Ghanaian Youth Are Broke Because They Fool A Lot – Shatta Wale

January 21, 2019 at 09:45
Ghanaian Youth Are Broke Because They Fool A Lot – Shatta Wale

Self-acclaimed Dancehall King, Shatta Wale has announced that he is set to release some video very soon.

According to the controversial artiste however, these videos are going to classified as ‘wack’ by some ‘illiterates’ in Ghana.

He however added that that notwithstanding, Africa and the world as a whole will applaud him for these yet-to-be-released video.

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The ‘My level’ hitmaker further observed that too much ‘fooling’ by the youth in Ghana today

is is the reason why they cannot hustle to make money and acquire property for themselves or make a decent living.


Ghana’s unemployment rate continues to soar as several people complete tertiary institutions

and wait on government to employ them rather than initiate their own jobs.

Some have completed

There are so many graduates from the various universities who have spent so many years at home unemployed.

Most of these unemployed graduates however, are mostly those waiting for  some white collar jobs from the government or private individuals.

But commenting on this issue, Shatta Wale noted that most of the youth cannot make money because they ‘fool too much’.

He said “My next videos are going to be wack to some illiterates in Ghana alone but Africa and the World will Applaud me ,my fans and my team for putting up such a hard work .. Dont be a Fool !!!! Too much fooling in Ghana are not making the youths of today know how to hustle for money”.


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