MC Jessy Reveals He Spent Ksh 58 Million In His Political Campaign

Comedian Jasper Muthomi, popularly known as MC Jessy, has opened up about the significant financial investment he made during his political campaign for the Imenti South parliamentary seat.

Despite ultimately losing to the Jubilee Party’s Shadrack Mwiti Ithinji, Jessy disclosed that he spent approximately KSh 58 million on his campaign. In a new interview with SPM Buzz, Jessy underlined the value of funding and careful planning in the political sphere.

He stated that his campaign spanned 12 months and, while he didn’t spend billions or even half a million, the financial commitment was substantial and personally felt.

“I campaigned for 12 months. My friends supported me and I didn’t spend KSh 1 billion or even half a million. But I spent money. My pocked felt it. I used about KSh 58 million. A campaign requires strategy. I lost it to the candidate who was smarter than me.

I was competing with a 71-year-old billionaire. Somebody who has vied for the seat four times and this was his first time. Perhaps he just beat me this time due to sympathy and not manifestos and strategies. His money also helped him because he spent 10 times what I spent,” he said.

Jessy’s revelation is a reminder of the high cost of running for political office in Kenya. It is also a reminder of the importance of strategic planning and resource allocation in political campaigns.

MC Jessy reveals force behind his achievements and success

Comedian MC Jessy has turned a year older and to mark this milestone; the popular media personality had shared a detailed post talking about his journey in the entertainment industry.

As seen on the post Jessy talked about his new added year; not forgetting some of the achievements he has since made. Through his social media pages, the comedian went on name of things that have brought some growth in his career; that is Jessy Junction and Jessy foundation. He wrote;

MC Jessy turns a year older

It can be a challenge finding just the right words for someone when they are celebrating their birthday let alone yours. But what a better way to celebrate this big day, birthdays like the holiday season, come around just once a year, making them the perfect time to see how far you’ve come.

On the same post, MC Jessy went on to add;

MC Jessy celebrates birthday

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. In between the last birthday and this one, there has been a significant growth that saw Jessy Junction and Jessy Foundation coming to life.

Drive behind success

Having worked hard his entire life, MC Jessy says he not only perfected the art identifying and creating opportunities; but explored them too and now – look at how far he has come.

On the same post, the popular Churchill show comedian went on to add;

Napoleon Hill once said- “When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.” But it’s all about opportunities And opportunities don’t happen, you create them.

And in conclusion;

The desire to create Jessy Junction, the desire to have a foundation and many more. Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity. That has always been the force behind what I do. Celebrating a year older. ????????????????

MC Jessy lands TV show deal with KTN 

Churchill comedian and co-host, MC Jessy broke news of his new TV deal with KTN where his online show Jessy Junction is set to premiere.

A show born in July, just months after COVID-19 struck, hosting personalities across the board, in the Kenyan space but it is now time for him to move to the next phase.

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The announcement

In his announcement barely hours ago, the comedian born Jasper Muthomi, disclosed to fans that starting Monday, Jessy Junction will be airing on KTN Home during the night hour.

“Yes we are now on KTN. Starting this coming Monday 30th from 10pm, Jessy Junction will be on KTN home. See you then.”

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His announcement was welcomed with applause with the very own Mwalimu Kingangi, lauding;

“Congratulations are in order bro…well in…????????????????????.”

Comedians MC Jessy and Churchill

During his interview with Jalang’o early this month, Jessy disclosed that before COVID-19 hit, they had planned to add another show, ‘Jessy Junction’, alongside Churchill Show and Churchill Raw.

“Comedians are too many but the platforms are not enough. So I was training Sleepy David to take over Churchill Raw so that I pick ‘Jessy Junction’ as our third platform,” Jessy revealed.

Comedian Sleepy David

A production that was set to go on air in April but with COVID-19, everything came to a halt.

“So I thought of making Jessy Juction ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ kind of a show. We had actually done it’s pilot, 2 years back in April 2018 at Nairobi Cinema,” he added.

Have a listen;

MC Jessy busted for flaunting fake designer watch worth Ksh 1.7 Million (Photo)

Comedian MC Jessy has joined the list of celebrities stepping out with fake designer. But this being Kenya, I such things have become normal to those who call themselves celebrities.

Unfortunately, despite all the money MC Jessy has in his account; the comedian has found himself on the page of Fake Watch Buster; after stepping out with a fake Richard Mille watch.

This is after MC Jessy went on to show is newly acquired accessory via his IG page where he wrote;

Just gotten my classy watch from ejewellwery insignia. Hakuna kuchelewa tena

Being a designer watch, of course his followers could not hold back from showing their excitement in the comment section; as others went on to seek for financial help now that Jessy was proving to be loaded. I mean who spend close to ksh 1 million yet others are struggling?

MC Jessy flaunting watch

Fake Watch

However the hype about this watch did not last for too long as Jessy was called out for parading a fake watch by the Fake watch busters.

According to the owner of this page, MC Jessy’s watch is just another knock off and not what fans thought. They wrote saying;

@jessythemc thats a Richard Happy Meal! Thats why laughing, you know that? And don’t sponsor fake watches sellers, thank you!


A genuine @richardmille RMO11 white Demon is limited to only 30 pieces worldwide and the price for this reference was 170,000 USD

Ops! But oh well, Kenyan celebrities are not about to ditch the fake life and waste all that money; when they can drink it all or invest for the wise ones!

MC Jessy’s suggestive response to DJ Pierra after complaining her daughter is outgrowing her school uniform raises eyebrows

MC Jessy is known for his comical stunts but at times, they can go overboard unknowingly and end up working against him.

After 9 months of school-going children forced to stay at home in the face of Coronavirus, DJ Pierra’s daughter has unfortunately outgrown her school uniform.

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News she has made public while crying foul after buying her 4-year old Ricca Pokot, school uniform early in the year that has already been rendered no longer fit for use.

The debate

The celebrity DJ shared a recent photo of her baby girl dressed in her school uniform that has already become too small for her, crying;

“FAM!! at the begin of the year 2020, I bought uniform for my LO. It’s end of the year Ricca hasn’t gone to school.. guess what ! She has out grown her uniform…????????????????????????????”.

Ricca Pokot stuns in school uniform

A greatly pained Pierra Makena admitting that every parent should by now understand how it feels, for your child to outgrow newly bought uniform that was very expensive.

“…just to repeat that uniform is very expensive…parents know that,” she pens.

They don’t fit no more…. kids grow so fast. Now what do i do?????? ????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️,” she questions.

Ms Ricca Pokot

But the mere fact that they no longer fit did not convince her enough that it is time to dispose of them.

Declaring that it is time her daughter started dressing in her school uniform even during Zoom classes.

MC Jessy provides a lasting solution

No sooner had she made her declaration that fellow entertainerMC Jessy readily provided a solution;

“Don’t worry, na Usiitupe….her small sister will use it. ????”

MC Jessy

Well, quick-witted fans quickly understood what he meant, in other words, he will get DJ Pierra a younger daughter so that she can compensate for Riccas fast growth.

Something she agreed to; “???????????????????????????? I’m on it”.

True to it, fans backed him up, admitting that since both hail from Meru, then it would not be a bad idea, starting a campaign on baby number 2 for the disk jockey.

DJ Pierra with daughter Ricca

MC Jessy is currently a single man, while DJ Pierra has embraced single parenting with a big spoon.

her_majesty_81 wewe ndo utaleta the small sis????????????????. Yu two would make the best couple
gahmbih voice of reason each time ????baite helps a baite????????????????
kendicarol22 online in-laws we want another baby ????????????????

Why Betty Kyallo’s first major comeback on TV has been the subject of controversy

It is interesting how despite the number of years one has spent before the TV screens and the fluency and tranquility they have naturally exhibited, can still see them have stage fright regardless.

Betty Kyallo has made a comeback on our local TV screens. Funny enough, it is none other than her first home, KTN where she cemented her expertise in the media field before they clashed and bid each other goodbye.

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Means home will always be home and despite the differences, a common ground can still be established.

Her graceful comeback

So the beauty graced our TV screens over the weekend to launch a charity programme dubbed Jenga Jirani alongside popular media personalities MC Jessy and Fareed Khimani and Pastor Njugush.

That is where the drama began.

Betty Kyallo TV comeback

So the four introduced the programme to fans, tried establishing common ground and bonded Live on Camera but the turn of events soon after has left fans speculating of a possible union.

Fans believe the bond between Betty and Jessy during the event had gone a bit too overboard, one would actually mistake them for hommies since way back in their childhood.

Betty Kyallo and MC Jessy

They looked so comfortable around each other, sometimes the beauty would shy off when the MC looked straight into her eyes, something that has raised speculations.

According to fans, they would not mind seeing the two establish a warmer bond past their friendship and maybe even become a couple. Plus, they believe MC Jessy would make a good ‘budesko’.

Betty Kyallo and MC Jessy screen chemistry

Plus, it is interesting how the two were the only ones who seemed to have received a memo on the dressing code for the launch. The other two looked a bit caught off-guard.

Anyway, forget the chemistry between Jessy and Betty.

Hawk-eyed fans could not help but notice the short thigh-high dress Betty had won to the occasion that kept pulling back up every few minutes and it did not leave such a good image of the mother of one.

Betty Kyallo and MC Jessy screen chemistry

It has been 5 months since the screen siren was last on air, since her untimely exit from K24 TV after a two-year stint, having left her first home, KTN in July 2018.

“I gave up everything for a man who later betrayed me,” Kamene Goro’s regrets after getting married aged 23

Nothing ever broke Kamene Goro like her first serious relationship with a Tanzanian mogul who instead took her for granted.

The 28-year old started her professional journey as a lawyer before sneaking into Broadcast Journalism which she felt spoke to her more.

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According to her dad, a career in journalism was unheard of. Forcing her to take up Law which she did but soon as she was done, sneaked into TV without her dad’s knowledge.

Kamene Goro

At the time, the lass had landed a prime job at Ebru TV then bang, showed up a man who she believed was her everything.

Kamene ties the knot

Barely aged 23, Kamene eloped to Zanzibar with her man, ditching her job at Ebru, got married and started living in Tanzania with her new husband.

Kamene Goro and her then 50-year-old lover

“I knew it’s the person I wanted to be with. I knew what I was doing. He was a great guy but with despicable behavior. I left my job, family and everything to be with him. I was happy to be his wife,” stated Kamene.

Years later, she introduced her man to her parents who did not like the guy but Kamene was not about to give up her man, forcing her parents to just bless their marriage.

Curvy babe, Kamene Goro

Unfortunately, hardly had the young couple started ‘living the life’ that the guy showed some uncouth behavior.

“It was a very tough relationship. I was very angry with the things he was doing. He stepped out a lot and it was detrimental for me. I could not understand how I left my career, country, family, everything just to be someone’s wife and this is how he pays me back.

Popular radio Queen Kamene Goro

So one day, at midday, she packs up everything of hers, knowing she would never return to that house before flying into Kenya. A day later, her husband calls to tell her “we can’t be together anymore.”

And that was it! Kamene nearly went crazy. That was the last time the two ever communicated. Kamene had to start her life from square one again. Have a listen:

MC Jessy’s perfectly executed Jerusalema dance challenge with Kenyan Maasai goes viral

Kenyan top comedian MC Jessy has stunned masses after an exciting video of him surrounded by Kenyan Maasai dancing to the viral Jerusalema dance challenge, left fans glued to their screens.

Born Jasper Muthomi, the widely celebrated MC took to battle young, robust Maasai warriors, with a traditional wooden rungu in hand and the popular Maasai shuka tied around his waist.

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Jessy was up against a group of roughly 10 tall Maasai men and the challenge was his, to either come out wounded or in perfect shape.

MC Jessy Jerusalema dance challenge

Out in the grasslands and away from the city, youd easily conclude that a traditional ceremony was about to go dowm, just from the way they were dressed.

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The dance challenge

But forget the dressing. Just how the jolly media personality would swing his neck back and forth and perfectly get into rhythm with the the Kenyan Maasai men was spectacular. His entrance to the occasion was beautiful, no lie!

Known for his natural accent and his boast for having come from the Ameru community, I kid you not, at one point you’d think he lied about his ethnic background because he does it so well, despite his heavy-built body.

Even how he holds onto his rungu, I mean, it never got any better!

A dance challenge that elicited mixed reactions from fans, with majority in awe that this was actually MC Jessy. And how the challenge was done, is what many would term perfect execution. Have a look as it all went down;

His Jerusalema dance challenge comes barely a week after fellow top celebrity, Wahu Kagwi engaged her employees in a dance challenge battle on the same.

‘Wibroda’ reveals why she could not stand actress Awinja the first time they met!

Actress Jacquey Nyaminde popularly known as Wilbroda recently joined her colleague Awinja on Jessy Junction; with MC Jessy where they opened up about a few things we did not know about each other.

Apart from sharing their work experience as a team, the went on to remember the late Papa Shirandula for his talent; and blessed heart. According to the two, the late actor brought them together in a way they still can’t explain especially since their first encounter was not so rosy.

Speaking to MC Jessy, actress Wilbroda for the first revealed how her first encounter with Awinja was. Turns out that the only spark she got from Awinja was that of dislike and for some reason the universe kept bringing them together despite ‘the bad vibe’ between the two!

Actress Wilbroda

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At first, I didn’t like her; she didn’t seem to understand her role. I even approached the producers inquiring on the type of person they’d brought on set.

How the friendship grew

However even with the negative vibe surrounding the two, they somehow managed to get along; and just when you thought it wouldn’t get better….another friendship was born!

Wilbroda with hubby, Papa Shirandula

Right now the two are apparently inseparable and apparently have to be separated from each other everytime they are on set: since they cannot stop talking to each other. Speaking about this, the popular actress went on to add;

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Our friendship was built on set. It has grown into a sisterhood as we know what’s happening in each other’s lives.  I have the most fun when Vike is on set as the two of us have so many sideshows: We have to be separated at times because we can’t stop talking. Our kids and parents even know each other.

MC Jessy exposes local slay queen who conned him through her shady business (Video)

MC Jessy is a man who wears many hats. Today he is a comedian, the next he is a TV host, and the other day he is a dancer.

Jokes so natural, you can never get enough! A celebrity who leads a flashy lifestyle in the suburbs of Kinoo, with a heavy Meru accent that sets him apart.

So he recently opened up about his high school crush, Violet from Machakos girls who he would die for every time they went out on a funkie but what became of their destiny, Im not sure.

He even composed a Kamba song in memory of her, that he would use to reminisce their good old days to the extent it made him famous in Meru.

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Knowing him for his hot gossips, the comedian exposed some slayqueens who share a flat with him for duping numerous Nairobi men into their shady business.

Kuna wasichana watatu wanaisha hapa chini kwa mama Jayden: Yvonne, Stella na Winnie.

MC Jessy and Shix Kapienga

The dupe

Jesse used to wonder what kind of business these girls do until one day he became their victim.

Theres one day I was passing Imenti House before I heard: Wewe Jesse, wacha kuhepa, kuja nikuuzie cosset ufiche hiyo kitambi.

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The very same Winnie was wooing him to buy her products, showing him a pair of shirt and khaki trousers that she claimed come from Turkey, hardly did he know they were from Taiwan, China.

Ako like Jesse kuja nikuuzie hizi shati zimetoka Turkey hakuna mtu mwingine ako nazo. Wapi!?

Comedian and MC Jessy

Right there, his goose was cooked, the MC was on cloud 9 soon after the purchase, sparing the clothes for a special day. Until he realized every gentleman in town owns exactly the same pair of checked shirt and khaki trousers, ranting:

Ukitoka tu nje hivi, kila mtu amevaa ile shati ya Winnie – Kenya Uniform! Mnakaa tu kama watu wa SDA choir. When you ask one of them they tell you they got it from a special chiq called Winnie.

TV personality, MC Jessy

Now that is where the entire drama unfolds. Jessy slammed Winnie for starting fights among men in Kinoo because she sold exactly the same pair to their landlord.

Huyu Winnie hii mtaa atatuharibia. Winnie utakosanisha wanaume hii Nairobi. Just sell different clothes for us ama uhame Imenti House.

Maureen Waititu talks about moving on months after parting ways with baby daddy!

Maureen Waititu has been making headlines thanks to her separation with Frankie Just Gym it who is currently dating Corazon Kwamboka.

With her ex moving on so fast, many believe that Frankie and Corazon may have been seeing each other on the low; and of course this somehow favors Ms Waititu who has now become everybody’s favorite mum on social media.

Anyway speaking just recently with MC Jessy, Maureen Waititu opened up about her life; revealing whether or not she will be dating soon.

Mother of 2, Maureen Waititu

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Spiritual and focused

Judging from her response, it appears that the breakup not only brought her closer to God; but seems to have turned her to a better woman and mother.

When asked about seeing someone new, the lass opened up saying;

MC Jessy with Maureen Waititu

So it’s very simple. This is not my journey anymore. I’m literally trusting God to take me where he’s taking me. My work is to trust and obey and follow. If he has a plan for me to meet somebody who will… and trust me I have desires as a human being and I know what I want exactly in future, maybe I don’t even know because my mindset keeps changing

As of now, dating doesn’t seem like a thing she wishes to rush into; but clearly her next relationship might just be what she has been looking for! Speaking to Jessy about her current social the mother of two went on to add;

Here He is taking me it’s okay. If I end up with someone, if I don’t, I just want to be happy. I want to be so happy, full of abundance and I want to be an amazing mother,

From rags to riches: Why MC Jessy owes it all to Nameless

Stories are there to be told, pasts that were not all glossy but pasts that we look back at and remain grateful to those that held our hands as we slipped off the edge and told us it can still get done.

Let’s get straight to the point. One of today’s widely celebrated comedians, MC Jessy tells of his past – when he would raid closets and take off with clothes because times proved too hard for him to fund the basic need.

Pretty emotional, the Churchill Show host unearthed a throwback photo of himself wearing the same T-shirt won by Nameless before admitting that he stole it himself.

Today I just want to appreciate one person who has seen every step of my life.

Award-winning Kenyan comedian, MC Jessy

At the time, the kid could only afford 2-3 T-shirts and your guess is as good as mine, you can wear these shirts only so many times, before people mark you with them.

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So, Jessy would take to Nameless’ closet and bag himself whatever he needed for his survival – ofcos with the artist’s permission.

At one point of my life when I had 2-3 t-shirts to wear,this man @namelesskenya allowed me to raid his closet and pick anything I wanted.

Kenyan artist Nameless born David Mathenge

Telling of his story, the popular TV personality revealed he would depend on blue-collar jobs from one of his friends just to drop something into his stomach.

How they met

So, Nameless and the MC met through this friend of Jessy’s who would work on the musician’s dreadlocks.

I used to be mtu wa mkono for this good friend of mine Juvinaris Chalo (extreme left). We used to go and roll dredi za Nameless and that’s where we knew each other.

MC Jessy & Nameless throwback

But never did Nameless ever show Jessy contempt for his kind of life. Instead, born David Mathenge, would readily offer a lending hand to MC Jessy’s needs and this is something the comedian lives to remain grateful for.

If there’s one generous family I have come across is the Mathenges. @wahukagwi I still miss zile Tumbukiza zako ????Thank you for believing in me.

Celebrity couple, Wahu Kagwi and Nameless

Impressed and still humbled that he assisted where he could, a dear Nameless commented:

Buuuda!!hii pesa imekusaidia ????????????…blessup my brother!!!

Today, Jessy drives the kind of cars he wants and lives a much better life than his past.

Multi-talented personality, MC Jessy

MC Jessy’s birthday message to Shix Kapienga excites many on social media

Shix Kapienga has been rumored to be romantically involved with comedian MC Jessy!

Despite the two maintaining their silence about this, we can somehow read in between the lines to see that these two are more than just normal friends!

First, when MC Jessy turned a year older just a few weeks ago his close friend and colleague Sleepy David; chose to celebrate his (Jessy’s) birthday by posting a photo of Shix.

This somehow confirmed that indeed MC Jessy has been pushing for more than friendship from the petite lady thanks to the captioned used on the photo by sleepy. He wrote;

Sleepy David with Shix Kapienga

Happy Birthday @jessythemc bro sioni picha zetu nimepata tu hii enye ulitupiga all the same keep winning ????

MC Jessy celebrates Shix

Anyway just a few hours ago, Shix Kapienga celebrated her 33rd birthday – and honesty many can agree that she barely looks like her age!

The young fine mami is definitely gorgeous and for some reason – maybe it’s about time she shared her beauty tips with fans!

Anyway most of her friends were among those who celebrated her as she turned a year older; and truth be told we all waited for Mc Jessy’s post which sadly did not make it to social media.

However, just a few hours after the birthday…the Churchill raw host finally decided to celebrate his alleged woman in the best possible way. Jessy dedicates a special message to Shix where he wrote saying;

Happy birthday to you @shixkapienga. I wanted to isolate this message from za jana otherwise with this corona, you never know. Ona tu vile yeah alikuwa ametawala yako hizo enzi!

MC Jessy’s post

Well this post can not qualify to confirm that the two are an item; but just a by the way….where did he get that portrait of Shix as a young baby?

Sleepy David publicly confirms that MC Jessy and Shix Kapienga are lovers!

Sleepy David might have just confirmed a rumor that has always been left hanging by MC Jessy and Shix Kapienga.

Well, for a few years now Churchill show’s MC Jessy and radio presenter Shix Kapienga have been said to be dating; however turns out that this will no longer be a mystery thanks to Sleepy David.

Sleepy David
Sleepy David

As Jessy turned a year older on 21st January 2020, most of his friends and fans went on to wish him a happy birthday – but what caught many peoples attention is the post shared by Sleepy David.

MC Jessy

MC Jessy and Shix’s relationship confirmed

Through his Instagram the young handsome Sleepy ‘silently’ confirmed that Shix was MC Jessy’s person thanks to his post.

Instead of using MC Jessy’s photo for the birthday post, Sleepy opted to use the photo below which he captioned;

Sleepy David with Shix Kapienga

Happy Birthday @jessythemc bro sioni picha zetu nimepata tu hii enye ulitupiga all the same keep winning ????

Anyway, maybe it’s about time Sleepy also introduced his woman to the world, right?

Shix Kapienga sends sweet birthday message to MC Jessy… reveals his age

Jasper Muthomi popularly known as MC Jessy is among many celebrities and politicians who celebrate their birthdays this January.

The likes of Prezzo, Janet Mbugua, Jeff Koinange, Julie Gichuru and politician like Raila Odinga have all celebrated their birthdays this month.

MC Jessy also turned a year older this month. The comedian’s friend and rumored girlfriend Shix Kapienga was quick to send him birthday message.

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Shix Kapienga stunned her fans when she revealed that MC Jessy was turning 27 in her birthday message to him (maybe she was only taking people for a ride).

“Happy 27th Birthday @jessythemc ? …wishing you God’s blessings and favor, plus many more years to come.
#Barikiwa,” wrote Shix Kapienga.


Njoki Chege to MC Jessy: Don’t insult your audience, you are who you are because of them

Comedian MC Jessy sparked uproar when he publicly shamed a man old enough to be his father during Churchill Show live recording in Nakuru.

The comedian made an unpleasant joke about the old man which didn’t go down well with many people, he directly referred him as a sponsor and suggested that he is ugly.

MC Jessy was forced to apologize to the old man after facing criticisms on social media. The Churchill Show comedian admits his joke was in bad taste.

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Never insult your audience

Nation columnist Njoki Chege has come out ‘teach’ MC Jessy some manners about treating audiences with the respect they deserve.

“The greatest lesson I have learnt as a columnist is “never offend your readers” — a lesson I got from a former friend. It is a lesson that everyone in the media business ought to learn; don’t offend your audiences in either of these two ways — by insulting them or by insulting their intelligence. The audiences (readers, viewers and listeners) are much more intelligent than we in the media give them credit for,” wrote Njoki Chege in part.

Njoki insists that the old man didn’t deserve to be shamed that way. The scribe reminds MC Jessy that he is what he is today because of his audience.

“A local comedian is giving a joke on how women should forget their obsession with handsome men and give more attention to ugly men who have a more “personal” face.  I feel sorry for the old man. He did not deserve to be publicly shamed for his looks nor be falsely accused of being a “sponsor” – jokingly or otherwise. You do not make the audience your joke; neither do you approach them with such a condescending attitude. You are because of your audiences,” wrote Njoki.

Njoki is also unsatisfied with MC Jessy’s apology, she also calls on the Churchill Show’s producers to issue a public apology on the incident.

“The legal ramifications of such televised embarrassment aside, I think whoever runs the show needs to publicly apologise to the mzee. A public embarrassment calls for a public apology and an avowal that such a thing will never happen again.”

The Nation columnist also apologized to her readers about previous columns that offended many people, especially Subaru owners.

“Finally, let me take this opportunity to unreservedly seek forgiveness to any reader who read any of my columns and felt offended. We are because you are, dear readers.”






MC Jessy finally apologizes to the elderly man he disgraced live on Churchill Show

MC Jessy sparked uproar when he publicly shamed a man old enough to be his father during Churchill Show live recording in Nakuru.

The comedian made an unpleasant joke about the old man which didn’t go down well with many people, he directly referred him as a sponsor and suggested that he is ugly.

“If you want a guy do not go for these handsome men, they always have other women hidden somewhere. Go for someone who has his own kind of face, a personal face. I am not talking about him, he is a sponsor,” said MC Jessy.


MC Jessy was forced to apologize to the old man after facing criticisms on social media. The comedian admits his joke was in bad taste.

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future. On behalf of The cameraman, producer, Churchill Show family and I, We want to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to Mzee Achoka, his family and Kenyans in general.
I don’t have any excuses. I take full responsibility for the production of this episode that might have gone in bad taste. I’m really sorry it happened. In future I promise it won’t happen again,” wrote MC Jessy.




MC Jessy and Shix Kapienga’s relationship over? Meet the new man who proposed to the young lady

Unlike most celebrities in the enter Industry, MC Jessy and Shix Kapienga have managed to keep their relationship on the low; making it hard to tell how they are fairing on.

From what we know is that MC Jessy allegedly left the mother of his son to be with Shix Kapienga. Although there must be more reasons as to why he left, we are still yet to find out.

Shix Kapienga

Anyway after working together on Churchill show, the two became too close and things got spicy. They are said to be in a serious relationship but a photograph of Shix Kapienga getting proposed to has left many talking.

New man after Jessy?

From the photo it’s clear to see that this was a proposal but what we can’t tell is if it was staged or was for an advertisement.

However judging from her recent Instagram photos no ring has been spotted meaning she could still be with MC Jessy. Anyway check out the proposal photos below.


MC Jessy advises celebrities faking their lifestyle on social media

Comedian MC Jessy has come out to advise celebrities who are portraying a different life from the one they are living on social media to stop because no one cares.

After Kobi Kihara was busted posting a fake lifestyle and stealing photos online, many celebrities have come out to warn others from doing it.

Mc Jessy said that celebs should stop putting unnecessary pressure on themselves with such posts and focus on making themselves better other than just pleasing fans.

“Reality is everything. You don’t have to have a social media life to survive. Kama wewe ni mtu wa mutura kula mutura. No one cares. Mi naishi life yangu huku kinoo. When I realized that I, nikasema hakuna pressure,” he said.

Be you

He went on to add that celeb should always be comfortable in their skins like him and able to live their lives. He congratulated Vera and Huddah for their recent rebrand that has seen them start business.

“Live your own life. Look at huddah, she changed her social media profile to market herself. Now she has huddah cosmetics on her page. That is wisdom. Also vera has done the same(selling her new salon vera sidika beauty parlour).” he said. 






Comedian MC Jessy lands lucrative job 

Jasper Muthomi aka Mc Jessy has landed yet another job after being picked as the charity ambassador for Furaha Centre.

Furaha Centre, which is an organization based in Meru and  caters for children suffering from autism, cerebral palsy and Down Syndrome, has made him the head who will be tasked in helping the organisation meet it’s objectives and goals.

Ready for the role

On social media, Jessy posted the announcement saying he’s glad for the position.

Just been awarded by Furaha Centre for charity efforts in Meru and the whole country, and I have gladly accepted to be the charity ambassador for Furaha Centre.” he said.



MC Jessy starts practice sessions ahead of his 300km bicycle race to Meru (Photos)

MC Jessy is set to leave the capital for his home county of Meru on a bicycle. He is cycling 300km to raise money for his patients who suffer from heart conditions.

The comedian is ralling other Kenyans to join his cause which is meant to raise money to special machines. He has already started practicing ahead of the extremely physical challenge.

AED machines

Jessy needs the money to buy five Automated External Defibrillator (AED) machines to donate to five hospitals in Meru county. The AED machines will help patients to get back to rhythm after a sudden cardiac arrest.

“Am sure you are wondering why am cycling so hard, well, this is an i nitiative aimed at helping my community in Meru.I need 5 AED machines to donate to 5 public hospitals in Meru County.

“Mortality rate due to sudden cardiac arrest in meru county is very high, therefore this initiative is aimed at reducing it by donating AED machines in public hospitals which will help the patients to get back to rhythm after a sudden cardiac arrest.
“I will be cycling 300km from Nairobi to Meru, on the 5th of April 2018 in an initiative dubbed TOUR DE MERU .
Come join us and give Meru county hope,” wrote MC Jessy.


MC Jessy speaks of leaving Churchill Show

Several comedians including Eric Omondi left Churchill Show to start their own solo projects. MC Jessy has spoken his mind about the idea of quitting Churchill Show.

The likes of Eric Omondi, Chipukeezy, Teacher Wanjiku and other comedians left Churchill Show after their breakthrough to start other projects.

Some comedians excelled while other failed in their endeavors after quitting Churchill Show. MC Jessy shared his thought about quitting Churchill show.

Pekee yako you can only go so far
MC Jessy and Churchill

Jessy asserts that the thought of quitting Churchill hasn’t crossed his mind. He reveals that he is only thinking about expanding Churchill Show not quitting.

“Pekee yako you can only go so far. But together you can go far. Our partnership is way beyond money. We are going to launch new shows this year, cause the Churchill Show is too small,” said MC Jessy.

MC Jessy is the host of Churchill Raw. Most people see him as second in command after Churchill (Daniel Ndambuki).





Comedian MC Jessy raises eyebrows after sharing this embarrassing photo of Churchill before pulling it down 

There is no doubt that MC Jessy is a funny man. For years now he has managed to entertain Kenyans through the Churchill show and I bet fans love him too.

The comedian however left many talking just recently after sharing an embarrassing photo of Churchill on his Instagram page. Apparently the photo had been making rounds on social media before MC Jessy decided to get his hands on it too.

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However, from how it looks seems that it was not as funny as he thought since he later pulled it down. Not quite sure whether it upset his boss or the comments left under it forced him to delete the photo.

It is quite surprising to see MC Jessy pull such a stunt but below is the photo he shared causing a stir on his social media page.

MC Jessy and Churchill’s relationship

The two have been long term friends for years now. They both shared a similar dream that saw them come up with the Churchill comedian show helping new talents in the country.

Though we rarely see the two together, I bet they spend a lot of time together away from Cameras.

#Tbt: Throwback photo of MC Jessy in a ‘tumbo cut’ that will daze you

It’s throwback Thursday and MC Jessy’s photo has to be today’s highlight as he has left many gasping for some air after he shared a never before seen photo from his childhood.

In the photo taken probably 20 years ago the Churchill show host and comedian is seen wearing a pair of baggy jeans which he paired with a ‘tumbo cut’ or rather what kids from this generation refer to as a crop top.

Looking at him – I think that he had no idea that one day he would end up being a popular celebrity in East Africa and among the funniest comedians Kenyans have come to see on their TV screens.

He uploaded the photo through his gram captioning it to say;

#TBT Kwenye tumbo cut na savco jeans. Nilikuwa Homie I say??

MC Jessy

This photo is clearly a testimony showing that despite the humble background – a person can become anything they wish as long as they work hard at it.

MC Jessy talks about his life as a shamba boy at an MP’s house before the money and fame

Churchill show’s cohost MC Jessy aka Jasper Muthomi did not turn into a celebrity overnight. He struggled for long before he got where he is today and this is something he has always been open about this.

MC Jessy

What we didn’t know is that at some point he was a Shamba boy at an old friend’s house. Speaking during an interview he said that after completing high school he happened to bump into an old friend who hooked him up with a job at his (friend’s) father’s house who at that time was an MP.

Having no experience with the city life he had no choice but to work hoping that one day he would make it in life. Well, looking at his life now there is no doubt that he has achieved more than he could have asked for.

The comedian is a living testimony that any body anywhere is capable of making it life despite the situation they might be facing.

MC Jessy opens up about Churchill Show comedians being underpaid

Claims of poor pay has bedeviled kenya’s most watched comedy show – Churchill Show since early last year when a handful of comedians openly protested.

YY announced he was quitting Churchill Show sometimes in May 2016 indicating that all wasn’t well with the popular comedy show.

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Fresh allegations of poor pay surfaced once again in April 2017 when Emmanuel Makori Nyambane alias Ayeiya Poa Poa passed on.

Former Churchill Show comedian Rapcha the Sayanist was quick fire salvos at Daniel Ndambuki accusing him of underpaying comedians, he claimed that Ayeiya Poa Poa had died a poor man thanks to Churchill.

Well, MC Jessy has finally addressed the persistent allegation that just won’t fade away; speaking to Word Is, Jessy categorically stated that Churchill Show offers comedian far more value than the pay package that portried them in bad light.

“They come while they are fresh and some don’t even have the money. Let’s take an example of MCA Tricky. He came the way he was and he is great today. Comedian YY came the same way and he is good right now. Eddie Butita came from Kariobangi and now he is doing international shows. If you are coming there to look for money you will fail, but if you are coming for destiny, you will succeed. The money aspect can’t even be discussed because you can’t even quantify to give a value for them when it comes to money, but their worth is determined by how they live their life, not how much they earn,” MC Jessy said.

He also responded to Rapcha the Sayanist’s attack on Churchill;

“Alikuanga Churchill zamani, so hayuko… That was his opinion, but you need to look at the results, kwa sababu mti unajulikana na matunda yake. I went to Churchill Show, see my life now. It is the same way for MCA Tricky, David the Student, Professor Hamo, Chipukeezy, Eric Omondi and the rest who joined the show.”