Produce Songs That Can Last A Lifetime – Kaywa Tells Music Producers

June 01, 2018 at 11:32
Produce Songs That Can Last A Lifetime - Kaywa Tells Music Producers

Renowned sound engineer, David Kojo Kyei, best known as Kaywa has advised music producers to produce songs that can last a lifetime.

According to Kaywa, he believes that for a song to be classified as a hit song, the it has to stand the test of time. And one of them is quality not quantity.

He further cited Bob Marley’s songs which are still enjoying massive airplay across the globe even after 37-years of his death.


“We are playing Bob Marley’s songs today because it is a hit song, but it still has quality. It was recorded in the 60’s, today we’re playing it,” he noted.

The celebrated music producer, in an interview with SVTV AFRICA said he believes what makes a song a hit song is the longevity of the song. He also revealed that for this reason, he gets scared whenever he releases a song and it hits immediately.

“I believe in longevity, and that’s why when i release a song and it hits immediately i’m scared. My songs don’t hit immediately, it takes time to build up. And for six, seven, eight years, they’re still in the market,”  he stated.

He therefore advised musicians and music producers to move away from focusing on making hit songs that ends up fading withing a couple of weeks. Instead, he opined that they should focus on doing classic and quality songs that can last a lifetime.

He also advised producers to get qualified people to teach them the core things about the profession.

Watch interview below;


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