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Keep Your Insults Coming; They Help Make Me More Popular – Moesha Budoung

Instagram sensation, Moesha Boduong has asked her critics to keep keep badmouthing her because such comments make her more popular.

According to the actress, she currently feels very bad when she’s not being talked about and insulted in social media.

Moesha Bodoung who was on Nana Ama Mcbrown’s show mentioned that she loves to hear

people talk about her because that makes her fulfilled.


Moesha receives insults anytime she posts her photos on social media but that is not a worry

to her because it helps her to remain relevant and being talked about.

She further mentioned that she is a care free person and therefore treats the insults as ‘one of those things’.

She indicated that she has not worked on her fat curvy shaped buttocks but rather has engaged

in a liposuction to get the fat out of her tummy.

She called on Ghanaians to keep talking about her since that helps her to gain some forms of popularity among her peers.

I Dumped My Sugar Daddy After My CNN Interview – Moesha Boduong

Ghanaian actress and photoshoot model, Moesha Boduong has disclosed that she has ditched her married Sugar daddy after the ‘controversial’ CNN interview.

According to the actress who took her turn on Nana Ama McBrown’s cooking show ‘Mcbrown’s

Kitchen’, she is now dating someone who is single because she realized that she was sinning by

dating a married man.

The Instagram sensation further emphasized that God frowns upon her act and moreover

the man was someone’s husband so she made a firm decision to break up with him.

It could be recalled last year that, Moesha Boduong in an infamous interview with renowned

journalist Christiane Amanpour on CNN revealed that she sleeps with married men in order to cater for her needs or in order to survive.

She emphasized that she sleeps with married men to live a lavish lifestyle due to Ghana’s

economy as women can’t survive on their own.

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These comments from her however angered Ghanaian ladies who bashed her for saying that

on an international platform like the CNN.

“Ghana our economy is such that you just need someone to take care of you because you can’t make enough money as a woman here,” she said.

She, however, apologized for her comments saying she was in love as at the time of the interview

and couldn’t choose her words wisely.

Watch the interview below:

Moesha Speaks About The Cause Of Her Fight With Efia Odo

Socialite Moesha Babiinoti Boduong has explained why she descended on Efia Odo on Saturday describing her with unprintable adjectives.

According to her, the television presenter has been stepping on her toes and the best approach

to get her to back off was to fire salvos in the manner she did.

Actress Moesha Boduong in an Instagram post claimed Efia Odo is cheap and gives herself to men in return for a paltry GH¢500.

“Can you count the number of footballers, big boys and famous boys you have been with? You don’t like money yet you always want the rich and famous. You are just angry because they always give you GH¢500 and GH¢1,000 when you ask them for money”, she stated.

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She also accused her of dating married men, getting pregnant for them and committing abortions.

“I know a lot of married men u have dated and even had abortions for a musician who u knew had a serious girl who is cool with u yet u pretend and shade me jus because I admitted I have dated a married man before”

In an interview at the just ended AFRIMA Awards which took place on Saturday November 24, 2018, Moesha said she hasn’t done anything to Efia Odo.

She also added that Efia Odo, Andrea Owusu has been stepping on her toes for long hence her attack on her.

“Because she has been stepping on my toes, she’s been talking about me and I don’t like it,” Moesha answered when asked the reason for her fight with Efia.

Efia Odo Sleeps With Men For GHC500 – Moesha Boduong Alleges

It seems the entertainment industry cannot last a month without witnessing any beef or controversies.

Amidst the Fella Makafui, Medikal and Sister Derby boyfriend snatching saga, not to talk of that

of El Shatta accusing his parents and Ghanaians of not doing anything for him is a new catfight

between actresses Moesha Boduong and Efia Odo.

The two budding actresses have had their fair share of controversies in the past, but it doesn’t

look like ending anytime soon.

Moesha in an Instagram post on Friday, went in hard on Efia Odo, describing her as a lady who sleeps around for money.

Moesha alleged that Efia Odo sleeps with married men and some top footballers just to make a living.

She further alleged that Efia once had an abortion after she was impregnated by a musician, adding that the Tv presenter always lives a fake life.

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Moesha also said Efia envies and jealousies her and would like to have everything she currently has but would just not admit it.

“Efia Odo don’t take my niceness for my weakness!! Wat will u do to me if u see me? Madam holy fake!! U are the fakest person ever deceiving people u don’t fuck for money yet can u count the number of footballers, big boys and famous boys u have been with? U don’t like money yet u always want,” reads excerpts of an angry Moesha’s post.

She, however, deleted the post just minutes after putting it up. In a sharp and equally vehement response, Efia Odo has threatened to beat Moesha anytime she meets her in real life.

Full post below:

I Have Never Slept With Shatta Wale In My Life – Moesha Buduong Clears Air

Actress and socialite, Moesha Buduong is trending once again following her recent social

media fight with follow colleague actress and TV presenter Efia Odo.

Moesha made some very hot and wild allegations about Efia Odo on November 23

through a post on Instagram.

Of course the issue is all over social media, garnering several likes, comments and

backlashes from social media users.

Perhaps to clear her doubts, a social media user also decided to ask Moesha if it’s true she has

ever been intimate with self-acclaimed dancehall king, Shatta Wale.

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In the comment section of a post of celebrity blogger Zionfelix, the user who goes by the name Aponkyeba (Beyonce) asked; “Moesha has fucked Shatta ????” as a comment under the post of Zionfelix.

In a very quick and smart manner, Moesha Babiinoti Buduong came to clear the air and her

name from this wild allegation of Beyonce.

The actress stated emphatically under the post by calling out Aponkyeba and telling her that she has never slept with the SM Boss.

“@aponkyeba never in my life !!,” reads Moesha Buduon’s response.

Screenshot of post below;



Comparing Yourself With Others Will Steal Your Joy – Moesha Boduong

Ghanaian sociailite Moesha Boduong has cautioned her fans against comparing their lives with others.

According to the actress, in life, people need to be content with whatever they have because

that is the only way to be happy.


She indicated that comparing your life to that of others will always leave you unhappy and

unsatisfied and could lead to depression.

She said “Comparison is the thief joy, never compare yourself to others. If you are not grateful for who are and what you have, you will never be happy .unhappiness and depression comes when you focus on what u don’t have the happiest people on earth do not compare themselves anyone”.

I Met My New Boyfriend On Snapchat – Moesha Boduong

Ghanaian Socialite Moesha Boduong has reveled that she met her current boyfriend through video-sharing app, Snapchat.

According to the social media queen, she met her British sweetheart online about 6 to

8 months ago and has visited him twice abroad.

Moesha made the revelation on the Zone with KOD on Starr FM Wednesday.

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When asked whether she was going to settle down with her new-found love, she said;

“For now, we are just getting to know each other. I’m not ready to get married now. I’m just not ready for the whole marriage thing now”.

Moesha however noted that the key to maintaining her long-distance relationship is communication.

I Told CNN ‘The Truth’ – Moesha Boudong

Ghanaian actress Moesha Boudong claims she told CNN the truth and won’t change the words

she rendered on the program.

Moesha’s rants dates back to her international ‘disgrace’ of the reputation of Ghanaian women in her interview months ago.

According to the actress she was naive and that she was expressing her utmost feelings from her past relationship.


Social media was set ablaze after Moesha told CNN that her motivation, just like other women

in Ghana, for dating married men, is because the economy is tough.

“In Ghana, our economy is such a way that you need someone to take care of you. You can’t make enough money as a woman here. Because even when you want to get an apartment, in Ghana they take two years’ advance and I just started working where will I get money to pay?”

Stunned by Moesha’s revelation, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour asked her “are you basically telling me that you are having sex with this guy to pay your rent?” Moesha responds, “Because he can afford to take care of you. He takes care of me, my financials, my apartment, my car, my rent everything.”

However in an exclusive interview with SVTV Africa, the actress says given an opportunity to grant an interview with the international media house she will render the same words.

“I won’t change what I said, I was talking out of love because I was on love by then and that was the truth. It was about a two hour interview and whatever I said was true”, Moesha Boudong revealed to SVTV Africa.

The Mark On My Back Is Not From Liposuction But A Mosquito Bite – Moesha Boduong

Instagram sensation, Moesha Boduong has debunked rumors that the black spot on her back is from a liposuction.

The actress cum photos-shoot model few weeks ago attended a party wearing a bare back dress.

A video taken at the event Moesha had the actress showing her back whiles she was captured in the arms of a young man who was busily playing with her backside.

Some eagle-eye observers however spotted a black mark at her spinal cord area. The black spot according to some social media users is a scar from her alleged body enhancement.

However, popular TV host, Deloris Frimpong Manso, aka Delay has said that Moesah

says the mark is not from a liposuction as has been highly rumored.


According to Delay, she confronted Moesha about the ‘scare’ on her back when she heard of the reports.

But Delay further added that Moesha replied the scare is a result of mosquito bites when

she was younger.

Watch video below:

“I’m Younger And Not Ready For Any Marriage” ─ Moesha Budoung

Fans have made it their business to inquire when their celebrities will settle down in marriage, especially the female celebs.

Meanwhile, many celebrities have expressed their utmost dislike at such questions and often turn to be defensive whenever they’re asked such a question.

Nonetheless, fans still go ahead to ask anyways. The question this time round landed in the camp of actress Moesha Boduong.

Moesha Budoung posted a photo of Becca and her hubby congratulating them for tying the knot.

The post however, got her fans asking when exactly she is going to marry as well.

But Moesha, seems to be in no rush to marry to the awe of her fans.

The Instagram sensation replied that she isn’t getting married anytime soon because she’s still young.


 “I am younger and not ready” was her reply when some of her fans asked her the big question.

Below are some of the comments under her post:

_gabbyprime: “Hurry and get married some….the way I bore plus you.”

nana_adomako_bamfi: “@moeshaboduong sister we Dey wait for your own oo..waky3 dodo.”

i_am_aoak: “You too find a man and marry @moeshaboduong.”

Meanwhile, some fans believe that indeed, Moey’s time is not due and must be left alone.

abena_animwaa: “Why are u making it seems lyk marriage is an achievement. Allow her when the right hand comes she will. @moeshaboduong don’t mind them.”

allojennyg: “Guys please stop asking @moeshaboduong when she is getting married do u guy how long has taken becca before getting married.”

leslienikoi: “Your time will soon be here @moeshaboduong.”

Post below;

Moesha Boduong Slays In Kente Top With Mini-Skirt

Actress Moesha Boduong has spiced up her Instagram page with some really very hot African inspired photos.

Moesha is no teenager when it comes to fashion and ‘slaying’. She’s in the ‘B’ class if not ‘A’

The ‘Instagram Queen’ a few days ago shared a photo of herself as she always does.

This time round however, she is seen in a coat-top made with Kente cloth.

She however spiced up her look with a red and white fascinator which compliments her short sexy red skirt.

Moesha proudly shows those beautiful legs of hers as she poses for the cameras.

Check her out below;

Moesha’s Dark Knee In Latest Photos Causes Tongues To Wag About Her True Complexion

Actress Moesha Boduong is in the news once again and this time round, it’s about her real complexion.

The Instagram sensation as usual, shared some photos of herself on her Instagram page.

However, one thing, that has perhaps gone unnoticed by many of her critics is her knee color.

In one of the photos, Moesha Boduong is seated with her legs crossed revealing a dark complexion on her knee.

The color of her knee, obviously does not match with her skin color.

Some of her critics called fans based on this brought out their claws and started scratching her.

Some accused her of bleaching with ‘Abijan Samina’, a locally manufactured bathing soap.

A thorough search through some of her pictures she recently uploaded on Instagram shows the same thing.

Interestingly, this has gone unnoticed for some time now by her critics, although she was accused some time ago to have bleached her skin.

A user by name ‘Atamfo’ was the first to scratch by stating that he suspects Moesha’s knee color is as a result of ‘Abidjan Samina.’

@atamfo_b3ko_lowbattery: “Me de3 abeg oo… you guys should let me enjoy my Friday in peace. I think this is effects of small Abidjan samina . Mada wai. I’m shleep.”

Offeibea wondered why Moesha would expose her knee because she wouldn’t do that if she were to bleach.

@addooffeibea: “If my colour no be original I don’t expose my self too much.”

Kendrick on the other hand see Moesha from a different perspective.

@owusukendrick: “She be fool.”

It seems Moesha is in the bad book of many as she’s always spotted for the wrong reason, even if she meant good.

She was recently accused of being deformed and supporting her hip with her hand to stop it from falling.

Moesha also made a donation to a school in Kasoa some days ago., something most celebs do and get applauded for.

She, however, was teased for the donation because some people claimed she did not work hard to earn the money used for the donation.

Photos below;

I’m Going To Be So Rich Like Kylie Jenner – Moesha Boduong

Actress and photo model, Moesha Boduong has revealed that she has taken inspiration from Kylie Jenner’s recent feat in Forbes magazine.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was recently named by the business magazine as;

“the youngest-ever self-made billionaire” after her worth shot up to $900m.

Kylie, 20, is a fashion guru and the youngest of the Kardashian clan. She however, started selling her own cosmetics three years ago. And today, she is worth almost a billion.

Reacting to this, Moesha has said she’s inspired by Kylie Jenner for enduring all the social media trolls and bullies and turning them into a fortune.

The Instagram queen shared the Forbes magazine cover for Kylie Jenner with the caption:

“She was always trolled for getting her lips done, bullied all the time. Don’t let people’s words get to you. My inspiration I am going to be soo rich one-day .amen.”

Moesha Boduong is one of the most talked about celebrities in the country. She however saw the peak of her trolls after she featured in a CNN interview.

She was highly bashed for passing a comment which believe highly disrespectful to Ghanaian women.

Many have also bashed her for calling hersef an actress when in actual fact, they hardly see her in any movies.

Despite all these, Moesha says she has learnt from every bit of criticism and is inspired to make it big someday.

Moesha Boduong Donates To Tebu M/A School in Accra(PHOTOS)

Actress cum Photo model, Moesha Boduong has extended a helping hand to a school in need.

Moesha, through her charity foundation, the MoeshaBoduong Foundation has made a generous donation to Tebu M/A school in Accra.

According to the actress, she chanced upon the plea of the school in a news article on June 19, 2018.

“On the 19th of June 2018, I saw this article in the news , I felt sad and decided to locate the place. I took a whole day trying to find where this school is , I got to kasoa and I was told that the school and searching for is at a village called Domeabra. From kasoa town to the village is 1and half hour drive. So finally I got to the school ,for the love and passion I have for kids I got touched with all that they requested especially learning materials. So today I decided to donate desks, books , candies, biscuits , water, dresses and etc. I will plead with my fellow celebrities to help this little

The school was crying for help especially in terms of learning materials,” she wrote on Instagram.

With a benevolent heart, the actress, through her foundation put a thing or two together, hence the donation.

They donated items such as test books, Moesha Boduong branded exercise books, pens, dictionaries and other learning materials to the pupils.

Other items such as clothes and water(bottled and sachet)for the staff were also inclusive.

The team arrived at the school on Monday July 9 to present the items to them.

About The Moesha Boduong Charity Foundation

The foundation was officially established earlier this year. It embarked on its first major project in May when it fed a group of children living with autism.

The Moesha Boduong Foundation is a non-profit organization which aims at taking care of not only needy and homeless kids but autistic children as well. The foundation also seeks to increase healthcare availability for children.

It goes with the slogan “Every Child Matters”

Below are photos from the donation;

Moesha Boduong Glows In ‘Slit And Kaba'(PHOTOS)

Instagram queen and socialite, Moesha Boduong is no new name when it comes to ‘slaying’ in Ghana.

She’s one of the most active celebrtities on social media, precisely Instagram.

No day goes by without her sharing photos of herself with her fan and followers.

She’s considered as one of the fashionable icons in the entertainment industry.

Considering her curvaceous body shape, Moesha looks d*mn hot in anything she wears.

We’ve seen her on so many ocassions dresses to kill but hardly in African prints, not to talk of ‘Slit and Kaba’ style.

However, the Instagram sensation yesterday, shared a very beauiful photo of herslf looking very Ghanaian and African.

Moesha was clad in a beautiful ‘Slit and Kaba’ style made from a white and black colored African print.

One more notable thing was the fact that Moey was all covered up, except for a little revealing cleavage.

The picture has since received over 16 thousand likes and above 200 comments.

Check them out below and let us know if you love Moesha in slit and Kaba or not;



Moesha Boduong Features In GIJ Final Year Examination Questions

Just when we thought Moesha Boduong’s CNN brouhaha is over, the same issue pops up in the news again.

However, this time round, Moesha’s interviews with Delay and Christiane Amanpour have managed to find their way into a final year exams for students of GIJ.

An article on, sighted by, reports that Moesha Boduong’s interviews, popped up in Section C of the final year exam for students of the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

In there, students were tasked to analyze Moesha’s interviews granted to the two show hosts.

As part of their requirements to complete school, the level 400 GIJ students had to take on the hurdle of analyzing these two interviews granted by the actress.

Moesha’s interview with CNN’s Christine Amanpour became a topic of discussion on social media.

The Instagram queen, during the interview told the popular journalist that most women in Ghana need men to take care of them.

The photoshoot model is noted to have said, “Ghana our economy is such that you just need someone to take care of you because you can’t make enough money as a woman here.”

“When you want to get an apartment, in Ghana you pay two years in advance and I just started working, where will I get the money”, she added.

She further revealed that she was sleeping with a married man because, “He takes care of me, my financial stuff, my apartment, my car, my rent, everything.”

Her comments however gained nationwide condemnation from some women who disagreed with her tagging all Ghanaian women.

As a result, many women, including some revered men of God came out to express their disappointment with the actress’ choice of words.

Some of them included; Pastor Mensa Otabil, Confidence Haugen, Grace Omaboe, Rosemond Alade Brown and Vicky Zugah. These people waded into the controversy and made it clear that the comments made by Moesha were unacceptable.

This is because, they believe she tagging all Ghanaian women to have to sleep with married men to cater for them is an ‘insult’.

According to them, there are several hardworking women in Ghana who are making it despite the economy. However, these women do not sleep with married men to pay for their rents, or live a plush life as she had ‘insibuated’.

The actress, after taking all the bashing, came out to apologize to Ghanaians for her comments.

Now, this is what these final year students have to assess with her other interview on the Delay Show.


Ghanaians Didn’t Understand My CNN Interview – Moesha Boduong

It is obvious that actress and photo model, Moesha Boduong has had enoug of the criticism from Ghanaian on her CNN interview.

Miss Boduong has fired at some users who keep bugging her on that interview.

Moesha in an interview with Christiane Amanpour on “Sex & Love Around the World” show made some private revelations.

She has since been lashed out by Ghanaians for what some refer to as being ‘open’ and ‘candid’ about what she does for a living.


She revealer that she is dating a marrier man who is rich enough to fun her luxurious lifestyle. She however added that the economy of the country compelled her to do so.

She has since been on the ‘butchering’ table by most Ghanains who at the least thing rob her interview in her face.

But, it seems it seems she has swallowed more than enough criticisms and has decided to respond to her critics.

A social media user who tagger her in under a post sharer on caused the anger of the curvaceous actress.

Responding to critics on aThe  video that urges women to work hard to support their husbands shared on shared a video that urges women to support their husbands.

This social media user saw it as an opportunity to ‘mock’ Moesha hence tagger her.
The person therefore tagged her under the video asking her to heed the advice. That was when Moesha decided not to let sleeping dogs lie this time round. She simply replied with:

“It seems you people did not understand my interview”.

We assume this goes a long way to speak all of Moesha’s mind, though simply put.



Photo Of When Moesha Boduong Was Having Her A$$ And B00bs Surgery Pops Up On Social Media

Instagram queen, Moesha Babiinoti Boduong is known to have a curvaceous shape which she of course loves to flaunt.

However, there have been debates as to whether her well endowed curves are actually ‘what mama gave her’ or they’ve been tampered with.

The actress and photoshoot model has once said that she was born endowed. But also admitted that she uses waist trainers to keep her stomach smaller and waist thin.

Moesha Boduong is has been trending for weeks now. It started when she revealed in an interview with CNN that she is dating a married man just to continue living a plush life.

Rumors of she having tempered with her body has been rekindled once more, and as it is said, there’s no secret under the sun. Whatever is hidden shall surely be discovered one day, its just a matter of time.

This time round, Moesha’s own friend, Abena Moet has exposed and confirmed rumors that she has undergone surgery to lift her b00bs and a$s. Now a photo of when she was undergoing the lipo surgery has popped up on social media and spreading like wildfire.

According to Abena Moet, she did not undergo the surgery in the USA as many people think rather at Doctor Obengfo’s Clinic. She further revealed that she has been operated on 3 times and she often goes for check-ups.

That aside, there are some before and after pictures of the actress. In these photos, one can clearly see the difference which proves that, indeed she has undergone surgery despite her denials.

Photos below;

CNN Finally Speaks About Moesha Bodoung’s Interview

Ghanaian actress and model, Moesha Babiinoti Boduong has been making headlines for some hours non-stop now.

It all started when she appeared in an interview on CNN with Christian Amanpour.

Moesha blatantly said during the interview that Ghanaian women including herself sleep with married men for money.

According to her, the economy in Ghana is too difficult as a result women including herself seek to sleep with married men for support.

Her comments, seems not to have gone too well with most Ghanaians. Most Ghanaian celebrities hence descended heavily on her. They do not agree with the fact that she classified all Ghanaian women.

But CNN has spoken, saying it will not take Moesha’s view to represent the whole of Ghanaian women.

CNN twitted: “This is one woman’s view. We don’t take it to represent all of Ghana. If you take a good look around our page, you will see positive portrayals of Africans. We are always happy to hear your story suggestions so please message us.”

Moesha Boduong Needs To Be Applauded For Her CNN Interview – Captain Smart

Adom FM’s morning show host, Captain Smart  has called on Ghanaians to applaud actress cum model Moesha Boduong for disclosing the ‘bitter’ truth instead of condemning her.

Moesha Budoung has come under heavy criticisms for saying in an interview that Ghanaian women, including herself sleep with married men for money.

The actress said this on CNN during a discussion on ‘When being a mistress is a financial decision’.

According to her, the state of Ghana’s economy has compelled her to sleep with a married man for survival.

“Ghana our economy is such that you just need someone to take care of you because you can’t make enough money as a woman here. When you want to get an apartment, in Ghana you pay two years in advance and I just started working, where will I get the money,” she noted. 

Asked what the man expects in return, Moesha said, “He expects me to be loyal and just to date him only and give him sex when he wants .You can’t say no. You have to give him what he wants otherwise he is going to think you are cheating on him.” She told CNN’s Christian Amanpour.

Moesha BoduongCpt

Due to her utterances, she has been labeled ‘a prostitute’ by a section of Ghanaians. Others have also lambasted her for making such utterances on an international platform.

But speaking on Daybreak Hitz, Thursday, Captain Smart applauded the actress for her frankness and called for a rent policy. He further indicated that it was time leaders paid attention to solving the incessant unemployment rate as many graduates and professionals are jobless.

“Even nurses and teachers are still home. They’ve not been posted. What do you expect them to do? In this country, people cannot even take care of their own children. We must be proactive and pragmatic and begin to work; better the life of the ordinary” he suggested. 

Captain Smart noted that critics of Moesha are being hypocritical because what she said was indeed the reality.

“Is what she said a lie?” he queried. “We live in a country that they are demanding two-year advance from you for rent. Nobody is talking about it. This lady goes to the international stage and says it and we are pretending as if it’s not happened anywhere before. She is right. We should have a rent policy.” 

Kindly Watch video below:

Photos: See How Moesha Boduong Celebrated Her 28th Birthday

Actress cum photoshoot model, Moesha Babiinoti Boduong added a milestone to her age this year.

Born on March 10,1990, the actress and Instagram queen turned 28 years this year.

She as usual made a lot of fuss prior to her birthday. When that day finally came, Moey put on her philanthropic cap.

After sharing series of sultry photos with her followers, she headed towards Tema.

There Miss Boduong paid a visit to the Hopesetters Autism Center.

She spent some time mingling and having fun with the children there for a day of fun and mingling with the kids in the school.


The actress, speaking at the event, said that she hopes others in the industry would take the cue and also make time for children with special.

“I’m happy to be here with these kids, I really appreciate them and I ask God to be their comforter and bless them more,” she said.

“I want to use this opportunity to encourage my colleagues in the industry to remember children with special need. It us make efforts to make their world beautiful with all the love they deserve. I will definitely come here again,” she added.

Below are photos from the event;