5 Types Of Foods To Avoid For B Blood Type

October 27, 2017 at 13:10
5 Types Of Foods To Avoid For B Blood Type

Not all blood types are the same. There are four types of blood, A, B, AB and O, and the presence or absence of certain antigens is what determines your blood type according to the American Red Cross. These Antigens- A and B- -are substances that can trigger an immune response if they are foreign to your body. Based on these difference, there are basically some foods to avoid for each blood type group.

For Type B’s, the biggest factors in weight gain are corn, wheat, buckwheat, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts and sesame. Each of these foods affect the efficacy of your metabolic process, resulting in fatigue, fluid retention, and hypoglycemia – severe drop in blood sugar after eating a meal.

Today, we’ll begin with foods for blood type B. The others will be treated in our subsequent posts. If you have type B positive blood, there are certain foods that you need to avoid to achieve and maintain good health.


The following are foods for blood type B people;


Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether you have B positive or B negative blood, the foods that you shouldn’t eat, including meat, are the same. While you’re encouraged to eat lamb, goat,venison, rabbit and fish, you’re discouraged from eating chicken and pork. You should also skip other types of poultry such as duck, according to the Everydiet website, though you can eat small portions of turkey. Shellfish such as lobster, crab or shrimp are also not recommended for you, instead, fish such as salmon, sardines, cod, halibut, mackerel, sea trout, sole and flounder are highly recommended in your diet. You should also limit how much beef you eat if you have type B blood.

Fruits and Vegetables

Though fruits and vegetables are an essential part of your diet because they supply key vitamins and minerals, there are a few varieties that you shouldn’t eat if you have B positive blood. While you can eat most fruits on the Blood Type Diet, two varieties to avoid are coconuts and pomegranates. If you have type B blood, you can fill up on leafy greens like broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, collard greens, beet leaves and mustard greens as they aid up with weight loss by speeding metabolism, but you should skip corn, tomatoes, avocados and pumpkin. Beets, yams, sweet potatoes, carrots, red and white cabbage, eggplant and all types of peppers are also considered good choices for type-B people.

Grains and Legumes

Rice bran, spelt and millet, oatmeal are among the grains and any other product made with oat or rice flour that are permitted if you have type B blood , but there are other options that you should eliminate from your diet. These include lentils and wheat, including wheat-based foods such as bread and pasta. You should also avoid certain varieties of beans, including garbanzo beans and black beans if you have type B positive blood.

Eggs and Low Fat Diaries

When it comes to diary products, an individual with type- B blood is said to benefit most from yogurt, low- or non fat milk, goat milk or cheese such as mozzarella, ricotta, cottage, feta or farmer cheese. These along with eggs, supposedly contribute to efficient metabolism for type-B people.

You can eat most dairy foods if you have B positive blood, but you should avoid blue cheese and American cheese, according to Everydiet. You should also skip certain condiments and spices such as ketchup and pepper. Distilled liquor, such as brandy, whiskey, rum, gin and vodka, are also off-limits if you have B positive blood.

Fill Your Cup With Tea and Juice

For people who have type-B  blood, licorice tea is allegedly a good way to avoid hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. Other beneficial beverages include green tea; herbal teas containing peppermint, ginger, ginseng, sage, rose hips or raspberry leaf; and juices prepared from pineapple, grapes, papaya, cranberries or cabbage.

Knowing your blood type is very essential. So you might want to pass by the hospital to check which group you belong to if you don’t know yours whiles those who already know theirs can follow these tips for a more healthy living. Remember, your health is your life. The rest of the blood types would be treated in our subsequent posts.


  1. In Ghana all foods are okay with us

  2. Those are white people’s problems,Africans eat every thing

    • I responded ti someone else with this same message but I’ll drop it here too. I have B positive blood, I am black and I have been experiencing water retention throughout my body. My diet ultimately consisted of everything they said I should not be eating (even though it was healthy). I just found this information online and I will be speaking to my doctor next week about getting off the medication for water retention and changing up my diet completely. After all…. I’mean only 22.

    • Some of the responses are sad because of diseases that are caused by eating the wrong things. As well as the people won’t have illnesses that can’t get well because they have not looked at their diet or blood type. To each it own but my color people please look into this. Don’t just dismiss this it could save you or some one you love life

    • OLUWA Color of skin has no effect on diets……. we are all the same ….. skin pigment is just a color ….. its everyone’s problem

  3. Ok,thanks for this bt there is no way i cant avoid some of the foods

  4. How come i didn’t know this?

  5. What will happen if i eat

    • Well I am B positive and I have been experiencing water retention throughout my body. My diet ultimately consisted of everything they said I should not be eating. I just found this information online and I will be speaking to my doctor next week about getting off the medication for water retention and changing up my diet completely. After all…. I’mean only 22.

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  7. I think it’s a good thing to eat based on your blood group but my worry is that how can a Ghanaian avoid tomatoes and corn? when it forms major part of our daily dishes.
    But this is a good piece

  8. Isaac Essuman : May 14, 2018 at 10:57 pm

    Wish it could be put on PDF for us

  9. Isaac Essuman : May 14, 2018 at 10:57 pm

    It is highly educational

  10. Thank you very much for this one but how can tomatoes and corn be avoided in our diet

  11. Thanks now I know what to eat and what not.Pumpkin ,chicken,beans and wheat is not a surprise to me it has been a problem for me when I eat these food.

  12. It’s nice but corn and tomatoes are made up of my meal Everyday. So what should I do please?

  13. Gyamfuaah Afua : August 26, 2018 at 11:11 pm

    Hello Doc pls am Ghanaian all what you said how avoid corn food and tomatoes

  14. Okay but what are we going to do now because without tomatoes the food will not be nice but I break that story in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

  15. I really don’t know the authenticity and research behind this blood diet type.


  16. This i absolutely an enlightenment. Good health moves with long life. It good to read

  17. Tanx l pray that many will learn and practice.

  18. Good to know who you really are

  19. Wow I now understand the main reason why I’m growing fat .but can something be done about the tomatoe and corn … or is there a replacement for it ?

    • Really,I have been eating everything since I was born. Only knew my blood group B+ yesterday. I usually gain weight and loss it.Not having a stable weight.
      Natural Am a slim guy. I think care should be taken when it comes to the diet and not necessarily stop eating some of these foods.

  20. Good advice but thank God it’s not scientifically proven… and if it’s not proven why is it here in the first place??

  21. Hello Please I learnt Tomatoes and Waakye containing Black eyed peas beans is bad for blood type B person living in Ghana. Because most of our foods stews and soups contain Tomatoes. And also I like Waakye a lot but learnt the beans used called Black eyed peas in preparing the Waakye is bad for blood type B person. Please what should I do. Help

  22. Ernestina Gborgbor : December 16, 2018 at 12:23 pm

    I am a Registered Dietitian and I can assure you that the blood type diet is a food fad and not based on any sound scientific evidence. It is in your own interest not to overly restrict your self. Know your body and it what your body tolerates. No food is off limits for people of any particular blood group

  23. Agreed. I have always thought about it. I’ll get a fever the moment I take corn. Pimples when I eat coconut and other foods that contains high fat. I’m just more surprised after finding out more. Thanks a lot. I’ll try and work on this new discovery.

  24. Get serious fellows,please follow this medical advice.i believe In JESUS’ NAME we can mek it

  25. Really a great piece, thanks. It’s though but I believe it will help me a lot.

  26. What can be used to replace tomatoes because what ever food we eat we add tomatoes to it

  27. Doctor all what you are saying is true, because i took my time and follow all the instructions and am always feeling strong, so i erge everyone to know his or her blood type and know the kind of food to eat and what to avoid so that we reduced the amount we pay at hospitals

  28. Alexandria_Alchemy : March 3, 2019 at 3:28 pm

    Lucky for me, i naturally dont like the things that im not supposed to eat and like the things that im supposed to eat. No wonder im slim all the time even tho i eat all throughout the day most of the time. And yes i dont like tomatoes, but i dont avoid it like a plague either. Since its ingrained into most of our diet, its unavoidable.

  29. thanks for the info

  30. In Ghana here, 90% of food is prepared with tomatoes and how can i avoid.

  31. Goat meat,i like it already

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