Sandra Dacha Should Pick On Someone Her Own Size Or Get Cheated On Again

Sandra Dacha and Akuku Danger are one couple with different desires. For now, all we can discern from their tumultuous relationship is Sandra is more into Akuku Danger more than he is for her. The danger that comes with it is, she will always go back to him over & over.

The voluptuous socialite recently complained about Akuku Danger cheating on him. And this wasn’t the first time the jester took her for a ride by seeing other women.

“First, it was your wife I understood and even agreed to be your dish and now this!!!????????Honestly Kuks, hata mimi nimechoka. Enough is enough!! Guys Wanaume hutakanga Nini? Coz this is too much for me. Whoever sent me this video thank you very much, I now know the kind of man I have been dealing with,” Dacha wrote.

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Time To Change Preference

Akuku Danger unveiled his wife and son in July this year after he was discharged from Nairobi West hospital where he had been admitted for weeks.

Dacha angrily reacted to a photo that Akuku shared when he introduced his wife and son to the public for the first time.

A few days later after her complaint, Dacha is still dating Akuku Danger even though he’s a married man.

They were spotted together again. And her caption said it all

”Sasa hata siwezi kalia bae kwa amani? We demand respect!????”

Dacha is now risking her love life since she has been tolerating him for cheating. He will obviously do it again knowing that Dacha will be back to him. It’s high time she keeps that in mind and find another guy to date.

Akuku Danger Responds To Sandra Dacha’s Cheating Allegations

Actress Sandra Dacha is fed up with Akuku Danger for his recent actions. And to add salt to the injury, she has decided to call it quits with the jester.

According to Sandra, Akuku Danger has been on a cheating spree which she has been tolerating, including having a wife & kid without letting her know.

The actress recently took to her Instagram to call out the comedian for dancing with another woman.

”First, it was your wife I understood and even agreed to be your dish and now this!!!????????
Honestly Kuks, hata mimi nimechoka.
Enough is enough!!
Guys Wanaume hutakanga Nini? Coz this is too much for me.
Whoever sent me this video thank you very much, I now know the kind of man i have been dealing with.”

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Akuku Danger Responds

Akuku’s response was imminent in order to sort things out with Sandra Dacha. And in his response in a recent interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, the funnyman claimed the dance was just for fun. Akuku Danger continued to purport he has tried to call several times to sort things out but his effort have ended in a cul de sac. He however, apologized, promised to make it up to Dacha and confessed his undying love for her. Akuku Danger claimed that Dacha is still disappointed and even left his house.


Sandra Dacha Heartbroken By Akuku Danger’s Video Dancing With Another ‘Thick’ Woman (Video)

Akuku Danger’s love for thick women is way too conspicuous. And the fact that he claims ‘dawa ya balloon ni sindano’ , it’s no doubt considering that they ironically love him back. His girlfriend Sandra Dacha has been with him for several months; through thick and thin, literally. Sandra was there with him while he was ailing and losing weight after falling ill.

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Done And Dusted

Couple: Sandra Dacha with boyfriend, Akuku Danger

But it seems like all that sacrifice is going unappreciated. Sandra recently took to her Instagram to rant following a viral video of Akuku Danger dancing with an unidentified thick woman. She bashed Akuku Danger for his actions; adding that she had tolerated him for revealing he had a wife & kid whom she had not introduced to her.

”First, it was your wife I understood and even agreed to be your dish and now this!!!????????”

Sandra went wild and claimed she’s done and dusted with Akuku Danger;

”Honestly Kuks, hata mimi nimechoka.”
Enough is enough!!
Guys Wanaume hutakanga Nini? Coz this is too much for me.
Whoever sent me this video thank you very much, I now know the kind of man i have been dealing with.”

Akuku Danger and Sandra’s chemistry has for a long time impressed netizens, and the dissolution of their relationship means we’ll no longer be seeing their hilarious skits together.

Sandra Dacha hints at possible wedding to boyfriend, Akuku Danger

It has definitely been a minute since Sandra Dacha and boyfriend Akuku Danger made news. Actually last we heard about the two is back when Sandra Dacha had asked the fella to impregnate her….and we’re still waiting to see how that went down.

Sandra Dacha on why she dates married men

However before that, looks like the couple has some plans to settle down meaning they could hold a wedding just before the year ends. This is after Sandra Dacha shared a photo from a bridal party and judging from the caption – it’s either she’s getting married or just wants to get married as soon as possible.

Well knowing that Akuku Danger already has another wife living back in the village, I guess it’s only fair to understand why Sandra Dacha wants to the title ‘wife’ so bad. I mean, after everything they’ve been through together, wouldn’t you also want to know your position in his life is permanent?

Akuku Danger with wife and son

Age not on her side

Although marriage isn’t something most young women are rushing into, it’s different when you hit 30 plus and still have never been in a serious relationship.

Well looking at Dacha age, I bet she’s also realized that times moving really fast; and to avoid spending the rest of her life by herself – I guess throwing hints at potential husband is what she’s left with. No?

Anyway hopefully she gets her wishes fulfilled but then again, if Akuku Danger really wanted to settle down I’m guessing by now he would have done it.

Alaaaa! Akuku Danger agrees to impregnate Sandra Dacha but only under one condition

Looks like Sandra Dacha and boyfriend are planning to have a baby soon. This comes a few days after the actress went on to publicly request bae to impregnate her – a caption that many Nairobi ladies can’t relate with.

Akuku Danger with wife and son

Aje sasa? But as you already know, Sandra Dacha is the kind of person that careless about what people think or say about her. Anyway asking her man, Akuku Danger to plant a seed inside her – she wrote;

Aaaaaaaw i also feel like getting pregnant! @itsakukudanger ebu fanya mamboz????????‍♀️????????????????????????

If it does happen, then this will be Sandra Dacha’s second baby since she already has a son from a previous relationship. Being one who shares personal information on her social media pages – it’s actually surprising to see that she barely talks about her baby daddy. Mmmh I wonder why.

Akuku Danger agrees to impregnating girlfriend

Well – since Akuku Danger already has a family of his own back in the village; he also confirmed to be dating Sandra Dacha who he lives with in Nairobi.

Responding to his girlfriend’s request on impregnating her, Akuku Danger wrote back saying;

Bora uniongezee njugu kwa diet. Nimechoka na nduma

Not sure why he has a condition to her request – but clearly there’s an inside joke to his response and only his girl can gerrit. Gerrit?

Sandra Dacha not leaving her married boyfriend despite him flaunting wife & son online

Big machine aka Sandra Dacha may be dating a married man, Akuku Danger and incase you thought she’d dump him after he introduced his wife to the world….then you’re wrong because she isn’t going anywhere. Crazy huh.

Akuku Danger with wife and son

Well, if you happen to how bad the ratio of men to women in the world is – you wouldn’t crucify Sandra Dacha for sticking around Akuku Danger. Men are currently scarce and the fact that women have to compete with fellow men for men – makes it even worse.

Anyway thanks to a recent interview on Radio Maisha, the actress got address a post she’d earlier shared asking her man to minimize the rate he was posting his wife on his social media pages. The post read;

I know I am your side chick but Mannerson kindly limit the way you are posting your wife.

And I’m like damnnnn guuuuurl … you knew he is married?

Fun and games

With such a post from the side chic, it’s obvious that Sandra Dacha felt some type of way; but according to her interview – she feels like fans misunderstood her point.

I just said that casually. You know the problem with many Kenyans is that they really love gossip.

Please help us understand Sandra, what did you really mean.

Anyway speaking about her post the lass went on to say;

It was just a caption.


I said, ‘Please I know I am your side chic but please Manason limit the way you post your wife’ Just that. What do you think I told him when I said that? I have not said that I am his mistress.

Mmmh where I come from that’s called plain side chic jealousy. Let me explain why. Imagine you… the other woman telling your shared man to limit how he posts his wife? How? On what grounds? Is he your son? Pet?

Isn’t it obvious that him not leaving her is proof that he still wants her. Maybe not like the first first time – but either way he still and clearly wants her. But judging from Sandra reaction it’s either wasongeane ama mwenye amefinywa ajitoe.

Akuku Danger Speaks On His Relationship With Actress Sandra Dacha

Comedian Akuku Danger and actress Sandra Dacha, popularly known as Silprosa for her role in Auntie Boss Tv program; have always left tongues wagging with their intimate, yet conspicuous relationship.

How often have we seen them commenting on each other’s Instagram posts, with love heart emoji’s or with the ‘Babe’ word? Well, it’s needless to say that the two might be an item.

Additionally, the fact that they often spend time together dancing and making comic videos together; keeps us guessing even more.

Sandra Dacha's Video Elicits Reactions On Social Media | Kenya Breaking News
Akuku Danger and Sandra Dacha dancing-Google

Nevertheless, Sandra Dacha’s previous relationship ended in the most naïve manner. According to the actress, her ex dumped her just because she could afford better things than him, including a bigger fridge than his.

Friends Or Lovers?

Anyway, Akuku Danger has now disclosed that both of them are set to answer netizen’s most asked question about them; whether they’re dating or not.

Speaking on SPM Buzz YouTube channel, he says;

”Hio swali watu wanauliza… Is she your real girlfriend? This week tutakuwa tuna make our reveal. You guys stay tuned. Watch on our page… We will be making that announcement. So you guys chill. Tutakuwa tunawajibu hiyo swali. On my page and on Sandra’s page.”

I bet they will make a good couple. Let’s just wait for the big announcement.