4 African Countries Where Women Risk Death In The Search Of The Perfect Butt

January 03, 2019 at 08:40
4 African Countries Where Women Risk Death In The Search Of The Perfect Butt

It has become a big time fashion for a lady to have big butts in most part of the world including Africa.

As such cosmetics and beauty industry is now one of the most profit making industries across

the globe.

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These industries are now cashing in big on products that leave women feeling and looking good.

Several products are launched day and night, all trying to outdo each other to give women that

perfect look when stepping out. With social media giving people the opportunity to show the

world what they are up to, many women feel pressured to constantly look good or better than

other women in the room. Consequently, many resort to different procedures, including plastic surgeries.

In recent times butt augmentation has turned out as the most popular surgery for women

seeking the perfect body shape. The procedure involves taking fat from an unwanted

part of the body and injecting it into the buttocks.

But as is the reality, there are grave side effects to the use of such products or butt implants.

Earlier in 2018, Steve Harvey interviewed popular surgeons Paul Nassif and Dr Dubrow

from the Botched. They shared harrowing details about the dangers and effects of butt augmentations.

According to Dr Dubrow, the procedure is one of the most dangerous in the world that could

cause death if not done well.

We however bring you 4 African in which women risk death in search of big butts:

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South Africa

South Africa is one of the worlds preferred destinations for plastic surgeries and augmentations.

According to jetsettimes.com, the country is the 9th most preferred countries for plastic surgery

procedures. In October 2018, businessinsider.co.za posted an article about the alarming

increase of women’s interest in butt augmentation which costs between R75,000 and R100,000.


In Congo, a woman with a huge butt is seen as more attractive and beautiful and this perception

has led many women in the country feel the need to fit into the standard expectation of beauty.

The more disturbing factor when it comes to Congo is that women are not able to afford proper

butt augmentation and have resorted to using chicken stock injections as an alternative.

The procedure which seems to work for many is twice more dangerous than the proper

procedure has been said to be.


Nigeria is no stranger to plastic surgery and butt augmentation is no different.

Many celebrities including the very confident actress, Tonto Dike, have come out to talk

about her cosmetic surgeries after suffering from depression due to her post-partum body.

More recently, socialite Toke Makinwa has been accused of having a butt augmentation

procedure after going under the radar for a few weeks and suddenly coming back on the

scene with a larger behind.

For the many who cannot afford the procedure, using butt enlargement creams and taking in

pills have become very popular alternative putting lives at a higher risk with products that

have not been recommended by health authorities.


Just like Nigeria, pills and creams that help give a rounder and fuller butt are fast selling in

Ghana. With the constant need for a perfect butt, many Ghanaian women are resorting to have

a one-time butt augmentation rather than continue taking pills and using creams that take

a longer time to have an effect on the user.

According to Dr Kwasi Debra, a Ghanaian cosmetic surgeon, he performs close to 10 butt

augmentation in the country for women from all works of life and is the most popular cosmetic

procedure in the country.


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