Akothee’s Husband Criticized For Being A ‘Nobody’

Akothee’s husband Dennis Omosh has surprised netizens on how quickly he agreed to get married to the mother of five.

They haven’t dated even for a year, yet they went ahead to rush things. They splashed a whole 7 million in their exorbitant wedding and even had numerous celebrities attend the wedding.

But netizens aren’t really convinced that Akothee’s husband is as rich as Akothee claims. In fact, fans claim that Akothee is the bread winner & the ‘man’ in the relationship. She gets to control the man in anyway she feels like- I honestly agree with the latter.

Why? Well, to begin with, the fella didn’t even have a social media account, until Akothee decided to open one for him and named him ‘Mister Omosh’. If he did it himself, he would have used his own name. But a Luo name? Clearly, Akothee did it.

Secondly, there’s no information about the fella when you dig in for a little research. Just like Miguna claimed. What does the guy do for a living? Did he have a previous job? None of this info is known. And this makes it even more suspicious.

That being said, it’s needless to say that Omosh ‘ameekwa’.


Akothee’s sister responds to question about why she missed her wedding

Akothee’s sister was absent from her wedding and this raised a lot of questions with people wondering what is happening between the two especially given the fact that Akothee too was not at Cebbie Nyasego’s wedding.

Is it a game of tit-for-tat? Well, maybe but she has taken to social media to address the rumours and bloggers who were asking questions and what she said was:


Full list of Akothee’s past relationships and marriages

Akothee is finally married and on her honeymoon with her latest mzungu husband but it hasn’t escaped our attention that she is quite the prolific serial monogamist. She has been involved in several relationships as well as 4 marriages.

She has 5 children by nearly as many men (the exact number is 3 different men) and while those relationships ended with some being an acrimonious end, she still has a great relationship with one of her mzungu baby daddies.

Why ‘Single’ Amber Ray Is Hopeful After Akothee’s Wedding

So who are these men she has been linked to or was involved with in relationships?

Akothee with ex-boy toy, Brown Mauzo

And she tried denying having anything with Vera Sidika’s husband but the photographs surfaced and all she could do was be angry about it.

Remember this mzee? he is the man with whom Akothee has the best relationships with from their shared past. They were married.

Akothee with baby daddy

Akothee has had one of the most acrimonious relationships with one particular baby daddy and they even had a custody battle.

Nelly Oaks was almost kicked out by his family because of their relationship. He weathered that storm for no reason at all.

Here she is with the original baba watoto who is the father of her older and more outspoken children. This was before she realised wazungu were willing to pay to play.

She claimed this particular mzungu was just a video vixen… I dunno whether I buy that or not but what about you?

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Nelly Oaks lost big after Akothee’s wedding

Nelly Oaks must be punching the air wherever he is after he saw his ex, Akothee getting married to her mzungu Ben 10 and he has good reason for feeling wasted because he did give her a lot and risked a lot to be with her.

Shots fired! Shots fired! Nelly Oaks responds to Akothee’s interview about their breakup

For those of you who do not know, Akothee is not a spring-chicken. She’s a single mother of 5 in her 40s. Early onset menopause is a real issue she has to be on the lookout for. I mean, sure she’s fit and her has taken care of her looks but we know for a fact that he is a young man who probably wants to start a family of his own.

To top it off, Nelly Oaks was also forced to play step-father to her grown kids as well as her nusu-nusu kids and he even seemed to have bonded with the young boys particularly so when they broke up, he lost his access to those kids too.

And now he has to watch her move on with her life and live the life he was promised? Do you guys know he was almost disowned by his father? He said as much in an interview when he said his family was upset he was dating a much, much, much older woman.

And as if that weren’t enough, Kenyans went into his comment section and mocked him. The man hasn’t posted in over a week and that didn’t stop Kenyans from making fun of his absence at Akothee’s wedding.

This man has suffered.

  • Wakenya, imebidi mtafute Nelly🤣🤣🤣

    See translation
  • sherrycherry.67's profile picture
    Nelly still young and he will still gist and marry…ako tu sawa if you have ever dated a Nigeria man then you will know ako tu sawa imagine!!! Watu wa skirt ndoo huumia sio men….no be lie try am no be small matter abeg

  • mama_ethan_'s profile picture
    Hivi wewe ulikua meneja tuuu ee

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  • nyammaureen's profile picture
    😢😢😢😢wooooi kama.kuna mwanaume anaumia sa hii vibaya mahali ako ni huyu aki

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  • _arcmartin's profile picture
    Nelly mambo inachemkaa😂

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  • mo.mumbi's profile picture
    Sasa mtu Ako na watoto almost Nelly’s age ndio mnataka kusumbulia Nelly surely ??? Be real guys !He has nothing to loose Infact on normal humanitarian grounds he has kept his sanity and decency..Akothe on the other side Ako tu sawa that is her normal way of life …we just pray she finally got what she wants /deserves.Dragging Nelly into this only explains how lame one can be …

  • sharon.boen's profile picture
    Nelly tuko live huku weeding ndio imeshika😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Akothee’s Sister Misses Out On Her Wedding

Despite Akothee splashing millions on her lavish wedding, her sister Cebbie did not show up to help her celebrate the new milestone.

The two are well known not to be in good terms. And this is the main reason for Cebbie not showing up in the ceremony.

The first ever sign of things going wrong with the siblings was back in 2020, when Cebbie claimed Akothee was struggling financially and faking her riches on the gram.

Cebbie was supposedly telling her then boyfriend how Akothee wasn’t wealthy and fakes being rich for Instagram..

“She has nothing at all even to pay her kids fee. She picked two boys in 2017 and employed them at Akothee Safaris, they have never even gone to a computer or driving school. She has nothing.”

Cebbie later said that Kenya’s richest singer was no longer helping out the family. Leaked screenshots of the terrible things Cebbie said were then dropped online.

Cebbie through gossip king Edgar Obare hinted Akothee couldn’t pay fees. Their beef has been conspicuous over the years, and Cebbie not showing up at Akothee’s wedding depicts there’s more surreptitious things we don’t know about.


Potential Celebrities To Replace Akothee As President Of Single Mothers

Self-proclaimed President of single mothers Esther Akoth has finally gotten someone to take her off market. It’s been a minute since Akothee found her replacement; whom we all thought to be her former manager Nelly Oaks.

But her run as a single was cut off after her hubby Omosh took over. Below are some female Kenyan celebrities who can make a good replacement for Akothee’s self-proclaimed title.

Karen Nyamu

The nominated senator has had a tumultuous relationship with her baby daddy Samidoh. Samidoh has two children with Karen Nyamu and three with his wife Edday Nderitu. With the nominated, Samidoh has a son and daughter born in December 2020 and February 2022 respectively. But the Senator remains single and hasn’t found her own man yet.

Amber Ray

Amber Ray is on the verge of welcoming her 2nd child, a daughter. And she couldn’t hold on to the man whom impregnated her. As a matter of fact, the two broke up when Amber was heavily pregnant. for this reason, she can be a perfect replacement.

Betty Kyallo

Betty decided to focus on business when she realized how unlucky she is when it comes to love. She was previously married to legendary journalist Dennis Okari. The two had a kid together, whom they’re co-parenting together with, She ends the list.


From Karen Nyamu, To PLO Lumumba- Renowned Celebrities Who Attended Akothee’s Lavish Wedding (Photos)

Akothee’s big day was attended by numerous renowned celebrities- depicting how much of a big deal she is in the 254.

It was a dream come true to Akothee, who stated that it was her wish to get married on her birthday.

Happy birthday Queen Mother Mother Nation and A WIFE. Help me Wish My ESTHER AKOTH KOKEYO A HAPPY 4Th Floor birthday 🎂MY main Wish was to ever get married in my birthday. Happy Birthday mommy ,I love you my AKOTH 💋💋💋”

In Attendance

Akothee’s wedding was attended by some of Kenyas bigwigs, including Jalang’o, Sandra Dacha, The Kabus, The Bahati’s, Butita & his girlfriend, Karen Nyamu, PLO Lumbumba, Ida Odinga, among others.

Below are some photos of the attendees;


I’m Not Rich, I’m Wealthy- Akothee Claims As She Claims To Be Removed From List Of East Africa’s Richest Musicians

There’s no doubt Akothee is among the richest women we have in East Africa. Her Lifestyle says it all. From exorbitant rides to palatial homes, you name it, she has accumulate all and she’s not bragging about it. In fact, Akothee admonishes her fellow artists not to live a fake lifestyle to show fans that they’re doing well.

The mother of five is an epitome of grass to grace. While she was a teenager, Akothee already had children. And she tarmacked for a couple of years before her breakthrough.

Born 8 April 1983Akothee has made it big both in the music industry and business. She is the founder of Akothee Safaris, a tour company based in Kenya, the Akothee Foundation, a charity, Akothee Homes, a real estate business, among others.

Last year, she was among the business moguls named among the richest in Africa. She was also featured in a recent research that named her among the richest in East Africa. But she’s not contented with the list.

According to her, being rich is not her cup of tea. She declined being rich, and claimed she’s wealthy.

”Sasa nani ameniweka kwa hii list ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mnitoe kwa hii list kabisa ,mimi Rich list nilipita kitambo bro 🤣🤣,I am managing Wealth . sipendi madharau ndogo ndogo mimi .

Mniweke kwa list ya WEALTHIEST
Richest ni matusi kwangu alah !🤣🤣
Know the difference between 1. balancing Bill’s & managing wealth 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
I feel like starting trouble
🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸,” she wrote on her Gram.


A wealthy person typically has a significant net worth, while a rich person could have a high annual income but a negative net worth because of debt.

Do you think Akothee belongs to the wealthiest or richest?


Akothee Reveals Her Wedding Budget Is Ksh 7 Million

Akothee’s anticipated white wedding is only 3 days away. And her excitement about getting married to her French boyfriend Schweizer, ‘Omosh’ is quite conspicuous.

The mother of 5 has been revealing intriguing details on her wedding, including the hefty price of her wedding dress, and her shoes; which cost almost a million shillings.

To spice things up, Akothee went to France to pick the wedding dress all by herself. She claimed Kenya did not have the type of dress she preferred. She even paid a flight ticket for her wedding dress.

To confirm the wedding, Akothee took to her Instagram stories and shared videos of the venue for the upcoming wedding.

According to the video captions, the venue is near a water body, which was chosen by Omosh, according to Akothee.

“Inspection on my wedding venue, my husband asked for a water body. I can’t wait. 10th April it is,” she captioned the videos.

The venue is quite serene. And I bet Akothee’s wedding would be a classic one, considering she claims it will cost Ksh 7 million. She shared the same via her Instagram stories;



Akothee Opens Up On Battling Depression 5 Times

Kenyan entrepreneur and singer Esther Akoth (Akothee) has opened up on her struggles battling depression for 5 times.
According to Akothee, depression greatly contributed to her massive weight gain; which she showed in pictures. Taking to her social media, the mother of 5 shared deep details of how she battled depression.
”5 TIMES I SUCCUMBED TO DEPRESSION ( Mental Health Is Real ) 2018, 2019, 2021 🦾🙏👏👏I have not changed , you all showed me whom you are .I gave you my best ,that’s the very much I could give , if I would go further than that ,I would find myself in this situation, on the streets or 6 feet under.I am still the same sweet Esther ,the loving one the kind one the sane who supported everyone that needed support , the only thing that has changed in her is . BOUNDARIES.
I Built boundaries to guard my sanity . After battling depression without knowingI now guard my space like its life and death.1. I let go anything that tampers with my peace. 2. I avoid procrastinations and do what is right at the right time, I don’t postpone problems.  3. I say NO immediately my guts start swelling. 4. I don’t stay in any wassap groups I quickly and immediately leave as soon as I sense its getting toxic or could be I am the Toxic one. 5. I avoid family politics as much as I can , family politics can drive Nuts therefore I am not in any family wassap groups. 6. I shut down gossips before they get into my system. 7. Very limited online flights, I rarely exchange with fans online , we now just have fun…I am at peace now.”
Akothee continued to claim that she has blocked several people because of putting up with her mental peace.


Akothee Celebrates Her Son’s 11th Birthday

Akothee is over the moon as her son Oyoo just turned 11 . The mother of five took to her social media to share a short clip in tandem with Oyoo, as she gushed over him.

2ND APRIL 2012 at 9.00pm A KIMG WAS BORN

My baby turns 11 today my everything,
His Excellency Dr Oyoo Daktari .
The philanthropist, I will be with you soon my baby. Happy birthday to you my protector and my family 👪 ❤️

Help me wish Oyoo fundi bao A HAPPY BIRTHDAY”

Akothee delighted as mzungu baby daddy and kids land in Kenya

Oyoo’s father is French; and most of the time he spends in France with him. However, Akothee occasionally gets to see them.

Akothee is on the verge of getting married again this month. And I bet she wouldn’t mind having another kid with her boyfriend.


Akothee’s ‘Mzungu’ Boyfriend Narrates How They Met (Video)

Akothee is deeply in love with her mzungu boyfriend and she can’t keep calm about it. She is on the verge of getting married to him in April 10, 2023. And the excitement on her face is quite conspicuous.

Her soon-to-be husband landed back to Kenya- and Akothee couldn’t eschew an interview with him upon his arrival.

The two were all over each other during the interview, sharing intimate kisses on camera.

Their wedding plans are underway and there’s no doubt that it’s going to be a lavish one; considering Akothee’s exorbitant wear, which she can’t wait to have on her D-day.

How They Met

After Akothee’s break-up with her former manager Nelly Oaks, she took a short break from the dating scene. But she wasn’t tardy in replacing him. We all thought her current boyfriend would end up just like her previous boyfriend. But it seems like the two are getting things further. The two met while Omosh was on a business trip. And it was during a brief swim that the two got to talk.

Watch their full video below;


Akothee Flaunts Her Exorbitant Wedding Dress Worth Ksh 693,000 (Photos)

Musician and businesswoman Esther Akoth (Akothee) is eagerly waiting for her wedding set for next month. All she has been doing  conspicuously on her Instagram page is talk about her upcoming ‘white’ wedding.

To spice things up, Akothee went to France to purchase the wedding gown of her choice. The mother of 5 bought the wedding dress at Ksh 692,792.94.

She went ahead to pay a first class ticket for the dress; where she sat alongside it.

Akothee took a couple of photos of the dress to show how much it meant to her. She went ahead to admonish her family to bury her with the gown on the day of her burial.


If I Die, Bury Me With My Wedding Gown On’- Akothee Tells Her Family

Akothee is proving her worth and setting the pace for fellow celebrities with her lavish lifestyle and sumptuous gifts to self.

Recently, Akothee flaunted her expensive wedding gown which she went to buy in Paris all  by herself. According to the mother of five, the preference of her dress wasn’t available in Kenya, yet her wedding day is days away (10th April, 2023).

Not only has she bought a deluxe wedding dress, but her shoes as well. In total, it cost Akothee 6000 Swiss Franc (Ksh 868247.42) for both. She divulged the amount in a recent interview after landing back to the country.

Additionally, Akothee paid a first class ticket for her gown, which she sat alongside.

It cost her almost a million Kenyan shillings to purchase the gift. And this is why she won’t be letting go easily. She went for the best.

This is why she wants to get buried with it on her D-day (burial day).

Watch her interview below;


Akothee Reveals Hefty Price Of Her Wedding Dress (Video)

Akothee can’t wait to get married to the love of her life Omosh. As a matter of fact, she’s willing to splash millions in tandem with her white hubby to make the wedding a lavish one.

The mother of five will be married for a 4th time. But she claims that she has only been married once. But it won’t be her first time with a white guy.

Akothee has been sharing intimate photos with her new catch; calibrating how deeply in love they are with each other.

If there is a lucky man that I know it’s you. We will argue on other things but for sure not cheating nor money issues .. I have no reasons to cheat ,I date one man at a time . When I fall in love ,all men looks like my blood brothers , I loose interests I am the one pulling shorts , I am busy loving you , I hsve no time for the rest.💋for money issues ,I learnt how to make my own money ,I don’t depend on a man to pay for my bills but that doesn’t stop you from taking up your responsibilities as A man . I am super proud and lucky that you are different. @misteromosh understands the Role of a husband,” she wrote.

Apart from falling head over heels for each other, Akothee is also eager to settle with the guy.

She recently went to France to get her ideal wedding dress- which she claims costed 4800 Swiss Franc (Ksh 692,792.94). She flaunted her first class flight where she placed her dress. She even paid a ticket where she placed it! Pesa ni mzuri, but will her marriage last this time?


Akothee Learns The Hard Way After She Was Almost Robbed After Flaunting Her ATM Card Online

Akothee is a fan of flaunting her lavish lifestyle online without necessary having to filter even the deepest parts of it which should remain surreptitious. The mother of 5 doesn’t mind sharing her lifestyle with her millions of followers on social media.

But she’s currently regretting over-sharing details.

Recently, Akothee flew to Paris to get herself an exorbitant wedding dress for her upcoming wedding.

She claimed that the dress costed her lots of cash, enough to buy someone’s dream car. But what she did wrong was to flaunt the ATM card which she was using to pay.

She claims someone took the conspicuous details of the card and tried to withdraw money without her consent.

”Post your achievements on your timeliness, let no one limit you out of their on inferiority. Your social media handle is your album that tells the story of your journey. Let no one dictate what you must post and what not. But yesterday by bad luck I posted a transaction and someone picked my card details and was busy trying to do transactions online ,luckily my bank Noticed some strange transactions and blocked the card. So I have learnt the hard way , if you had told me this ,I would brand you jelouse 🤣🤣🤣, unless you experienced what I experienced yesterday.”

Akothee should now stop divulging details about her every move.


Akothee Explains Why She Would Never Cheat On Her Boyfriend Amid Wedding Plans

While some women struggle to find love, Akothee is out here changing them like it’s easy peasy stuff. She has once again met a white guy, with whom she’s planning to get married to. Like the lucky woman she is, Akothee is not getting tardy to settle with her new catch.

The mother of 5 is set to get married on 10th April 2023. And she has penned a sweet message to her boyfriend, calibrating how she wouldn’t cheat on him while gushing over him.

”If there is a lucky man that I know it’s you.
We will argue on other things but for sure not cheating nor money issues .. I have no reasons to cheat ,I date one man at a time . When I fall in love ,all men looks like my blood brothers , I loose interests I am the one pulling shorts , I am busy loving you , I hsve no time for the rest.💋for money issues ,I learnt how to make my own money ,I don’t depend on a man to pay for my bills but that doesn’t stop you from taking up your responsibilities as A man . I am super proud and lucky that you are different. @misteromosh understands the Role of A husband. You outdo yourself and make me feel like a teenager, you make my head smaller , you made me feel how housewives feel , wee its sweat to be taken care of 🙈You ignore my two shillings and step up like A man. That is difficult to find in this age & Error . I still get goose bumps when you constantly pay bills ,it’s new to me 🙈, I know how we always pull both cards at the same time 🤣🤣🤣
I am paying ,I am paying 🤣🤣 .how you took control of the homes and employees 🙄 sasa mimi ni bibi tuu…

Akothee continued to explain that she wouldn’t fight over the guy if he decided to have another woman. She’d rather walk away and leave them in peace.


Will Akothee’s Marriage Last This Time?

Akothee is on the verge of getting married for a 4th time. And it seems like her wedding isn’t going to be just an ordinary one. To begin with, Akothee has gone abroad to get herself a wedding gown. Off to Paris! Impressive, right?

The mother of 5 hasn’t been harsh on herself despite being heartbroken a couple of times.

She has been dating quite often over the years. Unlike her daughters, who keep their relationships under wraps, Akothee doesn’t give a damn on whether she’ll be judged by online peeps. All she does is post her man & let you know that she has replaced the previous one.

This time, she’s hoping for a ‘happy ever after’ with her new catch monikered Omosh.

Akothee Opens Up On Getting Pregnant Again Weeks After Suffering Miscarriage - Number One Visual Radio In Kenya

Since I met him, life has given me Soo many reasons to enjoy , celebrate, love and laugh It’s called LIFE.@misteromosh”
The two have been flaunting each other on their social media; and they are set to get married on 10th next month. The big question remains, will their marriage really last?

Akothee Opens Up On Battling Depression When Her Daughter Was Graduating

Akothee is celebrating her daughter Rue Baby for her tremendous achievement. The mother of 5 has been quite successful in giving her three daughters life lessons, including adapting to celebrity life as well as juggling school work.

Rue Baby was denigrated heavily after her graduation gown resembled her sister’s and fans claimed that it was all a hoax meant to convince netizens that she graduated.

Akothee has now come clean to calibrate the issue. She has opened up on what she underwent when her daughter Rue Baby was graduating. She claims they never had a proper celebration to celebrate the paramount achievement.

”Wakenya sijasahau mkisema one of my daughters never graduated because the gowns looked the same. 🤣🤣🤣
They went to the same university but pursued different courses . @rue.baby graduated when I was battling depression and in a very bad state of mind and health. She didn’t even expect me to attend ,so I learnt she has organised lunch with her classmates that they graduated together. I pulled myself out of hospital bed in mombasa ,went to give her a hug and got back with an evening flight 🤣🤣🤣 we haven’t celebrated rues degree yet ,she cancelled the party after she saw my condition.we will throw a party soon for doubting Thomases 🤣🤣🤣
Aaah Kenyaaaaaans 🤣🤣🤣🤣”

Cebbie Koks sets record straight on Rue Baby's graduation | Pulselive Kenya

Akothee is never tardy when it comes to speaking her mind. And anyone who dares to confront her on her lifestyle and family will always get a comeback from her.


Akothee Reveals Wedding Date With Her Mzungu Husband Omosh

Akothee is set to be married for the 4th time after she revealed her wedding is knocking. This time, Akothee is set to be married to a white man-once again. Akothee’s last wedding was with a white guy; and things didn’t last that much.

Akothee’s previous marriages have given her 5 kids. And she has spent most of her time raising her three daughters; who have turned out to be very successful. But the intriguing thing is that Akothee has actually dated more than her daughters, who are the youngins who should be hopping from one relationship to another.

Akothee’s first marriage with Jared Okello lasted for five-years.

The ex-couple has three daughters and Akothee who’s never been shy to share her past on social media also shared a throwback photo of her wedding to the Okello. She further clarified that either was free to re-marry.

Akothee’s Wedding

Akothee is ready yet again to settle and give it a try once more. She has shared that she will be getting married to Omosh on 10th next month. Via her Insta stories, she shared snippets of her wedding venue while she was doing an inspection. She expressed her exuberance over the imminent wedding.



Akothee’s Husband Leaves Her To Go Abroad

Akothee has been deeply in love with her mzungu bae for a while. But her impeccable love for white men can’t go un-noticed. She has managed to date a couple of them. And even got married & divorced to them.

But her current boyfriend Omosh has dearly swept him off her feet. Akothee has lamented over his departure and claims that he’s going to come back to her.

“Guys marriage works . Omosh left yesterday afternoon and I feel like he left last month , I didn’t want to eat alone ,so I went and had dinner with my sister & her family who lives next to me , today I only ate lunch because my mother was visiting, now I have no passion to cook because I can’t eat alone. Can’t go to my sister its raining and I am lazy & tired
My chef is on leave and my hubby not here , life is difficult.

I made a mistake to tell Omosh I can’t eat alone.
Now he has booked his flight ,instead of two weeks ,he will come back in 5 days . Eeee mapenziiiii ,
Nani atakuja kukaa na mimi Hadi Omosh arudi,” she wrote.

Akothee has been gushing over Omosh for a while and it seems that they’ll be in love for a while. But will her return?


Will Akothee’s Daughters Follow Her Footsteps Despite Being Successful?

Self-proclaimed President of single mothers Esther Akoth is celebrating her daughter Fancy Makadia for being the latest graduate in her household.

The mother of one has emotionally narrated how her divorce immensely affected her daughter Makadia while she was still young.

”This is one of my children who was terribley affected by my divorce 😭😭😭, prudence was tight with her father
@fancy_makadia stopped seeing her father at the age of 4 , she couldn’t understand why she doesn’t see her father nor talk to him🤔 On several occasions I had to buy sim card ,switch it off and pretend to be calling her father , I lied Alot to cover the pain, Ohh Dad has travelled to Rwanda he is not in the country , because at this time her father had moved on with another family and our phone calls were bothering him. The feed backs were hurting so I could not tell the kids He doesn’t want to talk to us. When I met papa Ojwang ,Prudence was still young and needed a father , but hey Papa Never wanted a child that is not his to call him DAD 😭😭😭. HE Told me clearly, I am not their father my son is Ojwang 🤔🙏💔 you know the Name DAD Comes with responsibility which he dint want . So when I met DOMINIQUE Wuon Oyoo 🙏 he embraced my Children and @fancy_makadia found a DAD .She was and still is Dominic’s favorite child from my children 🙏 If we want something from Dad we send prudence before Oyoo was born 💪🤣🤣”

Akothee continued to narrate how successful Makadia has become despite the hardships.

”I took her to braeburn after we realized she was being bullied in Ulanda girls ,she is a soft spoken girl, with very few words . She finalised her form 6 in braeburn and I took her to France ,I was afraid she is too fragile to survive in Kenya. I admitted her in a language school in France for a year before she joined University where she has graduated with Bachelors degree in Tourism & hotel management
She already secured a job and doing her masters now 🙏
My Daughter has made me Soo proud that I couldn’t keep this story .
The journey of master your life.

Akothee is among the numerous single mums who have thrived in making their children successful. But her antics in hopping from one man to another is obnoxious. Her daughters might end up following her footsteps; replacing men here & there. She should re-consider her behaviour for the sake of her children.


Akothee Should Let Her Daughters Date Her Mzungu Boyfriend

Akothee is on the verge of getting married for the 3rd time; And yet again, it’s a white man who’s up for her hand in marriage.

Despite having a previous tumultuous relationship with several men, Akothee claims that her new white boyfriend is ‘the one’ since he has made her happy ever since they met while they were on vacation.

According to Akothee, the fella doesn’t want to waste time to marry her. She even flaunted photos of her bride price negotiations and stated that she’s set to get married to ‘Omosh’.

Akothee admitted to hospital

Bear in mind Akothee claims to be a role model to her children. But actually, her daughters have not had controversies when it comes to relationships- unlike Akothee who hops from one relationship to another carelessly.

Like Kibe claims, her daughters should be the ones to be falling in love numerous times to learn the pros & cons of the relationships. And their mum should only focus on their upbringing & her businesses.

Either way, Akothee never cares what people have to say about her: but only focuses on her happiness. For now, she’s claiming that she found the love of her life and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. But the big question remains- will this one end in premium tears like her previous relationships?


If you know, you know! Akothee introduces boyfriend to the ‘green lodge’ and he likes it

Singer Akothee has been having lots of fun with her new found love and we cant blame her for that. Lately she has been sharing nothing but happy posts on social media and despite losing her pregnancy a few weeks back – she’s back to entertaining her man.

So, if i may ask when was the last time you had fun with your spouse? Like have some cute fun and games just to keep things spiced up? I bet you don’t remember but thanks to Akothee, she gets to remind you how love feels in the money moon months.

As seen on a new post, Akothee brings out her kienyeji side by introducing her caucasian fiancé, Omondi to the green lodge….if you know you know….and its just hilarious coming from the mother of 5. Imagine at 40 years, Akothee still behaves like post teen and we love it….i mean who wants boring when you can get extra with Akothee?

Akothee showing Omondi her kienyeji side

Well, since many dont know what the green lodge means then watching Akothee’s new video might just help you figure what that means….not forgetting also show you how wild she can get.

Ahh Mr OMONDI Deno ,it was just a joke Yes we called it green lodge but I never had an action here 🤣🤣🤣 Omondi weri koda @misteromosh

And you still wonder why Akothee can find love at 40 something years, yet you and your gorgeous 20 something age can’t bag a man…..inaitwa kujituma.


Akothee Is Learning The Hard Way- She Should Avoid Posting Her Private Life On Social Media

A few days ago, Akothee had a miscarriage that she has been lamenting greatly about for days. The mother of 5 was on the verge of welcoming her first born in tandem with her new mzungu bae monikered ‘Omondi’.

But their happiness was short-lived following the miscarriage. It was actually a surprise to us that Akothee hasn’t hit meno-pause yet. Either way, her love for kids is just impeccable. She has been confessing the same for months. And her dream was to add another kid to her household.

Akothee is always confident in whatever she does; until her recent loss. It drained her so much that she couldn’t help but to share.

Akothee admitted to hospital

She narrated her loss & how doctors responded to the situation;

”This was the most useless feeling
I hated my thing hunged ontop . And the doctors will just be doing their thing when I am dead 😭😭😭😭😭.
Reaching this stage was traumatic. Omondi said NO and was in total confusion.
He was wondering why I have to be taken in for D& C yet our baby already dropped into the toilet 😭😭. My darling Perez picked it I love you ma 🙏
It took Dr Ndege a whole session of cancelling Omondi on why they also have to put me into deep sleep before the procedure, as for me my only worry was that I might not wake up ,and secondly them seing my thing 🙄🙄 yet I have already lost 💔 sasa Waone kitu yangu for what ? Then I remembered mmm I just waxed a day before Omosh came ,then I remembered again shiiiit they are my fans ,then again I remembered, I need to be cleaned to be safe and again I remembered again AKOTH What doesn’t kiiiiii yu mama Makes you stronger …”, She wrote.

The disturbing thing is, one of her followers had predicted the mis-carriage. And Akothee noted the same. It seems like not everyone has good intentions. And Akothee should avoid posting her private life on social media.


Akothee Should Not Claim She’s A Role Model To Her Children

Akothee has for a long time been showing off how her children are becoming successful every year. Truth be told, their success is greatly because of the wealth that Akothee has been accumulating over the years.

Recently, Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby gifted herself an early Christmas gift;

”My first adult milestone! Seriously can’t believe she’s mine!! Merry Christmas to me 🥰🥰We look good together..,” She wrote upon flaunting her new ride.

Akothee couldn’t keep calm about it. The mother of 5 reposted and congratulated her daughter for achieving the milestone.


”Eee this generation will kill me tikli, so this is how you guys introduce your new machine , hata kama ,Eee
Tuhamie wapi Kenya imekuwa hot… Soo proud for the children I have brought up . While your agemates are hovering from one club to other ,hanging around mubabas for Alcohol and holidays, my children be culculating moves . Aiiii…”

Akothee's daughter Cellion Dion Okello aka Rue Baby splashes millions on new car | Pulselive Kenya

She continued to claim that she’s a role model to her children.

NA hii SI ya Showbiz.”

The peculiar thing about her sentiments is that she’s mostly dealing with men and how they treat her; not forgetting a couple of scandals that she’s indulged herself into. Her numerous rants on social media are also conspicuous, unlike her children, who tend to be calm and reserved. It’s no secret that she’s not the ideal role model to her children.