Bridget Achieng baby daddy gift to his son as he turns 1 year, proves he is not a dead beat dad

Sekani Rich who is the son of socialite Bridget Achieng; had an amazing birthday weekend that saw his friends and relatives attend!

Since he just turned 1 year, Bridget Achieng decided to flood our social media pages with photos from the lit birthday party; showing off how the event went down!

Baby Sekani turns 1

Of course, the socialite went all out for her son as seen on the photos from the party. Judging from the number of invites guests we can say about 100 plus friends turned up to celebrate with the young man as he marked a new milestone in his life.

Bridget Achieng aka Mama Sekani

Baby daddy steps in!

Well, after Bridget Achieng exposed her baby daddy for abandoning her moments after learning she was pregnant; seems that he is back into his baby mamas and son’s lives!

To celebrate his son’s birthday, Sekani’s dad is said to have bought his baby a new Mercedes Track that left the young man excited! Through his Instagram page Mama Sekani wrote;

Sekani’s new ride

Thanks daddy for my first birthday present I love it; and I’m yet to know who got me the Adidas jacket just to thank her personally it fits well , i love it; it was part of my gifts yesterday
#mercedestruck #adidas#boujeebabies #richboysassociation #youngngettingit #instababymodel #babyinfluencer #firstbirthday

Bridget Achieng shares an extra special birthday tribute to her son as he celebrates 1st birthday!

Actress and business lady Bridget Achieng counts herself lucky after finally being blessed with a healthy bouncing baby boy last year.

She had earlier opened up about her struggle to conceive and after seeking medical help almost everywhere; Bridget finally held her own baby on 5th February 2019.

Baba Sekani

The mother of 1 has however been raising her son as a single mum but has no regrets whatsoever! In previous interview the lady talked about the pain she went through after her baby daddy dumped her; but all in all she has moved on with her life.

Birthday message to Sekani

In a well detailed post, Bridget Achieng showered her son with praises for making her a proud mum after years of wondering when she would have her own child. Through her Instagram page, the lady wrote;

Baby Sekani turns 1

Happy birthday to my munchkin @sekani_rich_ , I can write a whole book about you, today being your birthday I wish you nothing but all the good this world has to offer. I’m such a proud mam and dad to not only handsome but a sharp boy. I wish you prosperity , good health and wealth just like your name RICH; may you be God fearing and may favour follow you every where you go my son and above all make mama proud.

The lass went on to add;

Finally you can be my travel buddy .mama loves you soo very much you already know. You brought riches and peace in my life since you where born , clearly there’s power in a name. I thought my world would stop but it’s been better than when I was still a girl …more wealth to us baby boy I will always give you the very best and you will have better life than I had #mixedboys #instagram_kids #babymodel #brandinfluencer #cutebaby #Godaboveall #bougie #kenyanboy#birthdayboy #weekendweturnup #Februarybaby #starboy#cutestkids#yorubaangel 05/02/2020 #firstbirthday
Lenses @loliphotographer

“ I was afraid that my son would stop me from shining” Bridget Achieng reveals

Bridget Achieng says that at some point during her pregnancy she got paranoid that her son would stop her from shinning.

Not quite sure what she meant by this but unlike most mums; Bridget Achieng was not afraid of baby fat but of the fame she has worked hard for to get all these past years.

Through her Instagram page Mama Sekani wrote;

Bridget Achieng aka Mama Sekani

and to think that I was scared to death @sekani_rich_ was going to stop me from shinning, so far as I look closely to his birthday next month ….and the fire that this boy has put in me it can only be God , he is covered for life his 3 business empire will see him through school until when he says he cant do it anymore ….I got you my prince for life ????????#happymom #happylife #yorubaboy

Judging from the posts shared on her Instagram, we can say that the lady has been doing a great job raising her son alone.

Bridget Achieng’s baby daddy and son

Her baby daddy’s whereabouts remain unknown to the public; apart from the fact that he walked out on her while still pregnant.

“Why post his pictures if he doesn’t support your son?” Bridget Achieng told off by fans moments after flaunting her baby daddy with their son

According to fans, Bridget Achieng likes to play the victim or rather prefers people feeling pity for her especially when it comes to her baby daddy.

This is after the lady shared a detailed YouTube video revealing how her baby daddy walked out on her after learning she was pregnant.

Bridget Achieng with her son

Bridget Achieng went on to portray him as a hit and run who was not ready for responsibility since also he has not been involved in Sekani’s life.

However lately it appears that she misses or just wants his attention (as revealed by fans) since the lady has been sharing his photos on her son’s IG.

Baba Sekani

Missing baby daddy already?

Anyway we can’t blame the mother of 1 since this is the first man that she connected with and even got pregnant for.

Her fans are however disappointed with how bad she paints the Nigerian guy only for her to come asking whether her son took after his daddy’s looks.

Sekani’s post

Away from that, in one of Nairobi Diaries episodes, Pendo was calling out Bridget Achieng for getting pregnant for her client in Malaysia – revealing the main reason the fella doesn’t support baby Sekani.

Alikiba denies dating former Nairobi Diaries actress, Bridget Achieng

Just a few days ago former Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng went ahead to reveal that back when she got Alikiba’s tattoo tatted on her body – they were an item.

According to the lady, she had been involved with King Kiba for about a year but somewhere along the way the two broke up due to unknown reasons.

Speaking during a recent radio interview the mother of 1 opened  up saying;

“I have more than 10 tattoos and no regrets. I even have for my ex-King Kiba, the one and only, Alikiba. You see kwa relationship kuna ile path unaenda na kunai le mtu mwingine anaenda. So for me I don’t shusha any man I have been with, that is one thing I’ll not do. We had different paths, ana Uswahili mimi nina mambo zangu. Mimi naenda mbio yeye ni mstaarabu pole pole, mimi penye naenda niko focused kabisa mimi ni mtu wa Nairobi. Mimi nikaona sitaweza but you see it was good, we’re still friends…. Not so long tumeongea kama six months then I met him, one thing led the other and in a span of one year we were off. I don’t regret being with Kiba, ule ni mtu hata nikiwa 70 years sitamsahau. He was very romantic. But funny thing, niliweka hii tattoo akanitafuta. I was a fan, hio kiuno vile ilikuwa inanenguliwa I was like I have to be part of this project,”

Alikiba responds

Having come across the story on social media, Alikiba took some time off his busy schedule to address the story.

Speaking with the media during the launch of his new song Chaku featuring Christian Bella, Alikiba denied ever being involved with the singer romantically. He went on to say;

“Mimi nalipokea kama fan na sio yeye pekeake kuna wengi tu walichora na nishaonaga zamani sana ile tattoo yeah,”

Why Bridget Achieng will not be getting back with her Nigerian baby daddy

Socialite Bridget Achieng who is a former Nairobi Diaries actress has come out to talk about a few things concerning her relationship with her Nigerian baby father.

Bridget Achieng with her son, Sekani

A while back Bridget Achieng revealed that the fella dumped her after learning that Bridget Achieng was 3 months pregnant with his child.

According to Bridget Achieng, Baba Sekani at that time requested for an abortion but after years of looking for a child – Bridget Achieng decided to keep the baby growing inside her until the day she gave birth.

Bridget Achieng’s baby daddy and son

Reconciling with Baba Sekani?

Speaking recently about her current relationship, Bridget Achieng went on to reveal that despite having worked out their issues; Bridget see’s no future with the Nigerian fella. She went on to say;

“I wouldn’t say Baba Sekani is someone I would want to spend the rest of my life with to be honest. I don’t know nini anawezafanya nimrudie aliniaibisha. Alipatia wananawake wengine hio power ya kunidisrespect,”

The socialite went on to add that despite having planned to move to Nigeria, this plan will not be possible now.

“I was meant to relocate to Nigeria but I don’t think I want to be a housewife and I still have that phobia he dumped me when I was pregnant,”

Bridget Achieng responds after Trap King claims she is not baby Sekani’s biological mother

Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng is not going to sit down and watch rapper Trap King tarnish her name on social media.

A few weeks ago the rapper went on to write a post saying that she is not Sekani’s biological mother. Trap King went on to add that he already knew that the baby boy’s mother is actually Bridget’s sister. He went on to post saying;

Bridget Achieng

Remember me Bridget??? Remember talking shit behind my back? Smiling in my face?? You on TV Makin me sick! I would have respected you more had you have had the guts to stay black and not do a Vera Sadika. But you on TV lying… Lying… Lying… Fake nails, fake breasts, Fake Gucci, Fake Hair, Fake skin, REAL STOMACH… I can’t allow you to decieve more kids!!!! Wtf!!!! You the reason some black people are ashamed of their skins and buy bleeach!!!!
Lissssen, I Know that you are not really the biological mother of that beautiful boy. He’s your sisters. Just because you too lazy to go gym you lying that you pregnant! Say my name again and I’ll expose the rest???????????????????????? tell whoever owes me money to pay up!!!!!!! ???????????????????????? I spoke to @50cent he told me to give you lot til Monday but I don’t want no Fake Cash!!!! #SMH who’s next!!!!!

Bridget Achieng responds

Speaking to a local daily just recently, Bridget Achieng went on to respond to the claims saying that the stories were all lies.

According to Bridget Achieng, Trap King shouldn’t have used her son’s name to get fame by telling lies which would affect the child in future. She went on to say;

Bridget Achieng and Trap King Chrome

“Like I hear the other day Trap King had a lot to say about my baby akasema hadi mtoto si wangu. Sekani is a photocopy of me. Okay hio tumbo nilitia wapi? Ama hio pia ilikuwa fake. You see I understand maisha ni ngumu. Bridget sahii ndio hutrend… i want everyone to eat. Wacha watu waongee wasipoongea juu ya Bridget wataongea juu ya nani?… imagine baby Sekani a very innocent boy who doesn’t even know anything. For someone to look for five minutes of fame with his name si inamaanisha huyo mtoto ni important sana. Huyo mtoto ako na followers wengi hata kukushinda. Uko na audacity ya kuongea juu ya mtoto hata hajafikisha 18 years. Shame on you!”

“I tried conceiving for 5 years but failed” Bridget Achieng talks about how she struggled to get pregnant

Nairobi Diaries Bridget Achieng is one of those mothers who is grateful for the fact that God finally decided to bless her with a child after years of trying to look for one.

The actress who is also quiet open when it comes to talking about her personal life recently opened up revealing how much she struggled before finally getting pregnant.

Speaking to a popular news outlet, Bridget Achieng for the first time confirmed that she had been trying to conceive for about 5 years in-order to give her late mum a grandchild – but things did not happen as planned at that time.

Bridget Achieng with her son, Sekani

“I looked for the baby for five years with my first man but it wasn’t successful,”

Baby daddy drama after finally conceiving

Despite getting what she always prayed for, Bridget Achieng unfortunately did not have the easiest time with her alleged baby daddy who distanced himself from the pregnancy.

However, rumor has it that the two finally got to work out their differences and could be back together – but if so, why don’t they post photos of the fella hanging out with his son?

Bridget Achieng’s baby daddy and son

Anyway whether Bridget Achieng is a single mum or not, we can all agree that she has been doing quite a great job raising her handsome baby boy!

“That boy is not your biological son!” Nairobi Diaries former actor now accuses Bridget Achieng of faking her pregnancy

Trap King Chrome is currently on a roll exposing all Nairobi Diaries actors — until he gets paid all his money by the reality shows owners.

So far he has exposed both Mustafa and Noti Flow for faking their relationship when they already have gay partners on the low.

Mustafa vs Trap King

The rapper accused Mustafa of acting straight yet he had a boyfriend living in his house….something that left very many people shocked!

Bridget Achieng’s turn

Trap King has also gone after Bridget Achieng accusing her of faking pregnancy. Not sure whether his statement about Bridget Achieng’s son has any truth to it….but he went on to write saying;

Bridget Achieng

Remember me Bridget??? Remember talking shit behind my back? Smiling in my face?? You on TV Makin me sick! I would have respected you more had you have had the guts to stay black and not do a Vera Sadika. But you on TV lying… Lying… Lying… Fake nails, fake breasts, Fake Gucci, Fake Hair, Fake skin, REAL STOMACH… I can’t allow you to decieve more kids!!!! Wtf!!!! You the reason some black people are ashamed of their skins and buy bleeach!!!!
Lissssen, I Know that you are not really the biological mother of that beautiful boy. He’s your sisters. Just because you too lazy to go gym you lying that you pregnant! Say my name again and I’ll expose the rest???????????????????????? tell whoever owes me money to pay up!!!!!!! ???????????????????????? I spoke to @50cent he told me to give you lot til Monday but I don’t want no Fake Cash!!!! #SMH who’s next!!!!!



Bridget Achieng already expecting baby number 2?

Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng has lately been giving her fans a reason to talk thanks to the videos shared on her YouTube channel.

So far her career seems to have kicked off quite well as she claims to be the highest paid actress at Nairobi Diaries reality show.

Bridget Achieng’s baby daddy and son

Away from that, well some of Bridget Achieng’s fans have been assuming that she pregnant with baby number 2 – and for the very first time the lass has come out to address this in a new video dubbed ‘assumptions about me.’

Baby number 2?

After welcoming her son, Sekani the mother of one seems to be struggling with baby fat just most women who have undergone C section.

With her old tiny waist gone for months now, fans claim that she appears pregnant, however speaking about this issue on her channel Miss Achieng opened up saying;

Yaani kuna vitu nasoma hapa nachoka. Is it true that you are pregnant again by your first baby daddy? Pregnant again? You guy, tumbo yangu ilikatwa tu juzi, sijapona. I am not pregnant again but to be honest, I want a house full of babies. A football club. Yaani I need babies or a rugby team. Ningekuwa naweza zaa watoto 12 ningezaa but unfortunately I can only be able to get four and the fourth one will be by God’s grace. So trust me, I’m gonna give you three more babies and no I’m not pregnant with my baby daddy.

“My p*ssy has a price tag!” Bridget Achieng

Bridget Achieng is not one to shy off from telling fans what she feels or thinks especially when most of her fans seem so judgmental.

Thanks to a new video shared on her YouTube Chanel, Bridget Achieng for the very first time addresses a few things people keep making assumptions about when it comes to her lifestyle.

Bridget Achieng

Well, Bridget Achieng has made it clear that her privates are not to be free neither will she pretend she doesn’t like rich men in-order to make people happy.

“Many times people have misjudged me because I love my men with a little cash, is it my fault that I get men who have money. Everyone has their choice, my privates are washed with very expensive soap, it is clean and very expensive.”

Not a prostitute!

Miss Achieng goes on to add that she doesn’t sell her body like most people have been made to believe by ladies claiming that she is a prostitute.

This is however not the first time Bridget Achieng is being linked to working as an escort.

Anyway check out her vblog below.

Bridget Achieng’s late mother finally laid to rest

Actress cum socialite Bridget Achieng and family united this past weekend to give their mum the final send off.

Unfortunately their mum passed on about a week ago and according to Bridget Achieng; the doctors could not identify what their mother was suffering from.

Their mother’s death however came just a few weeks after Bridget Achieng welcomed her son. Through an Instagram live session, the socialite went on to reveal that it feels like her mum was just waiting for the arrival of her grandson before she departed.

Laid to rest

Judging from the photos shared by Bridget Achieng and her sister Catherine, we understand that their mum was finally laid to rest this weekend.

Although not much was shared from the burial ceremony, we managed to get just a few pictures thanks to Bridget’s Instagram page. Check out the photos below.

“My Mum died from a disease doctors could not identify” Bridget Achieng breaks down after losing her mum

Bridget Achieng and her family are going through a tough time after their mum passed on this weekend. The Nairobi Diaries actress announced this on 8th March through her Instagram page leaving many shocked.

This came as a surprise to many who knew her and judging from the comments; seems that Bridget’s Mum was quiet known thanks to her golden heart of helping people.

Speaking during Bridget Achieng’s Instagram live, the actress broke down saying that doctors could not identify what her mother was suffering from. Every medical test she underwent turned out negative – something that cannot be explained.

appealing for help

The new mum of one has reached out to fans and friends who are willing to help contribute for her mum’s funeral.

According to Brijo she was not prepared for this and currently is not stable especially after the CSection she underwent.


“Doctors told me the only way I could see my son was if I had a C Section!” Bridget Achieng

New mum in town Bridget Achieng has not been wasting anytime when it comes to sharing details about her newborn son.

Unlike most celebrities who prefer keeping their babies away from social media; she is one who started posting photos from the day he was born.

So far baby Sekani has his own Instagram page and his own business (a baby shop) not forgetting a huge fan base thanks to his mum’s popularity.

Complications that led to C-Section

Anyway just like any new mum to be, Bridget Achieng was hoping to have a natural birth but due to complications she had a C section.

Thanks to a post shared on her son’s page, Bridget Achieng reveals that her doctors told her that the only way she could see her baby was if she had a c section.

And having carried her pregnancy for 9 months, the Nairobi Diaries reality star did not have to think twice about having the surgery.

Baby Sekani

Baby’s face unveiled; Meet Bridget Achieng’s adorable son

Bridget Achieng has lately been receiving congratulatory messages from friends and family after giving birth to her son.

Just like most celebrities the socialite has however been keeping her son’s face off social media until a few hours ago.

Well, one of her close friends shared a new video on her Instagram page sending love to the new mum in town. However, seems like the lady forgot to cover Bridget Achieng’s son’s face, allowing everyone on her social media page.

Bridget Achieng

Nigerian baby daddy

Although it’s hard to tell who the young man takes after; we understand that the boy’s father will not be  part of his life.

According to Bridget Achieng, her Nigerian baby daddy walked out of their lives as soon as he found out that she was pregnant. This however did not stop her from getting to the finish line even if it meant being alone.

Anyway check out her baby below:

Bridget Achieng’s son

It’s a baby boy! Bridget Achieng welcomes healthy bouncing baby (Photos)

Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng is the newest mum in town. The actress cum businesses lady is said to have welcomed her baby boy on 5th February via C-section after long laboring hours.

The excited and overjoyed mother shared the news through her instagram page just an hour after her son had arrived.

Unlike Risper who has been keeping her son’s whereabouts on the low; miss Bridget Achieng couldn’t help but share several photos of her new born.

Congratulatory messages

Thanks to her post, most fans and friends came out to congratulate the new mum as they welcomed her to motherhood.

The baby boy who goes by the name of Sekani already has an Instagram page and a couple of fans looking forward to see who he takes after.

Below are a few photos shared by Bridget Achieng!

“Men didn’t even look at me” Bridget Achieng’ narrates why she bleached her entire body from head to toe

Low self-esteem is the reason why Vera Sidika bleached her entire body, it’s the same reason why Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng’ also got rid of her natural color.

Bridget was team dark skin, but she was not confident in her skin tone. The soon to be mother opened up on what pushed her to bleach her entire body during an interview with Citizen TV.

She said that she lost several opportunities because of her dark skin tone;

“When I was 22-years old, I went for acting auditions but I failed to qualify due to the colour of my skin. In one of the auditions, I was the best candidate but the judge told me my skin tone was not what they wanted,” Bridget said.

Bridget Achieng before bleaching
Bridget Achieng before bleaching


The bleached socialite also said that she wasn’t getting any attention from men when while growing up, whereas her friends who were light in complexion used to get hit on all the time.

“Sometimes, I would go out with my friends and men would approach them because of their skin tone, and not even look my way because I was dark. I also had self-esteem issues growing up. I vowed to bleach when I got money and in 2014, when I landed employment, I decided to bleach my skin.”

Bridget Achieng after bleaching
Bridget Achieng after bleaching







Bridget Achieng in fear as unborn baby rapidly gains weight just a few weeks to her due date

Bridget Achieng is expecting her first child in a few weeks to come. The socialite now fears she might develop complication during birth because of her baby’s weight.

The heavily pregnant Bridget took to Instagram to reveal that her unborn baby was getting too big. She always keeps her fans updated about her pregnancy.

In an Instagram Live video, Bridget revealed that her unborn son was already weighing 3.5 kilos yet she is just a few weeks away from giving birth.

Tip on delivering big babies

Bridget Achieng shows off her baby bump
Bridget Achieng shows off her baby bump

Bridget fears she could develop complications during delivery because of her baby’s weight. She asked mothers for advice on giving birth to big babies.

“He is already 3.5 kgs so I don’t what I’m pushing with. Mothers are you there? Tell me how to deliver this baby he is already 3.5 kgs. Anakula! Mashavu ziko kubwa. It’s crazy,” said Bridget Achieng.

The average birth weight for babies is around 3.5 kg, although between 2.5 kg and 4.5 kg is considered normal. In general, boys are usually a little heavier than girls. [sic]




Pregnant Bridget Achieng sneers at claims she was knocked up by Vera Sidika’s ex boyfriend

Everyone wants to know who knocked up Bridget Achieng. The socialite has been sharing photos of her maternity shoot on social media and her fans have just been asking her one question “who is the baby daddy?”.

Sometimes in August 2018, Bridget revealed that her baby daddy took off when she was only two months pregnant. She however didn’t reveal the identity of the man.

“He left when I was 2 months pregnant but God has been faithful,” said Bridget Achieng.

And in January 2019, Bridget sensationally said that her baby daddy was 6 feet under when a fan asked her about his whereabouts.

“Where the baby daddy at though?” thee_essbossette asked.

“@thee_essbossette 6 feet under I guess,” Bridget Achieng responded.

Yomi Johnson

Some people are claiming that Vera Sidika’s ex boyfriend Yomi Johnson is the man who knocked up Bridget. A photo of the socialite hanging out with the Nigerian is what has made some people speculate that Yomi could be the father of Bridget’s unborn baby.

Bridget Achieng and Yomi Johnson
Bridget Achieng and Yomi Johnson

The heavily pregnant socialite however denied that Yomi is her baby daddy while responding to a fan on Instagram. She asked her fans to keep on speculating about the identity of her baby daddy.





“Pregnancy journey is so hard!” Cries Bridget Achieng

Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng recently revealed that she will be raising her baby as a single parent. This is after her baby daddy allegedly walked out on her after finding out she was 2 months pregnant.

Also read: “He left me when I was 2 months pregnant!” Bridget Achieng opens up about her Nigerian baby daddy

From her Instagram stories, Achieng went on to add that the Nigerian fella was even willing to give her money for an abortion; however she couldn’t go through with it since she had always wanted a baby.

She went on to confess never cheating on the guy who later left her just because she wouldn’t get rid of the unborn child.

Pregnancy journey

Being rejected while pregnant is definitely not the best feeling; in fact Bridget Achieng says she almost went into depression but thankfully her family was very much supportive.

However, being pregnant is also a task on its own and from her recent post shared on her story; Bridget says her journey has been quite harder than she expected.

Her baby is due in February, so hold in there mama!

Bridget Achieng narrates pain of being rejected by mother-in-law because of her background

Bridget Achieng had a tough upbringing, she was raised in Kibera slum where life was hell. She opened up about her life as a prostitute in a BBC documentary.

The bootyful socialite has faced rejection throughout her life. In a recent interview with Victoria Rubadiri, Bridget revealed that she found love long ago but her would be mother-in-law rejected her because of her poor background.

Tailor’s daughter

Bridget Achieng
Bridget Achieng

Bridget reveals that her boyfriend’s mother didn’t want her to get married to her son because she was only a tailor’s daughter. Her would be mother-in-law told her to look for a man from her own class.

“She was like you’re a daughter of a tailor? you don’t fit her, my son is a prince so if you need to fit in you need to be of the same class. you can’t marry my son you need to be someone you have all the qualities but we need more. we don’t know how to bring you back to the country and say you’re a daughter of a tailor?” said Bridget Achieng.





Socialite Bridget Achieng: BBC lied and made me look like a prostitute 

Socialite Bridget Achieng has come out to share that BBC twisted her interview and made her look like she’s a prostitute.

BBC Africa recently did a documentary dubbed Sugar that focused on high end prostitution. According to Bridget, she worked on the documentary for two months but BBC chopped it up and only left where she confesses how the business of high-end prostitution can be tough.

“I was shocked I did a 2 months documentary only for them to cut my interviews and make me look like I am a prostitute. Currently I am pregnant and engaged,” she said in an interview with pulse live. 


She went on to add that the media took advantage of her. Now that she’s with someone, her image has been really tarnished.

“I hate the fact that media take advantage of artists and my interview being twisted and all,” she said.

After her outcry, BBC edited the video and apologized.

“Following some inaccurate coverage of Bridget in the Kenyan media, the BBC would like to make clear that, as we show in our film Bridget ran a jewellery business, contributes to Nairobi Diaries and leads a charitable foundation for children in Kibera.

Bridget Achieng: My uncle used to molest me after the death of my father

Bridget Achieng has opened up about a troubled past in an emotional post. The Nairobi Diaries actress says her own uncle used to molest her after her dad passed on.

Bridget reveals that she was only 12 when she was subjected to the traumatizing experience. The bootyful socialite says her mother didn’t notice anything because she was always busy.

“When I was 12 my father passed away and I was left with my uncle who used to molest me when I was a kid. When I cried for help, no one could hear me because my mum used to come home late when she was very tired and she didn’t have time because of the younger kids,” Bridget wrote.

Things would have been different

Bridget says she wouldn’t have gone through most of the things she is experiencing if her father was still alive. She penned a heartfelt tribute to her father on Father’s Day.

“Rest in peace daddy..wish heaven had visiting hours,….thats the road to life..will meet you someday…i miss you papa,most of the things im going through now i wouldn’t go through them if you where alive, you ALWAYS fought my battles for me,i miss you daddy..You are gone but not forgotten..You where my hero before..and forever ..taught me how to be strong in a cold world??… i miss you daddy ?????#happyfathersday #ripdaddy? #youaremissed #toalllatedads,” wrote Bridget.




“Alinicall 7 pm sitawahi sahau” Bridget Achieng reveals how her hand tattoo landed her a date with Alikiba

Bridget Achieng has a tattoo of Alikiba on her left land. The bootyful Kenyan socialite had a nice time with Alikiba thanks to the tattoo.

Bridget has been a die hard fan of Alikiba for a long time. She even decided to have a tattoo written ‘King Kiba’ on her left hand just to demonstrate her love for the Tanzanian singer.

Bridget Achieng

Date with Kiba

Bridget claims Alikiba called her after learning about her tattoo. Speaking during an interview on Viusasa, the bumful socialite reveals that Alikiba invited her to a party in Tanzania which was attended by senior government officials.

“Alinicall on a Wednesday 7 pm sitawahi sahau. the number was a +255 nikashangaa ni nani i picked up and it was Alikiba i was shocked hadi i hang up alafu nikamcall then he asked me naweza kukupigia? he called back and we talked. ever since we have been video calling he even invited me to a house party in Tanzania that belongs to a minister and we chilled the whole night and talked. ilikuwa na wasee wakubwa weh!” Said Bridget Achieng.

“Nilikojolea nywele yake” Mishi Dora confesses after her fight with Bridget Achieng

But what is wrong with Nairobi diaries cast? I will not say that some of these ladies are ratchet. But, judging from some of the things they say, it is fair to think they are.

In the new episode of the reality show aired on Monday night, Mishi Dora and Bridget Achieng finally smack each other. The ladies for a while now have not been in good terms and turns out that they are ready to do anything to bring each other down.

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They have been rumored to seek hep from witch doctors leaving their fans shocked. Yes, Nairobi Diaries has the craziest cast and this is why most Kenyans cannot stop keeping up with the show.

Mishi Dora reveals she peed on Bridget’s wig

According to Mishi Dora she took a pee on Bridget Achieng’s wig after their fight. The two ladies had apparently met up for a meeting before things escalated for the worst.

In the confession room, Mishi Dora went on to say that she urinated on the hair the same day she had stomach upsets which made her diarrhea….eeew!

Anyway watch the confession below:

“ Risper is sh!t, Bridget is sh!t” screams Nairobi Diaries actress Pendo

Is there trouble in the A team from Nairobi Diaries? Well it seems so. Reality show Nairobi Diaries which is now in its 6th season has brought both the worst and best of Kenyan socialites!

So far it features the likes of Pendo, Risper Faith and Bridget Achieng who refer themselves as the A team. However word has it that the ladies are no longer in good terms. This was revealed by Bridget Achieng in a snippet video of the new episode to be aired on 20th November.

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In the short clip Pendo is also heard screaming…

“Risper is sh!t, Bridget is sh!t…all of them are sh!t….i don’t want anything to do with Risper! ata nenda umwambie hiyo harusi si simamii”

This was during her meeting with Bridget Achieng who also seems not to be in good terms with Pendo.

Pendo’s history with Bridget Achieng

These two apparently know each other from way back in the day. At some point Pendo apparently stole Bridget Achieng’s phone something that saw their relationship change. They however reunited on Nairobi Diaries where they have had they up’s and down’s till date.