I Wrote ‘Angela’ And ‘Confusion’ For My Ex-Girlfriend Who Broke My Heart — Kuami Eugene

March 13, 2018 at 10:45
I Wrote ‘Angela’ And ‘Confusion’ For My Ex-Girlfriend Who Broke My Heart — Kuami Eugene

Heartbreaks make for best stories. This was in the case for fast rising musician, Kuami Eugene.

Ghanaian singer/songwriter, Kuami Eugene reveals the inspiration behind his hit songs. Furthermore, he says his hit songs all came from a broken heart he suffered. This situation really affected him.

The relationship ending helped me write the songs – Kuami Eugene

According to Eugene, he was he was in a deep and very intense relationship with a lady which lasted for three months until he got his heart broken.


However, the hitmaker said he was willing to make the relationship work. However, some outside forces were causing ‘Confusion’, which was what brought their relationship to an end.

Therefore, from that experience, Eugene composed ‘Angela’ and later ‘Confusion’, both of which became mega hits.

Eugene said the girl was an industry personality but that he is not going to disclose her identity.


  1. Outside forces?

  2. Confusion..I am also confused in my relationshil

  3. I love Angela..great song

  4. My ex name was also Angela

  5. Awsome songs

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