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Christabel Ekeh Posts New Photos

Actress, Christabel Ekeh is on a low profile. Furthermore, this was after the photos scandal.

For someone who could not give any resolute explanation to releasing those pictures, we just had to satisfy our concerns when she finally said releasing those pictures was her greatest achievements in the year, how that is possible is not why we are here today.

The actress looks dazzling and drops dead gorgeous in this picture she shared on her page. She indeed is living the a new life. Nowadays, she posts a lot of Christian verses.

New photos of Christabel Ekeh

Victoria Lebene Releases New Photos To Celebrate Birthday

Happy birthday to Victoria Lebene.

Ghanaian actress, Victoria Lebene-Mekpah celebrated her birthday yesterday. Furthermore, she released photos to celebrate the day. The release of birthday photos is the norm for a lot of celebrities now. Therefore, she also participated.

She is the brand ambassador for Pineapple Cosmetics.

The actress and veteran actor, Kofi Adjorlolo, were an item some time back. However, the relationship went south after many criticisms from a section of the general public.

In the photos, she wore a red slinky dress with strappy heels.

Victoria Lebene-Mekpah birthday photos

Nana Appiah Mensah Says Bulldog Is Still With Zylofon Media

CEO of Zylofon Media, Nana Appiah Mensah speaks on the Bulldog situation. Furthermore, over the weekend there was news that NAM sacked the head of A&R, Lawrence Asiamah-Hanson.

Moreover, these brought different stories.

After days of speculation about the firing of the head of Artist management at Zylofon Music; his boss spoke up and denied it. He spoke about it on Twitter.

Nana Appiah Mensah on Bulldog situation

Nana Asiamah Hanson alias Bulldog still holds office as the artiste manager for Zylofon Music. He has neither been fired nor resigned. Support him to succeed.” 

The rumoured sacking was allegedly due to a scuffle between him and Appiah Mensah but at the moment, it seems everything is fine and dandy between the two; publicly at least.

“You Are Gradually Becoming A ‘JONKEY’; Stop Abusing Drugs”- Fan Advises Shatta Wale 

A Facebook user has trolled Dancehall act, Shatta Wale that he’s gradually looking like  a ‘jonkey’

Shatta Wale posted a photo of himself in a very nice African wear. Apparently, the ‘Gringo’ hitmaker was expecting praises from his followers and fans.

However, a Facebook user with name Isaac Kwesi Boateng seems to have noted more than Shatta’s attire.

According to Isaac, Shatta Wale is gradually being affected by the use of drugs.

He further advised that the ‘Ayoo’ hitmaker stopped abusing drugs.

“Shatta Walle I am a very big fan of you . But I have noticed some changes in your face. You are gradually becoming a JONKEY. from the look of your face. #STOPDRUGABUSE#”.

Judging from the photo, Shatta Wale’s face looked pale and quite older all of a sudden.

However, we cannot deduce if it’s as a result of drug abuse as alleged by Isaac or  whether the SM Boss is not physically fit.

Post below;

Take a look at the photos below and let us know what you think.


Obrafour Reveals When He Is Going To Retire From Doing Music

Legendary rapper Michael Elliot Kwabena Okyere Darkoh, best known as Obrafour has revealed that he has no plans of retiring from music anytime soon.

According to the ‘Moesha’ crooner, not until death takes him from the land of the living, he won’t retire from active music in order to pave way for upcoming artists.

On the program dubbed Central Dryve on Radio Central hosted by Amansan Krakye, Obrafour was asked whether he will retire from music or go on pension anytime soon because it’s been two decades now.

 “I’m not sure there is pension in music, when God gives you music talent you can do it till death, all you need is the strength. I may go on pension if God calls me to glory or gives me different work, but it until then I will still be doing active music,” he replied.

Amansan Krakye went on to ask that, some of the new artistes think it’s about time people like him retire in order to pave way for the new talents.

“In this world you can’t rule forever because everything has an end. I wouldn’t agree if someone says new crop of artistes are emerging so the old ones should retire because experience is very important. We need to be there to help and guide the young ones. Until we die we will still be in the game”, he added.

He has actually nurtured a lot of talents including Sarkodie, Stonebwoy and the likes now reigning the Ghanaian music industry.

Zylofon Arts Fund To Aid Vibrant Brong Ahafo Movie Industry, ‘Bonowood’

Movie producer, and CEO of Miracle Films, Mr Samuel Nyamekye disclosed that Zylofon Arts Fund will help to establish a movie industry in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana.

He stated this in an interview with Rash Shifo on Cheers 100.5 FM. Furthermore, he stated that the movies made in Brong Ahafo movies are ‘Bonowood’. Moreover, this is to help to promote the culture and language of the people in the Brong Ahafo region.

CEO of Miracle Films talks about Zylofon Arts Fund

“We are bringing B/A-Wood into the region for the indigenes to appreciate their unique culture, We are also ready to promote the rich culture by making sure the Bono Language dominates when casting our movies.

“We can’t afford to see the culture of Brong-Ahafo die off just like that. Therefore, the need to involve a lot of people from the region.

“Ghana movie industry excelled some few years ago. However, the issue of funding is a challenge nowadays. Currently, Zylofon Media assured their support industry with funding. Therefore, we appreciate Nana Appiah Mensah for this timely intervention”

Shatta Wale’s ‘Gringo’ Video Earns GH¢35 On Zylofon Cash After Three Months

Visuals for Shatta Wale’s hit song, ‘Gringo’, is arguably the most hyped song from the Zylofon Media artiste’s camp.

An expensive video shot in the province of Blanco, Texas, USA complimented the song.

‘Gringo’ therefore trended for days before and after its release and went on to top chats in Ghana and overseas.

The video has garnered over 1.8Million views times on Youtube, with a lot more interactions and engagements.

Meanwhile, the premiering of the same video first took place on Zylofon Cash.

Interestingly however, it has now amassed a disappointing 1313 views after being on the platform for 3 months according to a report by

The report further revealed that the views on Zylofon Cash meant the artist earns GH¢35.08. An amount which is not even enough to the cover the cost of the access card pegged at GH¢300.

If Shatta Wale, an artist with all the influence and loyal following cannot break-even after having his content on the platform for 3 months, then we ask, is there hope for these up and coming acts with little or no influence?

What Is Zylofon Cash And How Does It Work?

Zylofon Cash is a content monetization platform, a subsidiary of Zylofon Media.

If you aspire to be a model, musician, actress, fashion designer, comedian, poet or any act you think you’re good at, all you need to do is to record a video of yourself in any form demonstrating your act.  You might receive a call to participate in any of our projects.

And if there’s the need to engage the services of individuals that impress our review team,

they will be recommended for possible engagement on contractual basis.

These uploaded contents as well as existing materials in the form of music videos, comedy, movies, music, TV shows, and etc can also be uploaded and monetized. The next step is, you visit and click of “zylofon dream”.

The zylofon dream categories will display various art departments; Music, Movies, acting, musician, television/radio personality, poetry, visual arts, models and comedy.

The next thing to do is to create a zylofon dream account and create a secure password. From here, you can now purchase a “scratch card” which will grant you access to upload the content.

The cards are on sale at just 300 Ghana Cedis. They’re on sale at any of the zylofon media headquarters. There are also zylofon media shops in every region and city where the cards are on sale.

The scratch card grants you three (3) chances to upload any content of your choice among the categories. Contents that are uploaded will be reviewed by our review team and pushed to “zylofon cash” if it meets their expectation. Pornographic materials are prohibited.

Zylofon cash will earn you a descent amount of money per usage(0.02 Ghana Cedis) on your uploaded content till time memorial.

Bulldog Has Not Been Sacked – Nana Appiah Mensah Finally Confirms

CEO of Zylofon Media, Nana Appiah Mensah has debunked earlier reports that  the A & R Manager for Zylofon Media, Bulldog has been sacked.

There were several reports on many blogs over last weekend, claiming Bulldog has been sacked by Nana Appiah.

Reports further stated that, Bulldog, known in private life has asked to return company’s properties.

But Nana Appiah Mensah in a tweet on Monday evening has assured all concerned persons that, Bulldog still holds his office as the A & R manager for Zylofon Music.

His Tweet read; ” Nana Asiamah Hanson alias Bulldog still holds office as the artiste manager for Zylofon Music. He has neither been fired nor resigned. Support him to succeed.#GhanaShallProsper.”

Tweet below;


Moesha Boduong Slays In Kente Top With Mini-Skirt

Actress Moesha Boduong has spiced up her Instagram page with some really very hot African inspired photos.

Moesha is no teenager when it comes to fashion and ‘slaying’. She’s in the ‘B’ class if not ‘A’

The ‘Instagram Queen’ a few days ago shared a photo of herself as she always does.

This time round however, she is seen in a coat-top made with Kente cloth.

She however spiced up her look with a red and white fascinator which compliments her short sexy red skirt.

Moesha proudly shows those beautiful legs of hers as she poses for the cameras.

Check her out below;

Every Couple Needs To Know: 10 Ways To Stop Being Possessive 

Sometimes, we allow ourselves to get carried away and begin to think the we own our partners. Hey, even puppies don’t like to be called pets. You can’t own anyone. The fact that you’re gong out or married doesn’t make you their owner.

Sometimes, we get so jealous and allow it to turn us into possessive monsters over our partners. This is however, neither good for you nor you partner. Trust me, no one likes to stay in a prison not matter how beautiful the place may look.

Being possessive over your partner is like you imprisoning them, and even yourself and can only damage the relationship.

There are many reasons why people might feel possessive, including having trust issues, being jealous, or having low self-esteem. Here are some tips to keep things in perspective if you feel yourself or your partner spiraling into a possessive state.

1. Forget about the past.

Maybe you’ve been cheated on or lied to before, but this is a new relationship. Don’t let the past ruin what you have going for you now. Your partner is a different person than your ex, and deserves a fresh start. Not to mention, you’ll feel better if you let the past go! You can’t change anything that’s already happened, so release the past hurt and focus on the relationship you’re in now.

2. Don’t be overbearing.

The more you worry your partner doesn’t love you or isn’t being honest with you, the more you will push him or her away. No one wants to be with a needy person, so don’t pile all your fears and worries about love on your partner. Trust that they love you because they’re choosing to be in a relationship with you. Let them go out without you, and don’t give them the third degree when they come home. If you make your partner feel like they’ve done something bad even when they haven’t, they might wonder what it’s worth to be good.

3. Live your own life.

This goes hand in hand with not being overbearing. If you have your own job, your own hobbies, and your own social life, then you’ll be a more interesting person to your partner. It’s important to spend time together, of course, but it’s also fun to spend time apart and have different things to share and talk about when you’re together.

4. Don’t let the green-eyed monster eat you alive.

Jealousy is not only a fast relationship killer, but it will make you feel bitter and hateful in your daily life. That green-eyed monster is quick to cut you down and make you feel worthless. Turn that attitude into something positive by realizing that your partner is with you because you’re a great, quality person all on your own. You don’t need to be jealous about anyone else they may be spending time with. Make sure you know your self-worth and realize that your partner is lucky to be with you.

5. Know each other’s friends.

A great way to keep from being jealous is to be familiar with each other’s social circles. If you know who your partner is spending time with, you’ll know there’s no reason to worry. An added bonus is that you might like their friends and want to spend time with them as well.

6. Don’t try to change your partner.

You knew who your partner was when you got involved in the relationship—why do you want to change him or her now? Telling yourself that the other person needs to change could just be your easy answer to any problem you might be having in the relationship.

7. Try to find the root of the problem.

Why do you feel possessive in your relationship? Whether it’s a fear from a past relationship, or even something that happened in childhood, you need to figure out what is causing you to feel and act this way. It will help you come to terms with your issue and conquer it, which in turn will make you feel better and will help future relationships.

8. Trust your partner (and yourself).

Often people feel insecure about others because they’re projecting something they see in themselves. You might worry that your partner flirts when he or she goes out with friends because you flirt when you go out with friends. If you trust yourself to only flirt and not go beyond that, you should be able to trust your partner to do the same—it’s only fair!

9. Don’t spy.

It’s OK to admit—everyone’s done it! Checking emails of an account that’s been left open, scrolling through sent text messages, perusing the browser history…It might seem normal and harmless, but it’s creating cracks in the relationship. You clearly think there’s something to find, and that hurts the trust you have (or should have) for your partner. Not to mention, it’s really awkward if they catch you! Keep yourself busy. Do something in another room while they’re on the phone so you’re not tempted to eavesdrop. Make sure you each sign out of your email accounts before leaving the computer. Over time, if you don’t have chances to spy, it will slip from your mind and you’ll stop feeling the urge to keep tabs on your partner.

10. Be open about your issues.

Tell your partner how you feel, without making it sound like you’re blaming them. Tell them about the issue from your past that makes it hard for you to trust. Tell them how you feel when they do certain things. Make sure you’re presenting things as an open dialog, not as a fight. If you’re open and honest about things that bother you, your partner is more likely to hear you out. If you’re both on the same page, it will help you to stop being possessive. Once everything is out in the open, you can start working through it—together!


Blogger Fondles Moesha Budoung’s Buttocks To Ascertain Its Veracity

Moesha proves the realness of her buttocks.

Blogger and founder of, Eugene Sarfo-Nkansah fondled Moesha Boudong in a video. Furthermore, the actress always puts her ass on display on Instagram.

Moreover, in a video sighted on Instagram, the blogger wanted to have a feel of Moesha’s ass. Also, he stated that he wanted to know if the buttocks was real or fake. Therefore, she gave him permission to do that.

Also, Eugene Sarfo squeezed her for about six seconds.

He was heard saying “£y£ real”…meaning “it is real” in the English language.

Watch the video of blogger fondling Moesha Boudong

Street Hawking Cannot Be Banned Without Creating New Jobs — Nana Turkson

Entertainment critic, Nana Turkson talks about the street children. Furthermore, he lambasted Martin Aboagye on Zylofon FM. Moreover, Aboagye asked celebrities who make bread and hire street children to stop. This is because they are risking the lives of Ghanaian youth in the streets.

According to Turkson, what the movie producer said, was totally wrong because there will be no employment for these street sellers should they be forced to stop selling.

However, he added that people are in the streets selling not because they want to be there but because of unemployment in Ghana and until employment is created for them, putting a stop to it will never be possible.

Nana Turkson about street children

“If they want them off the street, they need to provide jobs for the youth. Thousands of students graduate every year, how are they supposed to make ends meet when there are no secured jobs”

Stonebwoy Partners Anas To Expose Bigwigs Behind Child Trafficking

Ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has another upcoming documentary. Furthermore, this is after his “Number 12” on June 6, 2018. Moreover, the Number 12 exposed various corrupt officials in the Ghana Football Association.

Currently Anas is on a documentary on child trafficking. Moreover, the documentary features music from Zylofon signed Dancehall artiste, Stonebwoy.

The video dubbed ‘Chained By Begging’ is on YouTube and on Twitter. It features the Dancehall artiste’s song, “Kids Of Our Future” as a soundtrack for the documentary.

Anas is expected to drop his latest documentary in August 2018, for the public to watch how innocent children are being trafficked for monetary gains.

Watch the trailer for ‘Chained By Begging’ by Anas Aremeyaw Anas with music from Stonebwoy

Shatta Wale Blasts Fan For Asking Him To Get Married

It appears that most fans are more concerned about when their celebrities will get married than how they’ll get their own daily bread.

Many people have been asking when this or that celebrity will get married.

Most celebrities have also expressed their disgust at such questions from fans, but the trend still continues anyways.

Apparently, a fan of the Shatta Movement Empire boss, Shatta Wale went sniffing around Shatta Wale’s marriage life.

However, it seems the fan chewed more than he can bite and didn’t have it easy at all.

With fellow artists Stonebwoy, Sarkodie, John Dumelo and a host of other male celebs tying the knot, Ghanaians have been quick to bash Shatta Wale for not doing same.

It looks like he’s finally had enough and took to his Twitter to shut down one user who asked him the question.

Replying to a user with the handle @realnanakofi who asked:“So you derre u no go marry some????”,

Wale shot back and said “Strongman you wake up morning, your headache is whether another man will marry or not…Go look for job ma guy“

Post below;

KSM To Start Electronic Court Drama Series ‘Odo Wahala’

Comedian extraordinaire, Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM), has urged all drama lovers to watch out for him.

The author is about to release an intriguing series from him and his crew soon.

The series, dubbed ‘Odo Wahala,’ is an electronic court drama that will start showing next month.

According to the satirist, ‘Odo Wahala,’ will target the issue of conflicts in relationships.

The themes of the series will be spiced up with humor to make it easier to understand and relate to.

‘Odo Wahala’ will blend Twi and English languages to reach its target audience.

Yaa Anima Misa Gyampo will play the role of the judge.

The judge’s control of the “courtroom”, driven by her no-nonsense attitude,

combined with her use of innovative technologies to reach to her clients,

distinguishes the series from all other court drama series currently running on TV.

“The uniqueness of ‘Odo Wahala’ is that neither the defendant nor the plaintiff is required to be physically present in the courtroom,” KSM disclosed.

“This is a fully electronic platform where the judge sits in the studio/courtroom and connects with the defendant and plaintiff who are in a different location via various digital platforms including mobile phones and Skype. In effect, the justice system has gone digital in Ghana,” he added.

Sapphire takes credit for the production of ‘Odo Wahala’ .

I’m Proud Of My Diminutive Nature — Yaw Dabo

Kumawood actor and entertainer, Samuel Nana Yaw Dabo talks about his stature. Furthermore, he revealed that he is counted among the shortest men in Ghana. However, he feels very proud of it.

Dabo made these statements in an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso on the Delay Show. Moreover, he disclosed that at the age of 15 years he realised he needed to accept himself just the way he was. This is because there was no way he could get extra height.

Also, he told Deloris Frimpong Manso, if he had been tall he wouldn’t have gotten the opportunities he has been getting now.

Yaw Dabo onhis diminutive nature and career

“Everything happens for a reason. I don’t feel ashamed because of my size. I’m really happy about how it turned out.

I’m funny so people never despised me because of my size. Maybe I would not have made strides in my realized that I won’t grow a career if I were tall.” 

My “Azonto” Song Made Me Very Popular — Tiffany

Tiffany talks about music.

Ghanaian Afropop female vocalist, born Tiffany Owusu speaks on hit songs. Furthermore, everyone knows her as Itz Tiffany. Moreover, she admitted that she sucks when it comes to releasing hit songs.

The musician disclosed this in an interview on Zylofon FM’s Showbiz Agenda with the host, Sammy Flex.

Itz Tiffany on kinds of music she makes

According to the Azonto hitmaker, all the songs she has released since she started her musical career, the only one she can boast of is the one she released with Ghanaian UK-based Singer, Fuse ODG, titled “Azonto”.

“My Azonto song put me on the map and gave me a worldwide following.

However, I consider all my songs as good as I make several genres of music to please my numerous fans.” 

Rivalry Between Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale Cool – Gramps Morgan

International Reggae act, Gramps Morgan, says the rivalry between Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale may be good for show business.

The two Dancehall artistes have over sometime now been involved in some frictions, in which fans of the two factions have also waded into.

Some critics and entertainment enthusiates however believe their rivalry is as a result of the battle for supremacy in terms of dancehall/reggae music in Ghana.

The staunch Pan Africanist believes the spirit of competition between the two is because ‘they are young…..which is good for the spirit of competition’.

He told Joy News’ Doreen Avio, “the competitiveness is good for the industry and the development of their spirits’.

Morgan Cramps is the author of tracks such as ‘Wash the tears’ and ‘Almighty’, and the son of the legendary reggae act, Denroy Morgan.

He however, cautioned Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale not to go beyond a certain limit.

“I advise them to be careful in what they promote. They have to be wise and think about their future”, he warned.

He advises that the two be cautious of their utterances and lyrics as it may affect their young families in the near future.

Michael Essien Officially Announces Retirement From International Football

Legendary Chelsea and Black Stars former midfielder. Michael Essien officially announced his retirement from international football. This is four years after playing his last game for the Stars.

Furthermore, Essien told Gh One Tv that he’s done with the team. Moreover, even if he receives a call-up in the future he’s not going to honour it.

Essien played for the Stars for over 12 years. Also he was an integral part of Ghana’s first two world cup campaigns in Germany and South Africa.

However, everything went to hell in 2014 when together with Sulley Muntari and Kevin-Prince Boateng, they agitated for the players to be paid what was owed them and ended up being exiled from the team.

Since that tournament, Essien has yet to play for the team and he maintains even a call-up can’t bring him back.

Michael Essien on retiring and the Black Stars

“If I am called to play for the Black Stars again I won’t honour it. No, it’s not possible.” 

“This is because I’ve retired from international duty. I even retired before we went to the World Cup in Brazil but I was called back [by coach Kwesi Appiah] to come and help.

“And then in Brazil they treated me like [something] so I’m not playing for the country again. It’s time for the new generation.”

Essien played 59 games for the Stars between 2002 and 2014, scoring 9 goals.

I Am Not Aware Of Bulldog’s Sack – Zylofon Media PRO

There were several reports over last weekend alleging that the A&R Manager at Zylofon Media has been sacked.

A report by, which started the sacked allegation suggested that Bulldog, born Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson had been sacked.

The reports further indicated that he had already been handed his sack letter and asked to return company properties.

Meanwhile, a recent report by NEWS-ONE states that, the public relations officer at Zylofon says he’s not aware of anything of that sort yet.

The PRO, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo says “I do not know of any sacking at Zylofon yet,” according to the report.

Bulldog, was signed somewhere in November 2017 onto the Zylofon brand as the Artistes and Repertoire Manager.

Jackie Appiah Showing Off In African Print

Jackie Appiah shows off in new photos.

Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah is one of the stylish celebrities in Ghana.

Furthermore, on her social media, she shows off her clothes and travel destination. Moreover, everyone knows her for her expensive taste in fashion.

However, over the past couple of days, African prints featured in her clothes. She looked amazing in it. Honestly, she should wear them often.

For one of the clothes, she wore them for the Miss Malaika auditions. She looked as radiant as the other judges present.

Her Instagram comments were all praise for her fashion statement.

Therefore, this shows that a lot of her fans want to see her in more African clothes.

Photos of Jackie Appiah in African print clothes