Current Crop Of Artistes Are Arrogant – Kwaisey Pee

March 01, 2019 at 08:40
Current Crop Of Artistes Are Arrogant - Kwaisey Pee

Highlife artiste, Kwaisey Pee has said many of the current crop of Ghanaian artistes are arrogant.

Kwaisey Pee in an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM said these young artistes feel big

and think they know everything.


He explained it is also difficult to get some of the new artistes to feature in a song.

“They give lots of excuses and always talk about being busy. I have some songs I want to feature some of them on so I have to wait till they are less busy,” he told KMJ host of the show.

The “Mehia Odo” singer further noted that the arrogance of new artistes is destroying some of the indigenous Ghanaian sounds, especially highlife.

Many of the young artistes do not make an attempt to learn all there is about highlife because

they believe they know all there is, he noted.

He, however, stated what the artistes know is not closer to the “indigenous” highlife music.

Kwaisey Pee again explained;

“my father (highlife legend Ajeiku) and musicians in his time played the indigenous highlife, then George Darko, Lee Duodo and co came with the ‘Burger Highlife’. They managed to fuse in the original highlife and still made it authentic.”

According to him, Kojo Antwi and Daddy Lumba also brought their version to the highlife brand

but they stuck closer to the original sound.

“Fast forward, myself, K.K Fosu, Ofori Amponsah and others with a different vibe of our own joined the highlife brand but it was still highlife we were doing but these

young ones I think are losing it when it comes to the things that make highlife,” he added.


The musician said the young Ghanaian artistes are taking away the indigenous part of highlife

and the Nigerians who came to learn music from Ghanaians are using it instead.

“Nigerian musicians like Tekno and Flavour are doing Highlife, and we have taken sounds that do not belong to us which is corrupting our highlife sound,” Kwaisey Pee noted.

He said, young ones feel big to approach legends like Nana Ampadu and producers like Zap Mallet to learn from them.

“Every musician I worked with I asked questions I learn from them and that it’s

what has made me who I am, I don’t believe the young ones go too close to the old ones to learn,” Kwaisey Pee stated.

He added many people have also thought he is proud and arrogant but that is a misconception

“I am laid back and friendly.

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