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 Michy Buys Her Own House Barely Three Months After Breaking Up With Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale”s baby mama, Michelle Diamond Gboganah, best known as Michy has bought a new house after quitting with Shatta Wale.

The news of the new house was announced on social media by Michy herself who shared a photo and video of the house.

Michy shared the news on her Instagram stories, showing a video of an uncompleted building with workers busily working at the sight.

She captioned the video; “bought a house with a beautiful view. Thank you, Lord” and boldly written on the photo.

She further revealed in her post that; “God knows I love water and he bought me a house right near a lake. I can’t thank him enough” 

Michy’s acquisition of the new house comes barely three months after she broke up with

her long-time sweetheart Shatta Wale, with whom she has a son, Majesty.

It is not known where Michy’s house is located but it will be her second house if Shatta Wale

has not taken the house he reportedly bought for her in April 2018 after their breakup.

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It looks like Michy is really doing well for herself since the much-publicized breakup.

She has already, within the period, started a fried yam and pork business which is doing well.

Meanwhile, Michy is warming up to release a new song after breaking up with the dancehall star.

Michy announced the impending release of the new banger titled ‘Real Lioness’ on Wednesday, February 27.

In her post on Instagram, Michy dropped a video teaser of the song which sounds like a dancehall song.

See post below:

Chopious: Michy Opens New Food Business

Baby mama of Shatta Wale, Michel Diamond Gbagona, aka Michy, has ventured into new business after running away from Shatta Wale.

To cater for herself and her son, Majesty, Michy according to reports has started her new joint called “Chopious” where she sells fried yam and roasted gizzard; She does home delivery.

Michy’s new venture, was was however revealed by Sister Sandy of Adom TV/FM.

According to her,

“Michy sells yam, in case you want to eat some you can order from Shatta Michy, the name is Chopious  and it is very tasty, I haven’t tried it yet though but I learnt it is vert tasty.”

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Michy was the backbone of Shatta Wale’s success. She has been through thin and thick with the “My Level” hitmaker.

But it appears their latest breakup will most likely be the last as Michy has promised never to go back to Shatta Wale’s abuses.

According to Shatta Michy, what caused their previous nasty breakup was Shatta Wale’s abuses.

She claimed Wale beats her and even pull a gun on her sometimes

Well, the abuses have not stopped even when he promised to stop. Michy has now left home

with her son and Shatta Wale is also alleging Michy is a drug addict.

Listen to Sister Sandy below:

Nak*d Photo Of Shatta Michy Hits Online

Michy, born Michelle Diamond Gboganah, estranged fiancee and baby mama of self-acclaimed

Dancehall King, Shatta Wale has released nude photo of herself amidst controversies with Shatta Wale.

Many believe Michy took this step to release her own nude pic either out of frustration or

that she did it to counter ‘blackmails’ from her baby daddy.

According to some of her sympathizers, Michy wants to tell her baby daddy, Shatta Wale, that

she doesn’t give a hoot if he leaks her naked photos and sex videos as he is alleged to have

threatened in the wake of their PR gimmicks a few days ago.

Taking to her Instagram story, Michy shared the photo as she was seen with no

bra ─showing her raw ‘surgically aided’ boobs standing firm.

See photo below;


“Just Work Together” – Shatta Michy Reacts To Sarkodie’s Diss To Shatta Wale

Girlfriend and baby mama of dancehall star, Shatta Wale has also expressed her views about

the recenlty release diss song by rapper Sarkodie for Shatta Wale.

Michy, who has shown nothing but a total change in attitude for months now is calling for peace.

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Sharing her opinion via Instagram stories, the singer and actress opined that “we can all reach where wanna go if all just work together”.

Screenshot below:

I Fight Shatta Wale Boot For Boot – Michy

Songstress, actress and baby mama of Shatta Wale, Michelle Diamond Gbagonah, aka Michy says

despite Shatta Wale’s aggressive nature, he does not have it easy when they fight as she stands up to him.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Shatta Michy said she is as tough as the “My Level” singer.

“I kind of match up to him, I am a different girl all together, he is a gangster. When we’re doing the do, it is intense and when we are fighting too it is intense. I fight him boot for boot,” Michy said.


Meanwhile, the couple have announced that they are back together once more after being

separated for some weeks for reasons best known to them.

The “Money” singer confirmed this when she took her turn on McBrown’s Kitchen show on UTV when she was asked if they were back together or not.

“oh yes, we are back together and stronger than ever,” she replied.

Michy is currently undertaking a new project themed SM Women Empowerment.

Explaining why she took up such initiative, she stated that;

”I am doing this because I see how women, especially the young ones struggle through life and are lost as to what to do although they really want to achieve something.

“The truth is that, from my experience when I was running my pub, I realised a lot of girls had no goals and that also played a role in me taking up the new Michy.

“Women’s voices need to be heard and that is why I am interested in this project, in the hopes of empowering women to believe in themselves and fight for what they want,” she stated.

I Have Removed ‘Shatta’ From My Name, I’m Now ‘Michy’

Michelle Diamond Gboganah, best known as Shatta Michy, the baby mama of Dancehall act Shatta Wale has disclosed that she no longer bears the name Shatta.

According to her, she’s a changed person and would hence like to be addressed as Michy.

It would be recalled that we brought you an article last week where Michy admonished Ghanaians to take her new image seriously.

The ‘Cheating’ singer, in an interview with Graphic showbiz described Ghanaians as unserious people. This she attributed to the fact that they are not supporting her new image and they are not liking her post on social media like they used to do.


She elaborated that she used to get plenty of reactions on her half-naked photos. All that has however ceased ever since she turned over a new leaf and started her woman empowerment project.

Speaking in a recent interview with MzGee on Gee Spot, she revealed that the young crazy girl who came to the entertainment industry as Shatta Michy is now a changed person.

The new Michy is embarking on women empowerment project and has refrained from what she used to do with Shatta Wale.

She further revealed that she’s a grown woman now and has realized her mummy duties.

Furthermore, she would love to stay away from being the Shatta Michy we all know.

She was however grateful for all the doors showbiz has opened in her life. But she cannot help but bemoan the loss of her privacy sometimes.

The mother of one recounted how she lost a cabin crew job because of one of her performance at Ghana Meets Naija.

Watch interview below:

I Don’t Do Girls – Michy Dismisses Lesbian Claims

Musician Michelle Diamond Gbagonah, best known as Shatta Michy has rubbished rumors that she is a lesbian.

Michy was recently accused of being a lesbian after a video in which two girls (one of which was reportedly her) were kissing went viral.

But in a recent interview, the ‘Cheating’ singer has explained that she does not do girls and she is solely into men.

“I do not do girls, I heard that rumour too. It was a video that showed that a fight broke up in a club where I was and all that but no I am not into that.


You know because of who I am, you go to places where fans want to Snapchat with you. So I am sure it might have been one of those moments,

where probably I had gotten close to the person and someone gets it on his or her snap and then I am seen as a lesbian,” she told Showbiz.

Shatta Michy is an entrepreneur, an actress, a philanthropist and a musician.

She is credited with the singles Cheating and Low Tempo, which also features her fiance, Shatta Wale.

I’m Still Single – Michy Debunks Reports Of Patching Up With Shatta Wale

Former queen of the SM Empire, Michy has debunked rumors going round that she is back with her baby daddy, Shatta Wale.

Few days ago, a video of the couple went viral of the two hanging out together. Shatta was was heard indicating that he never told any media man he had broken up with his baby mama in the video. He mentioned that they will “chop themselves”.

The media as usual, picked up the video indicating that the two were back together.

But speaking on GhOne TV, Michy insists she is single and has not patched up with the Dancehall King.

She indicated that they are just friends who are co-parenting to ensure they give their son the best of upbringing.

Michy added that they will remain friends and nothing more than just friends.

This may come as a disappointment for the SM fans who were hoping they two will finally come back.

But we believe they will not give up on these two yet.

Your Songs Are Meaningless – Shatta Michy Disses Shatta Wale

A break-up definitely comes with it’s own problems. Most often people find it defficult just letting everything go so easily after a break-up.

They tend to hold onto the pains of this difficult times and sometimes try everything possible to hurt their exes.

It is often said that women are the ones who find it difficult to let go of such things.

Perhaps, the ex-girlfriend of Shatta Wale, Michy is obviously not over her long-time fairy tale break-up yet.

Just as most of their fans are finding it very hard to believe that their once very inspiring celebrity couples are no more.

But it seems we have to live with the fact that nothing will make them come back together.

The two continue to jab each other on their on social media platforms.

Michy continues to post things that indirectly refer to her baby daddy.

A recent video posted on Shatta Michy’s Instagram stories clearly shows how serious their break-up is.

In the video, Michy implied that the once love of her life, Shatta Wale’s songs are meaningless and does not add any moral value to the youth.

Watch below:

video source:Influentiaghana Instagram page

Michy Replies Shatta Wale; Says She Fed Him When He Had Nothing

Michy has hit back at her baby daddy, Shatta Wale who has also decided to join the fight on social media.

News of a possible break up between the two love birds broke out weeks ago on social media.’

Ghanaians, knowing the stories and history these two share together however dismissed the rumors.

A greater part of the public took it as a publicity stunt by the couple.

But after all the feud which seems to have lasted for weeks now, one can clearly say there’s a problem somewhere.

Few days ago, Wale accused Michy in a series of Snapchats of being disrespectful to her mother and sleeping in hotels with their son, Majesty.

He also shared an alleged audio of Michy’s mother making complaints about Michy’s behaviour to another woman.

Michy has also come back to respond to Shatta’s allegations. She however, kept her comment very simple and in what seems like a ‘parable.’

“Even Jesus was sold out by the same people he fed,” she wrote.

Screenshot: Is Michy A Lesbian? Brags About ‘Chopping’ Dotyy Lana Sometime Back

The game seems to be getting dirtier between Shatta Wale, Michy and Dotty Lana.

It seems the current feud goes way back as Michy has made some shocking revelation about herself and Dotty.

Yeah, the same lady she fought with during Hajia 4 Real’s party last year.

And the same one Shatta Wale was seen kissing in a video on Michy’s birthday.

After the video went viral, Michy has made some shocking and damning allegations.

The ‘former’ SM Queen has made some revelations in a series of chats on Snapchat.

Form her posts however, it seems she and her ‘rival’ Dotty were once very close.

It seems both ladies were in a relationship, one that even makes Michy talk about Dotty’s ‘bedroom skills’.

She made this known on her Snapchat account right after the misunderstanding between herself and Dotty Lana.

Michy alleged in one of her posts about Dotty ‘Squirming’ on her bed.


Read the screenshot of her post below;


Michy Explains Why She Can’t Give Shatta Wale Another Chance?

Shatta Wale and his once sweetheart Shatta Michy have been making several ‘heart breaking’ headlines for weeks now.

The one time ‘best celebrity couple’ and motivation to many couples out there seems to have said goodbye to their relationship.

It all started as rumors as many portal reported of a supposed break-up between the two.

Considering their history and love story, many chose not to believe the;r break up story.

Many thought it was just one of their publicity stunts as this wouldn’t have been their first time ding that.

However, it seems things are really out of hands at between the SM King and. This is because, signs continue to manifest their break-up story.

In a recent post on her Instagram page, Michy seems to have told her mum why she’s never going back to Shatta.

Michy has asked her followers to desist from relating all her posts to the current state of her relationship.

However, we just couldn’t overlook this partucular post, which seems to have such deep meaning.

In the post, Michy highlights why she doesn’t give her valuable things to people anymore.

She wrote:

My mum just asked my opinion on her giving out something valuable, I didn’t even let her land & I responded “people r not people, let it rot than give it out, the person won’t even appreciate it” isn’t experience the best teacher.

We assume she’s telling her mum, who probably came into the matter as a concerned mother that, she’s never going back to an ‘ungrateful’ Shatta Wale. That’s if her post can be seriously linked to her current status with the SM King.

Meanwhile, Shatta Wale in a recent interview revealed that his relationship with his baby mama is currently ‘complicated’.

Video: Is This Why Shatta Wale Couldn’t Wish Michy On Her Birthday?

Shatta Michy, who simply calls herself Michy now turned 25 years yesterday, May 6, 2018.

As reported earlier, many of her fans and Ghanaians took to social media to wish her a fruitful birthday.

However, her long time boyfriend and Baby Daddy, Shatta Wale was missing in the picture.

Shatta Wale couldn’t wish Michy even a happy birthday yesterday and trust Ghanaians, they did not spare him at all.

Many lambasted him on his Facebook timeline, asking why he was being ungrateful to Michy.

When other artistes are giving ‘Assurance’ to their girlfriends and baby mamas, Shatta did not even give an ‘Endurance’ to Michy.

However, a video circulating on social media shows Shatta Wale chilling with Michy’s ‘nemisis’

The very ones she allegedly made because of the same Shatta Wale.

Wale is seen hungrily ki$$ing and l*cking Dotty Lana at what seems like a party on the same day as Michy’s birthday.

Dotty Lana, the alleged ‘bosschic’ and the very lady Michy fought with at Hajia 4 Real’s party in December last year.

Watch video below: