Tanasha be warned!! Zari starts week long of fasting and prayers for deadbeat fathers

Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz ex-wife, has been sending a lot of hints lately that Diamond doesn’t support her after leaving her with two kids.

It seems she’s now tired of hints and she’s now switching to prayers in hope that things might change.

The Ugandan socialite continues to unleash subliminal attacks aimed at the singer who is now dating NRG radio host Tanasha Donn. Zari took to social media to announce that she’s planning to pray for Diamond and all other debate dads who have neglected their kids.

“Good morning fam, join me this week as I fast renouncing and rebuking generational curses of diabetes, cancer, dead beat fathers, Satanism to mention a few, Amen,” read her post.

Supports kids

This year, Zari has posted similar messages several times. In January she hinted again that Diamond has neglected her kids in a post in which she claimed she works hard to support her family.

“When your the only financial provider for your kids, you need to work not hard but wayyyyyyharder#momprenuer,” she captioned. 

“I see you through your sons” Zari Hassan pens touching message to late ex-husband Ivan on his birthday 

It has been an year since Ivan Ssemwanga, Zari Hassan ex-hubby, died after a heart attack.

Ivan and Zari had been together for almost 5 years and had three kids together.

41 years

On social media on Sunday, Zari took time to mourn Ivan who would have celebrated his 41st birthday on that day.

According to the socialite who has always shared how important the man was in his life, Ivan left a huge void after his death.

‘Today you’d have made 41 but God had other plans, yes we miss you being here physically but at the same time it feels like you never left. I see you through your sons, I feel your presence everywhere I am. Your legacy continues to live on. Continue sleeping in peace till we meet again,” she captioned an old photo. 

Zari’s post left tongues wagging though many were glad she still remembers and respects the father of her children.

Boss Lady! Man who allegedly hacked Zari Hassan arrested(photo) 

The man allegedly behind the recent hacking of Zari Hassan Instagram’s account has been arrested. The man, a Ugandan, is identified as Jemba Farid Gilbert known to many as Omo Dada.

Surprisingly, he wasn’t just a random hacker but had been under Zari’s payroll a while back. Omo Dada is the man who also helped Zari get her account verified.


According to Ugandan media, Omo Dada was arrested and detained for almost two days for allegedly hacking the account, though he denied the allegations telling police that Zari Hassan has always proved the login details to him.

His laptop and other gadgets were confiscated and he was later released on a bond. Zari, who has been busy with her charity projects, has not addressed the issue yet.


Why Zari Hassan needs your help

Socialite Zari Hassan has asked her fans to help her track down con men who are using her name on social media.

Zari, who has now 4 million flowers on Instagram, shared that people are suing her name to con innocent fans and also soliciting money from innocent people using her Charitable Foundation.


On Instagram through her manager Galston Anthony, she asked her fans to unite and report all the fake social media accounts using her name since all her accounts have been verified.

“Please be alert of SCAMMERS! There are people creating fake IG and Facebook Pages under the pretense of “ZariTheBossLady Foundation” or names quite similar. Zari has never asked for money from the public to carry out any charitable work. Please also note that if she hasn’t post it on her verified IG, Facebook or Twitter then it cannot be regarded as official. We kindly as you to please report these pages if they look suspicious. Your assistance is highly appreciated. @zarithebosslady” reads a statement from Zari Hassan manager Galston Anthony.

Zari Hassan lands lucrative deal that will see her mentor young girls 

Zari Hassan has been appointed as the a judge of the upcoming competitions for Miss Uganda 2018.

Taking to Instagram, the Ugandan-born socialite shared that she excited and while help the participants fully.

Within every woman is the power to create, nurture and transform & I am proud to be a patron and judge of the @missugandaofficial 2018.
Beauty with purpose is not only the motto for the Miss Uganda foundation but also a powerful tool for change.

“Uganda I’m looking forward to coming home and mentoring & inspiring the contestants that will participate in the #MissUG18 on the 10th of August 2018 at the @kampalasheraton.” she said on Instagram.

The socialite has also been doing numerous charity events in her home country lately. Miss Uganda 2018 kicks off on August 10.



Ringtone: I slept I had a dream and in the dream I saw Zari

Ringtone, almost two weeks after Zari Hassan mercilessly rejected him, it seems he has not moved on at all.

The singer appeared on 10 over 10 show on Citizen TV to speak about his thirst for Diamond Platnumz’ ex-girlfriend after Zari rejected him while in Kenya.

She’s the right woman for me

According to the singer, ever since Diamond ditched her, Ringtone has been having sleepless nights trying to think how he’ll land the sassy socialite. He believes she’s the right woman for him and is willing to do anything to win her.

“I love sleep and sleep is good but that night I was sleepless and when I slept I had a dream and in the dream I saw Zari and I was just passing I didn’t say anything to her and a voice told me I had to say hi to her,” said the singer on TV.


“Then I woke up and I felt a voice telling me Zari is the right woman for me. From there I had a fight with myself whether to say it or not to say it then I gathered courage and decided to post and tell her that dear, Zari Jesus loves you.” Said the Pamela hit maker in an interview with Citizen TV’s 10 over 10 show.


Shocking amount Zari was paid while in Kenya

The Colour Purple concert at the Uhuru Gardens last Saturday saw popular socialite Zari Hassan land in Kenya to grace the event.  Zari also did a few visits to different hospitals in Nairobi including one in Kayole where she toured with gospel singer Size 8.

Lump sum amount

Word has now emerged that Zari was paid a cool Ush37.3 million, which translates to a million Kenya shillings. The Star newspaper states that after all her expenses were catered for, she walked away with the amount.

“Zari was paid Sh1 million. Let me tell you something else, the accommodation and transport costs were over Sh500,000, so that is KSh1.5 million,” said a source close with the operation. 

Zari becomes the latest foreigner coming to Kenyan and reaping big checks, a thing that Kenyan artists have always been against.

After Zari Hassan bought herself Range Rover, Diamond Platnumz buys a brand new 10 million beast 

It seems singer Diamond Platnumz has been watching closely as his ex-wife Zari Hassan acquired the brand new Range Rover 2017 that costed more than KSH 10 million. Zari bought the car a few weeks ago as a present for herself.

“Good morning to all. From last year I knew I wanted to buy this car. Been working so hard waking up at 4am at times, even taking gigs I shouldn’t have but I knew every cent will count. I don’t have a sponsor nor am I dating. I earned it, I paid it!!!!said Zari Hassan.

Zari with her new Range Rover

Keeping up?

Diamond Platnumz has also decided to treat himself with something special. According to Tttrautoupgrades, the company tasked with making the 2018 model of Land cruiser V8 200 series, Diamond has ordered a brand new V8 which costed almost KSH 12 million.

“Special design for my brother @diamondplatnumz the land cruiser 200 series 2018 with Wald edition body kit…colour keyed all black with chrome accent sitting on 22inch wheels done #diamondplatnumz #tttrmadeahistory2018 #tttrteawork,” said Tttrautoupgrades.

Here’s the car 

“Ivan was very abusive towards me!” Zari Hassan makes a confession that will leave you in tears

It is not easy being the woman in a relationship. From generation to generation women will always complain about physical abuse from their men and Zari Hassan is no different.

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In her recent interview the boss lady not only revealed that she was capable of leaving Diamond Platnumz. But, also the main reason she finally left Ivan Don who she was married to for years.

Zari Hassan confessed that she was living in an abusive relationship. But for the sake of her children she could not leave. Being the strong woman that she is, Zari tried seeking marital counseling but it got to a point where she said enough was enough. She told Celeb select;

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Zarinah’s confession

“Ivan was not really a bad guy he was just obsessed. He was really obsessed with me that the obsession grew into something else. It got to a point it was physical, really nasty physical. I tried working on our relationship. I booked counselling sessions for us but he would pay the counsellor to say that he came but he didn’t. We tried the elders and our family to intervene but nothing.”

She went on to add;

“I kept the relationship together as we had kids and an empire together, people were quick to say ooh Zari is jumpy but I was thinking of what was at stake. It wasn’t me, I stayed in a very abusive relationship until I said I cannot. It got to a point that when I said I want to leave he would face me down the balcony and told me if I want to leave it was through the balcony. It was difficult as you don’t just wake up and pack your bags and go.”

From what we now understand is that despite being powerful and successful Zari Hassan often gives her partners second chances for the sake of her kids.