Gender Ministry Slams Moesha Boduong

April 16, 2018 at 10:15
Gender Ministry Slams Moesha Boduong

The Ministry of Gender and Social Protection slams Moesha Boduong. Furthermore, this is for her comments on CNN. Moreover, this angered a major section of the Ghanaian populace for the past few days.

Furthermore, the minister, Otiko Djaba, slammed Moesha for her statements. This is because it painted all Ghanaian women in a manner quite objectionable on the world stage.

However, the Ministry said Moesha’s comments inaccurately portray the actions of millions of hardworking Ghanaian women.


Read full statement from the Gender Ministry


The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP) has monitored the comments made by Ms. Moesha Boduong, a Ghanaian actress, on CNN with dismay and dissatisfaction. We wish to dissociate Ghanaian women from the comments of Ms. Moesha Boduong. Ms. Moesha has the right to discuss her lifestyle on any platform. However, she doesn’t represent the multitudes of hardworking Ghanaian women putting in 10 – 18 hours a day in the fields, markets and offices across Ghana, to put food on the table, find shelter for their children and guide their families through the turbulence of life to the extraordinary vision of “A Ghana Beyond Aid”, which is within our reach.

In the face of the giant strides that women from all walks of life in Ghana are making to assert their independence, re-discover their pride and assert their self-esteem, the sweeping generalizations made by Ms. Moesha on international prime time television have invariably done great damage to Ghanaian womanhood, apart from casting Ghanaian men as predatory, uncaring and rapacious. On behalf of Ghanaian women and men, the Ministry condemns Moesha’s statements and in particular her generalizations, which are unjustified.

More from the statement from the ministry

Our outrage situates in Ms. Moesha’s presumption to tar many Ghanaian women with this mercenary behavior. She made it worse by blaming her excessive, lavish lifestyle on the economy of Ghana. Ghana is a developing country. However, her citizens are striving hard to create an environment. The environment in which all citizens can achieve their aspirations with a measure of dignity and respect. Our economy cannot be blamed if a minute minority of Ghanaians decide to live opulent, flamboyant and amoral lifestyles without any discernible means of livelihood.

Indeed, Ghanaian women are considered the engine of growth in the informal sector because of their contributions, tenacity, creativity, sacrifice and hard work in the face of all their challenges. The various Government policies, legislation and poverty reduction interventions for females since independence to date are designed to transform their lives and protect them from various abuses. This is development in progress, as we better enforce laws to reduce inequalities and strengthen institutions for equity, access to eduction, financial and productive inclusion.

We wish to appeal to our international friends and partners, especially media organizations including CNN, to respect our structures and contact established national agencies like the Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Protection, Ministry of Culture and Information when they are producing programmes on Gender and Social Issues in Ghana. We have no desire to obstruct the freedom of these media organizations in their selection of subjects and resource persons, but we believe a view from the national representative body will provide a balanced story which will do justice to the subject matter.

The final part of the statement

Finally, we wish to caution publicity-hungry actresses and socialites that while it is within their right to bask in infamy and self-ridicule, they have no right to drag decent, hardworking Ghanaian women into their destructive obsession with notoriety and infamy at any price. Ghana is a respectable country with a great heritage and proud citizens. If any Ghanaian cannot lift high the flag of Ghana, the least he/she can do is not to soil the image nor smear the reputation of our motherland.

Thank you.


Otiko Afisah Djaba

Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection

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