I Pay School Fees For Many People But I Am Mute On It – Delay

March 04, 2019 at 09:00
I Pay School Fees For Many People But I Am Mute On It – Delay

Television personality and entrepreneur, Deloris Frimpong Manson talks about her philanthropic deeds. Moreover, she disclosed that her Delay Educational Fund turned Delay Foundation does a lot of philanthropic work. However, it is behind the scenes for some time now.

She spoke about this during the announcement of the foundation’s partnership with Global Cultural Understanding & Economic Development (GCUED). Furthermore, Delay revealed that her foundation paid the tuition fees of many the youth from their junior high school level through to their senior high level

However, she stated that even though it is behind the scenes, they felt it was prudent to announce it publicly now. This is because they want to open their doors to many more people. Also, she is fully ready to do this full time.


The host asked the criteria in selection of the people the Delay Foundation helps. She revealed that they normally spot the people who need the help themselves. She also added that there are times when the people who are in need of the help walk straight to them and after some careful consideration, they begin to help such people too.


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