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Doing English Songs An Advantage – Celestine Donkor

Gospel musician, Celestine Donkor talks about language in gospel music. Moreover, according to her doing English songs is an advantage to an artiste.

According to her, a Gospel musician who sings in English is most likely to go international than with the local language.

“Although it is good to sing in your local language, it is better to sing in English because a lot of people can understand what you are saying and appreciate you more” 

Furthermore, she stated that English is a common mode of communication in many countries. Therefore, a musician who sings in English is likely to get more gigs abroad

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She made tthese statements in an interview with Showbiz. According to her, she came to this realisation when she travelled to Kenya to promote her latest song, Bigger.

“Although a lot of people were in love with my songs, it was difficult for them to relate to them because they didn’t understand the language” 

Therefore, she plans to do more English songs to attract collaborations from other great musicians from outside Ghana.

“I have been to Nigeria, Kenya and USA promoting my new single Bigger and getting up close with my fans. The love I was shown was awesome” 

“I want my work to speak for itself. I don’t want to move from one radio station to the other telling Ghanaians what I’m doing but I want to allow my work to do the talking” 

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