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4 Amazing Ghanaian Performers

Being a musician is not just about releasing hit songs. It is being able to get on stage and perform to the delight of your fans. In Ghana, there are many musicians whose performances leave a lot to be desired.

Around the world, musicians are measured by how well they are able to perform when they climb the stage. It becomes an honour to be able to entertain your audience anytime you come on stage.

Artistes are always used for events. In this list, we are looking at 4 of the amazing Ghanaian performers.


Sarkodie has always had something about his performances. However, in recent times his performances have been transcendent. He proves to people why he calls himself the best. Starting his own annual show has made it possible for him to hone his performing.


Wiyaala has been described as “The young lioness of Africa”. She is very talented and makes her northern culture evident in everything she does. Her performance can only be described as energetic. She is able to thrill her fans with her appearance, personality, and great choreography.


Even though his career is not as prominent, nobody can take away Samini’s stage presence. He is one of the best stage performers of all time in Ghana. He is able to perform by ear and freestyle to anything that is played. His dexterity with live band is a pleasure to behold. He knows how to thrill his audience.


Anytime Efya steps on stage to perform, you cannot help but be transfixed. Her brand of performing can only be described as electrifying. She is able to improvise on stage and make you feel like she is singing just to you.