Actress Who Went Seven Years Without ‘Dross’ Launches Yeast Infection Campaign

September 13, 2017 at 09:52
Actress Who Went Seven Years Without 'Dross' Launches Yeast Infection Campaign

Ghanaian actress Blanche Worae wants ladies not to wear underwear. According to the actress this will prevent ladies from catching yeast infections if they go without pant. The actress who claims she last wore a panty seven years ago, argues this will ensure ladies stay healthy.

Speaking at a short ceremony to outdoor the Blanch Foundation’s ‘Operation Remove Your Dross’ crusade, the actress disclosed that the female sex organ is a sensitive part of the body, which needs a breathing space, but ladies deprive it of this chance hence the campaign.


She noted that her campaign will encourage ladies 18 years and above not to wear panties. She says this will prevent the spread of yeast in the female organ. “I Blanche Worae ( Baby Blanche) and my foundation can say on authority without fear a lady without panties can leave a healthier life. So am entreating all Ghanaian ladies to join me in going pantiless for healthy life.”

Meanwhile, according to a family Physician, Dr Grace Obon, “too much moist in the female organ area can lead to vaginal yeast infection, most commonly due to the fungus candida albicans which can be detrimental to the hygienic sustenance of the female organ.”
Source: http://yen.com.gh

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  1. This is crazy

  2. I like tis lady so much

  3. No panties sounds good to me,it is too hot out here

  4. Yeast is killing us,i support you girl

  5. If it works,why not lets all try this

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