Ofori Amponsah Needs Love Not Condemnation – Papa Shee

November 16, 2018 at 08:25
Ofori Amponsah Needs Love Not Condemnation – Papa Shee

Highlife-artist-turned-evangelist, Papa Shee, has admonished Christians to show musician

Ofori Amponsah love instead of condemning him over his recent decisions in life.

Papa Shee is however  blaming Christians for the predicament of Ofori Amponsah.


According to Evangelist, Ofori Ampnsah would have been saved if Christians had

prayed for him when he backslide.

Ofori Amponsah, in July 2012, quit secular music to pursue a full-time ministry of

God after he announced that he had received a calling from God.

He further banned all radio stations from playing his songs, explaining that it will pull

more souls for the devil but years later, he made a U-turn by releasing a song titled ‘Alewa’.

When quizzed by the media, Ofori Amponsah said returning to his first love [music] will not affect his work as a pastor.

However, he received lots of backlashes by many for joking with the work of God. Some of the critics concluded that he became a self-styled pastor just to make money.

Commenting on the issue on Adom FM’s mid-morning show, Work and Happiness, however, Papa Shee said Ofori Amponsah was not to blame for his action.


“The devil has work for idle hands so when Christians rejected Ofori Amponsah, the devil came for him,” he opined.

Citing himself as an example, the ‘Koyon So’ hitmaker said he nearly gave up on God when

he started but had support from his church and family.

“You cannot serve two masters; it is impossible. If our brother has turned to the world, we must pray for him and not condemn him. It’s not easy to be a Christian; even Jesus Christ was tempted“.

This notwithstanding, Papa Shee said Ofori Amponsah must return to Christ if truly he has

the calling of God.

“As a Christian, you will go to the wilderness but you should be able to stand. Jesus was able to defeat the devil,” he added

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