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John Dumelo Joins The Campaign To Make Africa Great

Actor and entrepreneur, John Dumelo talks about the youth of Africa. According to him, the youth of Africa are awake and ready to take charge to make Africa a great continent.

Moreover, the actor detailed all of Africa’s natural resources and how they are being underused. He spoke about this on Instagram.

Mr. Dumelo wrote,

“Nigeria has oil, Ghana has oil, Congo has abundant deposits of copper, uranium etc. Kenya has gypsum, zinc etc. Guinea has bauxite. I can go on and on about what each African country has to offer. Let me give you an example, Africa has over 420m mobile phone users. The number is expected to hit a billion mobile phone users in the next few years. Yet we don’t produce our own mobile phones. We rather provide the raw materials to produce these phones and they are imported for us to use. Africa has 60 percent of the worlds uncultivated land. Yet we import billions of dollars of food.”

Also, he added that despite these challenges, the youth are charged and willing to change the status quo.

” Let me just stop here before I write a long sermon. The youth are awake and we are ready to change the status quo. Nemo iudex In causa sua….We have the interest of Africa at heart and we will defy the principles of natural justice to be our own judge 30 years to come! #Africa#youth#Itstime#letsmakeafricagreat

“Ghanaian Artists Can Fill The O2 Arena Only If They’re Unwilling To Eat Alone” – BullDog

Artiste manager, Lawrence Nana Asiamah a.k.a Bulldog talks about music industry. Moreover, he shared his opinion on Ghanaian artist and filling up the London 02 Arena.

Furthermore, his reaction comes after Davido sold out the 20,000-seater venue over the weekend. Davido became the second Nigerian artiste after Wizkid to achieve the feat.

According to him, Ghanaian artists can only fill the 02 arena if they’re unwilling to eat alone.

He wrote:

“It is possible for a Ghanaian artist to fill the O2 Arena if and only if they’re unwilling to eat alone…Even God didn’t create the world alone..Until we learn to share the spoils of war together with the soldiers on the battlefield we will never win the war…It is possible… let’s win together…#CONGRATSDAVIDOANDTEAM#CONGRATSNIGERIA

The London 02 Arena is one of the busiest multi-purpose arena in London. Moreover, the likes of Drake, Rihanna, Kanye West, Elton John, Adele, Prince, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake had concerts there

“It’s Not About Money, I Believed In What The NDC Campaigned For” – John Dumelo

Actor and entrepreneur, John Dumelo talks about his support for the NDC. Moreover, according to him, he supported the National Democratic Congress because he believed in what they were campaigning for. However, it was not because of money as people assume.

He made these statements on Yvonne Okoro’s “Dinning with Cooks and Braggarts show. Mr. Dumelo expressed that his love for the NDC surpasses monetary gains.

“It’s not about money. People think that NDC gave me a lot of money but everything was based on the fact that I believed in what they were campaigning for”

Also, he added that even if he was given money to change party sides, he would not do that.

Furthermore, he added that Ghana is a democracy. Therefore, everyone, including celebrities, should have the right to belong to any political party of their choosing.

Mr. Dumelo added that it’s not his wish for the ruling NPP government to fail just because his party is in opposition.

“They should just do the right thing for Ghana to move forward because if they don’t, Ghanaians will change them again. People should learn to serve the country. That is my whole point” 

Cynthia Quarcoo joins GUBA Advisory Board

Founder and Managing Partner of CQ Legal and Consulting- Ms Cynthia Quarcoo joins the prestigious GUBA Advisory Board. Moreover, the GUBA Advisory board is a body consisting of prominent and experienced individuals. The individuals advise on the proceedings, legal, progressive growth, format and general management of the organization.

Ms. Quarcoo is a corporate/commercial and finance lawyer. Furthermore, her specialization is in the energy, financial and infrastructure sectors. She has over 15 years’ experience in representing institutional clients.

Also, she is the founder of Africa 1 Media. It is a multi-functioning professional services firm. Moreover, the firm has a unique focus on providing business and legal counsel. Africa 1 Media supports creatives in their efforts to advance their talent whilst paying close attention to national and international legal frameworks and protocols which guard and regulate their industries and sectors.

Cynthia expressed her utmost delight at being part of the GUBA Awards Advisory Board stating:

“I consider the invitation to serve as a GUBA Advisory Board member a great honour and I am humbled. As a person who has very close ties with the UK and Ghana, I am in total support of GUBA Enterprise’s focus on creating closer ties between both countries. I paid a great deal of attention over the years. Moreover, the efforts that the founder of GUBA, Dentaa Amoateng MBE, the board and her team continue to make in strengthening the ties through its numerous projects and activities amaze me. Also, I am committed to adding my experience to this incredible team to ensure that both countries stand to benefit in the long term as GUBA continues to accomplish all its objectives”

Akwasi Frimpong Moves 31 Spots Up In The Men’s Skeleton Ranking After TEDx Talk

Ghanaian athlete, Akwasi Frimpong moves ahead. Moreover, he moved 31 spots up in the men’s skeleton ranking.

He spoke about his excitement in an interview with

“Three days after my first TEDx talk in the Netherlands I discovered I had moved up 31 places on the world men’s skeleton rankings according to the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF) standings released in the last quarter of January 2019” 

“31 places up, man this by far is my biggest climb on the IBSF men’s skeleton table, I must tell you how thankful I am to my management team” 

Furthermore, he stated

“special thanks to Zach Lund. He is Head Performance Director of the Bobsled and Skeleton Federation of Ghana (BSF – Ghana), Dr. Vernon Darko the BSF – Ghana President, and my fans all over Africa and the world”

This feat now places the Olympian 68th on the IBSF table overall 112. Moreover, this is quite impressive considering the fact that he beat out other male skeleton athletes.

Also, he attributed his success to loads of hard work, dedication and a great team.

“With this in success at hand, I intend to continue the journey to become the ‘Hope of a Billion‘ by giving myself more time to concentrate on the grand agenda. As a result, I am skipping the 2019 world championships this march in Canada to begin training for next season.”

Ghanaian-Canadian Artist And Designer Unveil Scarf Collection

Ghanaian-Canadian artist and designer, Yaw Tony is the founder of LLiM (Life Liveth In Me), a high fashion luxury goods manufacturer.

Moreover, it specializes in scarves, textile designs, and lifestyle accessories. LLiM (Life Liveth In Me) is a design/artistic brand. Our dedication is the creation of inimitable quality products.

“The eclectic colourful visual journeys are one of the indubitably, resplendently features of the brand: which won me the feature cover of Designlines 2018, Azure; 10 Canadian Talents We Loved at IDS Toronto and DesignTO, 2019, Designlines; 10 Rising Canadian Design Studios to Watch in 2019” 

Furthermore, he added

“Our first unveiling to the world will be the inauguration of our scarves. Moreover, the sophisticated details of African adages amalgam with the Western Culture influences our philosophical design. It is the “gameo” – “gem” – “marriage”, the fusion of two distinct elements into one. All the patterns, motifs and details are first hand drawn. Then transferred into colours to give it form and life (stories). “

Each scarf design embodies intricate patterns, art and rich stories that speak to its owner.

I’ll Summon Nogokpo & Antoa To ‘Kill’ Beneficiaries Of My Son’s Cash — NAM 1’s Father

Persons who benefited from the cash of the embattled Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of

Menzgold Ghana Limited, Nana Appiah Mensah alias NAM 1 have the dreaded Nogokpo

shrine in the Volta Region and the Antoa Nyamaa in the Ashanti Region to contend with,.

Father of NAM 1 on Accra-based Zylofon Fm on Tuesday in an interview monitored by this

portal, disclosed some respectful persons in Ghana including politicians benefited from about

$50 million cash of his son but have the nerves to sit on life radio to denigrate him as though he is a criminal.

He gave an indication that such persons will start dying if they fail to speak up on how much

the benefited in terms of cash from NAM 1 at the peak of his business which is now crumbling

reiterating his resolve to drag them all before two of the country’s most powerful shrines to get

justice for his arrested son.

“A lot of issues will come out. Some people are doing things which are very disgusting. Many people will die because we are going to invoke curses. People who have benefited from him are now on air claiming he is bad. We are not going to use guns but will curse them since they are refusing to admit”, he threatened.


EOCO on Tuesday secured a court order to freeze landed properties and companies belonging

to Nana Appiah Mensah alias NAM 1 currently in detention at the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This comes barely weeks after the same body froze all his accounts according to the Executive

Director of EOCO, Mr. K.K Amoah who suspects NAM 1 could be operating with different

account names and urging the public to volunteer such information to his outfit in order to

track such transactions as part of ongoing investigations.

“What we are telling the public is that anyone with information on his other accounts should

let us know because we believe he might have used different names to open such accounts and

so friends, family should let us know about other accounts,” he urged on Accra-based Adom Fm.

Zylofon FM & TV Suspend Operations

There is more bad news for Nana Appiah Mensah. Moreover, the two media houses owned by Nana Appiah Mensah, Zylofon FM, and Zylofon TV suspend operations.

Zylofon Media addressed the news in a press statement. Furthermore, they explained that the need to halt operations arrived after EOCO released a press statement. EOCO announced that they secured a court order to freeze all assets owned by the CEO of the company.

PR, Samuel Atuobi Baah signed the press statement. Moreover, in the statement, the company thanked everyone who supported them for the past 13 months of operations.

The Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) in a statement announced that it has secured a court order to freeze all landed properties and vehicles belonging to the embattled Chief Executive Officer of Menzgold Ghana Limited, Nana Appiah Mensah, alias NAM 1.

The landed properties include Menzgold Ghana Limited, Menzgold Office Complex, Zylofon Art Complex. Also, Brew Marketing Consult, Star Mad. Football Club, Zylofon Music and Media Company Limited, Brew Energy Company Limited and G. Tech Automobile Service.

Furthermore, others include two properties located at Trassaco Valley; namely Plot No. 315 and Plot No. 337. Also, a plot of land (No 54) near Oak Street, Trassaco Valley, an uncompleted residence and 510 acres of land.

We Almost Sold ‘Swagger’ For GHC1000 – Bullet

Musician turned artistes manager, Ricky Nana Agyeman, popularly known as Bullet, has revealed he and Akhan, a member of the duo Ruff n Smooth, almost sold their first single, ‘Swagger’ because, they were in urgent need of money.

The CEO of Ruff Town records said he and his brother wanted ¢1,000 for the song so they could rent a new place.

“We were being forced out of our old place and found a single room we could rent. We wanted to use ¢600 to rent and the ¢400 left to record more songs,” he told Lexis Bill Monday on Drive Time.

Former musician, Mimi Andani, who they pitched the song to did not buy.


Bullet believed because Mimi was big at the time, she may not have trusted in the duo’s talent.

He told Lexis Bill, he is happy they did not sell the song, “If we had sold it, I think hunger may have killed us by now.”

The artiste manager said they had to write and produce the song in a garage, “we replaced some lyrics in the song and released it.”

The duo who were unsuccessful as solo artistes before 2010, had their first single as a

duo “Swagger” enjoy massive airplay across the country.

“To sit in a garage and write a song for it to become that popular and [for] people to enjoy, the feeling was overwhelming,” he stated.

Bullet explained his happiness then, was unexplainable because he never thought he

would move from being a street boy to a successful artiste

I Sacrificed A Lot For Shatta Wale Only To Be Paid With Rude – Andy Dosty

Media personality and disc jockey Andrews Amoh popularly known as Andy Dosty, has once

again expressed disappointment over the recent attitude of Shatta Wale raining insults on him

on Twitter.

The Shatta Movement Empire boss and his members last week blasted Andy for asking on

his show if Shatta’s assertion that “Ghanaians youth are broke because they fool a lot” is true.

As usual, Shatta replied Andy Dosty with a tweet saying, “Andy, people like you is what I am talking about. So does your woman read what you write at all.. Don’t think you are tarnishing my image…”

Responding to the issue on 3 FM’s Easy Stream, Andy told host of the show, MC Bobby that he

wasn’t expecting the backlash from the public over his question, saying he felt disappointed.


The host of the Daybreak Hitz show mentioned that, he had no intentions dragging the image o

f the artiste through the mud and that he thought his post was one of the usual jokes he shares with the musician because they had a good relationship until he saw a video posted by Shatta Wale of an SM fan insulting him .

He said, “There was a video of someone insulting me left, right and center that he (Shatta Wale) has posted. That was when I saw the intensity of the matter,”

According to Andy, he contributed to the raise of the “Y3 Koom” singer where he made sacrifices for the musician in those days, something he said Shatta can attest to.

“I was that gentleman who came to Accra, took his CDs, went to Kumasi to share among radio stations and presenters; it was me. I drove around in Kumasi; my car, my fuel, showing him that love. Telling people there is a new kid on the block. I created a monster” he stated.

Andy Dosty noted that he has forgiven the controversial dancehall and reggae artiste despite disrespecting him on Twitter.

Samini’s #UNTAMED Grabs “Album Of The Year” On Reggaeville

Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Samini has another feather in his cap. His 7th Album #UNTAMED placed first in Europe on Reggaeville as “Album Of The Year”.

Moreover, “Untamed”, the 22-tracked album placed 1st ahead of other key albums by Stephen Marley, Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid, Mr. Vegas, Agent Sasco, Jesse Royal, Alborosie, Ziggy Marley, Spice just to name a few.

Samini hails from Ghana. Furthermore, since 2004 he released seven albums. He won Best African Act at the MOBO Awards 2006 and the MTV Africa Music Award as Best Performer 2009.

According to Reggaeville,

“We received votes from more than 2.500 registered users during the 7th annual Reggaeville Poll. All users had to choose their favorite three releases of 2018.”

Samini released “UNTAMED” on Saturday, December 22, 2018. This was his 7th studio album. Furthermore, it was a strictly Reggae collection.

Below are the TOP 5 Albums:

1. Samini – “Untamed”
2. Alborosie meets The Wailers United – “Unbreakable”
3. Protoje – “A Matter of Time”
4. Kabaka Pyramid – “Kontraband”
5. Mellow Mood – Large

Joyce Blessing Joins Atinka FM After Zylofon FM Suspension

Awards-winning gospel musician, Joyce Blessing is set to take over the radio airwaves in the capital of Ghana.

The ‘Unbreakable’ is about to start a program which will run every Sunday morning from

7:00 – 9:00 AM starting February 3, 2019, as host of Atinka FM’s ‘Gospel Hour’.

This announcement however comes at the back of the sudden news that broke January 29 that

Zylofon FM and TV, the media houses she was formerly associated with announced that they

have suspended their operations following the news from the EOCO that it has secured a

court  order to freeze all assets owned by the CEO of the company, Nana Appiah Mensah.

The ‘I Swerve’ hitmaker made this announcement this morning through her various social

media handles.

Accra and the whole of Ghana should get ready to enjoy her new show on Atinka 104.7 FM.

We at wish Joyce Blessing all the best on this new journey she is about to embark on.

Joyce Blessing however used to host a Saturday morning show on Zylofon 102.1 FM.

“#JoyceBlessingGospelHour Show is Now airing on @Atinka1047 on Sundays 7-7AM.@jay_kanz @ComedianWaris @Davejoypro— Joyce Blessing (@JoyceBlessgh) January 30, 2019,” she tweeted.

Vicky Zugah Defends Why Celebrities Showcase Their Help To The Less Privileged In Society

Actress Vicky Zugah has jumped to the defense of some critics as to why most celebrities

make public their donations or charity projects to the less privileged in society.

According to the Miss Zugah, most of these celebrities have sponsors who needs to be

updated on their activities.

She further added that making public their charity works is therefore a move to prove their

credibility to donors who sponsor some of these goodwill projects they embark so as to

win their trust.


Vicky Zugha, in a video shared on Instagram added that they don’t leave the cameras at home

during their philanthropist gestures because the giving moments they capture are to also

inspire others to do same.

“Some people will not be pushed or encouraged to do these things until or unless they see someone do it,” she said.

However, per biblical analysis and principles, it is believed that Christians are not supposed

to even let their other hand be aware whenever their other hand gives.

It is by the fate that Yaw Siki once upon a time rejected a donation from Sonnie Badu after

the Gospel singer made a public announcement of how he wanted to support Yaw Siki in his

new life as an Evangelistic.

Just last year, actor Papa Nii also rejected a donation made by actress Gloria Sarfo to

veteran actors and actresses due to the same reason.

Watch how Vicky Zugah presented her defense on the matter in video below:

Trigmatic Rocks Alliance Française With ‘My Life Concert’

Musician cum radio personality, Enoch Nana Yaw Oduro Agyei popularly known as Trigmatic

over the weekend thrilled music fans at this year’s edition of ‘My Life Concert.’

At the event which was held at Alliance Française in Accra last Saturday, Trigmatic took his

fans who attended the show on a journey through some of his hit songs.

Trigmatic, who mounted the stage after fans had witnessed performances from Yaa Yaa, NaaYaa, among others, was consistent on stage for over an hour on stage.

He, indeed, delighted music fans with some of his hit songs.


During the show, Trigmatic paid tributes to music legends such as the late South African

artiste Hugh Masekela, highlife giant Obuoba J.A. Adofo and ace guitarist Anthony Akablay.

There was a story-telling session with Trigmatic’s primary school music teacher Dela Botri, who is also renowned musician, who joined him later on stage to do a few songs.

One of the highlights of the show was when A.I. came on to sing gospel worship songs with Trigmatic.

J.A. Adofo’s son also was on board to do renditions of two of his father’s classics.

Gyedu Blay Ambolley brought some excitement to the concert with his style of rap.

Also present at the concert were the Deputy High Commissioner of South Africa, H.E Thapelo Madumane, who also received a citation of honour on behalf of Hugh Masekela’s family.

I Invested Over GH250,000 In Menzgold – Mzbel

Musician and presenter, Mzbel speaks on the Menzgold and NAM1 saga. According to her, Nana Appiah Mensah is never a scammer as many people purport. This is because whatever he did was very genuine. Moreover, he didn’t force people to invest with the company.

Furthermore, according to her, she invested over GHc 250,000 with the firm. However, she doesn’t regret the results of her investment. She stated that investing with Menzgold was a business plan she took. Furthermore, every business has risks. Therefore, she feels Menzgold is one business which went bad. However, she believes the government could have prevented all this mess if they had allowed the NAM 1 to still go about his business.

Mzbel further stated that she will be happy to have her cash back. However, she feels Nana Appiah Mensah cannot be blamed. This is because he couldn’t have done anything in his power to salvage the situation with the Menzgold saga. Also, the NPP government were hell burnt on shutting it down.

Mzbel concluded by stating that Nana Appiah Mensah is a very humble man who could have never done anything bad to hurt the people who had their investment with the company. She added that everybody, including the president and minister of tourism and creative arts, hailed him when he started embarking on projects which certainly proves he is not a bad person as many people want to paint him now.

2019 Norvikporgbe-Za Launched

The Chiefs and people of Kedzi in the Keta Municipality have launched this year’s Norvikporgbe-Za.

This year’s festival is under the theme “Harnessing local resources for socio-economic development.”

Norvikporgbe-Za is annual event which takes place around the Easter period.

It serves as both a harvest celebration and a homecoming for people who have left the community.

Speaking at the launch of the festival in Accra, the Dufia of Kedzi, Togbui Joachim Acolatse V

said the Kedzi community has several investment opportunities which can be harnessed by

investors both local and foreign.

He urged Ghanaians to invest in Kedzi especially the Keta sea port project expected to

be implemented by the Akufo-Addo led government.


“We the chiefs and people of Kedzi have a dream that will include harnessing our natural resources for our socio-economic development. We’re therefore calling on all stakeholders to join us make our dream come true.

We cordially invite you all to this year’s grand durbar of the chiefs and people during the Easter and especially on April 20 where you will have a feel of the hospitality of our people,” he said.

On her part, the Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, Elizabeth Afoley

Quaye said plans are far advanced for the construction of the sea port at the Keta municipality.

This according to her is because, President Akufo-Addo has already signed an executive

instrument to that effect.

“It is easy to know that setting up a port in Keta will reduce unemployment drastically and attract foreign investment into the area. The new port will also mean an increase in the harvesting of fish since there will be special landing site available. This means a boom in the fishing business and some can be exported outside the country.

Apart from that, with the discovery of oil, more exploration can be done and this will also be beneficial to the people.” She added.

Member of Parliament for Keta, Richard Quashigah, chiefs

and elders from the Kedzi community, stakeholders, residents and other dignitaries were there to grace the occasion.

Princess Shyngle Finally Tells The Truth Behind Her  ‘Tapoli’ Shape

Actress Princess Shyngle has finally let the cat out on how she got her tiny waist.

The actress has come under lots of backlashes and accusations over her extremely small waist.

Some people have been wondering and asking the actress how she got her ‘tapoli’ waist.

Initially, Shyngle revealed that exercise and waist incessant use of waist trainers have helped

her get her curvaceous body.

Also Read:

The actress however denied vehemently when some of her followers said she had undergone a

surgery to get her slim waist. But in her latest post on social media, it seems Princess is now

ready to face the criticisms that will come with she revealing the truth behind her hourglass

shape. According to the actress, she removed her small intestines and 5 ribs to get her ‘tapoli’ body.

Her post further indicates that she is going to remove perhaps all of her ribs as she aspires to have none at all.

Princess also added that her ‘haters’ may call her fake but she sees herself as an work of art.

“5 ribs removed 5 more to go small intestines removed remaining the big intestines gat to remove all these ribs ?? who ribs ep you call me fake I call myself a work of art “ she posted on Instagram after she shared a photo of herself.

See post below:

Daddy Lumba And Kojo Antwi Are Not Highlife Musicians – Ambolley

Ghanaian jazz and highlife musician, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley says he does not see fellow

musicians Daddy Lumba and Kojo Antwi as high life musicians.

According to the music legend, most of the songs churned out by the two legendary musicians

cannot be classified as highlife music.

He, therefore, described Daddy Lumba as a musician who sings over disco beats and Kojo Antwi, a reggae musician.

Gyedu Blay made the revelation during a discussion on highlife music and the way forward

on Atinka TV’s Entertainment City Show.

The station compiled a video of highlife musicians from the genesis of highlife till date,

which also included Daddy Lumba and Kojo Antwi.


But, Ambolley has a different opinion about Lumba and Kojo Antwi’s inclusion on the list.

“In reality, Daddy Lumba is not a highlife musician, but sings in Twi to disco beats and terms it highlife while Kojo Antwi is also just a reggae musician who also sings in Twi and terms it highlife,” Ambolley said.

“Highlife beats, rhythm and back-up musicians make the genre and, therefore, if we are going to import some beats and sing some songs in Twi and term it a highlife song, then we are spoiling our genre of music,” he added.

Ambolley’s revelation comes not long after both Lumba and Kojo Antwi have trended on social media in a quest to finding out which of them is a better musician.

Over the years, Ghanaians have boxed almost all of the country’s legendary musicians into the category of highlife musicians.

Ambolley’s latest revelation, however, perhaps calls for a need to re-look at who a real highlife musician is.

Pope Skinny Talks About His Music And His Followers

Ghanaian rapper, Pope Skinny talks about his social media followers. Moreover, he blames his followers on social media for his failure in the music industry.

According to him, his friend Shatta Wale garnered mass support through his facebook page and has since said that he can do without radio.

Furthermore, Skinny believes if his followers were doing same he would have been a big star in the music game considering how far he has come in the game.

However, his followers do not support his craft by sharing whatever that he posts online and that hurts him.

He mentioned that he will start deleting most of his followers because they are of no essence to his brand’s growth.

Sad News: Anokye Supremo aka Daddy Lumba Jr. Reportedly Dead In India

Rising Ghanaian musician Anokye Supremo, widely known as ‘Daddy Lumba Jnr’ has

reportedly passed away.

According to reports reaching, Anokye died in comma on 30th January 2019

in India after he had gone for a brain tumor surgery.

Supremo traveled to India few weeks ago to undergo a brain tumour surgery which was rendering him almost blind.


The surgery according to earlier reports went well although the budding musician had gone into a comma.

However, it seems his recovery did not go as planned hence this sad news.

The news was broken in a live video session of Kofi Adoma Nwawani’s Kofi TV by a friend of Anokye from India.

May his young soul rest in perfect peace.

Watch video below:

John Dumelo Pleads With Authorities To Legalize Marijuana In Ghana

Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo talks about marijuana. According to him, Ghana has to legalize marijuana

Moreover, according to Dumelo, marijuana has a lot of medical advantages which could benefit the country if legalised.

“When you go to some of the western countries, it [Marijuana] has been legalised for health purposes and we can also do same. If alcohol and cigarettes are legal in Ghana, why not marijuana”

Also, he stated that authorities can control the abuse of the drug. Furthermore, this is if they research to put up structures and measures to prevent the drug from being abused.

Also, he disclosed that Canada legalised marijuana in October 2018. Therefore, they put up measures to prevent people from abusing the drug.

The actor who is also an entrepreneur stated that the legalisation of marijuana will not increase crime rates and mental illness in the country but can be used for medicinal purposes.

“If you look at places like Holland, California and Colorado where the drug has been legalised crime rates are low”