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A Mount Kenya University student cum local rising artiste going by the name Charly Toz aka Toze The Great has this past week surprised netizens after a placard labeled with a specific quest with the artiste holding it in his hands, surprised Kenyans.While a section of the jobless class have used the same method to wow their samaritans, for Charly Toz requesting for a Bentley from business mogul and deejay Chris Kirubi to shoot a music video is kinda different.The big question everyone is asking themselves is that ‘must you use a Bentley and nothing else?”However for this hopeful talented musician whose parents were worried he would take up music as a course at the university, only to end up enrolling for a business course, much of which was inspired by the famous and philanthropic businesman Dj CK.Speaking of Chris Kirubi, this is a man with many achievements apart from money in the bank, not mentioning his many assets .The list below is just a tip of the ice berg. Chris Kirubi Happens to Be:
1.One of the richest men in Kenya
2.The Richest Dj In The Country
3.He Is estimated networth is 22 Billion shillings
4.Passionate about helping people especially the youth
5.The Owner of Two Rivers Mall,Capital Fm,Centum Investment
6.Very Humourous/Funny
7.In 2011 was named Top 40 Richest in AfricaThis explains why musician Charly Toz believes a Bentley is chicken change to the billionaire businessman who also loves art.
We are yet to hear from Chris Kirubi with regard to this request.Charly Toz is known for a couple of hits including “Nini” and “Love You’ , existing on his official youtube channel.