry by going back to the days when Ghanaian movies were exciting and something worth writing home about.

However, what Agya Koo fails to remember is that in the past, the telenovelas did not have Twi translations. Therefore even though people were watching; it did not have this mass appeal. Granted telenovelas have always been in this country; however, it seems like almost every television station in Ghana shows telenovelas.

It is true the movie industry needs help but at this point it is going to be an uphill battle to get viewers to shift their focus to Ghanaian content.

I Am Grateful For The Many Blessings You Bring To Me- Okyeame Kwame To Daughter on Her Birthday

Kwame Nsiah-Apau, known by his stage name Okyeame Kwame, nicknamed Rap Doctor has celebrated his daughter’s birthday by posting a beautiful picture of the birthday girl, Shanti Antwiwaa Nsiah Apau with her mother with a captivating message on his Instagram Page in which he expressed his superfluous love to his daughter indicating that even though he wasn’t around to celebrate the day with her in person, he wishes her all the best and loves her at all times.

The musician who is married to Annica with whom he has two wonderful children, a boy and a girl has introduced his children into the music industry already and has featured them in one of his songs.

Okyeame Kwame with family

The Rap Doctor, is noted to be one of Ghana’s finest Gentlemen and is counted as one of the most influential celebrities who carries himself with an aura of respect which has won him more admiration and respect from many people. wishes Santegenius a super happy birthday.


VVIP Drops Another Banger ‘KOLIKO’ (Video)

The award winning music trio VVIP has released the much anticipated banger dubbed ‘KOLIKO’  produced by EddyKay and features budding but super talented chap Miyaki, VVIP’s latest discovery who has been signed to the Group’s Label(Vision Music Group). Miyaki is tipped to be a youthful face for the group with his debut introduction on this jam.

The video cast and storyline is a master craft on its own as the Group and Video Director left no stone unturned in picking certain showbiz stars like Meosha Budong, Afia Schwarzenegger, John Dumelo, Mzbel, Counselor Lutterodt, A Plus, Wanluv to feature in the video.

According to the group, “the sound track is an anthem for all who ever doubted you. It’s a song that gets everyone involved, you can find a piece of you in there where you can relate to it. Often times, people don’t believe in you or doubted you or just want to see you fall”. The track is therefore meant to encourage and strengthen everyone out there not to give up on their dreams and that they can make it so long as they believe in themselves.

Watch Excerpt from the Video Below:

Ghanaian Tourism Ambassadors Unveiled

The Ghana Tourism Authority under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture welcomed 30 personalities to become ambassadors at an event to spearhead the “See Ghana, Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana, Feel Ghana”, campaign. The campaign is to re-orient Ghanaians to feel a sense of national pride in the heritage, culture, and way of life of Ghana.
The Ambassadors cut cut across different sectors of the creative arts including Musicians, Actors, Radio Presenters, Disc Jockeys (DJ) and Bloggers. These people are to promote tourism growth domestically and internationally to boost Ghana’s Ghana’s economic growth.

The ambassadors include SP Kofi Sarpong, D-Black, Nana Ampadu, Okyeame Kwame, Fancy Gadam, Agya Koo, Lucky Mensah, Abeiku Santana Aggrey, Reggie N Bollie and Sena Degadu.
Catherine Afeku, the Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, says the aim of the Tourism Ambassador programme is to partner influential persons to help drive tourism growth in and outside the country. She said the ambassadors would, therefore, use their personalities and expertise to sell Ghana’s tourism potential to the world.

The Okyehene, Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin, was also there and urged the government to promote tourism-related events and activities that would be maintained by the future generation.

These activities were done to mark World Tourism Day in Ghana. The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) will outdoor a total of 50 ambassadors over the next two years for this same purpose.

Tourism is a big foreign export of the country and if these ambassadors deliver on their roles; we would rake a lot of money from the tourism sector.

Movie Industry Needs To Be Competitive – Hon Catherine Afeku

Hon Catherine Afeku, The Minister for Tourism and Creative Arts has made statements about the Ghana movie industry. She stated that the government is willing to help the movie industry grow. She made these statements during the ‘See Ghana, Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana, Feel Ghana’ campaign.

She spoke about Yvonne Nelson’s petition whereby she called on stakeholders of the industry to sign a petition to the government in order to revive the collapsing movie industry. “I’ve met her and it is a good proposal; I don’t call it petition. It is a proposal, to get the government to see the potential in the movie industry,” she stated.
However, she was quick to point out the onus did not lay on just the government; the movie makers had their roles to play to help the industry. “We can only do but to support to create a vibrant industry. But they have to be competitive. It is not free for all. The movies have to be sharp using technology, and the storyline cannot be repetitive and boring,” she admonished.

These statements by the minister are laudable and we hope that we would see more action by the ministry. The creative arts department of her ministry must not be left out of any policy and funding.


Kwaw Kese Stuns Fans With A Family Picture On Daughter’s Birthday(Photos)

Hiplife artiste, Emmanuel Botwe, known by his stage name Kwaw Kese, also popularly called Abodam who has been off the screens for a while now has stunned fans with a picture he posted on his official Instagram Page of him and his family all clad in white as his beautiful daughter turns one year today.

Ohemaa Dolcila

The Rapper and his wife Doris Nana Pokuah  tied the knot on April 11, 2016 at the Nation’s Capital  and welcomed their first child(Docila) on September 28 and she’s all grown up already. The proud father, took to his official Instagram page to wish his daughter a happy birthday by posting a family picture of all three of them which he beautifully captioned: “Keep Calm it’s OHEMAA’s birthday #hurrayyy”. wishes little Kwaw Kese a wonderful happy birthday.

Some African Leaders Are Gift And Dream Killers- Sonnie Badu(Photos)

Sonnie Badu, a UK-based Ghanaian Gospel Singer and Minister of God has expressed his disgust at some of Africa’s leaders.

Minister Sonnie who took to his official Instagram page to express his worries and disgust by posting a picture of himself in worship under which he wrote his message to the world and African leaders expressed that so many talents are wasting in Africa due to oppressive ruling of some leaders.

Sonnie Badu

According to The Inspirational Singer Africa has got many gifted and talented individuals, talk of the Messi’s or Christian Ronaldo’s in football(Soccer), the Beyonce’s  when it comes to music  and arts as well as people who can run faster than Usain Bolt but the problem is leadership since those at the top(leaders) tend not to support their own.

He further stated that, some of these leaders even upon realizing someone’s potentials will never lend a helping hand or give the opportunity for that person to become the great person he or she is meant to be. This attitude he explained leaves the dreamers with few options to either pay a bribe and compromise oneself or give up on dreams.

Read Sonnie Badu’s message below:

Update: I Am Not Kasapreko’s Ambassador – Fancy Gaddam

After fans threatened to boycott Fancy Gaddam and his music; he has come out to clarify the situation. The Tamale based artiste has set the record straight about whether or not he endorses Kasapreko.

He was interviewed on Daybreak Hitz where he stated that Kasapreko just sponsored his show. He was sponsored by Kasapreko’s Storm energy drink and not any of their alcoholic drinks. “I have not signed any deal with Kasapreko, no, it’s a rumour. Kasapreko only sponsored my show with Sarkodie in Tamale, last three weeks,” he explained.

He further explained, “after Kasapreko being a part of that show, the fan base thought that Kasapreko wants to sign Fancy Gadam and because Kasapreko sells alcoholic drinks, they were thinking that Fancy Gadam has signed a contract with them.They didn’t like the fact that I was signing to an alcoholic brand, but it was the energy drink, not an alcoholic drink.”

However, not a lot of people are happy with his explanation. They are stating that he should not have accepted their sponsorship at all since their primary products are alcoholic. So what do you think?

Four Or Three Years In SHS Controversy Back Again

The duration of the Secondary level education has always been tossed between three and four years depending on which political party was in power. It all started few years back when the New Patriotic Party(NPP) administration under former President John Agyekum Kufour, changed it from its previous three years to four years.

However, the National Democratic Congress(NDC) under the Late President John Evans Atta Mills did not fail expectations and reversed the duration to three years as stated in their manifesto after two batches of forms three and four students sat for the 2013/2014 West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examination(WASSCE).

The NDC government that took over the helm of affairs after Professor Mills, the John Mahama-led administration, maintained this duration at three years.

However, a current revelation from the camp of President Nana Akufo- Addo led government says, it is considering a possible change in the duration of the Senior High School(SHS) from three years back to four years again.

The Minister of Planning, Professor Gyan Baffour, has said the government is currently assessing the effectiveness of the current three-year duration and will soon make a firm decision.

“The time lost, we have to make it up. That is the firsts thing that we are trying to do now, and based on that, we can now use the analysis that they do offer that time, to see what the public thinks and to decide on whether we move for three years or four years”. This comment was made by Professor Baffour Gyan during the launch of the Ghana Social Development Outlook 2016 at the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research.

” If it is found out the four years is better than three years in training our children, then money should not be the basis[for] denying them that four years…It is not only access, but it also includes quality, and if it is four years that will give them quality and that is what people want, so be it,” The Minister of Planing further explained.

This has once again led to debates among Ghanaians with some still holding onto their views that the duration didn’t really matter but the resources and infrastructure needed by these students to learn, whiles others too are maintaining that the four years is good enough since it would give ample time for the students to complete all their syllabus. So which one are you for. Three Or four Years?


FC Beauty Group Launch Digital Nail Printer

This is good news for the beauty industry in Ghana. FC Beauty Group has collaborated with a Japanese company, DMM Ghana to launch a Digital Nail Printer in Accra. The Digital Nail Printer is state-of-the-art equipment that prints any image, design or photo on the nail through a smart phone or tablet.

The event saw beauticians, heads of beautician associations and fashion enthusiasts taken through the basic operations of the machinery. Chief Executive Officer of FC Beauty Group Mrs. Grace Amey-Obeng explained that the Digital Nail Printer which connects directly to an application, O2nails fashion nail beauty, via WIFI hot spot from the machinery saves time and reduce manicure skill requirement for manicurist.

According to her over 800 designs are available on the App and deigns are updated every week. She stated, “As a company we want to meet the needs of all our clients, that is why we have included a section where users can design their preferred patterns on the go.”