Diamond Platnumz brother takes a swipe at Hamisa Mobetto and son, Dylan

Singer Diamond Platnumz has lately been inviting his baby mamas to bring his kids down to his home, in Mbezi. So far we have seen Zari and Tanasha visit the singer; but as for Mobetto, not yet.

Of course fans keep asking and looking forward to the day Hamisa Mobetto will be dropping off Dylan; but judging from how things have been between the former model and Diamond Platnumz family – chances are, we might not get to witness this.


Just to prove how serious is, Diamond Platnumz brother or rather cousin recently shared an interesting post; that has left many concluding that he was mocking Hamisa Mobetto. This is after he went on to post;

Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz beef

Having secretly dated for over 10 years – Mobetto and Diamond have perfected the art of an on and off relationship.

Each time they part ways, we always assume the worst – until they start to miss each other then ‘boom’ they are spotted hanging out together in private. So yes, we cannot tell whether they will ever part ways or will keep the on and off relationship.

But judging from his ‘haunisumbui’ hit song – chances are that Diamond is somehow getting fed up!

Hamisa Mobetto proves her relationship with Diamond Platnumz will not be ending anytime soon (Photo)

Hamisa Mobetto is happy to be single and for some reason it appears that she has no plans of moving on with any other man if not her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz.

Yes, she once mentioned that they would never get back together but looking at how she has been playing her cards for the past few months; it’s evident to see that Mobetto is still holding on to her man.

So far we understand that Diamond has been using Mobetto as his suit stylist; and everytime the singer steps out wearing any of her designs, he always makes sure to appreciate her!

Diamond Platnumz suit made by Mobetto Styles

“Hakika Ilikuwa ni siku ya Faraja… Shukran kwa vazi hili la pili @mobettostyles ….. @_esmaplatnumz & @msizwa23 WEDDING #EMWedding,”

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This past weekend we got to see Diamond Platnumz appreciate Mobetto styles for styling him; and since this was done on his official page, means he also pushed for her brand to get exposure!

Smart lady

Looking at how Hamisa has been handling co parenting, it shows that she is ready to use all opportunities handed to her by Diamond to make money. This could also be the reason why Diamond continues to support Mobetto as he sees potential of growth in her business!


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Anyway as a thank you for always rooting and supporting her boutique, Hamisa thanked her baby mama by saying;

Thank You for your Endless support, Ubarikiwe zaidi na Zaidi ????????????????. Good News Sasa @mobettostyles Tunashona Suits za Kiume Classy & Unique .✨ Karibuni sana. kwa maelezo zaiid tafadhali Tupigie kwa Simu number . +255 677667788 @mobettostyles @mobettostyles ???? Tupo makumbusho opposite millenium towers,”

With such a relationship, do you think Mobetto will be having any more baby daddy drama? Of course not!

Hamisa reveals she chose to feature in Kiba´s song and didn´t need Diamond´s permission

It has been severally reported that Hamisa Mobetto and Ali Kiba might be having some ties behind Diamond Platnumz´ back and especially after their viral Dodo track.

Last month Hamisa made the headlines for featuring in her baby daddy´s archrival´s anthem, speculations being that she decided to side with Kiba to avenge against Chibu.

Diamond thereafter came out to respond that his Tanzanian baby mama had informed him about their collaboration prior to the shoot and he approved of it.

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Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz

Hamisa clarifies

Well, I´m not saying Naseeb was lying but from her recent interview, Hamisa said she does not have to borrow permission from Diamond to do as she pleases.

Going ahead to shower King Kiba with praise for his gift in the music industry and the fact that he respects what he does and those he does his music with.

Kiba´s management reached out to the sassy model to have her feature as a vixen in his track and since the deal was pretty hefty then why not?

Model and actress, Hamisa Mobetto

Turns out Hamisa agreed to the video vixen terms because the deal was good, money-wise!

Ali Kiba is a good musician, halafu ana heshima. So it was an honor for me to appear on his video and it was his management that approached me. The deal was good, so I went for it and I´m glad I did because it was all worth it.

Plus, Kiba stated that they have been bosom friends with Mobetto since way back, but he is not involved with her intimately.

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King Kiba

Well, probably work is work and private life is kept private for the two.

Hamisa Mobetto responds to allegations linking her to Diamond Platnumz

Hamisa Mobetto is not happy with the rumors linking her to Diamond Platnumz! In fact for the very first time she seems disappointed that a few gossip tabloids sat down to come up with the allegations!

Speaking to one popular Tanzanian tabloid Hamisa dismissed the stories saying that she was not with Diamond Platnumz. She went on to blame bloggers for always coming up with fake stories about her relationships. Hamisa went on to say;

Hamisa Mobetto

Itakuwa kwanza vigumu sana kujibu kila kitu ambacho kinaandikwa katika mtandao kwa sababu mwisho wa siku mtu yeyote ambaye ana simu anaweza akaandika. Hata ukijisikia ukiamka asubuhi useme nimemkuta Hamisa yuko na mlinzi haibadilishi chochote.

I am single

Ms Mobetto went on to add that she is currently single and is not involved with a married or single man.

Diamond Platnumz baby mama

Hamisa Mobetto went on to say that not interested in dating anyone and unfortunately will be enjoying her single life. She went on to conclude saying;

Mimi what I can say is niko single, I’m very much single, I’m happy being single. Siko katika relationship yeyote. Hakuna mwanaume yeyote ambaye yuko kwa mwanamke mwingine ambaye namtamani ama natamani kuwa naye ama nataka kuwa naye. I’m very happy. What I can say is I’m single na pia siwezi kuwa najibu kila kitu ambacho mtu mmoja tu anaamua kuandika. Mimi nina maisha yangu binafsi and I love my privacy na napenda sana maisha yangu na kila kitu kwenye maisha yangu. Kwahiyo siwezi nikaangaika na kila kitu mtu moja, ama wawili, ama watatu wanachojiskia kuandika,

Njanuary sangapi! Hamisa Mobetto pays full year rent after baby daddies snub her

Tanzania video vixen-turned singer Hamisa Mobeto will be sleeping in peace the whole of 2019 having cleared all her rent.

The socialite, who has two baby daddies, Diamond Platnumz and Majizzo, has opted to do things her own way after Diamond refused to contribute for her rent.

A while back, a Tanzanian court had ordered Diamond to be paying rent for her as part of his parental responsibility but reports indicated that he was unwilling. This fueled speculation that the socialite might be kicked off her lavish apartment end of January if she doesn’t settle the rent.

Building her career

It seems the socialite, who spent the better part of December last years touring the U.S., had a plan and wasn’t too concerned.

Hamisa Mobeto’s mother Shufaa Rutigunga, confirmed that her daughter has indeed already settled full year rent for her home. In an interview with Global Publisher, she said that it’s time people leave her daughter alone because she busy building her career.

“She has paid a full year rent for her home and more surprises are coming from her. Let’s leave her alone as she needs to go about her businesses,” she told Global Publishers.


Hamisa Mobetto to release song featuring American boyfriend?

Just like Vera Sidika Managed to win the attention of Kenyans with several stunts before releasing her new song, Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto might planning the same thing.

The socialite, who is currently in the US, has been sharing a lot of pictures with her new black American lover and firing social media in the process.

She has flooded social media with a bunch of videos giving a glimpse of how their love is now flaming hot days after confessing it’s better than dating Diamond Platnumz.


Fans, however, believe the two are just pulling another stunt and they are working on a new song which might be released pretty soon.

Vera and Otile Brown managed to fool Kenyans a couple of times with such stunts to push their music and it worked.

It seems Hamisa, who already has one song out, is taking a similar route to hype her upcoming music.


Hamisa Mobetto blocks and deletes Diamond Platnumz photos from their son’s page

After being blocked by Zari’s son’s, Diamond Platnumz has suffered the same fate with his own son Dee Daylan.

This comes a few hours after the bongo singer publicly accused Hamisa Mobetto of practicing witchcraft. The singer went further to add he was aware Mobetto and her mum were using juju in order to confuse him into marrying her.

The accusations have left many shocked as to how Diamond would publicly embarrass the mother of his child; but then again didn’t he treat Zari the same?

Hamisa done with Diamond Platnumz

Judging from the major clean up done on Dee Daylan’s page; we can now assume that she is done with her baby daddy.

All the adorable photos of Dee with his daddy have been pulled down and he no longer follows him either.

It’s not clear as to why the drama came at a time where Hamisa Mobetto is building her brand, or is there more to this?

Hamisa Mobetto lands lucrative government job 

Socialite Hamisa Mobetto has landed a major deal with the Tanzanian Government.

Mobetto has been appointed musician Barnaba Classic and comedian Dullvani as the ambassadors of a government initiative dubbed “Be Smart” started by the Tanzanian Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA).

The initiative aims at educating the youth on how to use social media in the right way.

“Mwanamitindo Hamisa Mobetto, msanii Barnaba, mchekeshaji @dullavan611 pamoja muimbaji Shilole wamekula shavu la kuteuliwa na Baraza la Ushauri la Watumiaji wa Huduma za Mawasiliano (TCRA CCC) kuwa mabalozi wa kampeni ya Be Smart inayojihusisha na kuelimisha vijana kuondokana na matumizi mabaya ya mitandao ya kijamii mashuleni.” reads a statement from TCRA.


On social media Hamisa made the announcement saying:

“Dunia ipo kiganjani mwako kupitia mitandao ya kijamii sasa unaiambia nini dunia?
Umepata nafasi na kilichobaki ni kutumia nafasi hiyo kufanya mambo makubwa! Be Smart Campaign. Its cool to be smart.


Hamisa Mobeto: I no longer just do videos, I have to love the concept first

Video vixen Hamisa Mobbetto is no longer appearing in music videos as much as she used to. In short, she not just an ordinary vixen now, she has to study your concept and see whether it matches her image.

Stepping up

She recently explained why she has been missing in videos insisting that quality is what she considers now rather than just quantity which she focused on when starting her vixen career.

“I don’t just do Videos, sifanyi tu videos for the sake, am very picky na chagua nyimbo, nachagua maudhui ya Nyimbo kwanza, so for me ktokea kwenye video nyingine lazima iwe nzuri Zaidi ya Salome,” she told her fans online.


“I have to love the concept, so far I have been approached with many videos but they are not up to the level of Salome, so I will not consider doing another video, if it’s not up to the levels I want and the concept is appealing to me.” 

Shots fired! Diamond Platnumz shares videos cuddling with Hamisa Mobetto in bed

This past weekend has had it highlights thanks to Diamond Platnumz and his baby mamas. Well, the drama all began after Zari called out Diamond Platnumz for refusing to visit his kids.

Through her Snapchat handle, the bosslady went on to write saying;

Diamond Platnumz hits back

Anyway, seems like Diamond Platnumz got to hear of her rant and for this reason he decided to respond. Well, just like how he made Hamisa’s life miserable while with Zari; the singer this time around chose to make his South African baby mama have a taste of his savage side.

Through his Instagram stories Diamond Platnumz shared a couple of videos with a certain unknown Caucasian lady before Hamisa came into the picture.

In the clips Hamisa Mobetto appeared in, she is heard mocking Zari by asking for child support…just for fun and giggles!

It’s however clear to say that Diamond Platnumz is still quite close with Hamisa Mobetto!


Proof that Hamisa Mobetto is now laughing all the way to the bank

Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz yesterday met in court to settle the child support battle. After living the chambers; the two seemed chilled out and relaxed meaning that they had finally found a solution to their problem.

When speaking to journalists outside the court, both parents refused to reveal the amount of money the singer will be paying on a monthly basis.

However, Hamisa Mobetto hinted that she is now contented with the cash given to her for her son’s upkeep. In a photo shared on her Instagram; the lady captioned the image a money bag emoji giving fans a reason to talk.

Zari tells Hamisa Mobetto to look for another baby daddy

A few months after baby Dylan was born, Zari came out to laugh off at Hamisa Mobetto for taking Diamond Platnumz to court over child support. In a live session on Instagram, the lady told off her co wife urging her to find somebody else to take care of her son.

But all in all, who is laughing now?

Hamisa Mobetto responds to Zari and Diamond Platnumz new photos

The drama going on in Tanzania can only be handled by a Telenovela station.

Well, seems that Diamond Platnumz this time around sparked a heated battle between his baby mama. This is after he revealed the woman he is really interested in.

Having travelled to South Africa to celebrate his son’s birthday, the singer unleashed new photos acting lovey dovy with Zari. As expected the photos went viral and to our surprise Hamisa Mobetto responded through her Snapchat account.

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Though she Hamisa did not name anyone on her post, one can clearly see that she was targeting Diamond Platnumz and his wife. She wrote saying;

Hamisa and Zari’s fight

This comes barely a week after Hamisa and Zari went ham on each other a day after their parties.

And they are both dating the same man, none of them is willing to bow down when it comes showing who is more loved by Diamond Platnumz.


Hamisa Mobetto leaves many shocked after sharing this video of Zari and Diamond Platnumz

Mama Abdul Naseeb is not done with Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan. After suing Diamond Platnumz….Hamisa Mobetto has now shared a new video of an advertisement featuring Zari and Dee leaving fans shocked as no one expected this!

In the video Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz are heard talking about the house appliances found at Danubehometz and at some point Zari throws shade (about the cheap ear rings she found in her home sometime last year) at Hamisa Mobetto who was rumored to be sleeping with Dee.

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Well, apparently Hamisa Mobetto was paid by gsmmall to share the advertisement through her social media pages – and surprisingly she accepted. As for now she remains as the hot topic in Tanzanian showbiz since welcoming Diamond Platnumz second born son following an affair with the Tanzanian singer.

Check out the advert below: