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Don’t Get Married If You’re Poor — DKB

Ghanaian comedian, DKB speaks about marriages. Furthermore, he supports the assertion that men should not worry themselves getting married if they’re not rich.

Moreover, according to the comedian, he believes money can buy true love. Therefore, he cautioned poor men not to attempt getting married.

He made these statements when speaking in an interview with MzGee on Joy Prime. The comedian expressed that without cash, there is no future for a marriage.

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DKB about money and marriage

“No don’t get married. Don’t go and stress somebody’s daughter. Do you know a lot of the divorces money contributes like 85 or 90 per cent and petty issues.

“You think the rich men do not cheat and their wives do not know they are cheating? Even when their girlfriends are coming to look for them, their wives tell them because there is money. 

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