Size 8: I’ve come to know a miscarriage can actually destroy marriage or shake it 

Size 8 was pregnant with her second child in late 2018 before she suffered a miscarriage. The mother of one was devastated with the lose of her unborn baby but she remained faithful to God.

Her husband DJ Mo recently opened up about the miscarriage, he revealed that his wife was five weeks pregnant when the miscarriage happened.

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Size 8 and DJ Mo
Size 8 and DJ Mo
Marriage shaken

Size 8 has come out to narrate how her marriage was shaken by the miscarriage she suffered. The mother of one reveals that she was counselled together with her husband after the miscarriage. She also implores other people who went through a similar ordeal to get professional help.

“Marriage the 1st institution created by God the Father and it is a representation of our marriage as the church as the bride with Jesus Christ as the bride groom in heaven that’s why the devil hates it with passion. Without Jesus at the centre of our marriage so we can access the holy spirit to help us, marriage is next to impossible………. The devil wants to break homes Jesus wants to build homes always remember that . Team up with Jesus and build and fight for your marriage……. And I’ve come to know a miscarriage can actually destroy a marriage or shake it after miscarriage get counseling please please and determine to face the lose together…………@djmokenya love you always, am to blessed to have you ……,” wrote Size 8.


DJ Mo: My wife Size 8 was five weeks pregnant before the miscarriage happened

On December 22nd 2018, gospel singer Size 8 shocked her fans when she took to social media to announce that she had suffered a miscarriage.

Size 8 explained that she didn’t want to confirm to the public whether she was pregnant or not when everyone was pressing her because she was really struggling with the pregnancy.

Five weeks pregnant

DJ Mo opened up about losing his unborn baby during an interview with Word Is. The gospel mix master reveals that his wife was five weeks pregnant when the miscarriage happened.

He further explained that miscarriages are caused by different factors. Mo also revealed that his family had managed to overcome the unfortunate incident.

“My wife was five weeks pregnant before the miscarriage. Miscarriage can be caused by so many things, like stress. Others may fail to adjust with the body, but we are doing well. If you love each other, that is a small thing. All you need is to encourage each other and it passes,” said DJ Mo.




DJ Mo forced to defend his bedroom skills after Size 8 did this…

Gospel mix master DJ Mo took his fans on social media by surprised after he confessed that he satisfies his wife’s sexual needs completely.

The father of one opened up about his bedroom skills after he took to social media and shared a photo of Size 8 looking all grumpy.

“Harakisha ulete ugali dondo huyu anaskia njaa ???? karibu anikule . Wasichana mnatakanga nini sometimes ?? @size8reborn unafura nini?? ?,” DJ Mo captioned the photo.

Sexual starvation

A female fan commented on DJ Mo’s post telling him that Size 8 could be sulky perhaps because he wasn’t satisfying her in bed.

“Uko sure ni njaa ya Ugali ama ???,” Judybankss commented.

DJ Mo replied asserting that he is a bedroom bully;

“@judybankss hiyo ameget kabisa … don’t joke with Topa”



Size 8 confirms pregnancy by flaunting her burgeoning baby bump (Video)

Gospel singer Size 8 is pregnant with baby number two. She had initially refused to confirm or deny whether she was pregnant or not when confronted about it.

Hawk eyed fans noticed Size 8’s burgeoning baby bump when she took to social media and posted a photo of herself a few weeks ago.

“I will not deny nor confirm but let us wait and see, time will tell,” said Size 8 in a past interview when she was asked whether she was pregnant.

Pregnant indeed

Size 8 paraded her baby bump in a video she uploaded on social media. The gospel singer is seen strutting past a camera which clearly captured her baby bump.

DJ Mo and Size 8’s first born daughter Ladasha turned three on November 19th. She will be have a baby sister or brother sometimes next year.



Pregnant with baby number two? Size 8 opens up

Gospel singer Size 8 could be pregnant again. The mother of one however hasn’t directly confirmed whether she is expectant, nor has she denied it either.

If Size 8 is indeed pregnant then the timing couldn’t be much better, her daughter is old enough to have a baby brother or sister.

Ladasha turned three on November 19th. And almost two weeks later after her birthday, Size 8 took to social media to flaunt what appears to be a baby bump,

Her fans were quick to congratulate her after she posted the photo on social media. Size 8 however neither confirms nor denies that she is expecting her second child.

“I will not deny nor confirm but let us wait and see, time will tell,” said Size 8 in an interview with Word Is when she was asked whether she was pregnant.

Fears conceiving again

Size 8 further revealed that she has been having fears of conceiving again ever since she had complications with her first pregnancy way back in 2015.

“I had fears of getting pregnancy again but I thank God after I joined Bible school, I was taught a lot of things that helped me fight the fear. That is why for a long time people were even wondering kwani Size 8 hazai tena?” said Size 8.

Adding that;

“My first pregnancy got me to the position of getting trauma, mpaka sikua nataka kurudi hapo. Ladasha is a real miracle to me because were it not for the love of God, I would have lost her when she was still in my womb. She was too tiny as my placenta had complications and so she was not feeding well.”




13-year-old gospel singer Amani G: Size 8 is my mentor, she was very naughty in her music but God changed her

13-year-old gospel singer Amani Gracious alias Amani G has opened up about being inspired by Size 8 in her fast flourishing music career.

For starters, Amani G became internet sensation after her cover of Alicia Keys’ song ‘Girl On Fire’ went viral. The American singer responded to give her a pat on the back.

Amani G has made great strides in music after releasing three gospel songs in five months. The young gospel singer is now set to release her first EP on December 12th.

An extended play record, often referred to as an EP, is a musical recording that contains more tracks than a single, but is usually unqualified as an album. [sic]

Amani G
Amani G

Amani G opened up about being inspired by Size 8 during an interview with Word Is. She said that she was impressed by how Size 8 turned around her life after getting saved.

“Size 8 has also been my mentor, although I have not met her. The way she was before turning to gospel is very different to who she has turned out to be now. She was different, now you see her down on her knees, praying, and that is who I want to be. I want to be interceding for people. She was very naughty in her music, but God has changed her. I would also like to be a more godly person and to never part from His ways,” said Amani G.






“Production team was all drama. Had sleepless nights because of this song” Size 8 speaks of new song ‘Holy Holy’

Size 8 faced several obstacles while producing her new song ‘Holy Holy’. The gospel singer revealed all wasn’t well when she announced the release of her song on social media.

“Working on my new video ‘Holy Holy’ and I must say in all my life I’ve never seen the obstacles I’ve seen in this song waaaaaaa from the recording sessions to the video shot to the editing waaaaaaa. But I know victory belongs to Jesus no one can stand against the Lord and this song shall move the world for God’s glory I am not loosing faith in my God,” wrote Size 8.

A lot of fight

Size 8 opened up about what transpired in the production of ‘Holy Holy’ during an interview with Word Is. She declined to mention any names but she says the production team messed her big time that she actually cried and had sleepless nights.

“The production team was all drama. I have been spending sleepless nights because of this song. I recorded the song for so long but it had a lot of fight. I have never cried because of a song. Although I don’t want to shame anyone I worked with but from recording to shooting. As a Christian I am supposed to hide my brother and so I won’t expose anyone, but the problem was the production of the audio. I even felt like God was not working and I almost lost hope,” said Size 8.

Watch the song in the video below:




More money! Size 8 renews contract with Chinese diapers manufacturer 

Size 8 will be smiling all the way to the bank after she renewed her contract with Soft Care diapers. The gospel singer and her daughter Ladasha Belle have been Soft Care brand ambassadors since 2016.

Mother and daughter are the faces of Soft Care diapers, their photos on the Chinese product have helped it to become one of the best selling diapers in Kenya.

Glory to God

Size 8 renewed her contract with Soft Care on Wednesday October 3rd. The mother of one took to social media to express her joy upon renewal of her contract.

“What can I say to my God but to just say thank you for He alone can do things like this. Guys allow me to declare my God’s goodness today I renewed my contract with the SOFT CARE DIAPERS to God be the glory. 2years ago this company approached me they had a new product in the market and they wanted to grow the brand now two years later SOFT CARE DIAPERS IS THE MOST SELLING DIAPER IN KENYA ACTUALLY NO. 1………… Who is like my God none………. Wow wow ?????????? guys God is not like. A man put your trust in Him…..” Wrote Size 8.


Conflict almost ended their marriage! DJ Mo and Size 8 open up about marriage problems

Marriage has not been a bed of roses for DJ Mo and his wife Size 8. The celebrity couple admit they almost resorted to ending their marriage at one point.

The two lovebirds opened up about marriage problems while appearing on NTV’s Wicked Edition. Size 8 revealed that she once packed her belongings and left her matrimonial home after clashing with her husband.

DJ Mo and Size 8 on Wicked Edition
DJ Mo and Size 8 on Wicked Edition

“There is this day I packed my bags and left my matrimonial home. I was angry and went on to make an emotional decision, which I later realised was wrong. I thought about it and decided to come back, even though there was embarrassment written all over my face at the time,” said Size 8.

Mo walks out

DJ Mo also admitted that arguments with his wife made him to think of fleeing and never come back to his matrimonial home.

“There is this time we argued and I just left the house and started driving, before turning back at Limuru. Looking back I had thought of driving to America through Uganda,” said DJ Mo.



Deadbeat dads will surely reform after reading this sweet message from Size 8

Size 8 is so grateful to DJ Mo for always being there for their daughter Ladasha Belle Wambo. The singer jotted down sweet message to appreciate her husband for his fatherly duties.

The gospel singer also addressed deadbeat fathers in her message. Size 8 encourages absentee fathers to reconnect with their children saying they shouldn’t feel condemned.

DJ Mo and his daughter Ladasha Belle
DJ Mo and his daughter Ladasha Belle

“Swity @djmokenya its not a must for you to be there for @ladashabelle for that i say thank. And to you my God every minute wambo spends with her father Lord i thank you i dont take it for granted. And to all the fathers out there who are there for their kids but nobody seems to appreciate heaven is looking down on you smiling. Go on fight on its not easy at times but you are doing Gods work. To those who are not there for their kids its never to late to start the journey dont feel condemned God can help you start. #celebratingdads………… again i repeat to all dads out there God bless you ????????????,” wrote Size 8.

Nagging wives

Size 8 also advises women on how to stay with their husbands harmoniously. The singer warns wives to desists from creating list of demands for their husbands to fulfill.

“Our relationship with God can be likened to a husband and a wife you dont go to you spouse all the time just ask for things or complain of this and that and create demands and request all times all the time nobody wants such a partner in marriage but one who is thankful and greatful . So when we go to God lets seek a father and child relationship an intimate thing out of love and reverence to God to worship Him in awe of Him to seek His love and to love Him in return and in thanks giving more than just making demands and complaints.”


“Jalang’o should not judge people with a few songs” Size 8 fires back at Jalang’o

A few days ago Jalang’o went HAM on gospel musicians accusing them of dropping songs that have no message whatsoever to Christian faithful.

The comedian called out Ringtone, Bahati, Willy Paul and several other gospel musicians for corrupting the gospel music industry with secular-ish songs and unnecessary dramas.

“They no longer mention God in their songs. Mungu anatajwa tu kama producer. Come back and start doing real gospel music with content,” said Jalas in part.

Every song has a message

Size 8 has since responded to Jalango’s critique. She said the comedian shouldn’t judge the whole gospel industry with a few songs, she went on to explain the messages in a few gospel songs.

Size 8

“Jalang’o should not judge people with a few songs because ours is the biggest music industry, and I believe every song has a message. Everyone sings differently, thus it would be wrong to judge them with their content. Like the new Daddy Owen song, Donjo, is just a way of saying he is enjoying life in Christ. Kula Neno is the word of God, meaning read the word of God. I think the problem is the understanding by people and not the song or perhaps the delivery. But from someone who reads the word, they will understand what every artiste means with their song,” Size 8 said during an interview with Word Is.



Radio Jambo presenter Anita Raey recounts being a ‘chokara’

Radio Jambo presenter Anita Raey has come a long way from being a street urchin to the top presenter she is now. The journey has been tough and engulfed with a lot of emotions.

Recently, she opened up about the journey giving a very emotional story of how she landed in the streets.

“I was so rebellious because I was raised by a very harsh mother. I started running away from home at a very tender age of 13 years and started living in the streets. I lived in the streets of Nairobi with the worst people in the society. Those were my friends. They used to treat me like I am the baby in their crew. You are the one who carried the drugs for them,” she said. 


“Then one day I was coming in with one of them, so we are at Moi Avenue, then someone hit me from the back, nkafikiri ni mwizi and I was like, anataka nini. I fell down and became unconscious. I did not have money but anyway I had drugs with me. They dragged us towards Jevanjee. They were two guys and both were from my tribe, I understood all what they were planning for me. So they raped me and that was the worst thing in my life. I was so scared and I did not have the energy to fight back.”

Daddy Owen opens up about Size 8 and Alice Kamande being his dancers before their breakthrough as musicians

Size 8 and Alice Kamande started their journey in music as backup dancers. Gospel star Daddy Owen reveals the two songbirds used to work for him.

Today Size 8 and Alice Kamande are some of the biggest gospel singers in Kenya. But their success in music didn’t come easy as Daddy Owen reveals.

The gospel singer opened up about Size 8 and Alice Kamande during the launch of his new song ‘Mungu Yupo’ at a local station. He says he worked with the two songbirds alongside Savara Mudigi as his dancers before their big break in the music industry.

Bien’s work

Daddy Owen also reveals that his new song ‘Mungu Yupo’ was composed by Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime Baraza. The gospel singer has on several occasion sought the help of music composers to write his songs. Pitson wrote his mega hit ‘Vanity’.

Watch ‘Mungu Yupo’ in the video below:




Jua Cali’s message to 7 female musicians who have ditched secular music to become gospel artists

The number of female secular musicians is plummeting as more and more are crossing over to gospel industry. At least 7 former female secular singers are now gospel artists.

The ‘revolution’ started years ago, former queen of chakacha Princess Faridah was the first known secular singer to  change her music genre from secular to gospel way back in 2001.

Princess Faridah

Bernice Mugo aka Lady Bee saw the light sometimes in 2012 and became a full-fledged gospel singer. She went on to release several gospel hits.

Lady Bee

A year later in April 2013 Linet Munyali aka Size 8 got saved to the surprise of everyone. She debuted as a gospel singer with ‘Mateke’.

Size 8

Four years later Cecilia Sagini Kemunto popularly known as Cece Sagini got saved. She gave her life to Christ in October 2017 and released her first gospel song ‘Come Down’ in December 2017.

Cece Sagini

The same 2017 in November Nameless’ wife Wahu Kagwi received salvation. She went on to drop her first gospel song dubbed ‘Sifa’.


In 2018 two more former secular singers gave their lives to Christ. Both Marya and Amani came out to reveal that they were no longer singing secular songs.

Jua Cali’s reaction

The king of genge asserts that he will support secular-turned-gospel musicians. Jua Cali says he will buy their albums.


“Being saved is something very personal. You can never know about what goes in the person’s mind. I can only say I wish them success. It’s another world, you have to understand it. It’s not like they’ll be doing gospel because of money. It’s also another industry and you know there are those who wouldn’t want you to get into the business of music itself. I’ll support them. If they release songs and albums, we will buy,” said Jua Cali during his performance at the Guinness fanzone event that took place in Meru last weekend.


“I sought the counsel from DJ Mo” Mr Seed has DJ Mo to thank for his meticulous proposal to his girlfriend

Mr Seed went down on his knee and proposed to his girlfriend Nimo Gachuiri at a Valentine’s dinner. The dinner was at Azure Resort in Westlands.

DJ Mo and his wife Size 8 were present as Mr Seed popped the big question. Several other celebrities including Betty Kyallo, Njugush, Abel Mutua were also in attendance.

Mr Seed proposes to his girlfriend
He showed me how to do it

Mr Seed says he sought DJ Mo’s advice before he went on and proposed to Nimo Gachuiri. The gospel singer further reveals Mo also assisted him in planning for the proposal.

“Before proposing, I sought the counsel of my friends who are already married. DJ Mo was one of them, and even on the day before I went on one knee, he showed me what to do. This is a big step I have made, and with God, everything is possible,” Mr Seed told the Star.

Mr Seed with his fiancee Nimo Gachuiri


Amani follows in Size 8 and Wahu’s footsteps and gives her life to Jesus

More and more female secular singers are giving their lives to Christ. Size 8 set precedent in 2014 when she decided to seek salvation after marrying DJ Mo.

Size 8 even went a step further and asked all radio and TV stations to stop playing all songs that she released before she saw the light.

Wahu also got saved in sometimes in November 2017. The mother of two announced she had ditched secular industry after seeking salvation.

Amani’s turn

Amani has also announced that she is now a born again Christian. The sultry songbird shared a copy of the Insyder magazine which she was featured on the cover as she reflected on her life before Christ.

“Circa 2009…on the cover of the Insyder magazine…started that journey at an early age of 18…by this time I had gotten the hang of it.My passion for music thrusted me into an Entrepreneurial world was looking at a notebook the other day that had scripts,budgets,marketing plans…yes for my music.We just don’t wake up and sing ???…I have turned on a new leaf I am now born again but I count it all joy…I learnt so much and gained so much experience,” wrote Amani.

Before the big announcement, Amani had been sharing bible quotes on her Instagram handle:

Size 8 sends 12 point love message to her husband as they celebrate early Valentine

Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday February 14th but Size 8 couldn’t wait till then to spoil her husband DJ Mo with hot romance.

The gospel singer poured out her heart to her husband in a romantic message. Size 8 revealed how deep her love for DJ Mo with the words she used in her message.

Size 8 and DJ Mo
Love you DJ Mo so much soooo much

Size 8 basically defines love in her romantic message to her husband. She talks about what love is and what love is not in her message.

“Love is humble love wants the best for the other love is not jealous love is patient love does not gossip love does not condem love keeps no record of wrong love believes beyond a shadow of doubt love does nt assume love forgives love gives love delights I good not evil love seeks wisdom counsel and revelations from God. You Get this Love in Jesus and in Him you are also able to Love the way He loves you to your spouse family friend’s and enemies. Love you @djmokenya so much soooo much ????????? #valentines #lovemonth #smiles #grace #themurayas,” wrote Size 8.


” I don’t ask money from my fans” Size 8 warns her followers against an imposter

Size 8 is the latest celebrity to expose a fake social media account using her identity to exploit her fans.

Through her Instagram, the lady went on to fans from sending money to any ‘Size 8’. According to her, there is a person using her name and photos pretending to hook them up with a job.

Apparently the exposed account promises to offer online jobs but before getting it,  one has to pay a certain amount.

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Due to her image, the singer was quick to distant herself from the account to avoid getting caught in the drama. She wrote saying;

Online con artists

This is not the first time a celebrity is coming out to expose an imposter looking to make easy money.

The likes of Khaligraph Jones among others have been victims of such accounts but thanks to quick thinking; the imposters always get exposed.

Size 8 responds days after being compared to Vera Sidika

DK MO’s wife has definitely been reading what blogs write not forgetting the comments her fans leave under her page. A few days ago, her fans couldn’t help but compare her to Vera Sidika after she appeared looking unreal thanks to her make up.

Having found herself a new make up artist, Size 8 lately steps out looking like a doll. Of course the make up is done well but fans can’t stand the fact that she uses a lot making her appear unreal.

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For this reason most went on to say that she looks like an Asian woman while others compared her to Sidika. However the mum of 1 has responded to the critics in a new post.

Size 8 responds after she was trolled

In a new year photo where she looks more like an Asian woman, Size 8 prides in her make up and goes on to talk about Jesus too. She says,

“Young ladies you can do your make up look good enjoy life positively all in christ Jesus. In Christ there’s Divine inner beauty altogether in joy that the world will never give you……….. don’t shy away from salvation that is giving your life to Christ Jesus because you are afraid utaka vibaya love you all,”

Well, there is no harm in making yourself look good.

Size 8: You see me out there shinning but you don’t know my husband pays the price

Size 8 has opened up about DJ Mo’s role in her personal life. The mother of one says that her husband pays the price for her career advancement.

Size 8 emphasizes that DJ Mo is her rock and pillar of strength. The gospel singer reveals that her husbands sacrifices so much to see her excel in her endeavors.

I pray I will never take you for granted

She jotted down a beautiful message to her husband to appreciate his role in her life. Size 8 thanks DJ for having her back and helping her even with the baby.

“Morning to you all taking this opportunity to just thank my husband @djmokenya for being such a great support to me. Helping me with my personal life my ministry and our baby. What can I say swity am just blessed beyond measure to have you I pray I will never take you for granted. Sometimes you see me out there shinning for Jesus you don’t know my husband pays the price takes the sacrife for me, a true leader he is. He is truely being what the bible says Husbands love your wives give yourself as a sacrife for them as Jesus did for the church. Love you swity …….God thank you for my husband,” wrote Size 8.


“If I knew what I know today…” Size 8 regrets her past lifestyle

Mama Ladasha Belle is now looking back at her former lifestyle and regretting for not knowing what she now knows.

Before getting saved, Size 8 had made a name for herself in the secular industry. Her music was not only popular among the youths but also the young and old.

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Size 8 dates DJ Mo

However after meeting DJ Mo the lady got saved and changed her lifestyle for the better. She now ministers through her music. In a new post share on her Instagram page she posted a message saying;

Lord if i knew what i now know today about who you called me to be; and created me to be i would have handled my life alittle much better……. How I love this little sis of mine @mmunyali ?????.

Anyway her new lifestyle seems to be working just fine for her.

This is why fans are now comparing Size 8 to Vera Sidika

Size 8 and Vera Sidika are two different people but fans seem to have found a similarity between the two. Apart from being famous seems that two ladies share a passion in too much make up.

This was revealed shortly after Size 8 shared new photos looking different thanks to the layers of make up on her face.

Judging from the photos it’s clear to see that the make up had changed the singer’s looks making her look unreal.

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Fans react to Size 8’s photos

After sharing the photos, a few of her fans went on to express their disappointment in the new look urging her to maintain her natural beauty.

Others went on to say that she was no different to Sidika who had to change her looks to feel accepted by the society.

Read the comments left by fans on the post below and be the judge.

DJ Mo states one thing he hates about Size 8 and 5 reasons why he madly loves her

DJ Mo and Size 8 have been having conflict in their marriage but all the same they have learnt to tolerate each other. Mo has revealed the things that make him fall in love with his wife over and over again.

DJ Mo and Size 8 addressed their conflict in their Vlog which they use to give fans a look into their daily lives. The two gospel celebrities talked about why they were mad at each other.

Even after all the deals you still remain humble

Mo all the same celebrated his wife by revealing the things he loves about her. The gospel DJ also stated the one thing that he hates about Size 8.

Below are the five things DJ MO says he loves about Size 8:

1. I love how real you are , jovial and go getter.

2. You don’t pretend when camera is in front of you whatever you give is who you are ,

3. Your love for God is so real ,

4. I love how you care for so many that look up to you ,

5. You are just a risk taker , even after all the deals you still remain humble – –

DJ Mo says the problem with his wife is in the kitchen department. He reveals that lately Size 8 doesn’t put sugar in his tea.

“One problem I have with you – lately chai hauweki sukari ??‍♂️ – anyway I celebrate you today – keep being unique and being a trend setter – love you – @size8reborn,” wrote DJ Mo.


“You can talk you have a mouth papa! papa!” Dj Mo tells Size 8 after an argument

Even after fans told Size 8 to quit talking too much, her husband DJ Mo seems to agree that indeed his wife can talk.

The two have shared a new vblog on their Muraya’s YouTube channel where they talked about a recent argument they had. According to DJ Mo his wife likes to exaggerate things making him get angry as she seems not to understand him.

Well, their recent argument was sparked after DJ Mo forgot to get some few things from the store after his wife sent him. This sparked a minor argument that left revealing that his wife talks about too much whenever they argue. He said;

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“You know you can talk you have a mouth papa! papa! Pwaaaah!”

This however left Size 8 questioning why he got pissed when they both did not raise their voices at each other. She asked;

“Mbona ulikasirika?”

DJ Mo on the other hand added:

“Because I wondered mbona ulikuwa unaongea mingi hivo.”

Moral of their latest vblog

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Anyway turns out that the whole argument had a lesson. DJ Mo and Size 8 used this as an example to show that all couples have their ups and down. But, what matters is how the couple handles the argument.

“The moral of the story is that in relationships you don’t catch feelings sana, we have learnt that. The two of us there are times we wouldn’t talk, hata tukiwa kwa event moja. Mo amekuja na gari yake mi nimekuja na yangu, tunapatana kwa stage. We realized as a couple we need to grow up and not to extend kukosana, people fight over small things kama maji na sukari and we learnt to grow up.”

The hubby added;

“It’s all about tolerating. As a couple, you need to tolerate each other and understand anaeza kosea unaeza kosea. Be real to each other, have fun and tolerate each other. “

Watch the video below:

Size 8 responds after Kenyans called her out for her ‘pathetic performance’ at President Uhuru’s inauguration

It must be hard being an artist. In fact I think it takes guts! This is why the likes of Size 8, Nyashinski among others carry on with their lives even after being called out by fans.

A few weeks ago gospel singer Size 8 was trolled following her performance at President Uhuru’s inauguration. According to her fans they termed Size 8’s performance as pathetic with a lot of unnecessary shouting’s.

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From the comments left under her photos at the event, it was clear to see how rude her fans were. However responding to the critics, Size 8 revealed that she was actually happy. The critics made her trend hence helping build her brand. Speaking to Dr Ofweneke she said;

“I just love the fact I can be somewhere and people talk about me.I love that because every artiste wants that. Meaning that the favour of God is upon me and first of all I want to thank God for giving me such an opportunity where I am news. Cause there are many artistes who would want to be somewhere but they are irrelevant, it’s like nobody notices. So for me I was shocked because I wasn’t the only artiste who was there so why would people talk about me? First of all, I took a minute and told God ‘Thank you God for giving me such favour that people would talk about me.”


“Use that opportunity to build your brand.”

Size 8 explains why her performance was cut short

According to size 8, her second performance was unplanned for. The MC took her by surprise after asking her to charge the crowd since the program had delayed. She said;

“What trended was my second performance. I was told to go back (on stage) since there was time, I was told ‘Go charge the crowd’ as the program had delayed. I went and I charged up the crowd and I was excited and it was amazing. I loved the fact that the audience was charged up and happy in Christ Jesus. I found it weird that it trended people don’t understand that I performed twice. ”

“Be original stop copy pasting Nameless tings”Kenyans ruthlessly tear DJ Mo as he tries being romantic using Nameless’ vibe

Apparently DJ Mo has no game and Kenyans can’t tolerate him copying Nameless’ vibes. The gospel DJ was blasted for using Nameless’ vibe on his wife.

Nameless shared a photo of Wahu as he ‘grumbled’ about how she was wearing his clothes. The singer says his wife has taken all of his caps.

“She was posing for a photo.. what she doesn’t know is i was taking evidence ndio niwaonyeshe… huyu was salad pool anachukuanga nguo zangu na kofia zangu all the time… that is my white top and that hat mnaijua ni yangu ..??OH WHY?? mkimpata kwa njia mwambie hanifanyi poa!!? #serekalisaidiajameni #okigiveUptakethetop #justreturntheHats #juicepoolmkowapi??? #GodlovesMe #OhWhy,| wrote Nameless.

Size 8 wears my clothes

DJ Mo posted a similar post hours after Nameless’ post on Instagram. DJ Mo complains that his wife has taken his sweater. Size 8 was a guest at Dr. Ofweneke’s show on Ebru TV last night.

“Just got home and am watching this program and SIZE 8 Reborn – my sweater umepita nayo sawa tu,maliza ukuje -?,” wrote DJ Mo.

Netizens were quick to blast DJ Mo for lack of creativity. Internet trolls ruthlessly tore into DJ Mo for copying Nameless’ post ‘without crediting’.

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans over DJ Mo’s post:

Joseph Kamugi Sherrif: copying nameless theatrics

Charity Munyoki: Oooh mmeanza kucopy nameless na wahu

Keith Keit: Amekopi nameless vle yee hudai wahu amevaa blablabla. Be original. No hard feelings thougj

Wendy Wendy: Cyprian, Is Nyakundi come and fight for DJ MO [topa de top dj]]

Agnes Jori’s: You share more than a sweater punguza feelings????

Grace Muriithi: Copying Nameless

Vero Sonni Muthoni: Be original stop copy pasting nameless tings

Sherry Kigo: Pulling out Nameless/Wahu challenge ..??? Napita tu

Njoki Mwangi: You have now become Nameless and Wahu… lol

Karinah Sam: Boy child ako shida

Ruth Exodus: This is for Nameless and Wahu please try something else

Cate Mwendwa: Ati Co’s you saw Nameless posting the same thing lol

Marie Jones: I saw it with Nameless the same thing

Rowzie Wambui Rowzie: Naona Wahu amefunza Size 8 kuvaa nguo za hubby???. #KilaMtuAvaeNguoZake???
Pauline Macharia: Nameless n wahu

Janejaniq Shkoh: Hahaa wacha kuibia nameless….

Sally Mwamba: Sa tuseme mnacopy the mathenge’s????

Mercie Phyló Kami: Copycats??

Lynne Arwa: Hii ni challenge ama?#namelesschallenge

Jackson Mwambia: Ati Nameless-Wahu challenge