Four (4) Dishes Enjoyed Most By The Akan Tribe In Ghana

December 04, 2017 at 13:11
Four (4) Dishes Enjoyed Most By The Akan Tribe In Ghana

howGhana is a country made up of different ethnic group of people. Some of the ethnic groups are Akans, Ewes, Guans etc. Every group has its chief food coupled with some other few dishes they enjoy best.

The Akan tribe is considered the biggest tribe in Ghana.

It comprises a cluster of peoples living in southern and central Ghana and in southeastern Ivory Coast. They form a series of distinct kingdoms and share a common language, known as Twi, which has many dialects. Twi is a tonal language and, since missionary work during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, has been written in Roman script.


The total Akan population numbers some five or six million. The main constituent kingdoms include Akyem, Akwamu, Akuapem, and Kwahu; the Anyi cluster of some fifteen kingdoms; Asante (with Ahanta and Wasa); the Attie cluster of four kingdoms; the Baule cluster of some seven kingdoms; Brong; and the several Fante states.

As it is, there are some delicacies that the people of this tribe enjoy best.

Below are Four of them:

1. Fufu with ‘abunubu nkwan’

Fufu is considered one of the staple foods of the Akans. It is prepared by pounding boiled cassava and plantain into an even paste. This is eaten with either garden eggs(Light) soup, Palm nut soup, Groundnut soup or abunubunu soup, which is mostly preferred by them. Believe it when i say there are people who cannot go a day without consuming fufu. Let us know if you can relate.

2. 3tor

3tor is a traditional dish of the Akans. It is prepared from slightly riped plantain.

The plantain is mashed and mixed with red/palm oil. Mostly enjoyed with egg and groundnut and avocado.

3. Ampesie with palava sauce

This dish comes in two forms. Some prefer to use plantain(Brcde3 ampesie) whiles others too like yam(Bayer3ampesie).

The plantain or yam is boiled and eaten with garden egg stew. They however have a special way of preparing this stew.

A typical Akan will slighly grind the garden egg in an earthenware pot and fry red oil with onion and add. A little salt to taste and that’s all. Others too prefer their ampesie with Kontomire(Cocoyam leaves) stew.

4. Abetie/Konkonte

A delicacy that has gotten so many re-branded names. You might have heard of an Akan man saying heBanku just finished eaten ‘Chris Brown. Or it could be ‘Face the wall’ etc. No need to be confused the next time you hear that. The person is simply referring to the dish called Abetie/Konkonte. It is prepared from the powdered cassava and mostly enjoyed with groundnut soup or palmnut soup. I’ve heard a few others say they love it with Okro soup though.

5. Aprapransa

Aprapransa is often made from leftover palmnut soup and is normally eaten on special occasions. It contains crabs, beans and fish and is satisfyingly dense and delicious.




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