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Don’t Disrespect Us Because We Feed You – Lydia Forson To Entertainment Bloggers

Multiple awards-winning actress, Lydia Forson has said that regardless of the fact that some Entertainment Bloggers in Ghana disrespect celebrities, they feed them.

According to the actress who is known for her deeper understanding of the entertainment industry,

According to the outspoken actress, regardless of the disrespect for female celebrities

by Bloggers, writing about them puts food on the table of entertainment bloggers.


She made this known through a tweet.

The tweet reads “Entertainment Bloggers don’t seem to get that without a functioning industry YOU TOO WONT EAT”.

She further added that “You can mock entertainers all you want, say they’re not

celebrities, call them ashawobrities- but like it or not, writing about even the lack of respect you have for them FEEDS you”

Ghana’s Movie Industry Has A Long Way To Go – Lydia Forson

Outspoken Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has said Ghana’s movie industry has a long way to go due to funding constraints from individuals who believe in film and the government.

The awards-winning actress in an interview with BBC  said;

“Every industry go through its phase. Where we are now is not the best but I compare to where we were several years ago and I still believe it is better because, several years ago, actors were not making the kind of money we do, actors were not making endorsement.

It was still seen as a hobby. Could we be doing better much more, I still believe that we have a long way to go. Although it is struggling, I would not say it has collapsed”.

She added; “Our biggest challenge has always been funding. A lot of films in Ghana, although they are seen all over the world, 99.9 percent are from personal funds and passionate individuals who believe in the film that we don’t have any real places that we can go and say listen, this is where we get our money from, not even from banks.”

Miss Forson further noted that most corporate entities do not invest in film and this problem

of funding she believes cuts across movie industries in Africa, of which Ghana is of no exception.


According to her, though the NPP government is currently pushing the creative arts agenda, the team still go through the traditional process of seeking for sponsorship because of the ‘attitude of politicians’.

“Over the years, we sort for these funds ourselves. But this year, with the current government pushing the creative arts agenda, I was determined to make a statement but a lot of times, there’s what politicians say and there’s what they do. So we decided to go through the right process where we send letters and all of that”, she stated.

Aside lack of funds for the industry, Lydia Forson also revealed lack of respect for the industry

as one of the major challenge of the movie industry.

“There’s a huge challenge when it comes to funding and at this core, I think the biggest problem is lack of respect for the industry” she said.

Most Ghanaian Bloggers Are Not Married But They Keep Mounting Pressure On Us To Marry

Outspoken Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has released a new message for all Ghanaian bloggers, especially those who are still single.

The awards-winning actress has asked Ghanaian bloggers to first remove the log from their eyes

before they try to remove the speck of chaff that is in celebrities eyes.

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According to Lydia Forson, it baffles her that even though the majority of bloggers in Ghana

aren’t married they keep heaping pressure on unmarried female Ghanaian celebrities to marry.

The majority of Ghanaians have wondered why most female Ghanaian celebrities are still single with little hope of being married.

Lydia Forson says Gh bloggers should leave their single asses alone and marry too.

Some Celebrities Can’t Take The 10 Year Challenge Because They’ve Bleached Their Skins — Lydia Forson 

There is currently an ongoing trend on social media, specifically Instagram dubbed #10yearchallenge.

The challenge, which was inundated yesterday dares celebrities to share throwback photos

of themselves from as far back as 10 years ago.

Many celebrities, both from Ghana and Nigeria have therefore jumped into the fray, releasing

and photos of themselves from a decade ago.

There are some, who have however not participated in the challenge so far and actress Lydia

Forson decided to carry out a little trolling of them.


According to the AMVCA award winning actress, some did not take the challenge because if they

show us their photos from 10 years ago compared to now, we would all see how they have

bleached their skin.

Miss Forson shared a post on Instagram which reads: “Some of you cannot do the #ThenAndNowChallenge because it will look like you switched races.”

See post below:

Nana Addo’s Government Not Living Up To Expectation – Lydia Forson

Outspoken actress Lydia Forson has shared her views on the current state of Ghana’s economy.

The actress has disclosed that she is not impressed with the general performance of the current government.

According to the multiple awards-winning actress, the government led by President

Nana Akufo-Addo, has failed to deliver on its promises.

When host of Hall of Fame on Citi TV, AJ Sarpong asked if the government ticks all her boxes,

she answered in the negative.

“No, absolutely not,” she said.

Expatiating her reasons however she noted;“you know when they won the election I wrote a piece, it was supposed to feature in the New African Woman. I said that you know what, they were setting themselves up for failure.”

According to Lydia, she refuses to completely discredit the President or completely give

up because if Ghana does well it benefits everybody.

However, she thinks the government was arrogant about their promises prior the the 2016 elections.

“My article was based on their social media promises. They wanted to win by any means necessary. But I think when you have been in opposition for a very long time you forget what is like to be the head that wears the crown. So maybe any other party government may not be frustrated as we are. Maybe things take time to pick up,” she told AJ.

“But because of all the promises they made and the boldness with which they made them. They were almost arrogant about their promises,” she intimated.

Miss Forson finally noted that the New Patriotic Party (NPP)probably were doing old

school politics during the 2016 elections.

She said even though she was not surprised at the turn of events she is expecting that the

government does exactly what it promises with the timeliness.

Lydia has been very vocal on varied issues concerning humanity.


While some admire her confidence and intelligence, there are others who seriously resent

her approach and reaction to certain issues.

Her first movie role was a cameo in Hotel St. James in 2005.

After that she took part in the Next Movie Star reality show in 2007 and emerged the third runner-up.

Some movies she has starred in are Run Baby Run, Different Shades of Blue, Scorned,

The Perfect Picture, Keteke, Side Chic Gang, among others.

She recently won Best Supporting Actress Movie/TV Series’ for her role as Kukua in the

movie for the ‘Isoken’ movie and Best Actress (comedy) at the Golden Movie Awards.

Watch interview below;

Lydia Forson ‘Floods’ Instagram With Amazing Black And White Photos

Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has spiced up social media once again with latest photos.

Looking simply dashing but breathtaking, Lydia sends her fans down black and white photo memory lane.

The multiple awards-winning actress was looking more like a 13th-century gangster.

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She captioned the photos, “Fuck it Up!” which gives her fans the impression that she is going the hard way ─something she is known for!

The photos have garnished a lot of ‘likes and comments’ ─achieving the purpose of the photoshoot which is likely to cost her not less than GHC 2,000!

Check her photos below;


I’m Not Jesus So Stop Begging Me For Money – Lydia Forson

Ghana’s finest actress Lydia Forson has sent out a warning to people who beg her for

money whenever they slide into her DM’s.

According to her, she is not Jesus Christ to be giving out money every time someone

comes to her to beg for money.


Supporting her comments, she stated that most of these people are lazy and senseless who wouldn’t like to work for money. Instead, all they do is to troll people of which she is no exception.

She posted: “You’re in my DM’s begging for money to treat your sickness. I decide to go through your tweets to see what kind of person you are; all I find are tweets of you trolling people, including me. In your mind I’m Jesus Christ eh”.

See her tweet below;

Lydia Forson Stars In First Abdul Salam Film

Multiple awards-winning actress, Lydia Forson has appeared in latest promotional

materials for producer Abdul Salam’s new film titled ‘Getting Married’.

Indications are that she is playing a major role in the film which will be released on

December 24 via grand premiere in Accra.

The new film will however be Lydia’s first-ever production for the CEO of Venus Film

production since her acting career which spans over a decade.


Meanwhile, there have not been obvious reasons why they haven’t work all this while..

In the new film, Lydia stars alongside Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari, Christabel Ekeh,

John Dumelo, Fiifi Coleman, Elikem Kumordzi and others.

The film is a story about Faith (Jackie Appiah) who comes from a religious home with her father

a renowned pastor upholding high values of a Christian home, yet she keeps some crazy friends

in the persons of Peggy (Christabel Ekeh), Jessica (Nadia Buari) and Afua (Lydia Forson), who

are helping her prepare for her marriage to her long-time boyfriend Jordan (Fifi Coleman).

This is Lydia Forson’s second time of acting experience with Jackie Appiah after their

first in Sparrow Productions’ ‘Perfect Picture’ directed by Shirley Frimpong Manso.

‘Perfect Picture’ turned out to be a great one and they went to extent of winning awards

with their roles. The world is currently waiting to see the turn-out for this movie.

‘Armed Robbers’ Surprise Lydia Forson On Her Birthday(VIDEO+POTOS)

Multiple awards-winning actress, Lydia Forson probably received the shock of her life

on her 34th birthday which fell on Wednesday October 24 this year.

The actress was surprised by some alleged armed robbers at her apartment in Accra.

A video of the incident which got the outspoken actress screaming on top of her

voice has since gone viral.

In the video, some people believed to be friends of Lydia Forson had dressed as armed

robbers purposely to surprise her on her birthday.


The folks wore masks, and in complete darkness, “broke” into Lydia’s room.

The actress screamed and shouted  “Jesus, Jesus” out in fear on seeing the alleged armed robbers.

But when the lights were switched on, it was discovered that they were her friends who

were there to surprise her on her birthday.

A visibly shaken Lydia had coiled herself in a corner of the room.

Kindly check video and photos from below:


Lydia Forson Releases Eye Catching Photos To Mark Her 34th Birthday

Sensational and outspoken Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson celebrated her 34th birthday yesterday, October 24, 2018.

As has become the norm, the multiple-awards winning actress actress in celebration of her

new age has released new set of photos through her social media pages looking absolutely gorgeous.

Donning a white oversize t-shirt and a very ‘hot’ glittering pink miniskirt with a silver

colored pair of High hills, Miss Lydia boldly posed for the camera.

She shared the stunning photos on her Instagram page with various captions to mark her day.

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 “I haven’t felt this happy at peace and more alive than I do today. It’s all I could ask for on my birthday. So today, no long brofo- I’m just celebrating how sokyeeeeeee I look and feel. #theCore #UnapologeTHICK”, reads her first caption.

She went more sensual with other photos. One was also captioned: May3 sokyeeeee s3 angwa Mo!” (Meaning she looks sweet and appetizing not to talk of tasty). 

She in turn received birthday wishes from other celebrities, family as well as her fans.

The last photo sees her in a gold colored straight dress with shades and a caption which reads as;

“There’s so much I wanted to write about my journey , so so much. But some stories are better left untold because they’re too precious to share. Just know that today, I feel like a Phoenix and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

A belated happy 34th birthday to the ever gorgeous actress from

See photos from below;


Lack Of Assertiveness Killing Ghanaians – Lydia Forson

Outspoken actress, Lydia Forson is in the news again over her latest observation about

Ghanaians which she did not hesitate to share.

She revealed her observations as to why development in Ghana has been stalled though a post on twitter.

According to her, the Ghanaian culture and how mothers nurture their children

is a prime factor in Ghana’s very slow development.

According to her,  the religious up-bringing of Ghanaian children from childhood makes them

“…scared to stand up for ourselves when we’re wronged…”

She labelled it as the “Fa Ma Nyame” attitude, a Twi expression which translates loosely as “Give it to God.”


She however stressed that this attitude is the reason most people fail to speak up when

they have to, thereby allowing others to take advantage of them.

The post read:

“This , “ fa ma nyame“, attitude that we’ve been taught since childhood is why we continue to suffer as a nation. 

We’re so scared to stand up for ourselves when we’re wronged, and trust me people depend on you to” fa ma nyame” so they can take advantage of you,” she tweeted.

Read her post below:

“Marry As Many Wives And Have As Many Children As You Want”- Lydia Forson Tells Ghanaian Men

Outspoken actress Lydia Forson has once again taken her turn to express her views on certain issues affecting her homeland Ghana.

The AMVCA winner has advised Ghanaian men to marry as many wives and produce as many children as they want.

This according to Miss Forson, is because the free SHS initiative by the NPP government will raise, feed, provide healthcare and take care of their children.


She further advised that Ghanaian men should now sleep like they’ve got diamonds in their backyards.

Lydia Forson made this known in a post through twitter.

She wrote: “Hey everyone; go out there and marry a lot of wives, have lots of kids (as many as you want) and sleep like you’ve got diamonds in your backyard. Free SHS will raise, feed, provide healthcare, and take care of your kids. Be FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY!”

Borrowing When ‘Broke’ Is Madness – Lydia Forson Jabs Government

Awards-winning actress Lydia Forson has taken a swipe at the current government over what has been termed by many as ‘indiscriminate’ borrowing.

The NPP government has been accused of ‘indiscriminately’ borrowing especially by the opposition NDC party.

Recently the news has been all about the government taking a $50bn, 100 year loan facility from

the People’s Republic of China.

According to critics, the ruling government shouldn’t be caught in this web especially after

spending all its time in opposition slamming the previous NDC government for the same fault.

The outspoken actress, in a post on twitter, said even in her personal life she knows not to borrow for frivolous expenditures when she is broke.


However, the entire government of Ghana somehow does not possess this wonderful piece of common sense.

“When I’m broke I try to live within my means, I only buy what I NEED and not what I WANT. I won’t “free” a Gucci bag to pay later; Ha am I MAD?! But in Ghana, the broker the country is the more we borrow and the more we spend on frivolous things. Ok oh”. the AMVCA award winning actress posted.

These Photos Of Actress Lydia Forson And Her Award Will Inspire You Never To Give Up

Outspoken actress Lydia Forson recently made Ghana proud when she swept an award at the

just ended was adjudged Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCAs).

She was adjudged  best supporting actress for her role in a Nigerian movie titled ‘Isoken’ at the

awards ceremony which took place in Nigeria.

The actress, in her acceptance speech express her gratitude to all her fans and Ghanaians for their support.

She however added that she wasn’t sure of winning the awards because of the people she was

competing with. However she did and was very grateful for that.

The actress later shared some beautiful photos of herself with her award plaque on twitter.

She was all smiley and looking radiant in the photos as she proudly displays her plaque.

See photos below;

Lydia Forson Shows Appreciation To Fans After Winning First AMVCA

Actress Lydia Forson has extended her utmost gratitude to all her fans for their support and prayers.

The outspoken actress swept an award at the just ended was adjudged Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCAs).

She was adjudged  best supporting actress for her role in a Nigerian movie titled ‘Isoken’ at the

awards ceremony which took place in Nigeria.

Miss Forson however revealed that he wasn’t really confident about winning the award.

This she explained was because she was competing with other equally great actors in her category.


“So this is how it feels like; every year I come to the AMVCAs, I sit there, I don’t win and I pretend to be happy for the person who won. This year, I don’t have to pretend.”

“Today is my brother’s (Sam Forson) birthday and I promised to win this for him. I was not really confident I will win because there were so many actors,” she emotionally said when she went on stage to pick up her award.

She further extended her appreciation to her fans and Ghanians who have always supported her.

“ ..Thank you to everyone who supported me. Thank you Ghana, this is for you,” she added.

Lydia and Adjetey Anang brought honour to Ghana at the AMVCAs as the only winners from Ghana.

Both Lydia and Adjetey have since Saturday been receiving congratulatory messages on social media for representing the country well.

Lydia Forson Urges Kofi Kinaata To Do A Song About Sexy Fanti Women

Outspoken actress, Lydia Forson has called on multiple awards-wining highlife musician, Kofi

Kinaata to do a song about sexy Fanti women.


The plus sized actress, who is a proud Fanti lady made her appeal known through Twitter.

According to the actress, the song must also be in the local Fanti language.

“Dear @KinaataGH, I want you to do a song in Fanti about sexy Fante women,” She tweeted.

Lydia also added that she wouldn’t mind if Kofi Kinaata used her as an example in the song.

“You can use me as an example, I don’t mind,” she added.

Many social media have expressed their support for her appeal. Others however, see it as Lydia’s way of seeking attention.

Meanwhile, the ‘Confession’ hitmaker also responded by referring Lydia to check out M3nsa’s latest single, ‘Fante Love Song.’

Yhh just nailed it. “Fanti Love Song” pls check that out too alongside

Tweets below;

‘Threesome Should Be Gender Balanced’ – Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson has caused stir again on social media with her latest post.

The outspoken actress is in the news once again and for her usual activist work, gender equality and balance.

This time however, it’s for balance in sex partners.

The award-winning actress controversial actress is known for her hard stance on feminism and women empowerment.

Having starred in movies such as ‘Side Chic Gang’, ‘Keteke’, among others, she is never one to shy away from speaking her mind.

The writer yesterday, July 17  caused quite a stir on Instagram when she uploaded a photo with the catchy caption:

“If your man asks for a threesome, say yes and invite his friend over. If he has no problem with you sharing him with another woman, he shouldn’t with sharing you with another man- a threesome should be gender balanced“.

A threesome is a common term used for sexual encounters that involve multiple partners.

Read her post below;

Video: I Am Not Controversial Anymore – Lydia Forson

One actress who is known to always speak her mind on issues related to this country is Lydia Forson.

This has however landed her on the ‘bad books’ of even some of her colleague, Ghanaians and the media.

The outspoken actress has therefor been. tagged her as being ‘controversial’

However, Lydia in a recent interview with Joy News’ MzGee has resolved to keep to herself fort he rest of this year.

“This year I am just concentrating on my work. The amazing thing about this year is I took a step back and I see so many women and even men fighting for rights equality. People have become more vocal. I cannot say I set the precedence but it is good to see that the things I have spoken passionately about people are now aware [and] they understand they have a voice they can use,” she said.

“Lydia Forson is not controversial anymore because we all get that now we have a voice that has power so you can speak up, it doesn’t matter what political party you belong to, your gender, your religion; speak out when it is important,” the actress added.

Meanwhile, Lydia Forson recently an award at the just ended Golden Movie Awards Africa.

She was adjudged ‘Best Actress in Comedy’ for her role in the movie ‘Side Chic Gang’. She won alongside Nana Ama McBrown Mensah and Sika Osei.

Watch the video below:

Lydia Forson Sets Record With Her Win As The Second Best Actress At 2018 GMAA

The fourth edition of the Golden Movie Awards Africa(GMAA) came off over the weekend at the Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra.

The event saw some of the industry players sweep awards at the night.

One of such persons was actress and movie producer, Lydia Forson, who was adjudged best actress (comedy).

She won the category with colleague actresses Nana Ama McBrown and Sika Osei for their role as three lead characters in the award-winning film ‘Side Chic Gang’, directed by Peter Sedufia.

Lydia Forson and Nana Ama McBrown

Miss Forson won the same category at the 2015 Golden Movie Awards ceremony. This was with her role in ‘A Letter From Adam’, a film she produced herself.

She however beat the likes of Mercy Johnson of Nigeria, American actress Lynn Whitfield, Patience Ozorkor and Zynnell Zuh.

Lydia therefore, has set a record of becoming the first actress to win the categories twice. As well as the first actress to win an award with two other actresses twice.

In 2010, she won a similar award at Africa Movie Academy Awards. Over here, she, together with two actresses in persons of Jackie Appiah and Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku were named as winners. This was for their lead role in Sparrow Production’s ‘Perfect Picture’.

The Saturday night was indeed a golden night for Lydia Forson, setting such an unforgettable record.

Lydia, after the wards on Sunday told NEWS-ONE in an interview. expressed her utmost surprise at her win. According to her, she never thought she could win the same award twice within such a short period of time.

“I didn’t see it coming because I didn’t think I could win the same award twice in such a short period,” she said.

She however dedicated the award to all those whose supports has brought her this far.

I dedicate this award to everyone’s who’s been with me through this journey, especially my family, friends, amazing fans and everyone who’s ever given me a chance. I don’t take their love for granted. And I want to thank Peter Sedufia for believing in me enough trust me once again and my co winners Nana Ama McBrown and Sika Osei- I’m so glad we won this together because it was team work.” She told NEWS-ONE.

Lydia Forson Advocates For Dancing Space For VGMA Audience

We all know how heartbreaking it is when one does something and is not appreciated in return.

Imagine you being an artiste who’s performing to a large crowd, yet no one is cheering at you.

Very disappointing right? You may begin to wonder if you’re even doing the right thing.

Well, outspoken actress, Lydia Forson has putting herself in the shoes of artistes and is advocating for some space for fans to ‘boogy’.

The ‘sidechic Gang’ actress has expressed her disgust at the fact that people go for an event like VGMA and sit unconcerned when they could dance or cheer when someone is performing.

Over the years, patrons of VGMA especially people in the VIP section fail to cheer or dance while artistes perform on stage.

Of course, this is bound to frustrate artistes who may think they’re not able to move the crowd.

But Miss Forson is not in support of that. She cannot understand how people will attend a musical show and yet remain seated or idle when an artiste is performing.

She however believes that the space allocated for audience is not big enough for one to even stand and dance to cheer his/her artiste.

“I really don’t get why people go to shows like this and sit down when an artist is performing”. She tweeted.

She advocated that “They need to include a corner by the stage for fans to jam it out like they do at other international shows”.

Read her tweet below;

Exclusive Photos From The Premiere Of Movie ‘SideChic Gang’

OldFilm Productions’ much anticipated movie, ‘Sidechic Gang’ was finally premiered over the weekends.

As scheduled, the movie was first premiered on Saturday March 3, 2018 at Silverbird Cinemas – Accra Mall and West Hills mall.

The red carpet was lit as casts and crew pose for the cameras.

Directed by Peter Sedufia, the premiere which came in three showings was highly patronized by movie lovers.

SideChic Gang tells the story of three female friends who quit their ushering jobs to expose cheating husbands and boyfriends. This was after they found out they can make fortunes from exposing these men after making tons of cash unexpectedly from reporting a cheating husband to the wife.

They proceed and set up “Sidechic Gang” – an agency solely dedicated to clamping down the side chick menace. However, their services are available to only women.

After few exposè, their Sidechic Gang becomes popular, attracting traffic from victims of side chicks. This translates into more cash for them. Meanwhile, the men in the town are unhappy with the sudden popularity of the gang.

The Sidechic Gang’s biggest deal is yet to hit them. It comes from a filthy rich man who suspects his fiancée is cheating on him. He is aware the gang does not serve men, but, he is willing to pay anything it costs to justify his suspicion. The gang takes on the task. They know what this means for their bank account. Their greatest opposition, however, is the many aggrieved men who benefit from the services of side chicks, and would do anything to ensure they fail.

Will the Sidechic Gang succeed in their quest or, the aggrieved men will?”

The movie stars great actors such as; Nana Ama McBrown, Lydia Forson, Sika Osei, Adjetey Anang, Bernard Nyarko, Eddie Kufuor, Akofa Edjeane, Roselyn Ngissah, Beverly Afaglo, Christabel Ekeh, Ricky Adelayitar, Don Ziggy, Peter Richie, Kobina Sam and among others. Many were all present at the premiere as well whiles a few others couldn’t make it there.

Meanwhile, On Tuesday 6 March, 2018, there will be a “Special Holiday Screening” of the movie at both Silverbird Cinemas venues to celebrate Ghana’s Independence Day. The time is 7pm and 9pm. It will continue showing in the cinemas after the premiere for some time.

Checkout photos below;