Jalang’o explains how he started wearing his “blouse” and green suit that Kenyans are very familiar with now 

Radio host Jalang’o is usually identified by his green suit. The suit is always worn with an animal print trademark blouse that all his fans are also used to.


The comedian recently explained how he came up with his signature dress code. According to Jalango, it wasn’t planned at all and he really just needed to get on stage fast when he happened to pick the blouse.

“About this shirt. I only have 1..Ok about this blouse! First it is made of siphon…is that the right word? So we were acting at the national theatre and I was late to change and get into my next scene so I picked anything to just wear….I picked this blouse that belonged to arigi…everyone laughed when I got on stage….As they say the rest is_______________?,” He said on Instagram.

Jalango gave me Ksh 6000 and started telling everyone how he helped my career- Otile and Jalas recount beef 

Singer Otile Brown and presenter Jalang’o have finally addressed their beef.

Apparently, the two have been fighting because when Otile was starting out as an artist, Jalango kept telling guys that he helped him build his career while in real sense, he only gave him Ksh 6000.

Jalang’o felt that Otile was being too proud and since then he stopped communicating to him. The two however made up recently during the radio show saying it was all a misunderstanding.

“Mimi na ndugu yangu huyu ni kama pia tuko na grudge! Na leo nataka tuizungumze, we are finishing everything today,”Otile said.

“Wakati Wakhungu alikuwa anasoma news hapa na furahi kuwa mumeweza kumazila differences zenu na sasa mambo yako sawa. I like how you deal with your issues kiutu uzima sana. And with that spirit utaenda mbali sana,” said Mwakideu.


Both artists were thankful that they have managed to put the beef aside and focus on growth.

Otile said, “Nashukuru kwamba tumeweza kuongea na mambo yetu yamekwendasawa.

To which Jalang’o added, “Kabisa sai tuko tayari kufanya kazi pamoja and I can’t wait for your next project.”

Jalang’o,like many other Kenyans, is tired of Ringtone’s online theatrics: Please go back to singing

Comedian and radio host Jalang’o has gotten tired of Ringtone’s increasing online drama and is now urging him to go back to making music.

Ringtone started in a low gear when he first said he wanted to marry Zari Hassan.

Since then, it has been one controversial post after another something that has angered a section of Kenyans.

Jalang’o, who also blasted him when he claimed he wanted to buy a Range Rover for Zari, attacked him for his side shows on social media.


He also claimed that Ringtone has been faking a lot of things on social media including warning letters that he has been getting from his Runda community.

“Ringtone Apoko can you please stop your dramas and sing. Please stop your jokes and sing. Ringtone stop your side shows just sing. You should also do away with these things of writing warning letters to yourself, you are the chairman, the residents, your cows, the secretary, just sing,” Jalas said. 

Vitisho tu! They said i’ll die after building my mum a house. I’m still waiting- Jalang’o 

Radio host Jalong’o has revealed that building a house for his mum was surrounded by a lot of controversy.

Speaking on radio, Jalang’o told fellow host Alex Mwakideu that after his father passed away, he decided to build his mother a house but was told it was against Luo traditions.


Many people told him that he’ll die in the process but Jalango brushed them off and decided to secure a better future for his mum. Jalang’o explained that according to the Luo, it was taboo for him to build her house and flouting it meant courting death.

The comedian said that he went on and bought land and built his mother a house, but he is still waiting to die.

Here’s what he said:

Mwakideu mimi naweza kwambia hakuna kitu kama uganga. Hakuna kitu kama hiyo. Sijawahi amini kwa sababu unajua kuna zile tamaduni za ndani kabisa ambazo watu wanakuambia hii haiwezi fanyika kabla hii ifanyike. Kama wajaluo tuko na utamaduni mwingi sana ya kwanza ilikuwa siwezi mjengea mamangu nyumba. Nikawaambia kama mungu ambaye namatumikia ataniua kwa sababu nimemjengea mamangu nyumba, wacha nife. Mpaka sahii nangoja kufa kwa sababu nimemjengea mamangu nyumba. Kwa sababu wanasema kijana mkubwa ndio anafanya sijui nini na unapomjengea kwa sababu babako alikufa lazima apate mzee mwingine ndio awe mzee wa kambo ndio aweze kumtoa mama kwa nyumba yake kwenda kwa hio ingine… So mimi na kichwa yangu mbaya nikamnunulia mamangu shamba na nikamjengea watu wa kijiji wakalia najiingiza kwa shida nikawaambia wacha nife. Mpaka sahii niko na wewe hapa,” he narrated.

Jalang’o: The same day I got my very first gig at Kiss 100 is the same day my dad died 

Milele FM Radio host Jalang’o has opened up on the emotional day he got his first big job on radio.

According the comedian who is now one of the best paid in Kenya, he got the job and before he could actually celebrate, he received another from his mum breaking the sad news to him that his father had died.

“When my dad died he told me one thing, I have a letter from my dad before he died because I could not even afford to go bury my dad when he died. The same day I got my very first gig at Kiss 100 is the same day my dad died. Caroline called me and told me Jalang’o you are replacing Nyambane when she hung up my mom called and told me your dad is gone. That’s how sad it was for me,” he narrated.

Missed opportunities

Recently, Jalango also confessed that he was chased away from Maseno High School due to lack of fee. This made his dad break down to tears after his son missed a chance to join one of the best National schools in Kenya.

Jalang’o: I came to Nairobi as a househelp and one of my uncles showed me how use cookers

Comedian Jalang’o’s entry into the entertainment industry was not easy and he to persevere a lot in order to make a name for himself.

The comedian, who is currently one of the most payed in Kenya, opened up of how he first landed to Nairobi as a house help.

Speaking on Chipukeezy Show ON Ebru TV, Jalang’o opened up that his uncle showed him how to handle a few kitchen appliance when he arrived.

The Milele FM breakfast show presenter said that his uncle had promised to get a job but hadn’t mentioned what type of work it will be.

”I came to Nairobi as a househelp. One of my uncles invited me to Nairobi, after arriving he showed me how use cookers and other household chores. After two weeks, he chased everyone from the house and I was the one left to do all the chores in the house,” Jalang’o revealed. 


Recounting his journey, Jalas went on to add that even dispite his tough start, he kept soldering on because he new what he wanted all a long. He wanted to be an actor.

“But I did not stop because I knew what I wanted. I knew I had me myself and I,” he added. 

Jalang’o: Otile Brown is a very lucky man. Anakula pazuri

Comedian Jalang’o is settling down in his new home Milele FM where he’s now been reunited with his friend Alex Mwakidue.

The comedian during his show, spoke about Otile Brown and Vera Sidika’s love saying that the two are now a power couple.

Lucky man

Despite many thinking Otile is in a shaky relationship that might end up with tears any time after Vera dumps him, Jalang’o said that the singer is one lucky guy to have Vera.

“Nikiskia hii wimbo inaniambia jinsi mapenzi ni kitu mzito sana. Love is a very deep thing usichukulie mapenzi hivi hivi. Otile na Vera wameonyesha hivo jamani… Kwa wale wanoshangaa Otile ni nani? Otile ni mwanamziki ambaye amebobea sana na Vera ni mama yao!” said Jalas after playing their song Baby love.

He went on:

“Otile anakula pazuri , ushaiskia mahali pema peponi? Ndio hiyo sasa.” leaving that day’s guest Nairobi senator Sakaja and his co-host Mwakideu laughing out loud. 

Jalang’o: The reason why I left t Alex Mwakideu was because of money

Comedian Jalang’o has been hoping around radio stations lately, with Milele FM being his latest home. At Milele, the comedian rejoined his friend Alex Mwakideu who he worked with at Radio Maisha before he ditched him for Hot 96.

Jalas recently opened up on why he ditched the station and his friend behind saying money came in between them. The offer was so sweet that Jalango had to leave.

Blame money

“What happened is when I left Maisha and he stayed there we only left the Maisha we did not leave the friendship.” he said.

“So I think if there is one person I hang out with is still Alex even when we were apart and guys kept on asking now you guys why are you lying to us that you are not together anymore you need to get yourselves back here. But anyway my reason for leaving Alex was very very simple. It was money. So I went somewhere where I was needed not where I was loved,” he stated.



Did Size 8 and DJ Mo finally listened to Jalang’o? Size 8’s new song might make you think so 

Singer Size 8 and comedian Jalang’o recently locked horns as each tried to prove how a “proper” gospel song should sound. While Jalang’o was very much against the new funny funny titled songs we are are seeing of late, “Mateke” singer Size 8 believed the songs were just fine and Jalang’o was just hating.


Judging from her new music, maybe she finally agreed with Jalas and decided to record a song that doesn’t fall in the Jigi Jigi and KDF categories that many have been bashing lately.

The singer has released a worship song called “Arise” which fans are totally loving. The song has been produced by DJ Mo and video done by TrueD Pictures.

Watch the song below:



Jalang’o shows off his new completed house in up-country and it’s marvelous (photos)  

Celebrated radio personality and comedian Felix Odiwour alias Jalang’o a few months ago took to social media to share that he’s building mansion back in his home village, Siaya.

Well, it’s now completed.

Taking to social media yet again, the well-paid presenter who has been getting deals left right and center, shared photos of his completed mansion.

First house

Simba, as he called it, is a house boys usually build in their parent’s compound in Nyanza and Western traditions. In most cases, it’s just a simple house that the male children sleep in whenever they visit their parents.


In one of the photos, he captioned, “Simba is that first house you build in shags… The boys cave.”  In another photo he captioned, “Shags… Simba. The small projects that just make you happy.”

Jalang’o simba is a whole mansion and looks like it has several bedrooms. Here are the photos he posted.

Jalang’o forced to call a chopper after almost being washed away by floods at Isinya (photos)

Radio presenter Jalang’o on Tuesday was forced to request a chopper from a friend in Nairobi after a scary scene which almost saw him washed away by floods while traveling back from Isinya.

The Hot 96 FM presenter shared with Jeff Koinange, his fellow host at Hot 96, that he had to order a flat bed to come and pick up his BMW X6 from Isinya because the roads became impassable. He added that he was almost washed away at one point after sinking into a deep hole.

Couldn’t travel back in time

He told Koinannge that he missed their morning show because of the incident and that he had to spend a night at Enchipai cottages before he could request the chopper which came way later on.

Here are the photos of the chopper picking him up:



Chipukeezy finally replaces Jalang’o after he left morning radio show

It has been almost a year now since radio presenter Jalang’o decamped from Radio Maisha to Hot 96 FM to team up with veteran journalist Jeff Koinange.

Radio Maisha looked for a suitable replacement for a while but weren’t as successful but it seems they have now found another comedian who might fill Jalas’ shoes.

Comedian Chipukeezy has officially announced that he’ll be joining presenter Alex Mwakideu in the morning show a thing that will bring back his radio career.

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Starting on Wednesday

Chipukeezy left Kiss 100 to focus on comedy last year in March. He did a few tours but things later seemed to have stagnated therefore deciding to return to radio. On his social media pages, Chipukeezy said that he’s set to start his new job on Wednesday( tomorrow) after sharing a poster which has all Radio Maisha presenters.

Chipukeezy worked for three years at Kiss FM before resigning.

Here is what he posted:

Yeeeeees New assignment Alex Mwakideo na chipukeezy kila asubuhi kwenye MAISHA ASUBUHI itakua NDiAMBO SANA @alex_mwakideu Niko njiani bro nikitoka hapa kwa Trump Tupatane Hewani this Wednesday..Wahenga wakale walisema chamkufuu Huu has na hakila huu ni kigeugeu 


The real reason why Jalango left Radio Maisha finally revealed…trust me you never saw this coming

On Friday we joined Jalango in celebrating his last day at Radio Maisha after a cool 4 years. He made the announcement in a heartfelt message posted on his instagram directed to his co hosts Alex Mwakideu and DJ Wesley who was also leaving the station.

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The reason for his departure was crowded in mystery but the truth is finally out or rather we suppose it is. We tried uncovering the mystery weeks back when Martin Odour revealed he was heading to Hot 96 but unfortunately that never came into fruition as Radio Maisha gave him a counter offer and retained him.

As revealed by Business Today however, the big political boys later came calling and there was no way Jalango was going to resist the offer.

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As the publication revealed, the MC cum event organizer is scheduled to join Joho and Anyang Nyongo’s political teams where he’s supposed to offer his expertise on matters communication, strategy, events and propaganda; not quite sure how that last point works.

Under what capacity he’ll be doing this is not quite clear but keep it here for more of the juice!