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We Need Accountability Because Its Our Money Not Yours – Arnold Baidoo

Entertainment critic and writer, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo vents his displeasure towards the Tourism Minister, Catherine Afeku.

Baidoo made his displeasure known in a Facebook post. Moreover, he stated that Ghanaians have rights to question the state. This is especially when it comes to the money spent on the awards. Therefore, the minister should not describe such a question as lame. He explained that the money the government is spending on the awards is taxpayers money.

Arnold Asamoah Baidoo in the Facebook post said


On Monday, a bunch of confused stakeholders in the film industry wrote a long letter, cosseting and applauding the Minister for just going about her duties as a Minister. That’s fine!

Yesterday, on Hitz103.9fm, Andy Dosty II queried the Minister on the amount Government committed to AFRIMA. The woman called the question ‘lame’ and the host was disappointingly sluggish in protesting such a slapdash remark.

The money given to AFRIMA (It starts today, anyway) and other related projects in the industry, if not a grant or loan from wherever – is our money, tax payers money and as citizens, it’s our right to know how much and what our monies are being used for.

The money is not for the Minister, so, if she classifies such a question flimsy, don’t respond with an irritating giggle – prod further!

Stop mollycoddling the woman and hold her accountable!”

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