Power couple DJ Mo and Size 8 celebrate their daughter’s 2nd birthday in style

Ladashabelle is officially two-years-old! The offspring of popular gospel singer Size 8 and DJ Mo celebrated her big day on November 19th.

Her special day soaked up all the attention on her parents social media pages. This is after they shared sweet messages to mark their baby’s 2nd birthday.

This sweet little girl has done more in one year than most could only dream of — and it’s just the beginning. Ladashabelle has so far closed a deal with baby diaper’s company Softcare that has seen her earn good money.

Anyway when your Ladashabelle, everyday is your birthday. This is because both her parents have always made it open that they enjoy spoiling her.

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DJ’s Mo celebrates his baby girl’s birthday

Through his Instagram DJ Mo wrote saying:

You made me get a new name “daddy” I have learnt a lot even becoming more responsible since you came to this earth – I love you so much and am ready to do anything to always make you happy – today marks 2 years since you were born am grateful to God for you – Happy birthday to you my daughter @ladashabelle ,140 years from now am sure you will still read this status and smile ? – HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Size 8’s message to her daughter

I had to post you again mummy before this day ends happy birthday my princess you give me so much joy. I can’t believe you are actually 2 years now. May the good God protect you and your destiny in him. Where I fail you mummy may God do it for you. Love you my dear sun shine???????? @ladashabelle

Size 8 cries tears of joy as DJ Mo spoils her with expensive gifts after she was discharged from hospital

Size 8 was last week admitted to Nairobi Hospital for an undisclosed ailment. DJ Mo had a surprise for his wife when she was discharged from the hospital.

Size 8 was back on her feet by Sunday November 5th. The gospel songstress hosted her show ‘Pambio Live’ on Maisha Magic without any hiccups.

“Ohh my God what else can I say to thank you for all you have done for me I’ve seen your MERCIES your GRACE and your FAITHFULNESS. What you have done for me no one can curse. I am alive today just because of you God. How beautiful is your loving kindness. Never give up on God hold on press on. He is powerful. His love is un ending. God help me love you and serve you forever,” wrote Size 8 after she was discharged.

DJ Mo makes Size 8 feel better

Size 8 was surprised by her husband when she was discharged from Nairobi Hospital. The singer returned home only to be surprised by gifts from DJ Mo.

Size 8 was overwhelmed by emotions when she opened her gifts and found out that they were two pairs of shoes. She almost cried but ended up kissing DJ instead.

Watch the video below:



“I am alive today just because of you God” Singer Size 8 discharged from hospital

A few days ago DJ Mo revealed that his wife, Size 8 had been admitted in hospital. He previously did not reveal this in the other Muraya’s video shared on their YouTube Channel.

However, it now seems that the gospel singer has been discharged from hospital.  She is back to doing what she loves most. This past Sunday, 5th November she got the chance to host Pambio live, a christian show aired every Sunday.

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The singer later went on to share photos from the show and in one photo, Size 8 expressed how grateful she was to be alive not forgetting to thank God for having given her the strength to continue pressing on. Through her Instagram page she wrote saying:


Size 8 discharged from hospital

Ohh my God what else can I say to thank you for all you have done for me I’ve seen your MERCIES your GRACE and your FAITHFULNESS. What you have done for me no one can curse. I am alive today just because of you God. How beautiful is your loving kindness. Never give up on God hold on press on. He is powerful. His love is un ending. God help me love you and serve you forever.

Fans on the comment section went ahead to wish her all the best while others urged her to keep God first and he will heal her from her illness.

Gospel singer Size 8 admitted in hospital

Word has it that DJ Mo’s wife, Size 8, has been admitted at the Nairobi Hospital following an unknown illness.

The news was shared by her husband, DJ Mo who asked fans, friends and family to remember the singer in their prayers did not disclose what Size 8 was suffering from but now that she is in the hands of doctors, he hopes she will get better soon. He said,

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“you’ve been waiting for the Muraya’s vlog but this week we couldn’t do it because my wife is not feeling well. Pray for her that she will feel fine. kila kitu itakua sawa we will be back soon. god bless you.”

The gospel DJ explained this through the Muraya’s Vblog shared on YouTube where he told fans that the reason they have not been uploading new videos is because his wife has been ill and because of politics.

We from the Ghafla team wish the singer a quick recovery and hopefully will be back to doing what she loves most…singing.

Below are a few screenshots of Size 8 in hospital. Photos Courtesy.

Size 8 in hospital
Size 8 in hospital
Size 8 in hospital
Size 8 in hospital
Size 8 in hospital
Size 8 in hospital

Size 8 and Pierra Makena’s daughters continue to confuse many with their striking resemblance

There is no doubt that singer Size 8 and DJ Pierra’s daughters look alike to a point where many have been confusing the two and others are starting to think that they are ‘twins’.

For months now many have been asking whether there could be a possibility that DJ Mo fathered Pierra’s daughter – but this remains a mystery as Pierra has never come out to reveal her baby daddy’s identity.

On the other hand, DJ Mo does not look like a man who would deny a child if Ricca Pokot (Pierra’s baby) were his other daughter. I happened to come across a photo of the female DJ’s baby that also got me thinking that she indeed looks like Ladasha Belle.

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On the comment section, most fans also seemed to question how the two girls would share such copy right looks – while others concluded that there must be something we are not being told.

Looking at their facial features the two lovely girls look like DJ Mo but we cannot confirm if there is any relationship between the three. Anyway below are two photos of the girls…be the judge!

Ladasha Belle
Ladasha Belle
Ricca, Pierra Makena’s daughter


Why Size 8 lost her ‘wealth’ after quitting the secular world

It is not easy to lose what you have worked hard for…however singer Size 8 is not ashamed nor sorry to reveal why she lost some of things she had earned while singing secular music back in the day.

Speaking during an interview on Kiss 100…the mother of one said that she chose to live her life differently after getting saved but this did not come without a price tag! According to her, she had to give up her car and log book as she says she did not get them in the right way. She said,

Size 8
Size 8

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“I gave out the car and gave up the log book. When I started out in the Gospel world I had to let go of a lot of things because I didn’t get them from the right channel. I was given a test to see if I will let go of those things and follow Christ. Someone led me to the book of Mark that said ‘Whatever you leave behind to follow Christ you get a hundred percent back.”

Size 8 continued to say:

“Everything I held on iliisha yote na mamangu, na my late mum kumpeleka hosi. I wish even that I would have helped a children’s home. I took my car and my keys and logbook and called someone and told them to come for my car, the logbook and the keys before I changed my mind.”

The lady went on to add that she gave up her crown in the secular world and will never go back to it since she now knows better.

“I gave up my crown and Size 8 will never go down hata waende kwa uchawi because I laid down my crown for God.”

‘We should not take law into our own hands’ Size 8 thoughts on the young boys being gunned down by the famous cop, Hessy Wa Dandora

In the past few months we have watched parents mourn the death of their young boys who have been killed after choosing to live a life of crime. However before being shot or rather killed – popular cop Hessy wa Dandora often makes sure to warn them urging them to reform before sending in his team to deal with them.

Most victims who have suffered in the hands of these boys feel no mercy while parents of these boys are left mourning – making it hard to support both the victims and the parents since you cannot compare one pain to another.

Size 8 getting down with DJ Mo

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Anyway speaking to Word Is, gospel singer Size 8 went on to say that as much as these boys harm and take what does not belong to them should not be killed but should be given an opportunity to reform as she believes in giving second chances. She said,

“There is a thin line, I don’t know if I will be crucified for saying this, but some of the things that these boys do are not good, that might justify them being gunned down. But we should not take law into our own hands. It is good to give people the opportunity to go to trial in court. The Bible still calls for giving people a second chance.”

This being a sensitive topic on her part, she concluded by saying:

“That’s why I am saying there is a thin line, for someone whose wife has been raped by criminals; it will be easy to say shoot on sight. But if you ask the mother who has been praying and fasting for this boy, she will take him to prison that he may get a chance to be saved even though he will never come out.”

Who is fooling who? NTSA report shows Size 8 isn’t the owner of the 7 million Jaguar XF

Size 8 broke news about her brand new Kes 7 million Jaguar XF on social media on Monday September 4th 2017. This was after she was seen on Sunday September 3rd driving the British machine to Local Productions (home of SuperSport and MNet) where she hosts her show Pambio Live.

“God is Faithful again but this time to my wife @size8reborn -it’s a testimony !!! Thank you RMA team (the official Jaguar and Range/land rovers dealers in East Africa .They have the best and quality cars – just gotten a brand new JAGUAR XF – full option – 0 milleage worth 7M and they are approachable, affordable and reliable . Get the experience – get them on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @rmakenya
#TheMurayas” Size 8’s husband DJ Mo captioned photos of the Jaguar XF he shared online.

Well, someone told Ghafla! Size 8 is not the owner of the car, they claimed that RMA had only given the gospel singer the Jaguar XF for the sole purpose of advertising the car to the Kenyan market under the impression that she bought it.

We decided to find out whether the claim was true or not. A search for KCH 065T on National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) website confirmed our worry.

Information on NTSA website indicates that RMA Motors (Kenya) Limited are the current owner of the odyssey red KCH 065T Jaguar XF 2016. The name Linet Masiro Munyali (Size 8’s real name) or Sammy Muraya (DJ Mo) does not appear anywhere.


Ghafla! called Size 8 to seek clarification about the information on NTSA website (about the ownership of the car) and she insisted that the Jaguar was hers.

“Wee andika kenye unataka lakini gari ni yangu, you can even call RMA,” Size 8 told Ghafla!

Photo of Size 8 grinding on DJ Mo causes a stir online

The joy of marrying your best friend is that you can have fun without hiding from anyone. Well, this is what DJ Mo and Size 8 have been doing and from one of their latest photos – the couple goes ahead to show us how they party.

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Size 8

The picture shared by DJ Mo shows him dancing with his wife and from the angle the two are seen in, let us just say that the mother of his child was busy grinding and from the expression on his face…DJ Mo was caught in the moment.

This is however the first time we are seeing the two have so much fun since they prefer to keep their private or rather personal life off social media. Size 8 on the other hand seems to have not forgotten how to shake her ‘assets’ but all in all we now know why their marriage has never had any major issues.

Size 8 grinding on DJ Mo

“Baby of all rich people and handsome men you chose me” DJ Mo spoils Size 8 with love on their 4th marriage anniversary

DJ Mo and Size 8 have been married for the last four years. Even though their marriage was shrouded in secrecy  at the first time (they got married in a private ceremony, Kenyans only got to know they were married much later), the two lovebirds have been very open about their relationship in latter years.

Mo was out to assure Size 8 of his love on their fourth marriage anniversary, the gospel DJ penned a heartfelt letter to his wife reminding her how lucky he is to be with her and how she changed his life ever since they settled down together.

“In fairy tales and na movie za Hollywood, people marry and live happily ever ever after. In real life marriage is far from that. As I write this, I am torn between laughing, wailing or saying, if I made it this far, there is a God.
While my Marriage to Linet @size8rebornwa Mo has not been a walk in the park tuko na plus kibao. We have been through ups and downs, many lows and highs but we are still here.

“There are times I have driven so far away trying to get away from my wife’s craziness only to feel her irreplaceable presence during the drive and long to find her at my destination.
My wife cooks the best food I have ever tasted na najua mara mob, if I was her trying to cook for a husband like me, ningekuwa nisha weka ratrat ? coz I know I have driven her up all sorts of walls (Jericho notwithstanding ?) but her wisdom, love, patience and commitment to our marital journey is unwavering. (hapo nayo nimelia kiasi)

“Baby, of the hundred admirers, rich people, better looking or more popular guys you’d have chosen, you chose me. Simply put, it’s mind boggling if not exceptionally humbling to be your hubby. I am honored to do life with you hard as it maybe. Thank you for choosing me, continually loving me just as I am and calling out the greatness in me.
My before you showed up and now are like night and day. I am a better man and sometimes I wonder how I made it through life without you.
In you I have found a friend, a cheerleader, a mother, a comforter, a challenger of course na wazimu. From the bottom of heart, I can’t think of anyone better naweza taka kuzeeka na yeye.

“You are perfect as you are and I have learned to love your good, bad and Lord, your uglies.

“I can talk of our lovely baby daughter all day, but today, if you didn’t choose me, she wouldn’t be. So mami, here’s to the 4th year of grinding and figuring out this thing called life together.
I have learnt that without humility, marriage haiwezi work. I am more responsible and accommodating. I’ll be successful as far as yuko around.
I love you my wife ?
“Happy 4th anniversary baby,” wrote DJ Mo.



Flashback Friday: Breathtaking photo of DJ Mo and Size 8’s daughter when she was barely a week old

The Muraya family must be happy to have been blessed with one beautiful daughter who has changed their entire life and if anything – tamed her parents (in a good way that is).

About two years ago Size 8 welcomed her 1st child with DJ Mo but like most celebrities she chose to keep her baby off the public eye for privacy reason. On the same day the baby was born, the gospel singer sadly lost her mother but all in all is grateful as this was just another blessing in the bad times.


Her fans however got to meet or rather see baby Ladashabelle after a few weeks and since then the young girl has become a favorite to many.

Ladashabelle looks like a very calm baby but also playful judging from the videos shared on her gram. Awayy from that, I happened to bump into a never before seen photo of the baby girl when she was barely a week old.

She is undeniably a beautiful to look and the photo below will prove this.


5 mean and hurtful things Njoki Chege said about DJ Mo on her column that made him feel emasculated

Njoki Chege stripped DJ Mo last Saturday November 16th on her column on Daily Nation. She said 5 mean things about Size 8’s husband that prompted DJ Mo to take action.

Njoki Chege expressed her anger with DJ Mo on her column titled ‘DJ Mo has a flawed view of marriage and should apologize for his remarks’.

This followed DJ’s confession that he subjected his wife Size 8 through a series of tests before he decided to marry her.

Njoki said 5 things in her article that rubbed DJ Mo the wrong way;

1.DJ Mo’s name reminds Kenyans of Benga maestro
Njoki claimed the mention of the name ‘Sammy Muraya’ Kenyans will first think of the late Benga maestro not Size 8’s husband, implying Mo was still in the bush league.

2. DJ Mo has flawed sense of self-importance
Njoki claimed DJ Mo had flawed sense of self-importance and an inflated ego. This after Mo claimed in his revelation that girls were worshipping him.

3. DJ Mo is an embarrassment to the gospel industry
Njoki sensentionally state that DJ Mo was an embarrassment to the gospel industry for his demeaning and disrespectful portrayal of Size 8. Njoki said that DJ Mo showed the whole world that his wife was a gullible and naïve woman who was easily manipulated into a marriage.

4.DJ Mo has a flawed view of marriage
According to Njoki Chege, DJ Mo believes his wife is only good for cooking and and cleaning. She said DJ Mo demonstarted how his view about marriage was skewed.

5. Size 8 is the lucky one, not DJ Mo
Njoki Chege claimed DJ Mo was the lucky one in his marriage with Size 8. The Daily Nation columnist said that Mo consider himself very lucky for bagging such a beautiful and talented woman.



“I don’t believe in buying cars through loans” Size 8 reveals how she paid 7 million in cash to buy her Jaguar

While you are struggling to pay your car loan, Size 8 just walked into the showroom undecided about the car she wanted to buy, saw a Kes 7 million Jaguar XF, paid for it and went home smiling.

Size 8, who had been driving around the city in a Toyota Celina, parted with a whopping 7 million shillings to buy herself a Jaguar XF 2016.

The gospel singer was first seen with her British machine a week ago when she arrived at Local Productions (home of SuperSport and MNet) to host her Sunday show – Pambio Live – on Maisha Magic East.

Size 8 in her Jaguar at MNet studios

Size 8 has now opened about her experience buying the Jaguar XF. Speaking to Heads Up, the mother of one revealed that she was undecided about the car she wanted to buy when she walked into RMA showroom.

The singer stated that she paid for the Jaguar with the cash she had after agreeing with her husband to purchase the British machine.

DJ Mo and Size 8 at RMA showroom after they bought the Jaguar XF

“I did not know I was going to buy a Jaguar but when we got to the showroom, I discussed it with my husband and this is the car we agreed on. I don’t believe in buying cars through loans,” Size 8 said.


“It’s worth 7 million” DJ Mo opens up about Size 8’s new Jaguar

Size 8 is the owner of a brand new British machine worth 7 million shillings. The gospel songstress was first seen with her Jaguar XF when she going about her work at MNet studios in Jamhuri.

The price for Jaguar XF abroad is $48,000 or Kes 4.8 million but RMA is selling the British machine for Kes 7,000,000 in Kenya. DJ Mo confirm his wife parted with 7 million to buy the British machine.

Mo accompanied Size 8 to RMA showroom to buy her brand new car, zero mileage.

“God is Faithful again but this time to my wife @size8reborn – it’s a testimony !!! Thank you RMA team (The official Jaguar and Range/Land rover dealers in East Africa. They have the best and quality cars – just gotten a brand new JAGUAR XF -full option – 0 milleage worth 7M and they are approachable, affordable and reliable,” wrote DJ Mo.

“I just cannot believe am actually posting this pic right here. Surely God can do exceedingly abundantly above all you can ever ask think or imagine. This is my testimony that God is so great and He fights for us daily we only need to believe. A brand new Jaguar xf full option from @RMAkenya wow amazing glory to God. Truly accessible affordable and reality in my life . Wow wow wow nothing is impossible you only need to believe and go get what you want. Glory be to God…….”Wrote Size 8.

Size 8 buys a new car – Kes 4.8 Jaguar (Photos)

Gospel singer Linet Munyali popularly known as Size 8 has graduated from driving a Toyota Celina to cruising in a Jaguar XF 2016.

Size 8 has now joined her celebrity husband to own an expensive British machine; DJ Mo bought a Range Rover sometimes in March this year after dreaming about owning the pricey SUV for a long time.

DJ Mo with his Range Rover at the back

DJ Mo’s wife, who had been driving around the city in a Toyota Celina, parted with at least 4.8 million shillings to buy herself a Jaguar XF 2016.

Size 8 walks towards her Toyota Celina

Size 8 was seen in her Jaguar XF when she arrived at Local Productions (home of SuperSport and MNet) to host her Sunday show – Pambio Live – on Maisha Magic East.

Size 8 in her Jaguar XF
Size 8 receives her brand new Jaguar

Size 8 recounts days when circumstance forced her to become a thief in Maringo Estate

There was a time when Size 8 resorted to theft just to survive. The gospel songbird opened up about her criminal past explaining how circumstance forced her to do things she’s not proud of.

The thought of Size 8 stealing is hard to grasp but actually the singer together with her sister engaged in petty theft just to survive in Eastlands where they were raised.

Size 8 and her sister while they were still kids

In a past interview with Citizen Digital, Size 8 narrated how her sister and her were brought up in poverty and how hunger drove them to commit crime.

“I was born and raised in Maringo Eastlands Estate. As a family we were so poor that we lacked enough food. So on this particular day my sister and I stole the neighbor’s chicken…hunger was too much. My elder sister devised a trap which worked very well. We strategically laid a tail of maize grains which led into our house. The neighbor’s chicken fed o the cereals until it got into the house. We immediately pounced on it, slaughtered, boiled and fed on the chicken. Hiyo siku hatukuwa hata na mafuta ya kukaranga. We later washed the utensils thoroughly, put the chicken’s feathers inside a polythene bag, wrapped it and threw it away. We had to get rid of the evidence,” Size 8 narrated.

The singer also reminisced about how Citizen TV’s Jacque Maribe used to help her with pads when they were still students at State House Girls High School.

Jacque Maribe and Size 8

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“I used to hustle sanitary towels. Actually Citizen TV’s Jacque Maribe used to help me with pads back in secondary school,” Size 8 said.


Former Camp Mulla singer Miss Karun breastfeeds her son in public as she gets her hair done (Photos)

Some people are not comfortable breastfeeding their babies in the open where everybody watch what they do. But a few Kenyan celebrity mothers don’t mind doing it.

Miss Karun, who became a mother a few months ago, has also joined the bandwagon of celebrity mothers who have no reservations when it comes to breastfeeding in public.

The former Camp Mulla singer must have been motivated by DJ Pierra Makena and Size 8 who are so proud of breastfeeding their babies in the open.

Pierra has been caught on camera one too many times breastfeeding her daughter Ricca Pokot in public.


Size 8 breastfeeds Ladasha Belle


Miss Karun has also caused a stir when she was caught on camera breastfeeding her son at the salon while she was getting her hair done.

Miss Karun breastfeeds her son at the salon


Dj Mo and Size 8 publicly kiss for the first time but this is why Kenyans on social media could not handle it!

Size 8 turned 30 years this past weekend and to mark this special event, the lady spent her day with family and friends at Enashipai resort in Nakuru where her husband seemed to have a couple of events lined up for her surprise birthday party.

From the photos shared by Dj Mo and other friends, there is no doubt that Size 8 turned 30 years in style and the fact that she had her family around made it extra special.

However after the cake session, Size 8 received the ‘kiss of life’ from her husband that has left most social media users discussing it on their social media pages.

Well, I am not really sure whether the two were uncomfortable hence the ‘bad locking lip session’ or they just don’t kiss at all.

Anyway a few fans wrote saying;

Diana: He has let me down. He is kissing like he’s sucking juice out of a straw

Muthoni: This reminds me of someone I used to know.

Masinza: Can’t believe huyu Ni Size 8 Na Dj Moz

Grace: Maybe ni leo tu ilitokea vibaya

Karithi: Actually, size 8 ndiye ameplace wrong… Look at it again

Rebecca: Lol anakunywa chai moto

Risper: Pitieni huku uone Dj Moh akinyonya mafuta kwa caburetor

Victoria: Kissing upper lip ni matata for Kenyan men, afadhali they just stick to lower lip, nimeenda hivi nakuja

Tonnie: It’s called the carburettor kiss folks

Lena: Anavuruta oil kwa carburettor.

Winnie: na ni maceleb. Wakujie classes

Rachel: Hehe DJ mo it’s not done like this #kiundutho
Liz: Hiyo kiss yuuuuucccccckkkkkkk!
Njoroge: I guess this guy’s side hustle is being a mechanic








Baby number two? Here is why Ladashabelle needs a sister or a brother

Size 8 and her hubby DJ Mo were blessed with a lovely baby girl two years ago and if anything the gospel is now craving for another baby, that is if she is the one running her daughter’s Instagram page.

A few days ago she uploaded a photo of her daughter hanging out at their door step but what caught my attention is the statement she used to caption her Ladashabelle’s photo. The caption read,

I need a brother or sister to play with ?? I hope mummy and daddy reads this?

But we all know that Ladasha still can’t read or write at this age so her mum could have used the opportunity to hint how she feels….just saying!

Anyway, let’s hope that DJ Mo gets the message…but checkout the photo below:

“I love you daddy!” Size 8 celebrates her dad’s birthday with this beautiful message, meet the handsome man (Photo)

Size 8 is happy to have been raised in a God fearing family and the fact that her dad was/ is a pastor is one of the reasons she got saved after exploring secular music a few years ago.

From what we know is that her dad and mum loved each other and even after when they lost their mum…her dad has been drawn closer to his four children who are now raising their own families.

Well, two days ago Mr Munyali turned a year older and to mark this special day Size 8 shared a special message to celebrate her daddy through her social media pages. From her caption, the gospel singer described him as the best man she could have asked for a father as she wrote saying;

On this very day such a great man was born and I call him father. He is full of life, full of love and humility that is beyond my understanding. He loves us his children so much. I love u so much.

Judging from the photo she shared, it is quite clear to see that he is aging well for a man who already has grandchildren. Meet Mr Munyali below;

Size 8’s dad, Mr Munyali

Size 8’s new rap song stirs up plenty of bile…But ironically she’s very happy

The last time Size 8 was trolled this bad was when she was featured in Willy Paul’s controversial song ‘Tiga Wana’. But her new rap song has also received so much hate.

Online bullies have been very mean bashing Size 8’s new rap song ‘Mwambie’. The comments on YouTube and the talks on Facebook clearly indicate critics were not bothered to listen to the message in Size’s song.

A certain Kate Wa Gladys wrote an essay on Facebook just to express her frustrations with Size 8’s new rap song:

“Ok… Size 8… We need to talk.

  1. Let’s start with the make up… I’m no expert in this field but honey… Kuna kitu inaitwa blending….. You are friends with Mrs Kiuna, please ask her to refer her MUA to u
  2. Again I’m no expert but rap isn’t for u… Acaaa…. Just sing love. Just sing and stop even speaking 2 words.. When your Mr is a yoyo and you are a gichagi, just love him but don’t copy him. Sisi pia Tuko hapo… Muthee ni Yule wa kutembea na ka swaga. Na sisi huku ni Watu wa nyandarua. We love them, we don’t try to be them. He spins hizo ma yoyoyoyoyo…. Wewe imba tu… Sawa mami
  3. You really don’t have to sing gospel. Kama imekataa imekataa…. No need to make songs that people wonder what you are trying to say. Unaona zile Siku you were singing akina moto… Yes u made sense. Now here we r left wondering, what’s the message? What exactly was your narrative here. You can be a Christian and sing songs that talk about the weather. Don’t force issues. We won’t judge.
  4. You need a sit down with women and gospel artists who have a connection with God. You know enough people. Get a mentor. Coz the songs you are singing my sistoooo…..
  5. Finally, that thing u are doing with the mouth as you attempt to rap, never ever ever do it again. Sijui it’s meant to show u r tough, or sexy or no ile sura Nicki Minaj huweka when rapping or what the intention was.. Just never ever ever do it again!!

Niwaigua kamaamuu??” Kate Wa Gladys wrote.

Size 8 is however looking at the positive side of the bile that has been spewed at her, she said the attention her song has gotten is good because more people will listen/watch her song.

“I like the attention Mwambie is getting, because when people talk about it, other people will go and listen to it and through that, people will get ministered to,” Size 8 said.

Watch ‘Mwambie’ below:


“You would have made a beautiful bride” Fans praise Size 8 after stepping out in stunning white wedding dress

Singer Size 8 is undeniably one of the most stylish mums we have in the entertainment industry. She is simple when it comes to her outfits, but mama Ladasha always finds a way to look amazing in everything she wears.

Anyway, a few years ago she got married to the love of her life, DJ Mo – in a civil marriage that only allowed those close to her attend.

And since it seems that she did not want something exaggerated, the still enjoys her marriage – together with the DJ Mo and their baby.

Size 8 and her family
Size 8 and her family

The singer has however left many questioning why she did not choose a white wedding while others praised her fine looks and figure after stepping out in a gorgeous white dress….that clearly shows how much she would have stunned on her wedding.

But as expected, the singer did not respond to the questions and captioned to say the dress she had worn was from one of her latest song which she recently released.

Below is the beautiful photo;

Size 8 trolls her husband for being fat after new photo emerged!

Ever wondered how DJ Mo would look if he gained excess weight? Well, worry no more as a new photo of the DJ looking fat has emerged online thanks to the new broadways advert he was featured in.

The popular gospel DJ shared the photo through his social media pages and his wife could not let the photo go without trolling him. Size 8 joined the list of fans commenting on her husband’s photo as she went ahead to compare him with DK kwenye Beat’s body.

She also tagged the gospel singer on her comment and we now know that DJ MO’s face was actually photoshopped on DK’s body. Anyway…checkout the hilarious photo below

From Size 8 to Wahu, Zari to Lillian Muli…Celebrities share the sweetest tributes for Father’s Day (Photos)

From Size 8 to Wahu, Zari to Lillian Muli…Celebrities share the sweetest tributes for Father’s Day

The world celebrated fathers were yesterday June 18th; Kenyans celebrities also celebrated their dads and husbands in different ways.

Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of their children. This day celebrates fatherhood and male parenting. [sic]

Kenyan celebs celebrated their fathers and husbands by sharing their photos on social media and saying a thing or two about them:

Emmy Kosgei: Happy fathers day to the most amazing man in my life,my ? amazing husband who loves and supports me not only that .. he is my spiritual cover!father to many and apostle to the nations.. God’s general.. love you,i celebrate you ❤ this day and always ! #nkem #dimm

Emmy Kosgei with her husband Anselm Madubuko


Size 8: To the best dad God can ever give to my little girl my husband @djmokenya you are indeed such a blessing to this girl. I will never love her as much as you do. Thank you for taking your place and position in her life. Hata Leo umenipa holiday sina mtoto yeeeeppppyyyy mamma days out ?????????????? thank you always I can never ever say am raising her alone ?????????

DJ Mo and his daughter

Faith Muturi Ngugi: Baba Lemuel..One of the things I was looking forward to in marriage was having you as a dad to our children. I’m blessed to have you as my hubby. I’m so glad we waited and thank God for blessing us with a son. I knew you’d be a great Dad and wow- you’re an amazing, involved, caring and fun father. Truly the protector, provider and priest I prayed for- my gentle warrior. From Lemuel & I we wish you a Happy Happy Happy Father’s Day. May God refresh you and increase you each day.

Faith Ngugi with her husband and son

Ciru Muriuki: Happy Father’s Day Daddeh! I love you! ❤❤ #dadsofdaughters #myhero

Ciru Muriuki with her father

Lillian Muli: Happy Fathers Day to the Father of my Child Moses Kanene we have an amazing son and he Loves you to Bits.

Lillian Muli’s ex husband Moses Kanene

Abbas Kubaff: Big ups to the ILLest palette-Knife Artist ….my Dad! Thats oil on canvas painting #Kericho from the top of the Dome! (#TBT1995)I learned from the best of the bestest…my only competition! R.I.P. paps. Ur boy is strong..miss u!.kaaang kaaang! #HappyFathersDay???

Abbas Kubaff’s father

Zari: Happy fathers’ day Le Hubby, may the Good God keep you safe for us. We appreciate all your efforts.? @diamondplatnumz

Diamond with his kids

Patricia Kihoro: Happy Father’s Day to my dad. I was named after him, Patrick, and he’s been my homie since Day 1. Yaani homie. I’ve talked to him about everything. Boys, booze, work, family, food! He cooks like a dream. He’s the dopest. He’s everything and then some. #FathersDay

A young Patricia Kihoro with her father

Wahu Kagwi: @namelesskenya you are an amazing father to the girls, and they are blessed to call you Daddy. Happy Father’s day, and May God continue to shower you with blessings and guide your steps! #intentionalfather #focusedfather #thatfamilyguy

Nameless with his kids

Lizz Konstantaras: Happy father’s day Alexandre! Our son is so lucky to have you as a dad. He inherited your sense of humour too.. never a dull moment with you two.. ?????????

Lizz Konstantaras’ husband with their son

Loise Hannigan( Yolo host): Happy Father’s Day Papa ❤️

Loise Hannigan with her father

Mwanaisha Chidzuga: #HappyFather’sDay to the worlds greatest dad..You lead,, the girls follow..Thank you and Be blessed

Mwanaisha Chidzuga and her husband Danson Mungatana with their kids

Lilly Asigo (Jua Cali’s wife): @juacaligenge you have been such a great father and I’ve always made sure you know this. I feel blessed and excited to go through this amazing journey with you again. #happyfathersday ?

Jua Cali with his wife

Akothee: see who is visiting ,the main man in my life , wengine ni kubahatisha , I love you dad Happy Fathers day jaduong , Ajos tinger motiii puro kata onge mafuta I needed this space today for real fathers who carried their families together, through thick & thin, you saw us through life I love having lunch with you , on this special day.

Akothee with her father

Bien: lHappy Fathers Day papa. I become more like you everyday. I love you to death. Thank you ❤️??

Bien with his father

Talliaoyando: For the sacrifices you’ve made and for the love you give unconditionally @MauriceOyando and @DirectorEzy, may God bless you. #HappyFathersDay

Talia Oyando’s husband with his son 
A young Talia Oyando with her father

“Mistakes are made but we have a forgiving father” Size 8 writes Bahati a moving message after introducing his daughter

Seems that Bahati kept his daughter on the low and not even his close friends knew about her either. Size 8 who has been a mentor to the singer wrote a moving message dedicated to the singer moments after he went public about his daughter.

Size 8 talks about seeking forgiveness from God as he has proven to be a forgiving father. She goes on to congratulate Bahati for taking responsibility despite knowing that many would judge him for having a child out of wedlock.

The gospel singer also praises the young girl for her beauty and as a mother, Size 8 also understands the struggles one has to put up with when it comes to dealing with pressure from toddlers. She wrote,

Now this is the way forward for anyone hating on the singer for having a baby.

Size 8 forced to explain why she no longer wears her wedding ring following newspaper report about her split from her husband

Speculations ran rife that Size 8 and DJ Mo’s wedding had hit rock bottom after local daily reported that the gospel singer had moved from her matrimonial home to rent her own house in Runda.

The Nairobian reported that Size 8 separated from her husband over accusations of infidelity on his part. The gospel songbird however dismissed the claims saying that her marriage to DJ Mo was steadfast.

Also read: “I am praying against forces wishing DJ Mo and I a break up” Size 8 finally addresses ‘separation’ rumors

Well, critics were not done with Size 8 yet, they found another reason to argue that all wasn’t well between the two gospel celebrity couple.

Size 8’s wedding ring became a subject of interest after she squashed earlier divorce rumors, apparently Mama Wambo hasn’t been wearing her wedding ring for quite some time. And the reason being?

“When I gave birth, I gained weight, hence my wedding ring couldn’t fit me anymore. It’s two years since I took it off and I’ve been training so hard to reduce my weight,” Size 8 was quoted by the Star.

So there you have it, Size 8 and Mo haven’t split and her wedding ring can’t fit on her finger because she has put on weight.