Abel Mutua Explains Why He’s Not Ready To Impregnate His Wife Nyawira Again

Kenyan film director and content creator Abel Mutua, also known as “Mkurugenzi,” has opened out about his terrifying experience in the delivery room during his wife Judy Nyawira’s labor.

Abel claims that because of this event, he and Judy have decided not to use the labor room again.

During his wife’s delivery, Abel Mutua talked about the emotional rollercoaster he went through in a discussion on Judy Nyawira’s YouTube channel.

Abel recalled the tough moments and how he felt completely helpless seeing his wife in such agonizing anguish.

With a laugh, he related an incident that left him severely damaged, in which he took comfort in gripping the maternity bed’s bars.

Even after all these years, he can still feel the energy from that day.

“It left me scarred. I hate the feeling of being helpless, seeing you in pain, and knowing I can’t help kills me. It was at that point I consciously decided to never get us back in that room. People told me ‘It’s always like that but after 1 or two years you will be back”. But it has been 14 years,” he said.

Abel Mutua also reflected on the unusual path he and Judy took when they became parents at a comparatively young age.

Giving up their carefree youth to raise Stephanie Mumbua ‘Mumbus’ while they were in their early twenties meant becoming parents.

Abel Mutua says, “Journalism wouldn’t have taken me anywhere.”

Award-winning scriptwriter, film director, and actor Abel Mutua recently shared the amusing series of events that led him to pursue film production, ultimately establishing himself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Playfully, Abel decided to apply for multiple courses, even technical ones, out of fear that applying for just one might result in missing out. Ironically, he was admitted to an engineering course, which he promptly rejected.

“I told my mom a white lie! Let’s join the military! This can’t be, physics? Never, that wouldn’t work. Never,” recounted the renowned movie producer as he reflected on his earlier years.

Abel continued to describe how stressed he was, unable to envision himself in an engineering course, especially since he hadn’t studied Physics in high school and had scored a D in mathematics in his KCSE.

“I was stranded, so I went to the Head of Department to plead my case. I had honestly come here to study broadcast because I wanted to be on screen reading news and all that.”

“The Head of Department said the course is full unless you want to forfeit this chance and try your luck next year,” he shared on the CTA podcast.

The father of one added that fortunately, luck was on his side. Interestingly, he encountered a guy facing a similar situation, which ended up altering the entire course of his life.

“Soon after, my case caught the attention of a guy named Roy, who was in the same predicament as me. He was a brilliant mind but had been admitted to study film production, although he truly wanted to be an engineer.

Roy and I met, and he explained that he had been admitted to film even though he desired engineering. We decided to attend each other’s classes for the rest of the day and see how it goes. Later, we approached the Head of Department, and they agreed to switch us up,” recounted Abel, also a digital content creator.

Reflecting on his amusing campus days, Abel noted that looking back, it was all part of God’s plan.

“All this time, I was frustrated about not studying journalism, but it turns out God was looking out for me,” animatedly narrated the father of one.

He expressed gratitude that things unfolded as they did, as journalism would not have been the right path for him, hindering his progress in life.

“God was rescuing me from trouble because journalism wouldn’t have taken me anywhere. Nothing!

I am a cinema person; I grew up with Van Damme and Chuck Norris. I am a creative! Now, why would I go to broadcast and pick up news?” Abel Mutua shared.

Concluding his story, he wholeheartedly thanked God and Roy for being in the right place at the right time.

“All of this happened in one day. In the morning, I attended a Physics class, went to the Head of Department at 10 am, and met Roy at lunchtime. If Roy hadn’t been around that day, I wouldn’t have gone to KIMC. If he had lost hope and thought, since I missed engineering, there’s no use in going to class, it would have ended that way for me,” expressed Abel animatedly.

Abel Mutua Enrolls Daughter In Lavish Secondary School

Excitement reigns supreme in the Mutua household! Comedian Abel Mutua and his wife, Judy Nyawira, are beaming with pride as their daughter, Mumbus, embarks on the next chapter of her academic journey in prestigious secondary school.

While Mumbus’ 2023 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) results remain under wraps, the joyous news of her acceptance broke on TikTok, courtesy of a heartwarming picture posted by Abel.

The viral photo captures the essence of pure family pride. Mumbus, radiantly decked out in her new school uniform, stands alongside her beaming parents and uncle Lukubaridi. The genuine happiness radiating from the family paints a perfect picture of this momentous occasion.

Naturally, social media went abuzz, with fans eagerly speculating on Mumbus’ new academic playground. The school uniform’s distinctive features led many to point towards a branch of the renowned Nova Pioneer Education Group in Kenya.

Nova Pioneer, a Pan-African network of independent schools catering to students aged 3 to 19, boasts a commendable track record, offering high-quality education from preschool to secondary level. Having established its first Kenyan school in 2015, the Group now operates seven institutions across the country, each promising excellence in education.

Nova Pioneer schools are known for their commitment to academic rigor and holistic development, which certainly aligns with the aspirations any parent would hold for their child. Could Nova Pioneer Tatu City Girls School, with its annual fee of Sh678,150, or Nova Pioneer Eldoret Girls School, at Sh526,200 per year, be Mumbus’ new learning haven?

While an official confirmation from the Mutuas is yet to arrive, fans are already showering Mumbus with virtual congratulations and well wishes, eager to see her flourish in her new academic environment. The excitement is palpable, and one thing is clear: Abel and Judy’s parental pride shines bright, a testament to the love and support they shower upon their daughter.

Was it because of this Abel Mutua comment that Njugush sold his Sh3.9 million Prado?

Comedian Njugush appears to have responded playfully to filmmaker Abel Mutua’s recent banter about his car, sparking reports that Njugush has put his Toyota Prado TX up for sale.

The banter initiated when Abel Mutua humorously referred to Njugush’s car as a ‘wardrobe’ in a video that quickly went viral.

In the video, Abel Mutua jokingly remarked, “The guy you see here is Timothy Kimani Ndegwa driving his clean wall unit, being followed by a machine… a cabinet follows the machine – a Range Rover Evoque driven by his wife.”

This lighthearted exchange seemingly prompted Njugush to list his car for sale.

A Twitter user with the handle @Mickey0T, known as Petrolhead, shared the news on social media, stating, “Abel Mutua and others teased Njugush until he decided to release the TX.”

According to the details provided, the car is a 2014 Toyota Prado with a 2700cc engine featuring a sunroof and 7 leather seats.

The asking price for Njugush’s well-maintained unit is Sh3.9 million, as revealed by Petrolhead in his tweet.

This isn’t the first time that Abel has poked fun at Njugush. In May last year, Abel acquired a new Land Rover Discovery 4, bidding farewell to his beloved Mercedes Benz E250 after five years of ownership.

While picking up his new car, Mutua playfully asserted that his latest ride surpassed Njugush’s Toyota Prado.

“Timothy Kimani Ndegwa do not talk to me. In case you need to say something, write an email, and we will respond in three to five business days. Kimani, it is over for you,” teased Abel.

Earlier, Mutua had announced on social media that he was parting ways with his Benz, posting a heartfelt message and a video showing the cherished car being loaded onto a truck.

In the caption, he expressed gratitude for the unforgettable memories and experiences he had shared with the vehicle over the years.

He affectionately nicknamed the car Miss GT (God’s Time).

Abel Mutua’s brother reveals more details about their youngest brother’s suicide

Since Abel Mutua revealed the passing of his youngest brother Raphael—a football star who was renowned by those who knew him—controversy after controversy has swirled.

Abel did not disclose the reason for his baby brother’s death when he announced the premature death of the 23-year-old. He continued by saying that the young man had a stopwatch in his pocket that was programmed to go off at the moment when he was supposed to have got up and stopped things, and that was why he was asked to go retrieve his brother’s lifeless body.
He did not, however, disclose the cause of their brother’s death in the original report.

However, Jesse, their other brother—younger than Abel but older than Rapho—took to social media to disclose that their brother had committed suicide.

Jesse (also known as Luku Baridi) hinted that Raphael had tragically committed suicide in a post honoring his brother.

Jesse posted a photo of a beaming Raph posing for a picture at the edge of a football field. captioning the image, an agonizing In a long passage, Jesse seemed to be criticizing his younger brother for giving up on life when things were becoming good.

Jesse chastised Raph for causing his own death in a heartbreaking, tearful post, and he begged his brother to swear that in the next life, he will not only be better than he was, but also do better.

“My friend and brother,It was a pleasure I must say…

We have had very many memories both good and bad
Infact kidogo Abeli na philo wakufanye ukue mtu wa arsenali,nikakuita kando Nikakushow hao majamaa hata vikombe hawanaga,na tukakubaliana tunacheza na Manchester United, n you followed me to the latter atleast umeona tukibeba premier league na UEFA,ungefuata Abel ungetii…

Whenever u fucked up as well, since u never experienced motherly love,while the rest of the family members were all married…I was the one who was tasked with all responsibilities as your big bro since we used to live together at the time, na pia Ukileta upuzi nilikua naamua tunakula Ugali na Kamande mpaka nione umekaa vile inafaa Ndo now I get to introduce ka Nyama mahali..na ilisaidia to some extent cz mathe was worse..hyo alikua anafungua mlango na flying kick akitafta makosa…Bahati mbaya apate tu vumbi kidogo kwa ceiling hyo siku tutafraaahia

The day I received those devastating news of your departure,and was tasked to come wth policemen to collect your lifeless body,I couldn’t help buh remember that frst day I received you as a new born baby..what we’ve gone thru in life Al the plans we had kwanza Ile inanikatsia ni vile ilikua ATI umalize shule tuwekelee diploma ya survey juu ya fridge cz hutambui hyo course alafu sasa tuanze kutafta akina producer Eric Musyoka cz u were big on music as well na nkakushow hao watu wote tunajua ata ukitaka king kaka tutamtafta aku guide,ata khaligraph Ako speed dial and I couldn’t believe Al those plans have gone down the drain..ata ningejua utasonga at this age tungeanza hyo mziki vile nlikuchukua pale masaba hospital vile ulizaliwa..ukijifunza kuongea unajifunza pia guitar concurrently atleast ukue ume accomplish your dreams..apo nlikuangusha..

That Journey from Nairobi to Katangi where u were seemed like a flight from Tanzania to Australia..it was horrible and I kept asking myself what if we’d hv agreed on one or two items,would it hv atleast procrastinated this pre mature ceremony frm being held on Friday..Only God knows!!

Let’s meet on Friday nxt week…
Yours truly!

Abel Mutua Promises To Set the Record Straight After Brother’s Passing

Actor and content creator Abel Mutua has addressed rumors circulating online following the death of his younger brother, Raphael Mbuvi Musyoka (Rapho). While respecting his family’s privacy during this difficult time, he assured the public that he will set the record straight after the burial.

In a heartfelt message to his followers, Mutua acknowledged the outpouring of love and support they’ve received. He emphasized that many close to the family are aware of the true circumstances surrounding Rapho’s illness and passing.

“Thank you so much Wakurugenzi for the love that you’re sending our way,” he wrote. “A good number of you know the truth and you have stood with us since my brother became ill.”

Opting not to directly address the rumored details at this sensitive time, Mutua expressed his commitment to sharing Rapho’s story in a proper way once the mourning period has concluded. He believes that by sharing their experience, they can potentially help others facing similar challenges.

“I’ll tell Rapho’s story because I know it’ll save someone and his death won’t be in vain. See you after the burial,” he concluded.

This version honors the family’s grief while offering transparency about Mutua’s intention to shed light on the situation with respect and sensitivity in the future. It avoids speculation and focuses on the outpouring of support and the promise of a future tribute to Rapho’s memory.

Abel Mutua’s Brother Breaks Silence on Younger Brother’s Death: “I Admitted, It Was Not Violence, But Love.”

Following online accusations of assaulting his late brother, Rapho, Abel Mutua’s elder brother, Jesse Mwethuku (LukuBaridi), finally speaks out. In a candid Instagram statement, Jesse lays bare his side of the story, admitting to resorting to “physical discipline” but asserting its intent as corrective, not violent.

The admission echoes through the statement, a painful refrain alongside memories of a troubled brother. Jesse recounts the first incident in 2020, triggered by Rapho’s aggression towards their father during a drug-fueled episode. He explains their shared living situation, Rapho’s struggles with depression, and his own attempts to help him seek treatment.

Jesse paints a vivid picture of a brother lost in the maze of addiction and mental illness. He describes finding Rapho “sleeping with black stanaz,” his father’s distressful call after a physical altercation, and the constant fear of a phone call signaling Rapho’s descent.

But amidst the darkness, Jesse shines a light on his love for his brother. “Did I do it out of anger? No, I was trying to rekebisha kosa,” he asserts. He acknowledges making mistakes, vowing to help Rapho only when he sought rehab.

The news of Rapho’s death at 23 casts a heavy shadow over Jesse’s confession. While the family remains tight-lipped about the cause, Abel has promised to share Rapho’s story to help others. Jesse concludes, “R.I.P Rapho… I’m saddened that I had to clarify my actions at such a time.”

Abel Mutua Mourns the Loss of a Younger Brother

Actor and screenwriter Abel Mutua is grieving the tragic death of a young man who held a special place in his heart. The news, while shared vaguely on his Instagram, reveals a profound sense of loss and unfulfilled efforts to help.

Mutua, known to many as Mkurugenzi, posted a photo of a police vehicle at a rural petrol station alongside a heartbreaking message. The image serves as a stark reminder of the finality of death, while the caption speaks volumes about the emotional impact of the loss.

“In this truck lies the lifeless body of a once vibrant young man whose life has been tragically cut short at the tender age of 23,” he wrote, the raw emotion palpable in his words.

He concludes his message with a bittersweet sentiment: “Rest in Peace my brother. We tried our best but I guess our best wasn’t good enough. Round 2 Brathe. ️️️,” implying their shared dream of overcoming whatever challenge the young man faced.

While Mutua refrained from disclosing the name or cause of death, comments under his post suggest the deceased may have been his younger brother. This adds another layer of grief to the situation, highlighting the unique pain of losing a sibling.

Mutua’s followers have offered messages of support and condolences, sharing their own experiences with loss and expressing their sympathy for the actor and his family during this difficult time.

Abel Mutua’s grief is a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing our loved ones. While the details surrounding the young man’s death remain unshared, the raw emotion expressed in Mutua’s message provides a glimpse into the profound impact of this loss.


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Veteran Actor Abel Mutua Celebrates Daughter’s Academic Success & Anticipates New Chapter

Veteran actor and filmmaker Abel Mutua has revealed exciting details about his daughter Stephanie’s academic achievement and upcoming transition to boarding school. In a recent interview, Abel expressed his immense joy and pride in Mumbus’ success in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams.

Mumbus’ exceptional performance has earned her a place at a prestigious boarding school, which she will begin attending in January 2024. Reflecting on this milestone, Abel shared his bittersweet emotions, acknowledging the celebratory atmosphere while subtly hinting at the challenges of an empty nest.

“Judy cannot wait,” Abel humorously remarked, referencing his wife’s eagerness for Mumbus’ new chapter. “Afadhali mimi nilikuwa 24, she was 23 then we got her,” he said, reminiscing about the early days of parenthood and playfully anticipating the potential adjustments of a quieter home.

News of Mumbus’ success reached the public in November, when Abel and Judy proudly congratulated their daughter via social media. While they chose not to disclose her specific marks, their heartfelt messages conveyed their immense pride and support.

Following the announcement, some individuals expressed curiosity about Mumbus’ exact scores. In response, Abel addressed the public interest with humor and wit. He playfully acknowledged Mumbus’ status as an internet sensation and suggested that those eager for details could seek them directly from her. He hinted that further information might be revealed soon, adding to the anticipation surrounding Mumbus’ exciting journey ahead.

As Mumbus embarks on this new chapter in her educational journey, Abel and Judy continue to celebrate her accomplishments and offer their unwavering support. Their story serves as an inspiration to parents and children alike, demonstrating the power of dedication, hard work, and a loving family environment in achieving one’s full potential.

Abel Mutua’s cheeky message to his wife

A day after commemorating their 15 years of marriage, Abel Mutua is enjoying his wife’s birthday. He boasted on social media about how young she appeared.

“Baby!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 See who is not young any more. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hivyo ndio Umeondokea youth! Sasa Wewe ni Mwanamke mwenye umri wa makamo. 🤣🤣🤣🤣,” he joked.

Adding, “But you’re aging so well Baby. Wewe Hata ukishonewa uniform ya brown Ngiriambu Girls wanakuchukua intake next. Happy Birthday Mama Mumbus. I Love you!!! 😜.”

Announcing their anniversary, the pair posted a united photo to Instagram.

“15 years later. God has been so good to us.”

Abel Mutua Celebrates Wife’s Birthday With Sweet Message

Kenyan comedian Abel Mutua took to social media to celebrate his wife’s birthday, just one day after the couple marked their 15th wedding anniversary. In a lighthearted and playful post, Mutua playfully teased his wife about her youthful appearance, despite their years of togetherness.

“Baby!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 See who is not young anymore. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hivyo ndio Umeondokea youth! Sasa Wewe ni Mwanamke mwenye umri wa makamo. 🤣🤣🤣🤣,” he joked.

Mutua continued to praise his wife’s timeless beauty, even suggesting that she could still pass as a high school student. “But you’re aging so well, Baby. Wewe Hata ukishonewa uniform ya brown Ngiriambu Girls wanakuchukua intake next. Happy Birthday Mama Mumbus. I Love you!!! 😜,” he wrote.

In a separate joint Instagram post, the couple shared a heartwarming message to commemorate their 15th anniversary. “15 years later. God has been so good to us,” they captioned the post.

Earlier this year, Judy Mutua opened up about her experience getting pregnant while studying at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC). She revealed to Oga Obinna in an interview that she knew she was pregnant before experiencing any traditional symptoms.

“A week before we closed school, I had started to feel strange. I felt that my body was not normal. I started to feel that there was something here. The morning sickness had not yet started,” Judy explained.

She further described how her intuition guided her to the realization of her pregnancy. “Two weeks after I got home I started to feel bad. I saw there is something here, there must be something here. There was no morning sickness yet but I was already starting to feel something.”

Judy’s story highlights the unique bond between a mother and her unborn child, even before the mother is fully aware of the pregnancy. Her intuition and maternal instincts played a significant role in recognizing the subtle changes within her body.

As Abel and Judy Mutua celebrate their love and milestones, their story serves as an inspiration to couples everywhere. Their 15-year journey together demonstrates the power of commitment, understanding, and the enduring love that can blossom between two souls.

Abel Mutua Celebrates Daughter Graduation

Renowned scriptwriter and actor Abel Mutua, is beaming with pride over his daughter Mumbus’s accomplishment of completing her class 8 examination and graduating with honors. Overwhelmed with joy, Mutua took to social media to celebrate his daughter and express his immense pride as a father.

Mutua reminisced about the past, revealing that his wife Judy Nyawira graduated from college while wearing a maternity dress, showcasing her dedication to education even amidst the challenges of motherhood. Mutua’s heartfelt message read, “Aaaaand it’s done!!!! So proud of you Mumbus. First one in our house to wear a graduation hat. Mama yako hapa aligraduate na dress ya maternity. So proud baby! ❤️”

Upon seeing the post, Mutua’s wife Judy Nyawira couldn’t contain her excitement and penned a message on her Instagram page, stating, “We have graduated! It’s now official, mono incoming! 🥳🥳🥳”.

Mutua’s family friends and colleagues, including Njugush and Director Phillip Karanja, also joined in congratulating Mumbus on her remarkable achievement. Phillip Karanja wrote, “Kabisaaaaa 👏🏾👏🏾🔥🔥🔥 Congratulations Mumbus, we are so proud of you 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿”.

Njugush playfully remarked that Mumbus inherited all her exceptional qualities from her mother, Judy Nyawira. He jokingly stated, “Njugush Wow Mungu hupanga mambo yake ..She got everything From Mommy…best believe. ni mapua tu ya Daddy….Aaaaw well into the Champ…..huyu sasa ni kesho aanze ati ako attacho smh”.

Mumbus’s graduation marks a significant milestone in her academic journey and fills her parents with immense pride. Her dedication to her studies serves as an inspiration to others, demonstrating that even with challenges, success is attainable through hard work and perseverance.

Abel Mutua angered by Netflix millions story

Abel Mutua has criticized Nation Media for publishing a report that allegedly disclosed earnings from their next Netflix production. According to the report, Abel Mutua and Phil Karanja, the director of their 2020 film, stand to make a sizable profit of at least $60,000 (Sh8.8 million).

Nation asserts that the information for the story’s numbers came from an interview with seasoned producer Rueben Odanga, who reportedly validated them. They claim that Odanga disclosed the amount he received from one of his successful businesses, Nafsi, which is believed to be the same sum the director of Phill will receive.

They go on to state that the comedian Abel Mutua revealed that they made a 2 million profit following the movie’s 2020 debut despite having invested 7 million.

“We used Sh7m for everything, from pre-production to marketing. It was successful because the returns are almost at a million dollars. We value it because the majority of movies aren’t profitable.”

The assertion that Abel is alleged to have made is this. In a surprising turn of events, it appears that Abel has read the article and is not pleased with what was written.
Abel showed his dissatisfaction by requesting The Nation Media to remove the news in a post on his Instagram stories.

 “@ntvkenya this is so low of you. Where did you get these figures from? Who has even talked to you about anything? Style up manze. You of all people should know better. Take down this nonsense please.”

Abel Mutua and Phil Karanja get the 8 million shilling bag from Netflix!

Abel Mutua, an actor and screenwriter, and Phillip ‘Phil’ Karanja, a director and actor, are in line to make a sizeable profit of at least $60,000 (Sh8.8 million) from the sale of their 2020 film, “Click Click Bang,” to Netflix, the well-known American video-on-demand streaming service. The Netflix contract is a big win for the filmmakers because it means their film will be rebroadcast on the streaming platform.

Reuben Odanga, a seasoned film producer best known for his blockbuster films “Selina,” “Nira,” “Nuru,” “Kiu,” and “Saida,” verified the sizable payment from Netflix.
In a recent interview, Odanga, who also had his film “Nafsi” selected by Netflix in 2021, delivered the wonderful news.

Abel Mutua, an actor and screenwriter, and Phillip ‘Phil’ Karanja, a director and actor, are in line to make a sizeable profit of at least $60,000 (Sh8.8 million) from the sale of their 2020 film, “Click Click Bang,” to Netflix, the well-known American video-on-demand streaming service.

The Netflix contract is a big win for the filmmakers because it means their film will be rebroadcast on the streaming platform. Reuben Odanga, a seasoned film producer best known for his blockbuster films “Selina,” “Nira,” “Nuru,” “Kiu,” and “Saida,” verified the sizable payment from Netflix.

In a recent interview, Odanga, who also had his film “Nafsi” selected by Netflix in 2021, delivered the wonderful news. After leaving the hit television program “Tahidi High,” Abel and Phil teamed up to start their own production firm, Phil-It Productions.

The humorous series “The Real Househelps of Kawangware” was one of their first works under Phil-It, and it launched the careers of comedians Timothy “Njugush” Kimani and Steven “DJ Shiti” Oduor. It was a joint effort with Protel Studios, who held the intellectual property rights, according to Phil Karanja. They were primarily responsible for casting, directing, and other creative parts of the production.

The “Sue Na Johnnie” series, which Phil-It developed as its first independent movie in 2016, was later acquired by Showmax in 2017.
The popularity of “Sue Na Johnnie” provided Abel Mutua and Phil Karanja with further possibilities, paving the road for their future success in the entertainment business.

Abel Mutua laughs at news of Phil Karanja getting dumped

The recent split between Kate Actress and Phillip Karanja, two of Abel Mutua’s closest friends, has been given a humorous spin.
On Wednesday, September 20, 2023, Mutua created his own humorous statement by mocking the couple’s amicable breakup.

Abel Mutua announced in his tongue-in-cheek statement that he would no longer be friends with Mr. Karanja because of their “vehicular differences.”
Mutua made a humorous fun at Phillip Karanja’s choice of vehicle by drawing inspiration from the couple’s joint statement.

“JOINT STATEMENT Mkuru & Director Phil. Nairobi 20 September 2023 ‘We have come to the conclusion that going our separate ways is best for both of us. This is due to our vehicular differences. Associating with a BMW owner has taken a toll on me and we wish that you please respect our decision. Signed Mkuru and Phil,”.

Since then, the message has drawn responses from Kate Actress and Philip, a previous couple.
Kate joked back in a lighthearted manner, stating,

“Nugu wewe,”

In a lighthearted attitude, Director Phil continued,

“Mtu BladiFakin sana😂😂😂😂.”

Intriguing method Judy Nyawira and Abel Mutua taught their daughter about adult subjects

The soul and heart of Abel Mutua Stephanie Mumbua’s parents discussed the bizarre subject of physical intimacy with her, Judy Nyawira has disclosed.

Judy and her husband, who have some extremely unconventional beliefs, claimed that they had chosen to gradually teach difficult subjects starting at a young age of 6 or so.

“We started having adult conversations with Mumbu at a young age as if she was an adult. But even then we have had to know what type of such conversation to have with her at every stage as she grows.

When she was around six, she became so curious because she could see the pads and pods. At that age, she wouldn’t be able to understand what those resources are for. Nonetheless, I would tell her what they are actually called and that they are used by older girls like her mom and that when she grows up she would be able to use them,”

The same approach was taken while discussing one’s genitalia, according to Judy, who claimed they didn’t hesitate to describe such body parts.

“Unlike how most of our parents did with us when we were young, nicknaming private parts, for us to Mumbu we actually told her what they are called. If it’s a v@gina that’s what we told her it’s called not ‘susu’ or these other names.”

So the couple and their daughter who is now 13 are very comfortable with conversations that most parents would rather avoid.

The other day I heard her call it ‘couchy.’ Apparently, it’s a name to refer to vagina, that I learned from her,”

The marriage of Abel and Judy does not adhere to many of the tried-and-true guidelines that earlier models might have.

As an illustration, consider Abel’s statement that his wife is free to leave him if she decides that doing so is in her best interests.

The couple spoke on the Joyride podcast earlier this year, where the filmmaker revealed that he and his wife had a talk and decided that in the event that he were the first to pass away, his wife Judy should feel free to move on with another guy anytime she wishes.

Abel Mutua’s wife discusses her unplanned pregnancy while she was in school

Judy Nyawira, the wife of renowned Kenyan actor and filmmaker Abel Mutua, has opened up about her unplanned pregnancy while she was studying at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) more than a decade ago.

In a candid conversation with broadcaster Oga Obinna, Judy said she got pregnant in her third year of college, and gave birth to their only child, Stephanie Mumbua.

Judy said she first suspected she was pregnant two weeks after she returned home from school for the holidays. She was feeling strange and had a gut feeling that something was wrong.

She confided in Abel, who was supportive and offered to be with her when she took a pregnancy test. The test confirmed that she was pregnant.

Judy said she was initially overwhelmed by the news, but she and Abel decided to keep the pregnancy and raise the child together.

Judy said it was a difficult decision, but she was determined to finish her studies. She gave birth to Stephanie two weeks before her final exams, and her mother-in-law helped to take care of the baby while she studied.

Judy said she is grateful that she was able to achieve her academic goals, and she is proud of the mother she has become.

She said she hopes her story will inspire other young women who are facing unplanned pregnancies.

“I want to tell young women that it is possible to have a child and still achieve your dreams,” she said. “It won’t be easy, but it is possible.”

Judy’s story is a reminder that unplanned pregnancies can happen to anyone, regardless of their circumstances. However, it is important to remember that there are options available, and that you are not alone. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, please reach out to a trusted friend or family member, or contact a pregnancy resource center for support.

Abel Mutua’s wife reveals the fact she runs away from his relatives

Judy Nyawira, the wife of comedian and screenwriter Abel Mutua, claims she makes every effort to maintain a distance from her in-laws.

When asked why, Nyawira explains that she kept a distance with her in-laws after getting married because of a bad event in the past.

Nyawira claims that after her father passed away in 2002, her mother’s in-laws turned against her, kicking them out of their marital house and taking his father’s money.

When her father passed away, he had not yet created a will, according to Judy, who described her mother as a loving housewife who planned out her father’s life.

“Everything they had built with my dad was in his name. So when the in-laws decided to do whatever they did, she had no means to claim.”

Her mother was forced to work as a cleaner at a nearby market where she was paid Sh200 a day after they tragically lost everything.

Judy claims that her motivation to work hard came from witnessing her mother being disparaged and left at the whim of others.

“I would accompany mom to the market where we would sweep for as low as Sh200. Starting from scratch was hard.

Our breakthrough came when mom got a job in Karatina town. I was in High School at that time and life gradually changed for the better. Mom could now afford to escort me to a supermarket and buy me biscuits, blue band, and other goodies plus give me Sh500 pocket money before I left for school.”

The incident from her youth has stayed with Nyawira to this day, and despite having a friendly relationship with her in-laws, she says she is well aware that anything might happen.

“Of course I have in-laws but if there is something I strive to do is stay away from my in-laws. We have a very cordial relationship but I always try to keep a distance and it’s because of what I saw my mum go through with her in-laws.”

Nine years into her marriage, Nyawira and her spouse have a 12-year-old daughter named Stephanie Mumbua.

Abel Mutua claims he is a success only due to his wife, Judy Nyawira

The secret to Abel Mutua’s success, according to the well-known actor and director, is none other than his wife of 7 years, Judy Nyawira.

Abel expressed his sincere gratitude for his wife’s steadfast support and leadership during their journey together in an interview with Lynn Ngugi.

Abel Mutua cited Judy as the inspiration for his successes and emphasized that she played a crucial role in shaping him into the person he is today.

Judy has consistently been the fuel that propels him to excellence, he said, reflecting on their journey together, which began in 2008 when they first met.

“Judy gives me the energy to reach new heights. And she hasn’t just started becoming that person today; we first met her in 2008. Every circumstance we have encountered has served as motivation for me to work even harder. I appreciate her. I keep telling her that I wouldn’t have accomplished anything without her,” Mutua remarked.

The actor went on to say that Judy’s unwavering support and presence kept him on course by serving as a constant reminder that life is not supposed to be simple.

He thanked her for supporting him at all times, encouraging him, and pushing him to achieve more. Abel acknowledged that without her, he would have felt lost and aimless.

“I would be useless without my wife, I would be very useless. Just thinking about it gives me the chills. She has made sure that I’m always on course, anytime I feel like it… she is there to remind me that it’s not meant to be easy. She is always like, ‘Are you broke? I will hold you down’,”

Abel Mutua’s devotion for his wife knows no bounds, and he claimed that because of her profoundly good influence on his life, he would be willing to make sacrifices for her.

He recognized that he might have given up on life and given in to difficulties if it weren’t for her undying faith in him and her constant encouragement.

“I will die for this woman any day because I know where I would have been without her. Without her, I would have no sense of direction at all. I was grounded because I had someone in the house cheering me on, regardless of what I was doing. As long as she saw the potential, she was there to cheer me up and assure me that whatever happens, we are in it 100%,”

Abel Mutua calls out Government intent to double tax content creators

Abel Mutua, a writer and content producer, maintains that taxes on the earnings from creative activity should be avoided because they would amount to double taxation.

The 36-year-old claims that since content creators already pay taxes in some form or another, it doesn’t seem fair to take what is left of their income.

“What people don’t know is the fact that before we get our money from YouTube, YouTube has already taken 45 per cent. So because I am earning quite a bit from YouTube does that mean you double tax me? That’s the problem there.

I don’t see any content creator who is not being taxed. If they are getting their money from YouTube already 45 per cent has been taken away. If they are getting they money from endorsements from the corporate, I am sure they are paying withholding tax there. So why double tax them that’s the problem.”

In opposition to the new Finance Act’s provisions requiring content creators to pay tax, Mutua claimed that a lot of the discussion surrounding those provisions is based on ignorance.

Abel Mutua Sends Message To Fans After Winning Prestigious Award

Talented actor and Script writer Abel Mutua has penned a message of appreciation to his fans after scooping two awards in Nigeria. Mutua and his PhilIt Production team won the awards for Best Movie East Africa and Best Indigenous Language Movie (Swahili) through their movie Click Click Bang. The movie was directed by Phil Karanja and scripted by Abel Mutua A thankful Mutua expressed his gratitude towards their fans for always supporting their hustle.

“Yooooo!! We can’t keep calm. We Scooped 2 out of the 3 nominations at the #AMVCA2023. Extremely elated guys. Just the other day when we asked you whether we should venture into movies and you guys threatened us if we didn’t,”

See God!! Barikiweni sana Guys. You push us to be great. To the entire Cast and Crew. Only God can put together such a formidable team. You guys are God sent!!! Keep winning manze.

“To the investors who invested in us, this win is for you. Thank you for believing in us. Special shout out tu @agasi2 for collecting the awards on our behalf. You’re officially part of our family now. O ṣeun pupọ. Anyone else who made Click Click Bang a success, may your light keep shining forever. Shukran sana,”.

Mutua is one of the best when it comes to the film industry. And he’s making it big with a minimum of fuss.

Andrew Kibe flames Abel Mutua’s diss to him

Abel Mutua has been on a winning streak of late and he even upgraded his vehicle from a Mercedes Benz to a Range Rover Discovery and while on his winning streak, he decided to diss Andrew Kibe so as not to lose his heat.

But Andrew Kibe ni nani? He has now come back and completely cooked Abel with his hilarious response and we love to see this exchange because it has forced both to be creative and we are truly entertained:


Check Out Abel Mutua’s New Multi-Million Ride

Kenyan actor, writer, and producer Abel Mutua has replaced his Mercedes Benz E250 after owning if for over 5 years.

The film producer recently acquired a new Land Rover Discovery 4.

The multi-talented entertainer, known for creative works on TV and digital platforms, celebrated this new toy with his friends Timothy Kimani alias Njugush and Eddie Butita.

Mutua Shows Off New Car, Shades Njugush’s Prado

In a post on Instagram, Mutua shared a photo of himself posing next to the new car, which he said was “much better” than Njugush’s Toyota Prado.

Mutua’s post comes a few weeks after he announced that he was getting rid of his old Mercedes Benz E250. In a heartfelt post on social media, Mutua thanked the car for the “unforgettable memories” it had given him over the years. He also said that he had nicknamed the car “Miss GT” (God’s Time).

Mutua’s Mercedes Benz E250 was a symbol of his success and hard work in the entertainment industry. Over the years, he has established himself as one of Kenya’s most beloved actors and has gained a considerable following. His new Range Rover Sport is a testament to his continued success and is sure to turn heads wherever he goes.

In his post, Mutua also took a jab at his fellow comedian Njugush, who owns a Toyota Prado. Mutua said that his new Range Rover Sport was “much better” than Njugush’s Prado and that he was “finally moving up in the world.”

Njugush has yet to respond to Mutua’s post. However, it is sure to spark a debate among Kenyans about who has the better car.

Mutua’s new car is a significant upgrade from his old Mercedes Benz E250. It is a more powerful, luxurious, and capable vehicle that is sure to turn heads wherever he goes. It is also a testament to his continued success and is sure to fuel the debate about who has the better car between him and Njugush.

Abel Mutua Responds To Andrew Kibe After He Criticized His Film

Award-winning film producer Abel Mutua has clapped back at former radio host Andrew Kibe after the YouTuber trashed his film Click Click Bang.

In a video posted on his social media, Mutua said that he does not appreciate bad vibes and negativity. He then went on to explain the meaning of the acronym FQIS, which stands for Fuel Quantity Indicating System. He then jokingly told Kibe to “F ‘Kiss’ my behind”.

Mutua’s fans were quick to applaud him for his classy response. They also praised him for the interesting wordplay at the end of his statement.

Mutua also revealed that the expenses put into the making and distribution of Click Click Bang amounted to Sh7 million. This means that the film has made a profit of almost Sh2 million.

Mutua said that he is happy that the investment injected in Click Click Bang has yielded fruits. He also thanked his fans for their support.

Abel Mutua Claims Working With His Wife Is A ‘Blessing’

Film producer and content creator Abel Mutua is delighted to be working with his wife Judy on his producing job.

The thespian has been working with his wife in his film production for a while; and they end up sharing their pay-out equally.

In fact, Mutua claims she trusts her wife with the returns more than anyone else.

Mutua recently celebrated his wife Judy on Mother’s day, gushing over how young she looks despite being a mother.

He wrote;

“Sasa how do you wish this one a Happy Mother’s Day? This one who looks like she is on her way to a form 2 class in Komothai Girls. Why do you look 15? Now people are out here looking at me like I’m a cradle snatcher. Ah wee Wacha bana. Ambia mtoto wako Akuwish. Wacha Mimi niwish Mama yangu.”

Mutua is among the few thespians who work with their wives in the creative industry without any hassle.

One and Done! Mkuru Abel Mutua confirms no more babies for him with & wife

Abel Mutua is sure that he is done having children and so is his wife, Judy Nyawira who is the mother of their 12 year old daughter.

As revealed earlier by Judy Nyawira, for sure they will not be having another kid now or future following personal reasons between her and husband, Abel Mutua.

Abel Mutua with buddy, Njugush

However for some reason this doesn’t sound so good to their fans who keep questioning why they’d choose to have one child – yet they’re young and clearly have good genes that is judging from how adorable their daughter is.

Mkurugenzi tells off womb watchers

Anyway despite Judy Nyawira confirming she has no plans of having more kids while on an interview with SPM buzz; husband, Mkurugenzi has also echoed the same statements while speaking to Eve Mungai in recent interview.

According to Abel Mutua – this decision is personal and although they’re meddlers pointing fingers at him and his wife…. Question is – how is it their business? Does having one child affect them mentally, finally or even spiritually?

Me maze nikiamua kuhave mtoi mmoja kwa hii life, ni decision yangu ni life yangu. I don’t see how it affects you one bit. I don’t see it. Aki ingekuwa inakuaffect tungengangana basi tupate mtoto mwingine but haikuaffect. Basi me nikiwa na mtoto mmoja, weh inakunyima usingizi kwa nini?


mimi najua mbona nimedicide mtoto mmoja is enough. I have my reasons.

I guess there you have it…. It’s not mandatory for them to have more kids nor will they explain themselves to anyone.