Really?? 50 Reasons Not To Get Married

December 15, 2017 at 18:33
Really?? 50 Reasons Not To Get Married

Guys everywhere I need your opinion.

I am always on the internet. Anytime I open the internet, I find something interesting. This particular story gave me pause. A relationship blogger, Kwadwo Panyin has stated his reasons for not getting married.

I actually need the opinions of the guys in the comments. Are you that apprehensive about marriage that you would look for reasons not to get committed??


Moreover, so is this like a never never situation or it would be amended.

Sound off in the comments below.

Below is the list

  1. You can eat all the jollof rice you want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  2. You are allowed to carry more than 3 boxes of party food home, no questions asked
  3. Speaking of party food, you will receive pity from the older women and they will pack more food for you. All you have to do is look sad and stare at the jollof rice and kebabs
  4. You don’t have to scare anyone with your morning face and you don’t have to worry about being scared
  5. If anyone criticizes your driving, you can tell them to get out of the car
  6. You don’t have to panic when your phone rings after 9 pm
  7. You can comment in peace on the social media posts of your hot female friends
  8. Moreover, you never have to own or drive a minivan. Yayyyyy!
  9. Your bathroom drain will never get choked with Brazilian hair
  10. You can watch *ahem* rated movies uninterrupted
  11. Also, you can flirt with anyone without feeling guilty
  12. No in-laws. No need to elaborate on that one
  13. Depending on who you marry, you may start paying school fees before you have your own kids
  14. You never have to delete your internet history. Sweet!
  15. You don’t have to lie to anyone. What a relief!
  16. Importantly, you never have to worry about someone throwing a frying pan at your head when you open your door
  17. You can take comfort in watching hot women wobble at weddings for as long as you like
  18. You get to do house chores naked
  19. You can watch football all day. No one fights with you over the remote. Pure bliss!
  20. You don’t have to panic about forgetting birthdays and anniversaries
  21. You won’t have only married friends. That sh*t must be annoying
  22. You can lie in bed in the morning for as long as you like without anyone bugging you
  23. You can eat cereal in the morning without brushing your teeth
  24. You don’t have to make up your bed every morning or change the sheets. What’s the point?
  25. You don’t have to worry about anyone complaining about keeping your clean laundry in the basket for weeks. I hate folding clothes!
  26. You don’t have to worry about any surprises when you open up the toilet seat
  27. You can buy any grown-up toys you want without checking with anyone
  28. Your cash is all yours and you don’t have to share
  29. You can stay in the shower for as long as you want
  30. You can sing in the shower as loud as you want
  31. You don’t have to buy the same boring valentine’s gifts year after year
  32. You can spread all over your bed
  33. No one will eat the Golden Tree chocolate you’ve saved in the refrigerator
  34. No one complains about the dirty floors at your place. You clean when you want
  35. You can stay at work for as long as you want. No annoying calls from honey about when you’re getting home for dinner
  36. You can stay out with your friends as long as you want
  37. No one will use your toothbrush by accident or drop it in the toilet
  38. You can eat late at night without feeling guilty
  39. You can scream at the TV while watching football without scaring anyone
  40. You can listen to your own music tunes and no one messes with the radio stations in your car
  41. You know exactly how much money you have in your bank account
  42. You don’t have to share wardrobe space
  43. You don’t have to sit through those dreadful chick flicks and shows. No, thank you!
  44. A fight won’t end up with you sleeping on the couch
  45. Having married men admit that they’re jealous of your single life feels nice!
  46. The silence and the peace of mind feels like heaven
  47. You don’t have to delete your texts and call logs
  48. You never have to buy air freshers. You can stink up the place all you want
  49. Lust won’t last forever. You don’t have to imagine sleeping with the same person for eternity
  50. You never have to ask, “honey, are you okay?” No unexplainable mood swings to deal with

Source: musingsofanafricanbachelor.com

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