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Signs of Gambling Addiction [Infographic]

Most people who like to place bets occasionally would agree gambling is all about having fun. Then there are those who tread the dangerous path of gambling addiction, a serious condition that can destroy the lives of both the addict and those around them.

Casino Guardian is a leading source of news and information about the UK gambling industry. As such, the website also tackles the serious subject of gambling addiction via a detailed infographic that goes through the signs of this condition.

The purpose of the infographic is to shed light on how dangerous problem gambling can be and how to recognise the symptomatology of this compulsive behaviour. As a matter of fact, the inability to recognise the problem is one of the biggest hurdles in the addicted person’s path to recovery.

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The first signs of gambling addiction featured in the infographic illustrate the gradation of gambling addiction. If unattended to, this condition becomes more and more serious, leading to financial ruin, broken relationships, and a decline of one’s mental and even physical health.

Another important thing is to understand that problem gambling affects people’s brains in the same manner as all other addictions, including those to substances and alcohol. Yet, problem gambling is often more difficult to diagnose and identify because it is a “hidden” condition in a sense.

As becomes apparent from the infographic, behaviours such as constant bet increase, inability to overcome the urge to gamble, decreased job efficiency, loss of interest in other hobbies, borrowing money, stealing, and chasing losses are all symptomatic of compulsive gambling.

In the infographic, you will also notice that this condition can have significant negative effects on one’s mental and physical health. The only way to prevent the person from reaching this stage is to help them admit the problem and seek adequate treatment.

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