Phil Karanja disputes taking back Kate Actress’ BMW because of a purported new partner

Phil has categorically denied reclaiming the vehicle, asserting that both parties agreed to its sale.

In his Instagram stories, Phil addressed the rumors, stating, “Najua Udaku Hukuwa Tamu, however, wacheni fake stories,” and adding, “I acknowledge that the blogs are to be sold, and you have had your fun. I wish to officially document that the vehicle was sold with mutual consent, and there are no disputes with Kate, contrary to any portrayal suggesting otherwise,” he concluded. Phil ensured to tag Kate in the post, indicating it is a joint statement.

Kate Actress reposted the statement and shared her perspective on the matter, stating, “Kindly redirect that energy to watching the new season of Becoming CEO. We ain’t about that life, poleni, and thank you.”

There were widespread allegations that the BMW, initially gifted to Kate by Phil, was repossessed by him, following a viral story by a local news outlet. The article suggested that the BMW X3 was reclaimed, with Phil expressing regrets about buying a car that proved to be excessively expensive to maintain.

“I love cars a lot, and so I was young and foolish, and I spent so much on my car, and it has been a very expensive journey to maintain. I am like, that is a car I would have used wisely somewhere. I sold it. I have decided to go back to Uber.”

The Sh3.5 million car was given as a push gift for the arrival of their daughter Njeri.

Kate Actress reacts to Phil Karanja’s choice to sell her BMW X3 push present

Film director Philip Karanja and his wife, Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, recently clarified the reasons behind selling his black BMW X3, a vehicle he had initially gifted her as a push gift.

In a recent interview with Nairobi News, Karanja revealed that he made the decision to sell the luxury vehicle, valued at approximately Sh3.5 million, due to its exorbitant maintenance costs. He expressed regret over his initial choice to purchase the car, acknowledging that it had been an expensive journey to maintain.

“I love cars a lot, and so I was young and foolish, and I spent so much on my car, and it has been a very expensive journey to maintain. I am like, that is a car I would have used wisely somewhere. I sold it. I have decided to go back on Uber,” explained Karanja.

Karanja had shared an image with the BMW X3 just a day before announcing his separation from Kate Actress in September 2023. The image featured him beside the sleek vehicle that he had gifted Kate for her birthday in January 2020, a month after the birth of their child.

The couple clarified that the decision to sell the car was made mutually. In a social media statement, Karanja wrote, “I wish to officially document that the vehicle was sold with mutual consent, and there are no disputes with Kate, contrary to any portrayals suggesting otherwise.”

Kate Actress reposted the statement, adding, “Kindly redirect that energy to watching the new season of Becoming CEO. We ain’t about that life. Poleni and thank you.”

“I made a mistake,” TV director Phil Karanja on offering to sell Kate Actress’s BMW X3 as a “push gift”

Renowned actor and film director Philip Karanja recently revealed that he sold the black BMW X3 he had gifted his wife, Catherine Kamau, also known as Kate Actress, in January 2020. The car, valued at approximately Sh 3.5 million, was sold due to its high maintenance costs, as Philip disclosed in an interview with Nairobi News.

Expressing regret over his decision to purchase the luxury vehicle, Philip stated:

“I love cars a lot, and so I was young and foolish, and I spent so much on my car, and it has been a very expensive journey to maintain. I am like, that is a car I would have used wisely somewhere. I sold it. I have decided to go back on Uber.”

This revelation came during the launch of his latest show, “Haki Mwitu.”

The actor-director shared that “Haki Mwitu” revolves around four vigilantes who, fed up with rampant corruption, take matters into their own hands. The show, which began production in 2023 and is still ongoing, aims to address societal issues through its narrative.

Interestingly, Philip shared an image with the BMW X3 just a day before announcing his separation from Kate Actress in September 2023. The image featured Philip standing beside the sleek vehicle he had gifted Kate for her birthday in January 2020.

Kate Actress celebrated the luxurious gift on her social media, expressing gratitude for the reward.

“Every push has been rewarded,” she captioned a video showcasing her new ride, with another post quoting, “God says try me! Do your part!”

During the interview, Philip also discussed his production company’s plans for the year.

“We started working on the project in 2023 and began shooting in November 2023, and we are still shooting. Phil Production also has a new series in the pipeline, and we plan to release a new film this year. There’s a lot to watch out for,” he added, promising an exciting lineup for fans in the upcoming months.

Abel Mutua and Phil Karanja get the 8 million shilling bag from Netflix!

Abel Mutua, an actor and screenwriter, and Phillip ‘Phil’ Karanja, a director and actor, are in line to make a sizeable profit of at least $60,000 (Sh8.8 million) from the sale of their 2020 film, “Click Click Bang,” to Netflix, the well-known American video-on-demand streaming service. The Netflix contract is a big win for the filmmakers because it means their film will be rebroadcast on the streaming platform.

Reuben Odanga, a seasoned film producer best known for his blockbuster films “Selina,” “Nira,” “Nuru,” “Kiu,” and “Saida,” verified the sizable payment from Netflix.
In a recent interview, Odanga, who also had his film “Nafsi” selected by Netflix in 2021, delivered the wonderful news.

Abel Mutua, an actor and screenwriter, and Phillip ‘Phil’ Karanja, a director and actor, are in line to make a sizeable profit of at least $60,000 (Sh8.8 million) from the sale of their 2020 film, “Click Click Bang,” to Netflix, the well-known American video-on-demand streaming service.

The Netflix contract is a big win for the filmmakers because it means their film will be rebroadcast on the streaming platform. Reuben Odanga, a seasoned film producer best known for his blockbuster films “Selina,” “Nira,” “Nuru,” “Kiu,” and “Saida,” verified the sizable payment from Netflix.

In a recent interview, Odanga, who also had his film “Nafsi” selected by Netflix in 2021, delivered the wonderful news. After leaving the hit television program “Tahidi High,” Abel and Phil teamed up to start their own production firm, Phil-It Productions.

The humorous series “The Real Househelps of Kawangware” was one of their first works under Phil-It, and it launched the careers of comedians Timothy “Njugush” Kimani and Steven “DJ Shiti” Oduor. It was a joint effort with Protel Studios, who held the intellectual property rights, according to Phil Karanja. They were primarily responsible for casting, directing, and other creative parts of the production.

The “Sue Na Johnnie” series, which Phil-It developed as its first independent movie in 2016, was later acquired by Showmax in 2017.
The popularity of “Sue Na Johnnie” provided Abel Mutua and Phil Karanja with further possibilities, paving the road for their future success in the entertainment business.

Phil Karanja and Kate Actrress blast Milele FM host

Ankali Ray, the fearless, courageous, and brave presenter of Milele FM, spoke with Phil Karanja and Kate Actress this week about their separation.

Prior to asking the awkward questions, Ankali expressed sympathy for the former Tahidi High actor during their interview.

“Naongea na nani?”

The radio host’s response, however, did not satisfy Phil, who went on to inquire whether it was appropriate for him to call at that time.

“Hii ni muda ya kupigia mtu?”

To which Ankali Ray responded saying,

“I was just calling to give my apologies,”

In response Phil hung up.

Ankali, however, is a persistent person, so he made the decision to phone Kate Actress and try again to express his sympathy for her.

But as soon as the radio host began speaking, Kate abruptly ended the call, much like Phil before her. But do you believe Ankali was let down by her answer?

Ankali simply shrugged it off, adding that he would continue to work to uncover the truth in the future, similar to how he had previously handled Phil.

The ex-couple has remained silent about the circumstances of their breakup, despite numerous media outlets attempting to break the story.


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A post shared by Ankali Ray (@ankaliray)

However, it appears that despite having every right to do so, Kate and Phil have chosen to keep quiet and refuse to say what exactly led to the breakdown of their lovely marriage.

But only lately did Kate have to address a wild rumor that was going around the internet about her firstborn son.

According to a blogger on Wednesday, Kate’s son decided to stay with Phil after learning that his mother had broken up with him so she could stay with the girl.

The claims made on X were met with Kate’s remark, “This is nonsense!”

Kate Actress Denies Claims Son Opted to Stay with Stepdad Phil the Director Rather than Her

Kate Actress has refuted claims that her son opted to stay with his stepfather Philip Karanja alias Phil the Director after their separation.

Kate and Phil announced their separation on Tuesday, saying they had amicably agreed to end their union. They said they were still friends, business partners, and co-parents.

However, a blogger on Wednesday claimed that Kate’s son had opted to stay with Phil after his mother went separate ways with Phil while she would stay with the daughter.

Kate responded to the claims on social media, saying, “This is rubbish!”

She also said that her separation from Phil was never a secret and thanked fans for their support.

Some social media users suggested that the whole separation could have been staged for clout after Phil’s business associate and best friend, Abel Mutua, put up a cheeky post on Instagram.

Mutua insinuated that he too had broken ranks with Phil, a BMW owner, due to their “vehicular differences.”

Both Kate and Phil laughed off the statement with laugh emojis.

It is clear that Kate and Phil are committed to co-parenting their children despite their separation. They have also requested privacy for themselves and their children during this difficult time.

Kate Actress reveals she hated her first interaction with Phil Karanja’s family

In a previous interview with Fashionable StepMum on YouTube two years ago, Kate Actress opened up about her complicated relationship with her mom-in-law and her now ex-husband Phil Karanja.

Kate praised her mom-in-law for her relationship with her son, but admitted that they had their own issues. “You can feel the energy. It wasn’t pleasant. You can feel the sneaky comments. But I wasn’t a charity case. I was sure of myself. I knew what I was bringing to the table. Your son isn’t coming to rescue us. I was doing well with my son even before.”

She also revealed that she had warned Phil that she would leave the marriage if she saw anyone mistreating her son. “I had made it clear to Phil and for him to communicate to his family that if I see any mistreatment towards my son, that is a deal breaker na mimi sinaga kesho.”

Kate also praised Phil as a rare gem of a man who entered into their union with serious commitment. “It is not easy. Phil is one in a million. Marriage is not for everyone. Marriage nayo ni calling. It might not be for you. Don’t force it. If it happens to you thank you Lord. If it does not please move on…. Life is for the living, please date again.”

Despite the challenges in their marriage, Kate and Phil have remained committed to co-parenting their son and maintaining a civil relationship.

Abel Mutua laughs at news of Phil Karanja getting dumped

The recent split between Kate Actress and Phillip Karanja, two of Abel Mutua’s closest friends, has been given a humorous spin.
On Wednesday, September 20, 2023, Mutua created his own humorous statement by mocking the couple’s amicable breakup.

Abel Mutua announced in his tongue-in-cheek statement that he would no longer be friends with Mr. Karanja because of their “vehicular differences.”
Mutua made a humorous fun at Phillip Karanja’s choice of vehicle by drawing inspiration from the couple’s joint statement.

“JOINT STATEMENT Mkuru & Director Phil. Nairobi 20 September 2023 ‘We have come to the conclusion that going our separate ways is best for both of us. This is due to our vehicular differences. Associating with a BMW owner has taken a toll on me and we wish that you please respect our decision. Signed Mkuru and Phil,”.

Since then, the message has drawn responses from Kate Actress and Philip, a previous couple.
Kate joked back in a lighthearted manner, stating,

“Nugu wewe,”

In a lighthearted attitude, Director Phil continued,

“Mtu BladiFakin sana😂😂😂😂.”

Andrew Kibe finally addresses Kate Actress and Phil Karanja split

The marriage between Kate Actress and Phil Karanja has ended, and social commentator Andrew Kibe has something to say about it.

Like most Kenyans, Kibe has something to say on his account.

Kibe attacked Kate’s remarks by playing an earlier video of her talking about fathers who stand up, as well as one showing how Phil welcomed her after a trip to South Africa.

Aiee the pain that is in Nairobi right now. Watu wa roho mbaya come her. I will ask you one question. Finally, she has left that msee. I talked about it a few months back. Do you guys remember when she came from South Africa? And she was crying …

Men what did I show you how many times am I going to teach this lesson If you dont learn a lesson you will perish, men, you will find yourself on how to keep the calm edition. When you find yourself here, it means you are a joke. Niliwashow aje? Please if you hear she is a single mum tell her…eheeh look at the time si nita kucall. Toka mbio kaa mwizi.

Buda! Us baby daddy’s I want to teach you we have full access to those **Bro any person who has my child iyo ni yangu I can pick it up anytime I want. Even if it is my last day on earth and I need one last time, I will just pick any one of my baby mamas. You can walk in or out anytime, all day all night. The only thing that is keeping her relationship alive is because you don’t want her. The day you want her, that guy is crying. “

Kibe reiterated his warning to “tunuthias,” as he refers to men who look after children who are not their own. Kate thanks men in that video for,

 “I just want to salute the men who step in who took over and just nurtured, mad mad respect and God bless you and for not making us feel less, but supporting our dreams and pushing us to become even better moms, wives. Thank you so much.

Tunuthia, how long do I have to keep telling you? Mnacheki venye mnasukwa hapo. Oh God bless you young man, for taking care of children that are not yours, and God is going to come through for you, not me but God” 

Women waste no time, start hitting on Phil Karanja

Many Kenyans were taken aback when Phil Karanja and Kate Actress announced their marriage was ending.

Although there were early indications that the couple might be having problems, many chose to ignore them in light of the collaborative video they created assuring people of their relationship.

Nevertheless, several Kenyans (especially those of the fairer gender) have slyly offered as a salve to the undoubtedly bereaved Phil now that the highly prosperous couple has called it quits.

vg_mumle, “My Phil, if you need a shoulder to lean on, I will be there. You deserve better❤️❤️.” Read more.”

Sueshepherd0, “Baba Njeri, thanks now you are single.”

Esther Njoki, “Director Phil, I think you are my lost rib.”

helnmal, “Nko singular❤️,we can prural.”

Award-winning actress Kate Actress and her husband Phil Karanja have announced their separation.

In a joint statement, the couple said that they have been separated for a while and that they are asking for privacy during this time.

“We came to a conclusion to end our marriage a long while ago and are separated. We sincerely request everyone to honour our wishes for privacy for us and our kids,” the statement read.

Phil also stated that they will continue to be friends, co-parents, and business partners.

The couple was set to celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary in November. They got married at Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club in November 2017.

Kate Actress and Phil have a daughter together and they also raised a son from Kate’s previous relationship.

I wish Kate Actress and Phil Karanja all the best in their future endeavors.

Multi-millionaire Phil Karanja talks about people expecting him to be a failure

Phil Karanja’s mediocre academic record inspired him to make a promise to succeed and disprove the notion that he was a loser.

On Monday, July 17, Phil admitted that he had academic difficulties but detested the idea that he would amount to nothing in life while speaking to Lynn Ngugi on her YouTube channel.

But his parents had a disagreement with him about his grades. In particular, his father gave Phil self-doubt.

“I had an amazing father and mother, The only thing we fought about was my love for sports and art, and at that time he was right there was no future for arts and sports then,”

His father desired that he pursue a career in accountancy or medicine.

“That’s the only thing we never connected with my dad apart from that he was a great man, and now as a dad I see it, coz you want the best for your child,”

But to him these things, art, acting, music, he was like, what is all this? The most you are going to amount to is maybe a teacher.

That’s what he kept telling me, so I think when you start from a young age, you’ve always told you are not good enough because you are not getting the a’s that your sisters are getting, it gets to you.

I was an average student so I always fought with my dad. When I cleared High School I got a C. For us in our family that was a failure, so by the way everyone at home was wondering what will we do with him, and I think at that point is when something snapped because I was doomed to be a failure. Everyone believed I was going to be a failure. 

And right from when I cleared high school I have been putting in the hours, I started with scripting and directing church plays.

Because my parents weren’t sure what to do with me, so they asked me what I want to do, I said I want to do film.

Sue na Johnnie sunk me into 3mill Ksh debt – Phil Karanja

Philip Karanja, a well-known director, claims that the creation of the once-popular comedy series Sue Na Jonnie, which aired on Showmax, left him and his colleague Abel Mutua destitute and in debt by Sh3 million.

Nearly five years after founding their production firm Phil-It, Karanja, also known as Phil, stated to Showbuzz that Sue Na Jonnie was their first film to be accepted by a broadcaster.

Since deciding to go it alone with their company rather than continuing to rely on being employed by other production houses, the former Tahidi High actors have been searching for employment.

As a director and a scriptwriter, respectively, Phil claims they had been able to find work, but not as a group.

They knocked on every door with their ideas for four good years, but we were denied.

“So when luck struck and our Sue Na Jonnie concept was picked up by MNet, we came in with the idea that we wanted to change the industry, we wanted to improve the welfare of actors. We ended up overpaying the cast and crew, and by the time we finished the first season, we were Sh3 million in debt.”

Because of the dire circumstances, “while our cast members were driving cars, we were hoping into matatus.”

Fortunately, because of the show’s strong ratings, more seasons were ordered, and Phil and Abel were forced to reconsider the contracts with their cast and crew.

“It was a difficult conversation because the actors questioned why we were reducing their salaries when the show was actually doing well and pushed for an increase instead.”

Phil claims that because they were primarily passionate about making movies at the time and overlooked the economic side of the project, their downfall was a lack of business acumen.

Why Catherine Kamau regrets throwing grand wedding 3 years ago!

Catherine Kamau and husband Phil karanja gave fans a reason to talk shortly after sharing their wedding photos. Being popular and all, the Karanjas made sure to have a low key wedding but as much as it was private; trust me the set up looked just confirmed that this wedding was not just any ordinary ceremony.

From Catherine Kamau’s gown to husband Phil suit – it was evident that these two had gone all out for their special day; and since they had been working nonstop to achieve this beautiful dream… why not spend!

However what fans didn’t know is that these two had strained themselves to ensure the wedding was perfect; and i’m pretty sure Phil had planned to give his wife the best honey moon – forgetting that there is life after the wedding.

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Catherine Kamau with husband, Phil

Catherine opens up

As they marked their 3rd wedding anniversary; Catherine Kamau for the first time came out clean revealing what really happened after the wedding.

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According to actress she got or rather they got so broke; since the honeymoon in Seychelles turned out to be more expensive than expected. But of course they wouldn’t cancel but luckily, they survived.

Anyway as part of appreciating her husband, Catherine Kamau went on to post saying;

Catherine Kamau weds Phil

Msituone hapa tulikiwa tumesota mbaya after wedding, we went to Seychelles for our honeymoon we had no idea how expensive the island was ,weeh nways we survived. Word of advice, spend less impressing guys kwa wedding and travel the world with your manz for your honeymoon. Happy anniversary Mr money manager , ???????? we still had fun .

But true love always conquers all and for this two, this was just stepping stone to greater heights!

Kate Actress and Baby K serving mummy-daughter goals after stepping out in matching Ankara outfits

Baby K was indeed a blessing to Kenyan celebrity actress, Catherine Kamau, clearly seen in lovely photos of the two cuddling and sweetly exchanging glances.

Despite her young age, Kate actress has made it a priority to dress her gorgeous baby girl in stunning outfits, setting the bar high enough for her princess’ future.

Kate actress flaunts her new bundle of joy, baby K

Also read: Phil Karanja responds after Kate actress exposed him for terrible genes

Most recently, the two dressed in well-knitted ankara dresses with a black turtle neck underneath, admitting that in her daughter’s eyes, they are mini besties and she is obsessed with that.

To the hopeful mums to be, am sending you lots of hugs, and prayers. You will hold yours soon. Remember there are many ways to becoming a mum, just don’t give up hope????. I wish you well, she penned.

Kate actress with little daughter Karla Njeri Karanja

Her hubby, Phil Karanja on the other hand, who was most likely the one behind the lens adorably gushed at a sweet photo of the two, all smiles and looking stunning in their beautiful ankara outfits;

Can’t stop staring ????,” he remarked.

Catherine Kamau looking stunning with Baby K

The former Mother-in-law star welcomed her first child with husband Phil Karanja in December 2019, now almost all-grown. Baby Karla Njeri Karanja is however the actress’ second child after siring her first child, a son during her teen years.

The Karanjas

The lovebirds are yet to hint on welcoming more babies in the near future with Kate actress hinting she is done with that chapter.

Fans who could not stop envying the gorgeous girls, adored:

denise_madamproducer Your 3 hairs are perfect just the way they are!!!! Also, our baby K is adorbs!!!! ????????????????


mwaibrenda ???????????? so cayuteee ????


philo_mwass She is wow????


nyakshimrembo ???????????????????? beautiful mum n dota


phoinahaircollection Awwwwww my babies ????????????????


elaijahgichuru ????lovely mother daughter moments

Why Phil Karanja has left many women envying his wife, Catherine Kamau (Photo)

Phil Karanja and Catherine Kamau seem to be taking over the film business in Kenya and if anything; they are an inspiration to many as they two build their ‘Phil It production’ from Zero to an empire.

Thanks to the several successful shows they have produced, Kenyan actors now have hope of bagging acting awards in the near future; not forgetting new job opportunities created by their empire!

Anyway, away from all that… Phil karanja sometimes decides to give fans a reason to talk by showing how much he adores his wife. The last time the popular producer appreciated Catherine Kamau on his page is during their second wedding anniversary where he wrote;

Also read: Phil’s special message to his wife Catherine Kamau as they celebrate 2nd wedding anniversary

 This is what ‘ NOT GIVING UP ON EACH OTHER ‘ looks like . I am really thankful that we got to be friends first , you got to see and know the real me , and you still chose me with all my flaws , my strengths, and my madness ????! Thank you for being an amazing patner , my closest friend , my sanity , my safe haven ????????????… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DADDY K squared ❤️❤️❤️ @phil_director

I make money for you!

After unleashing new photos from her recent photoshoot, Catherine Kamau not only left her husband impressed; but seems to have made him confess his main reason for working hard.

As seen on the post shared by Phil Karanja; he made it known that keeping his wife comfortable and happy is the main reason he hustles so hard!

  @kate_actress One reason I wake up everyday and hustle in beast mode????

Phil showing love to his wife, Catherine Kamau

Well, while some of y’all can’t even get a text back, the likes of Catherine Kamau are clearly eating life with a big spoon!


Actress Catherine Kamau aka Celina and hubby share photos from their honeymoon

Newly weds Catherine Kamau and her hubby Phil Karanja have finally disclosed where they went for their honeymoon. The actress who is currently doing well with TV show Sue and Johnnie exchanged her marital vows on Friday 17th in a low key ceremony.

Their wedding left fans shocked as not many expected it to be held this year. However seems that Phil could not wait to make Catherine Kamau his official wife.

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From what we know is that they two had been dating for quite some years before they decided to settle down for good.

Honeymoon destination

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From Catherine Kamau’s Instagram stories we have learnt that the two are currently in Seychelles. The two are staying at one of the most expensive hotels in Seychelles, Kempinski as revealed by Catherine.

Judging from how successful their TV shows have been in 2017, I bet money is not an issue. Below are a few photos shared by the bride.

Akothee’s message to Celina and Phil Karanja leaves the internet in stitches

Catherine Kamau popularly known as Celina got married to Philip Karanja on Friday. Akothee’s sent the newlyweds a hilarious message on their wedding day.

Celina and Phil exchanged vows on a Friday that witnessed drama in the political arena. The two lovebirds were enjoying their wedding day when police were engaging Nasa supporters in running battles.

Phil and Celina dancing during their wedding

The couple tied the knot at Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club. The wedding attended by nearly all actor and actress from Mother-in-Law and Tahidi High.

We’re still enjoying ourselves until menopause


Akothee was among celebrities who wished Celina and Phil well in their marriage. The flamboyant singer didn’t attend Celina’s wedding but she made tongues wagging all the same.

Netizens couldn’t stop laughing when they read Akothee’s message to Celina. The songbird commended Celina for getting married and added that her kind were still enjoying themselves until their menstruation ceases.

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing , sisi wengine tutarukaruka hadi menopause ????, happy for you girl , ukishikwa shikamana my baby @kate_actress congratulations,” wrote Akothee.


“His biological dad isn’t active in his life” Phil Karanja reveals how Celina’s son ended up calling him ‘dad’

Phil Karanja treats Celina’s son like he is his own flesh and blood. The popular director has opened up how he ended up cultivating a good relationship with his fiancee’s son.

Catherine Kamau popularly known as Celina recently received her engagement ring from long term boyfriend Phil Karanja.

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Phil opened up about his relationship with Celina’s son Leon in a recent interview. He revealed that he developed a cordial relationship with the kid to the extend that he started referring him as dad.

“Dad. But it was not automatic. I had to earn the title. For about three years, he used to call me by my first name, then he changed and started calling me dad, I am yet to ask him what changed. I guess i scored major points somewhere along the line,” Phil replied when asked how Leon refers him.

L-R: Leon, Celina and Phil Karanja

He also revealed that Leon’s biological father was out of the picture. The popular producer stated that he’s so tight with Leon that even Celina at times feels jealous of their bond.

“He (Leon’s biological father) is not active in his life. We (Phil and Leon) are like brothers now. Our bond is so strong nowadays that mum gets jealous at times. Though i keep stressing that i am not his friend first, i am his father and teacher first.”

Phil asserted that he was never been burden by the fact that Leon isn’t his biological kid, he explained that he desired adopting kids since he was young.

Leon and his mother

“We (Celina and Phil) were friends before, so from the onset i knew what i was getting myself into. I personally have never had an issue with adopting a child. Even when i was young i would often say i will adopt children when i am older. I guess it boils down to one’s personally.







Officially off the market! Actress Catherine Kamau and the love of her life hold a traditional wedding (Photos)

Former Mother-In-Law and the current star of popular show Sue and Johnnie actress, Catherine Kamau is finally off the market judging from the photos shared on her Instagram page.

Catherine Kamau announces her wedding

Well, together with her long term boyfriend Phil Karanja – who is a well known film director held a private ceremony this past weekend inviting those close to them at an unknown location.

From what Phil Karanja wrote under the photo he shared on his Instagram we have every reason to believe that the two had a traditional wedding and are now waiting for the white wedding which is to take place in a few weeks. He wrote;

As long as my focus is on you, whatever comes my way I will Floyd it. I love you my ? @Kate_actress #Mrs….loading…

Those who were present include comedian Njugush with his wife and Abel Mutua who was also accompanied by his wife among many others. Below are a few photos shared by the couple and their friends too.

Catherine Kamau
Catherine Kamau And Phil Karanja
Catherine Kamau’s wedding
Catherine Kamau and Phil Karanja’s wedding


“Daddy’s loves you” Phil Karanja celebrates Catherine Kamau’s son in an emotional post, who knew he could make such an amazing dad!

Catherine Kamau has always been open about her baby boy who she delivered immediately after clearing form 4.

The actress, producer, wife and mother of one however does not regret getting pregnant at such a young age despite having many judge her.

Well, it’s been 11 years since the young boy came into her life and to celebrate his birthday, Catherine Kamau and her boyfriend Phil posted some moving messages to mark this special day.

What moved many is how Phil has been treating the young boy despite him not being his biological daddy. It is evident that he adores the young man and he feels blessed to be playing the role of a father in his life.

To celebrate the boy, Phil wrote saying;

Its the Kings birthday. Happy birthday Leon…Daddy loves you to the moon and back?????@kate_actresskazi fiti???raising this one?

Catherine on the other hand wrote to say,

“11 years ago today God gave me you! Young ..confused and scared as I was, I swore to love and protect you for the rest of my life. You changed my life Leon, you are my blessing. (of course am in tears) tumetoka mbali na haka ka mtu! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON”

Dark and Lovely: Catherine Kamau leaves many breathless after sharing new photos, who knew she was this hot!

Catherine Kamau is not only good at acting but a trendy lady who knows how to keep her closet popping. Some may say she has added weight here and there but their is no stopping a lady with  a vision and life goals that are beyond the sky’s.

What many like about her is the fact that she has a bubbly character and how she interacts with most of her fans on social media. And since lately she seems busy with her TV series Sue and Jonnie I decided to visit her social media pages just to see what she has been up to…only to bump into some her recent photos that will leave the team mafisi drooling.

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Seems that after hitting 30 years, Catherine Kamau continues to look younger and hotter making her boyfriend the luckiest man in the world.

Well if you remember her from TV show mother-in-law then you will notice that she has really changed from that Celina to a way hotter lady giving many sleepless nights. Checkout the photos below:


Catherine Kamau aka Celina leaves netizens dumbfounded after she revealed how she controls her fiancé Phil Karanja

Phil Karanja amekaliwa chapati… That’s the concussion many people arrived at after Celina opened up about how she controls her fiancé.

Phil Karanja popped the big question to Catherine Kamau sometimes in October 2016, the two celebrity sweethearts had been dating for years before Phil proposed.

Now it has emerged that Celina loves to be in control, the former Mother-In-Law actress revealed that she has the passwords for Phil’s accounts on social media.

“I have his IG , Fb, and email passwords ?? just saying ??? @phil_director mpenz ❤️” Celina wrote on Instgram.

Her posted left netizen dumbfounded, she actually replied to some of the queries raised by her fans. See the reaction below:

ju_gigis: ????? inbox unazi receive right hand ?????? u both look swt

kate_actress (Celina): @ju_gigis mimi Ndio receptionist hapo weee secure the man and the bag ?? these hoes ain’t loyal ???

denisbogomba: Does he have yours also ama ni kukalia mtu chapati?

kate_actress: @denisbogomba wacha maswali mob ??

kaberia_: mshapa kuna mtu alituma Dm ana adressiwa ???

kate_actress: @kaberia_ms hakuna bado ningemuita tu kando nimyoe nywele ?

geehukor: @kate_actress ????kali hiyo

forexbon: Kuna mtu anacheswa hapa..just saying

jennie_sherry: Awwe ulinzi unaanza na wewe mwenyewe lol @kate_actress

njerikaana: You go girl….??? chapati manenos

itsurgal_nyanda: In short hakuna kuslide kwa DM ya huyu Bae… @kate_actress

wamboibibo: Pin ya mpesa?

phil_director (Phil Karanja): ?????@kate_actress umesahau kusema ATM ama ni juu haina kitu?

wanjiruirene70: @phil_director enyewe hii ndiyo Kukaliwa chapati. … kumbe this kind of men still exist @kate_actressuko ndaaaaani ndaaaaani kabisaaa

kate_actress: @phil_director ?? you are stupid

micker_mike: Alafu uget huyo mwigne ndiye ana pin za mpesa na atms @kate_actress