Now famous Otile forced to expose night club using his name to make money behind his back 

Singer Otile Brown has exposed a popular night club that has been using his name without his consent.

The singer, who is now famous more than ever, took to IG to blast a popular club in Busia Town called One On One, that was claiming the singer would be performing there on 4th, 2018.


He promised to take legal action on the club that might have made millions already from other such lies.

“Fraud Fraud Fraud .. Busia msiibiwe bure Sijui kuhusu hii Show .. and the club that is doing this , it’s so wrong and you’ll be held responsible when we decide to take legal action,” shared Otile Brown on Instagram.

He shared the posters of the club on his social media to prove that it was fake.

Otile Brown’s TBT photo leaves Kenyans laughing and finally believing ‘you aren’t ugly just broke’

Otile Brown’s photo way as a young kid has left many in stitches from his ashy looks. Many times Kenyans have used ‘you aren’t ugly just broke’ to explain how celebs have changed once they get money.

Otile Brown’s photo is the perfect example.


He was born and raised in the coastal city of Mombasa. He is the last born in a family of five – three brothers and one sister. Otile discovered his talent at tender age of 12. He started singing and writing music at age 13. Once he stepped into Nairobi, the singer has really changed and now that he’s with Vera Sidika, expect nothing but more changes.

Here’s the photo:

Better cooperate or else “dus nyao”! Fans react to Timmy Tdat’s arrest

Controversial singer Timmy Tdat on Friday found himself fighting with the law after breaking a traffic rule. The singer, who has just released a new song titled Magaldem, was arrested and locked up at Parklands Police Station for several hours in the morning for a traffic offense he committed.

A fan shared a clip of his arrested which has the singer being roughed up by police.

“I made a wrong turn while exiting a petrol station without knowing the police were around. They followed me and after stopping they wanted to handcuff me hence the scuffle. Luckily, there was someone who recognised me and took a video and shared it on social media,” said Timmy later on 10 over 10 during an interview.


His arrested was turned to yet another funny affair by KOT who posted a string of comments on the video.

Here’s what Kenyans said.

Timmy: I won’t name the MP or her daughter in my video. I don’t more want trouble

After word emerged that singer Timmy tdat is in hot soup after a daughter of a very prominent MP from central Kenya appeared in his upcoming video, the singer has come out to clearly state that he won’t name either of the two.

No re-shooting

This is after an interview with the Star Newspaper where the singer spoke about the whole issue surrounding his new video saying that the Central Kenya MP has asked him to reedit the video after finding out his daughter is dirty dancing in several scenes. Timmy has said he won’t redo the video.

“Siwezi shoot tena. Mimi nimelipa director na cameramen. Sasa mimi ningejuaje ni mtoi wa MP? Niko na time gani ya kuenda kuuliza dem buda yako ni nani? Bora ako na haga fresh na anakaa fiti,” he said in the interview.

Asked whether he will name the daughter on the MP, the singer quickly recoiled.

“Unataka kuniingiza tena kwa ngori ingine? Sitaki kumpea mileage. Unataka nishikwe na heart attack wewe?”


Central Kenya MP forces Timmy to halt releases of new song after daughter makes cameo as a vixen 

Singer Timmy tdat is currently between a rock and a hard place after an MP from central Kenya has ordered him not to release his upcoming song until he edits out a family member.

According to Mseto, the MP has an issue with Timmy’s song after word reached him that his daughter is a vixen in the video. We all know how Timmy’s history with women has been. In two words: NOT GOOD.

Pay for the changes

Speaking to Pulse Live, Timmy however, said he’s not changing anything and the MP will need to pay him first because he has invested heavily on the video. The daughter is said to be a law student.

“I’ll release the video as I have invested too much money in it. Plus I contracted an agency and they came with the vixens. You can’t ask too many questions when it comes to videos all I know is that the models are contracted from a modelling agency, so I had no way of knowing who she really was on set,” He said.


“I told him I’m going to release the video as scheduled with all due respect. They will have to compensate me in double, for the time and money. If they refund double, I will shoot a video without the chic as editing her out of the current video will disrupt the flow as she features prominently. I can’t cut her out , you just don’t do things like that.”

Otile Brown compares Timmy Tdat to a big mouthed woman who can’t shut up!

We are yet to find out what happened between Timmy Tdat and Otile Brown for them to fight. So far the two have been exchanging bitter words on social media but something about their fight seems staged.

Anyway, in a new post shared by Otile Brown the singer refers to Timmy Tdat as a big mouthed woman who talks too much! This is after the Kasabun artist apparently shared details about their fight with a few people.

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Timmy Tdat lying

According to Otile Brown, the details being shared by Timmy Tdat are false and unreliable. He goes on to challenge him to speak the truth that’s if he is confident enough to reveal the reason they fought.

Thanks Shaffie and Prezzo

The coast raised singer lastly thanks Shaffie and Prezzo for intervening before he did something bad to Timmy Tdat! He wrote saying;