Hottest bachelors of 2022

While the likes of Amber Ray are getting engaged after just a few months of dating, there are those who continue to lead ‘lonely’ lives ;and I am thinking it’s because dating has somehow become a full time job with too many requirements – and truth is….not everyone is willing to put up with that.

Well, seems like the pressure is everywhere even for our celebrities which is why i have come up with a short lost of some of our hottest bachelors who have chosen the single life….and for some reason its working for them.

Nick Mutuma

Nick Mutuma

Last I checked, rumor had it that Nick Mutuma had parted ways with baby mama Bridget Shighadi. The two somehow confirmed this by deleting photos of each other from their social media pages….and this not being the first time, chances are that Nick might not stay single for long…..because…we are sort of used to him and Shighadi having a back and forth type of relationship. But as for now – yea, the guy is definitely living life as a bachelor.

Frankie just Gym It

Frankie’s visit to Corazon’s hometown

Okay…..I’m assuming Frankie is single because the last time we checked…..Corazon Kwamboka had broken up with him and a few days later – a video showing him browsing on a certain dating app emerged online meaning – Frankie is out here searching after losing both his baby mamas.

Willy Paul

Having had his share of women….its surpring to see that Willy Paul hasn’t found himself a wife yet. Maybe….maybe because ladies out here have heard of his nasty past and probably fear getting involved with him…but since he is in his late 20’s chances are that he may not be in a hurry.

Nviiri the storyteller

Having had a nasty breakup with ex Elodie Zone, singer Nviiri the storyteller has been keeping his private life off social media – which makes it hard to know whether he is single or taken…but having not introduced anyone since then, its only fair to rank him among the hottest bachelors we have in town.

Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen with alleged girlfriend

I know we already said that daddy Owen amepata mutu but truth is, until he personally confirms this; we will continue assuming that Daddy Owen is available but only to a kienyeji lady since  that’s is what he said he is looking for.

Nviiri The Storyteller’s musical chemistry with Femi One is unmatched!

I don’t know about you but if there is a musical ‘pair’ that I am really feeling right now, it is without the slightest doubt Nviiri The Storyteller and Femi One.

Nviiri The Storyteller

While they are not necessarily members of the a singular group, I just feel that they should release more collabos because their musical chemistry is just on another level.

Although some people  might argue that it is hard two asses their musical chemistry because they have only released two songs since they started working together last year, I think that is neither here nor there.

They first treated us, their loyal fans, to Kipetero Kiyesu and before we could even catch a breath, they dropped another jam dubbed Bar. These two songs are arguably some of the best Kenyan songs from 2020.

Femi One

Both Nviiri and Femi One are really talented. While the former identifies as a love/pop singer, the Utawezana hit maker prides herself in being a rapper.

What baffles me about these two artists is how they are able to merge their two different sounds and come up with a jam that will make you hit the repeat button a couple of times.

Of the two songs that they have done, Bar is definitely my most favourite. Not that there is anything that is wrong with Kipetero Kiyesu, but I have listened to the former hundreds of times and I am still not fed up with it.

I know the year has just began and I don’t mean to pile pressure on the two but they should know that we are really looking forward to what they have in store for us this year. Enough said.

Watch Bar below and tell us what you think in the comments section. Enjoy!





Nviiri the storyteller dating popular Kenyan YouTuber Elodie Zone?

Of the Sol Generation crew, Nviiri the storyteller is the only guy yet to unveil his better half or even talk about his love life.

Barely last week, fans got treated to a series of photos of Bensoul’s beauty and brains of a girlfriend, Noni Gathoni, who has since been turning heads online.

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Well, regards Sauti Sol’s crew members, Bien, Savara, Chimano and Polycarp, that is as good as an old story. Their love lives are no longer a secret. 

Nviiri and Elonie Zone dating?

This leaves popular singer-songwriter, Nviiri the storyteller as the last man standing from the Sol Generation crew whose love life remains top secret.

Nviiri the storyteller with Sauti Sol’s artist manager Anchie Ng’inja

However, recent reports hint that the talented guitarist and performer is dating popular sassy Kenyan YouTuber, Elodie Zone.

According to a local publication, the two were spotted hanging out and camping in a forestry Airbnb, in Karen, Nairobi.

An exclusive event that was only graced by close friends and family.

Popular YouTuber Elodie Zone

Funny enough, a recent vlog by Sol Generation TV, indicates the boys were set for a song-writing camp back in Limuru. To  allow the artists stay off distractions and focus on creating good music for their solo albums.

So how Nviiri was spotted in Karen having a good time, in an event similarly graced by the vocal YouTuber, is something that remains a mystery but similarly raises speculations.

Talented singer-songwriter Nviiri the storyteller

What do you think?

“Ameniruka kipetero kiyesu,” Femi One exposes rumored baby daddy

Kenyan female rapper, Femi One has come out to expose her rumored baby daddy for denying being the father to her unborn twins.

Just last week, the Internet had clogged with videos of the babe gorgeously rocking her baby bump, leaving fans excited. Speculating that her Utawezana co-artist, Mejja was the one responsible.

Days later, dropping hints on the father to her unborn twins sweetly gushing over him as Baby Daddy ❤️”. This fueled controversies further, leaving fans on the edge regards her new found love.

Femi One unveils baby daddy

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Deadbeat baby daddy

Sadly, hardly had she broken the news of her pregnancy, that the father to her unborn twins denied responsibility. Leaving the baggage of bringing up two children, on the singer.

Rapper Femi One

The Utawezana hitmaker has called out her baby daddy for neglecting what was supposed to be a beautiful home, instead accusing her of cheating on him, that resulted in the pregnancy.

“Alidai anataka supu with a baby girl, so nikajipa na tamaa, akanipachika, kisha akaniruka kipetero kiyesu,” cried out Femi One.

Her efforts to persistently ring the father to her unborn children proved futile, having switched off his phone.

Sadly, her baby daddy took off just as she was about to take him home to her parents, only to jump ship and leave group.

All this was in a bid to condemn the vices committed by various individuals in the country. Right from the top leadership to the common mwananchi who goes impregnating a woman, promising to raise the children together, only to deny his own responsibility.

In the 4-minute video clip, there is a mix of injustices, corruption scandals, road protests by Kenyans, complete with a real-life example of a girl who had to bear the weight of her short-lived lover affair, a pregnancy, after her man took off.

Have a listen;

Tanasha Donna is a talented musician

Say whatever you want but Diamond Platnumz’ bae Tanasha Donna can actually sing and rap. In my opinion, she is really talented.

When she made he official debut in the music industry in April this year with the song dubbed Radio, featuring Barak Jacuzzi, many people were quick to dismiss her.

Some even claimed that she was riding on the wave of Diamond’s popularity to launch her music career.

I find this interesting because she had released a song with Nviiri even before she met the Bongo star. The song titled Ex Anaiva is really good, go and listen to it.

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna Oketch
Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna Oketch

Apart from having a melodic voice that most of us wouldn’t mind listening to all day, this sultry lass also has some dope bars as she demonstrated in Radio.

Granted, she is dating one of the most popular artists not only in East Africa but also the continent. However, that does not necessarily mean that she’s whack.

We should learn to give credit where it’s due, it does not take anything away from you if you actually acknowledge that someone is good at something.

A few days ago, Tanasha disclosed that she will drop two new songs before the end of the year and we can only hope that one of them is a collabo with Diamond.

Listen to her latest single dubbed Nah Easy below.




Nviiri The Storyteller is destined for greatness

Not many people know this but Nviiri Sande, better known as Nviiri The Storyteller, was making music long before Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol took him under their wings.

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To be fair, he was still struggling, just like many upcoming artists, despite the fact that he was very talented and that explains why he took the opportunity that the Sura Yako hitmakers gave him and ran with it.

Nviiri The Storyteller
Nviiri The Storyteller

If you ask me, Nviiri The Storyteller, who is credited for co-writing Sauti Sol’s 2018 mega hit dubbed Melanin, is one of the most successful solo artists in Kenya at the moment.

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In the last few months, the Eastlands bred singer has released three songs which have all done well. They are; Pombe Sigara, Overdose and Kesi Baadae.

Nviiri The Storyteller has an amazing voice and he taught himself to play instruments such as the guitar. Maybe he’d not be where he is today were it not for his sheer determination.

Nviiri The Storyteller

He’s an all round creative and that is why everything he touches turns into gold instantly. If you look at his songs you will realize that so much work went into them and that he is really talented.

I believe that with the guidance of Sauti Sol, Nviiri The Storyteller is going to scale great heights and who knows, this chap might even become the first Kenyan to bag a BET award or even a Grammy.

Watch his latest release dubbed Kesi Baadae below. Enjoy!

Nviiri The Storyteller makes comeback with ‘Kesi Baadae’ (Video)

Sol Generation’s Nviiri Sande, known to you and I as Nviiri The Storyteller, has released a new jam and as you would expect, it is getting so much love form his fans.

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The jam titled Kesi Baadae, which is off his upcoming Extended Play (EP) dubbed Confessions Of A Drunk, has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few hours ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it.

Nviiri The Storyteller

Basically, this jam is about a man and a woman who are in love but their parents are opposed to the union. However, they insist that nothing will separate them saying they will be answerable later.

Just like his previous singles Pombe Sigara and Overdose, Kesi Baadae is really infectious. It’s the kind of songs that will have your hand stuck on the replay button.

It is such a beautiful composition to be honest. It is well-arranged and the lyricism in it is unmatched because Nviiri is a natural storyteller. He has you hooked form the moment you hit play.

Nviiri The Storyteller

To add to that, this guy can really sing. He has an amazing voice, the kind that makes ladies fall in love instantly and he knows how to control it. The other thing that I really loved was the background vocalist, she totally nailed it.

The beat and instrumentation on Kesi Baadae are impeccable and it almost feels like you are listening to a live band and we have the one and only Wuod Omollo to thank for that.

I absolutely love the video for this track ladies and gentlemen. The concept, styling, location, lighting, props, models are all on point.

Watch Kesi Baadae below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Sauti Sol has to put up a strong fight to save Kenyan music

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with the kind of music that is popular in Kenya at the moment, in as much as it’s vulgar, I still find it enjoyable.

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However, we have laud the likes of Sauti Sol for trying to model the next generation of musicians and showing them that they don’t have to be risqué to make hits.

New musicians and groups are emerging everyday and most of them seem to be taking the same direction with their music.

Ethic led the way when they released Lamba Lolo in 2018 and because it became a big hit, everyone thinks that is the way to go.

Ethic Figa

Sometimes I miss sane, responsible and mature music, the kind that you can listen to even when an elder person is in the room.

However, if you are keen, I’m sure notice that that kind of music is becoming less each day.

Almost every musician, even the established ones, are going route of Ethic because it is what is popular in Kenya at the moment.

People like Sauti Sol are showing us that it does not have to be like that, that you don’t have to be dirty to make a hit.

However, it seems to be a difficult task since the whole country has made vulgar music acceptable.

The boy-band will have to put a strong fight if they want to save Kenyan music because this wave is sweeping over so fast.

Watch Sauti Sol’s jam with Bensoul, Nviiri The Storyteller, Crystal Asige and Kaskazini below.

Nviiri the Story teller goes Biblical in Raunchy new Jam

Whoever told Nviiri the Story teller, of Sol Generation to get out the comfort zone was a genius. Initially he was just writing songs for Sauti Sol.

The Kenyan songwriter seems to be  having a good year after his breakthrough especially after standing out in the Sol Generation Jam Extravaganza.

Now we know the guy got game. Nviiri is back on the scene with a new  single dubbed ” Pombe Sigara”. 

Pombe Sigara

This is a feel good song that carries semblance to RnB. However we love the artistry that Nviiri posses.

It breaks down the kind of interest that he has in women to an extent he feels that its a curse. Really!!!

….ohh pombe sigara,Naweza wacha bila kung’ang’ana, lakini hawa wasichana vile nawapenda ni kama laana….

Will talk about the logic in the sentence later. Anyway the Story teller takes us through the lyrics with his vocals well put.

Being a story teller, the poetry in song is just on another level.To create relation, he invokes the Bible on how Samson was tempted by a woman to disclose the source of  his strength.

Further he goes on to tell about Solomon of the many Wives and concubines.

Team mafisi now found ‘mtetezi wa maslahi yao” in Nviiri.

The visuals in the song are also not bad to the eye.Though raunchy but the sauce adds the juice to the song.The production was done by Sol Greneration label.

The message

From their Youtube channel the message is on how everyone has addiction. Pombe Sigara is a song about a guy’s obsession with women and how easy it is for him to do without drugs as compared to women.

Giving credit where  its due, Nviiri is the new guy to watch out for,the musician posses raw talent that has been caged for way too long. In short, Mr. Storyteller we want some more music, more juice to dance to and more artistry.

For rating i give our Kenyan boy 8/10.Below is the Video watch and tell us what you think.


Believe it or not, Sauti Sol is saving the Kenyan music industry

I’ve listened to Sauti Sol’s new jam Extravaganza a couple of times since it was released. I kept hitting the replay button because the song sounds great. I really love it!

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

Each time I listened to the song I kept thinking how different it is from what the vulgar music that we have gotten used to in the last 1 year (or so).

The new song by Sauti Sol, Bensoul, Nviiri The Storyteller, Crystal Asige and Kaskazini is about a party  but it was executed so beautifully.

The other thing that I loved about Extravaganza is the fact the different singers didn’t have to throw in dirty words like lamba lolo, geuka nikubeng and what have you to make the song enjoyable.

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I honestly miss kind of of music. It’s music that is sane, responsible and mature. People are just singing about ordinary things and it sounds so good to the ears.

As I listened to the song I a realized that Sauti Sol is trying to salvage the local music industry. Hope is not lost ladies and gentlemen!

The band has signed up a couple of singers to their label – Sol Generation Records – and they are trying to show them that you don’t have to be vulgar to get people’s attention.

I have immense respect for Sauti Sol because they have taken it upon themselves to mentor the likes of Bensoul, Nviiri The Storyteller, Crystal Asige and Kaskazini.

We are at a time when vulgar music has become the order of the day so that some artists thought it was okay to release a song and make fun of a university student who was hacked to death.

Sauti Sol could not sit back and watch these as the so called ‘new-age musicians’ ruined the industry so they act! Props to them!

Watch Sauti Sol’s new jam with Bensoul, Nviiri The Storyteller, Crystal Asige and Kaskazini below.