Six Packs Won’t Pay Your Bills – Actress

August 29, 2018 at 09:00
Six Packs Won't Pay Your Bills - Actress

Budding actress Belinda Sefakor Dzata, has revealed that she is not so concerned with the physical looks of any man she would like to call her husband.

According to the “Heels and Sneakers” actress, she would look for a friend in a man she would want to marry.

The voluptuous actress made this revelation in interview with Ayisha on SVTV AFRICA.

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“I believe in friendship because friendship would make the marriage bloom as there would be nothing hidden in the marriage.” the actress explained

She however revealed that she does not consider things like a man with six packs, a tall or better still a well-built man.

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Belinda explains that the physical appearance of a man won’t pay the bills and cater for the home.

“Would six packs pay your bills, people just don’t know how to pick a partner and end up picking trouble” Belinda added

Miss Dzata advised young ladies to look out for a friend and not put money as a must in whoever they want to marry.

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