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I Like Girls Who Ask Men For Money – Nana Aba Anamoah(VIDEO)

Revered Media Personality, Nana Aba Anamoah has confessed that she likes women who ask men for money.

Nana Aba made this confession after she was engaged in Ghanaian sensational musician

Amerado’s ‘Menpe’ challenge.

The #Menpe challenge is a new ingenuity by hiplife artiste, Amerado where music fans voice

what they dislike to mimic his new song titled ‘Menpe’.


Moreover, there are many viral videos on social media mainly from people in Kumasi and

others from known faces in the entertainment industry listing some of the things they dislike

singing along with the ‘Menpe’ niche.

Caught in the challenge, Nana Aba Anamoah who after a few seconds of saying she does not like

girls who ask for money however quickly changed her statement and said as for girls who

ask for money she likes them.

Considering the speed and excitement she used to alter her initial rhyme, one could easily

say that she meant it.

Watch video of Nana Aba doing ‘Menpe’ challenge below;

I Had Always Wanted To Be A Presenter Since Class 3 – Nana Aba Anamoah Reveals

Multiple awards-winning broadcaster Nana Aba Anamoah has revealed that she had

always dreamed of becoming a presenter since she was in class 3.

Nana Aba, made this revelation when she took her turn on Nana Ama Mcbrown’s cooking show ‘Mcbrown’s Kitchen’.

Whiles preparing the local delicacy fufu and green(abunuabunu) soup, the host engaged her on some questions.

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Speaking to McBrown, she disclosed that her dreams of becoming a TV presenter started right from Class 3 as she became so enthralled each time she watched a certain Tv presenter known as Barbara Dadzie back then and she didn’t miss a day watching her read the news on TV.

She then told her teacher about her dreams, and she motivated her to go for it and later on in life when she first worked at GBC, she met her teacher in the person of Mrs. Akrobeto working there as well.

She also revealed that she comes from the Volta Region as her mom is Ewe and her dad a Fante.

Watch her full interview below:

Nana Aba Anamoah Denies Being Appointed As PRO For Sarkcess Music

Multiple awards-winning media personality, Nana Aba Anamoah made headlines few days ago when Sarkodie shared a photo of himself and her.

The caption under the photo suggested that the outspoken journalist had been appointed as the public relations officer for Sarkcess music.

This got many websites and media houses making massive publicity out of the photo.


But the ace journalist has come out to express her surprise at the rate at which the news was highly publicized.

According to her, she couldn’t fathom why this had to be given major attention when there are

far better things to report about.

She made this known when a fan of hers expressed his thoughts about the high publicity of the same news.

She posted:

“Citizen Seth brilliantly sums up my surprise. I can forgive bloggers who jumped onto the bandwagon but the radio stations that made this a major topic this morning shocked me the most. Of all the issues to discuss in Ghana!”

She however indicated that she understood what happened because she knows Sarkodie is a big

brand and whatever he does gets attention.

“But I get it. @sarkodie has a top top brand. When he sneezes, you all catch cold. #SarkNation #rapgod”, She added.

It is however not clear if indeed is now the PRO for the music label or not.

Post beneath;

Nana Aba Anamoah Slams Abeiku Santana Over Joselyn Dumas Misstep

Celebrated media personality, Nana Aba Anamoah has shared her views on the controversy

surrounding Abeiku Santana’s interview with Joselyn Dumas.

There ware high publications that Joselyn Dumas has revealed on Abeiku Santana’s ‘Atuu’ show

that she and John Dumelo dated for two years.


Meanwhile, Joselyn has come out to deny ever saying anything of that sort on the show.

After protest from Dumas, it however emerged that the trailer for the interview was edited to suit a dubious agenda.

Dumas was however quick to show her anger and disgust over the edited video which had people thinking that the two had dated for two years in the past.

The actress sent out a post via Twitter to denounce what was being peddled with the video.

Nana Aba Anamoah, a GhOne TV presenter, also joined the fray. She has however, cautioned presenters on being unprofessional.

This was after Abeiku Santana had said his production team did not alert him on the final cut of the trailer.

“Abeiku claims he didn’t see the trailer before it was uploaded on YouTube.

 A presenter for a show!! You don’t take any interest in your final work? WOW. Abeiku’s team, this is on you.

He wants us to believe that you were unprofessional. Adonbelivit!” She tweeted.

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Nana Aba Anamoah Blasts Kennedy Agyapong’s NET 2 For Showing Anas’ Pictures

Member of parliament for Assin Central, Hon. Kennedy Ayapong has been restless since the news of Anas’ latest work titled, Number 12.

Kennedy Agyapong seems to be having sleepless nights since the break of the news, something he has made public.

The MP has expressed his utmost dislike at Anas’ modus operandi in exposing corrupt leaders and was revealed that Anas  has not had any good rest.

He has been attacking the investigative journalist on almost every platform he goes. He even went as far as threatening to show Anas’ real face for the whole world to see.

Just yesterday, some leaked photos went viral on social media purported to be the real identity of the ace journalist.

The photos, according to reports were first released on Net 2 TV, which belongs to the Assin MP.

Many journalists have since condemned the act, saying Anas’ life is now in danger following the revealation of his true identity.

One of such journalists, who strongly stands against this act is the celebrated broadcaster, Nana Aba Anamoah.

Nana Aba, who works with EIB network’s Ghone TV took to Twitter to share her view on Kennedy Agyapong’s social media rant.

She couldn’t fathom why he is bent on revealing  Anas’ real face when it could endanger his life.

The multiple awards-winning Journalist further queried where some journalist have dumped their ethics and codes of the noble profession.

Read what she wrote below;

Nana Aba Anamoah Steals The Show In A Simple White Dress At Launch Of Becca’s Spa

Multiple awards winning broadcater, Nana Aba Anamoah over the weekend stunned in a simple white dress.

The broadcaster, was among the many guests at the official launch of Kora Spa, which Belongs to songstress, Becca

The Spa, is located inside East Legon is a true definition of an ultramodern spa, with all the equipment.

Nana Aba, who wore just a simple long white dress obviously stole the show.

Though she looked very simple in that apparel, she obviously rocked that dress just so well.

She complimented her lokks with a gold color heel to match.

See the photos below:

I Didn’t Abandon My Son – Father of Nana Aba Anamoah’s Son Speaks

Awards-winning broadcaster, Nana Aba Anamoah and her son have been trending for days now. As we reported earlier, Nana Aba shared of photo of herself and her son on IG days ago. The photo won the admiration and comments from most of her followers.

However, the post was taken down yesterday and the reason was that a man, claiming to be the boy’s father has popped up.

Well, as usual, when Ghanaians heard of this news, they didn’t take it lightly with the man at all.

He was lambasted for the fact that he had to impregnate Nana Aba at a tender age and later elope without taking charge of his fatherly responsibilities.

At least, that’s the story we all knew as was told by Nana Aba sometime ago. She once admitted in 2016 that she got pregnant when she was in Senior High School and stated that she does not want to talk about the man.

However, reports further stated that the man after impregnating her abandoned her and the baby. Hence Nana Aba had to raise the boy, Paa Kow as a single parent. For this reason even the boy bears Nana Aba’s surname ‘Anamoah’

So when he finally popped out claiming to love his son, he received the criticism of his life.

The man, identified as Richard Brown, aka Osebo uploaded the image Nana Aba had shared. He captioned it “Daddy luvs u so much my son. God knows I really do son”. This brought him to the prying eyes of the media.

Richard Brown

Richard Brown followed it up another photo of the boy captioned “U r my blood and I luv u so much no matter what my son ??.”

But Nana never gave up and kept on ‘grinding’ for a better life for herself and her son. Now she is regarded as one of the top female journalists in the country if not the best and highly valued.

However, the saga has taken a new twist as the father has also come out with his version of the story. According to a report by, Nana Aba’s story is far different from the real truth.

According to, a source close to Mr Brown is pleading with Ghanaians to listen to both sides of the story first. Then they can go ahead and judge for themselves.

The source hinted that Richard Brown did not decide to just quit and leave his son without taking care of him. Rather, that was Nana Aba Anamoah’s decision to simply cut the father off even though the son loves him very much.

In his narration, he says that a long time ago Brown was taking care of Paa Kow when he was still a child. Thus; paying his school fees at the Silicon Valley school, taking care of him and paying occasional visits.

However, things fell apart when Nana Aba Anamoah travelled to the U.K sometime back and called Osebo for some money. But Osebo told Nana Aba that the time to pay his child’s school fees were due so he would settle that first. Then he would find some additional money and send to her later but that reportedly pissed off Nana Aba.

That was the moment the center couldn’t hold and she unloaded on Osebo that she does not even need anything from him. Adding that he can go to hell and should never contact either her or their son again.

From the information gathered from the source, that was the initial break between him[Osebo] and the son[Paa Kow]. Notwithstanding, he still made several efforts to make things right and continue to take care of the son but Nana Aba rebuffed them all.

He reportedly sent gifts through two intermediaries to be given to his son.  A worker at Metro TV whom Nana Aba knew and another friend.  But Nana Aba reportedly got pissed off anytime she became aware of these.

Osebo, the source and others then resorted to visiting Nana Aba’s home for a meeting with her parents. However, in full view of her parents, Nana Aba sacked them all claiming she wasn’t interested in solving issues with him.

The father, we also learned, on a few occasions managed to find ways to communicate with the son. But every time she[Nana Aba] found out, she blocked his number. Nana Aba herself however, had attested to this once when she appeared on the Delay Show.

After numerous attempts were all cut off by the mother, Osebo felt he had no choice but to step back. That led to him missing out on his son’s life but he never stopped loving him, the source said.

The source, added that he’s very appreciative to Nana Aba for caring for the boy and always giving him the best. Though he had been cut off from doing his

Though he’s stopped wading into her affairs, he appreciates everything Nana Aba has done taking care of Paa Kow all these years since it must not have been easy but he’s only interested in correcting the perception that he abandoned his own child.

Nana Aba Anamoah Deletes Post After A Man Claiming To Be Her Son’s Father Pops Up

Ace Broadcaster, Nana Aba Anamoah recently shared a photo of herself and her son on Instagram. Under the photo was the caption, “Getting my son to pose for a picture is as difficult as pinning a medal on a shadow. Why are boys like this?” 

This picture has since won the admiration of most her her followers who couldn’t help but to comment.

Nana Aba gave birth in her teens when she was in high school. She has however chosen to keep the circumstances under which she got pregnant as a teenager out of the public domain. Hence, she has single-handedly raised him without the help of the boy’s father.

Meanwhile, Nana Aba, had revealed in an earlier interview that she had not spoken to the boy’s father in the previous 16 years.

The boy, Paa Kow Anamoah, who is now 18-years has indeed grown into a fine gentleman.

However, a recent checks on her IG page shows that that particular post has been taking off. The reason, being that a man, claiming to be the father of Nana Aba’s son has pooped out.

The post has since been deleted when the boys father one ,Italy-based Richard Brown said that’s his son. Adding that  no matter what the boys mother will say, the boy remains his blood.

Richard Brown has further indicated to another blog that, he wants to clear things up about some of the things Nana Aba Anamoah said.

It seems he’s doing so subtly as his recent posts on Facebook shows so. He maintains that he loves his son soo much and that even God knows he’s being honest about it.

Screen shots of his post below;

Nana Aba Anamoah Opens Up About The Break In The VGMA Transmission

Multiple awards wining TV personality, Nana Aba Anamoah has finally responded to the break in transmission of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

The event, successfully came off on Saturday, April 14, 2018 at the Accra International Conference Centre.

However, there was a sudden break in transmission which lasted for some seconds before rectified by Media General, (TV3).

when Nana Aba Anamoah of Gh One TV was on stage to present an award in the company of Trace Africa’s Manager.

Incidentally, this when Nana Aba Anamoah of GhOne TV was on stage to present an award in the company of Trace Africa’s Manager.

Nana Aba, before announcing the nominees in the category she was about to present the award took the opportunity to ask a question. Her question was directed to the Trace Africa’s Manager. She wanted to find out why Ghanaian artistes are not given space on their platform to shine.

However, there was a break in transmission before he could answer the question. This caused uproar on social media.

It was interpreted as an intentional act by TV3, the official television partners for the event. This according to many was to prevent Nana Aba, who is a former employee of the Television station from taking the shine of the day.

Management of the television network has rendered an official apology for the hitch. Notwithstanding, a cross-section of Ghanaians took to social media to condemn the act.

Nana Aba has finally broken her silence on the issue in a series of tweets.

Responding to the challenge, Nana Aba noted that there was an urgent need to create the opportunity for rising Ghanaian musicians to shine.

She further called on Ghanaians to channel their energy in getting the International television networks to feature Ghanaian music videos on their networks.

According to her, the successful VGMA is an indication that music in Ghana has matured and needs the necessary attention.

Noting that she “only noticed the ‘shove’ when the video was circulated.”

Nana Aba expressed her appreciation for the concern of well-wishers who were not enthused by the incident.

Read Nana Aba’s post;

She said “I’m greatly concerned about the inadequate airtime given to Ghanaian musicians who work tirelessly to entertain music lovers. I appreciate @tracenaija’s commitment to change the narrative.

The success of this year’s VGMA is a testimony to the seriousness of the Ghanaian music industry.‬

‪I only noticed the ‘shove’ when the video was circulated.

‬I deeply appreciate the concern of well wishers who weren’t enthused by it. I’m confident that the public uproar has sufficiently dealt with the matter.

Let us now channel our energies into prevailing upon @tracenaija to do right by Ghanaian musicians. By giving them the airtime they have earned just as they do for others. Thank you.”

Moving Out Of TV3 Has Completely Changed How I see Things – Nana Aba Anamoah

2017 Radio and TV Personality of the Year, Nana Aba Anamoah has expressed her profound gratitude to God for His abundant favor upon her.

Nana Aba Anamoah, who swept seven awards at the just ended 2017 RTP Awards night  has also not hidden her disappointment and how betrayed she felt when she was ditched by her former employers; TV3 Network Ltd.

The News Editor and host of State of Affairs on GHOne TV took a sly dig at TV3 during an interview on Empire Fm disclosing her disinterest in TV3 affairs and admitting, “Errrm you know, TV3 I actually don’t really think about them”.

It will be recalled Nana Aba Anamoah and TV3 Network developed a tensed relationship following a “photo theft” incident leading to her resignation from the media group.

Intriguingly, two years on in October (same month her career almost came crashing; after she was slapped with an indefinite suspension from TV3 Network), she defied all odds to keep her head up and win the much coveted radio and television personality of the year.

“…but they say sometimes things happen in your life and you might think it’s a problem but God just puts you in that situation so you can move on. What happened two years ago, even though I thought it was such a big silly joke, I think it happened for the greater good for me.

“Moving out of TV3 has completely changed my life; it has completely changed how I see things” she confessed.