“Start over if you have to” Trouble in paradise for Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It?

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It have lately been laying low; but we kinda understand since the honeymoon phase is over and the two love birds are now back to reality.

Of course with Corazon Kwamboka giving her son, Taiyari all the love; baby daddy Frankie must also be feeling some type of way…probably a 3rd wheel between mother and son – but hey it happens to all new parents!

Baby Taiyari

Anyway unlike before this couple has stopped parading their love on social media; and apart from their working out sessions – honestly, we never see them act all lovey dovy like they did in early 2021.

Corazon throwing obvious hints?

Awag from that, we believe that Corazon Kwamboka has been hinting about a probable ‘break’ as seen on her post. In the latest one she went on to advice her fans to ‘start over’ if  a situation forces them to. The lady wrote;



In yet another post the yummy went on to post saying;

It’s a throwback Thursday. April 2017.

Never blame anyone in life. The good people Give you happiness. The worst people give you lessons. The best people give you memories that last forever.

Well, it wouldn’t take a relationship expert to conclude that these two are not okay; but hey – it’s called life after the honeymoon phase.


Trouble in paradise already? Corazon Kwamboka sending mixed signals with new post

Corazon Kwamboka knows how to keep fans entertained and after days of not posting anything on her page; seems like she just dropped a post that has left fans and bloggers asking questions.

Knowing very well that most women see her as home wrecker/boyfriend snatcher and a lawyer struggling with English; Miss Corazon has given these busy bodies a reason to question whether her relationship with Frankie is falling apart.

Corazon Kwamboka with Frankie during an outing with baby Taiyari

This is after sharing a suggestive post which proves that she may feel used by an unnamed person; that pushed her off the edge to a point of poting it on her page. Ms Corazon who is currently in a serious relationship with one Frankie Just Gym it went on to write;

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People will love when it’s beneficial.

True colors finally coming out?

We cannot confirm whether the post shared by the new mum in town had anything to do with Frankie Just Gym It; but we can’t help but wonder who else could be using Corazon.

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This is the first time Corazon Kwamboka is sharing such a post and since she did not share much; we can’t help but hope she soon sheds light on this issue about being used. Or could it be Karma already knocking on her door? Let’s wait and see.

Handsome boy! Never seen before photo of 21 year old ‘Frankie Just Gym it’

Frankie Just Gym it might not have the best reputation at the moment; but despite it all, he remains a favorite to many and this can be seen in the number of likes his photos generate on IG.

The gym trainer also popularly known as Maureen Waititu’s ex and baby daddy has left fans admiring an old photo taken when he was just 21 years old! Judging from the picture, it’s obvious to see that Frankie has always been fine from the word go!

Back in the day when he had no face piercings, the young man brought out this adorable vibe that must have been keeping girls on their toes.

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Cool kid from the word go

Unlike now that he is all grown up, rumored deadbeat dad but still aging like fine wine; back then Frankie was all about pulling the innocent look, even at clubs which leaves us wondering what changed this young man.

Anyway thanks to the new photo shared by the trainer, we now have an idea of how his firstborn son, Lexi will one day look like; since the already look like twins luckily for Lexi he got the caramel skin tone from his mummy!

Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu’s first son, Lexxie

To caption this new post, Frankie Just Gym it wrote;

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Day Ones! Naija boy and I go way back like hairlines! From liverpool to Nairobi. Swipe to see a 21 year old me ????



“Move on!” Corazon Kwamboka to Maureen Waititu

Corazon Kwaboka this past weekend went on to publicly confirm that there is beef between her and Maureen Waititu.

In fact their personal lives and issues are now affecting us as fans since things are getting more toxic and 2 young boys are caught in between,

Of course many continue to side with Maureen Waititu especially after learning that she had been kicked out by her mother in law; and her boys who asked Maureen Waititu to vacate their house in Westlands. It happens, and life moves on as one cannot force matters when things are not working out.

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Anyway this past weekend, Ms Waititu opened up exposing Frankie Just Gym it for who he is. In the video dubbed ‘Enough’ Maureen goes on to reveal how Frankie has been handling the whole co-parenting plan; and even before she said it, we had already known their was trouble.

Corazon defends her baby daddy

Anyway being the one said to have ruined Maureen Waititu’s relationship with Frankie; Corazon for some reason decided to weigh in as she defend her baby daddy from Maureen Waititu’s side of the story

According to Corazon Kwaboka, it about time Maureen moved on from Frankie who is living his life in peace. As seen on a post shared by Corazon, she went on to tell Ms Waititu;

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Corazon Kwamboka’s post

Even me i was left. Someone I loved and thought was my life. I was hurt, I went weeks without food, I wished the world could swallow me. My life had no meaning, but you don’t ruin someone just because they went the other way.

Well, this comes right after the same Corazon went on to accuse Maureen Waititu of insulting her new born baby! However thanks to a screenshot shared by Frankie Just Gym it; seems like there is some truth, to the name calling… but who are we to judge?

Corazon’s post

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It finally welcome their first child together! (Photos)

King Taiyari is finally here!

Yes Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It have finally welcomed their bouncing baby boy as seen on their social media pages!

The couple who started dating just a few months after the fella broke up with fiancé, Maureen Waititu; are officially parents and judging from the video shared by Frankie Just Gym It this is definitely something they were prepared for!

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Details of the unborn baby remain unknown however speaking on one of Frankie Just Gym It’s YouTube videos; the new dad in town explained how his current baby mama had to undergo C section to avoid more complications with her blood pressure.

Baby Taiyari

We also understand that the new born arrived 3rd August, 12 days earlier! However since this was to help save both the mother and child; we can only imagine how happy the two must now be!

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So far all we can confirm is that Corazon Kwamboka was looking forward to meeting her child: especially after years of battling endometriosis which had her battling with fears of becoming childless.

New mum in town, Kwamboka

However after years of wondering whether motherhood is something she will ever experience; the happy Mum now holds her own flesh and blood in her arms!

Frankie Just Gym it with new born, Tayari


Frankie Just Gym It takes Corazon Kwamboka for first public date (Video)

YouTube couple, Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka were forced to hide from the public eye, back when they started dating for fear of giving fans all sorts of conclusions.

The duo was however not able to crack the puzzle with Internet DCIs taking over and patching together photos of the two in the same location and there were no more secrets.

Fitness hotties, Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka

Frankie and Corazon decided to go full-scale on it by going public about their secret affair that has left them expectant of a child.

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So now, Frankie is finally able to treat his girl out in public without any reservations because there is nothing more to hide.

Lovebirds, Frankie and Corazon Kwamboka

Sharing this on his Vlog, the fitness coach revealed he was taking the curvy lass out on their first-ever date.

I’m taking Corazon for her first date because since we met, we had to like put everything under wraps because we don’t want people to like interpret things their own things. But now that we’re out in the public, I can finally take her for lunch and all that. I know it’s definitely gonna be a nice one, relaxed and free.

Gym instructor, Frankie Just Gym IT

The Date

True to it, the date seemed like quite some fun, apart from the loneliness due to the current Covid-19 restrictions but either way, the lovebirds had the place all to themselves.

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The couple shared some pasta with some chilled drinks as Corazon struggled to use the chopsticks admitting she is “a village girl”.

Lawyer-turned-socialite, Corazon Kwamboka

Frankie was there to help out, as the two laughed the afternoon away but either way, these two had a great time.

Fans eager to see more of such vibes from the expectant couple, urged them on to keep treating them with tasty vlogs and keeping it real.