Say ‘No’ To Tramadol And ‘Yes’ To Palm Wine — Edem

July 11, 2018 at 10:45
Say ‘No’ To Tramadol And ‘Yes’ To Palm Wine — Edem

Edem talks about drug abuse.

Ghanaian rapper, Edem joins the campaign to end tramadol abuse. However, his campaign comes with his own unique take on the issue.

Furthermore, according to the VRMG boss, the youths need to leave tramadol. This is because the drug is addicting and leads to many disastrous consequences down the road. However, the youth should turn to palm wine.


Moreover, over the weekend the rapper and some friends went to have some of the local drink for themselves to enjoy and he posted about it on social media.

In his post, he advocated taking palm wine and saying no to tramadol. He wrote

“Sunday special …Drink palm wine Say NO to TRAMADOL ..” 

Edem’s post about tramadol and palm wine

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