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Mzbel’s New Artiste Heartman Spotted In ‘Trotro’

Heartman, who is currently signed to Ghanaian songstress, Mzbel’s BelJam Records has been spotted in a

commercial public bus locally known as ‘Trotro’.

In a video making waves on social media, the ‘For You’ singer is seen comfortably relaxing in the bus.

The video has however caught the attention of Mzbel who says the said guy in the bus is not Heartman per

the speculations.


She further issued a disclaimer stating it wasn’t her artiste in the video.

One will say how can a controversial person like Mzbel’s artist be seen in a ‘trotro’ considering the fact that he recently released an expensive video for his official first single tagged ‘For You’.

The video has since been receiving massive airplay on various radio and television stations across the nation.


Mzbel Twerks To Miyaki’s ‘Overtime’ Song On Her Birthday(VIDEO)

Ghanaian songstress MzBel added a milestone on boxing day, December 26.

As usual, the ’16 years’ singer turned 39-years-old.

To commemorate the day, MzBel organized a birthday party at her residence located in Mallam Gbawe, Accra.

The songstress obviously having fan was spotted ‘Shaking what her mama gave her ‘ to Miyaki’s Overtime song.

The budding artiste who also surprised Mzbel with his presence also performed some of his hit songs for her.

Meanwhile, Mzbel’s supposed best-friend, Afia Schwarzenegger was missing at the party.

Aside that, Afia’s social media handles were empty in regards to any good wish towards her ‘friend’ in her birthday.

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This has caused some of their fans asking whether their friendship has hit the rocks once again.

A fan, who obviously wants the best for the two celebs decided to plead with the controversial

TV personality to let go of whatever might have transpired between them so they can be friends again.

Unfortunately however, Afia wouldn’t hear any such thing and heart-breakingly said a big ‘NO’ to the said fan.

Notwithstanding, Mzbel must have definitely had the fun of her life as she danced her heart out.

Watch her twerk to Miyaki’s Overtime below;


I Miss Ebony Reigns – Mzbel

Hiplife artiste, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, popularly known as Mzbel, has eulogized the late songstress, Ebony Reigns.

According to the ‘Tongues’ singer, Ebony reminded her of her heydays as an artiste.

She added that the ‘Maame Hw3’ singer knew what showbiz meant when it came to stage performances and handling critics.

MzBel further added that she has missed the late dancehall diva so much.

She made this known during an interview with host Ohemaa Woyeje on Adom FM’s Work and Happiness show on Tuesday.

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She also revealed that, in her leisure times she watches videos of Ebony Reigns and American singer, Rihanna.

“She reminds me of myself when I was up and coming. It’s nice to be doing something you have the passion for.

I like her and I miss her a lot. When I’m home, I watch videos of Ebony and Rihanna because they have similar lifestyles,” she said.

Ebony, born Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng died in a gory accident on the Sunyani-Kumasi

highway after visiting her mother on February 8.

Her childhood friend and assistant, Franky Kuri, and their bodyguard also did not survive the crash. She was laid to rest on March 24 at the Osu Cemetary.

Step Down For Mahama To Takeover – Mzbel Tells Nana Addo

Hiplife artiste, Belinda Nana Akua Amoah popularly known as Mzbel has called on President Akufo Addo to step down and allow former president John Dramani Mahama to take over.

The controversial artiste further expressed her disappointment in the president.

According to her, the current government has failed to fulfill its enormous campaign promises made to Ghanaians in the run-up to the 2016 elections.

Mzbel, who is a staunch supporter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), made this known in a video shared on Facebook.

In the video, the ‘Tongues’ singer is heard once again mocking President Akufo-Addo uncommonly known as William.

She indicated that she was on her way to Kumasi in the Ashanti Region and sighted her location as one of the areas in the region with devastating road networks that needs to be fixed.


The ‘Legelege’ singer further described Nana Addo as a misled leader.

“Uncle Willie (Nana Akufo-Addo) I’m on the Kumasi road but the road is not smooth. Uncle Willie is being misled,’’ she said.

She went on and called on Nana Addo to resign for former president John Dramani Mahama to come to the rescue of frustrated Ghanaians.

“Misleading president!!!! But bro Willie if you will accept, kindly step down so those misleading you be put to shame and accept that he has been misled so that Mahama can take over,” she said.

“How could the misleaders misled a grown man like that, the misleaders don’t respect at all,’’ Mzbel added.

Her comments come days after reports that the former Energy Minister, Mr. Boakye Agyarko reportedly ‘misled’

President Akufo-Addo into granting executive approval to the novation agreement before it was laid before Parliament.

The sector minister was subsequently dismissed by the President.

The Director of Communications at the Presidency, Eugene Arhin confirmed that his dismissal had “to do with the

issue of the controversial AMERI deal.”

But MzBel who seem not to be happy about the development wondered why some ministers and officials at the

presidency would mislead the President into consenting to deals that will take a tow on the public purse.

MzBel also cautioned the president Nana Akufo-Addo over the poor state of roads in various parts of the country

which has led to various accidents resulting in deaths of commuters in the process.

Mzbel Closes Her Instagram Account Again

Sensational singer, Mzbel has deleted her official Instagram account for the second time.

It was noticed on August 7, 2018 that the ‘Saucy Girl’ singer had been missing on the photo-sharing platform for days.

Mzbel, born Nana Akua Belinda had about 350, 000 followers before taking her Instagram page down.

Her action does not come as surprise to the public as this is not the first from the musician.

Mzbel, who is an ardent user of social media networks was forced to close down her first Instagram account after the 2016 elections.

This follows her decision to make public her support for the NDC and its flagbearer, John Dramani Mahama.

Mzbel was heard vehemently campaigning against the NPP. She further stated the presidential candidate of the NPP, now president, Nana Akufo-Addo, was “not presidential material.”

Enraged supporters of the NPP therefore after their victory, went after the singer on all social media platforms.

They later extended the attacks to her home.

The mother of three had to avoid the public while trying to put her life back together after the loss of party.

She therefore bailed out on Instagram and resurfaced weeks later.

However, the circumstances surrounding the latest erasure of her revived Instagram account has not been made known to her fans.


I’ve Spent About GHC60,000 On Radio Promo In One Month – MzBel

Songstress Nana Akua Amoah Belinda, popularly know as MzBel is currently embarking on trips to promote her latest single, ‘Tongues.’

She has already been to several radio stations in Accra, Kumasi, and Takoradi.

The musician who is not leaving any stone unturned for the promo of her new song says she goes with a team of about ten people.

Speaking to Zionfelix on Brunch2Lunch entertainment show on Tuesday afternoon, however, MzBel revealed that she has spent a lot on the radio promo tour she has embarked for the past weeks.

According to her, she spends about Gh20,000 whenever she travels to any region to promote the single. If we are to calculate according to this figure and add the three regions she’s been to so far, then Mzbel is talking about a whopping sum of Gh60,000.


Mzbel again told Zionfelix, sit-in host for the program that she has had a good impact after traveling to these cities to promote the single. Hence, she cannot complain about the amount she has splashed on the project. The ‘Saucy Girl’ singer further added that she strongly believes she will gain her money back and earn more interest when she is booked for shows as a result of the newly released single.

Breaking down the cost, Mzbel stated that she accommodates, feeds and also takes charge of other important duties when she travels with her team of ten for the promotion.

“I swear to God that I’ve financially not had a dime out of the promotion I’ve done so far. But I believe with every work, you need to invest and when you are investing, you do not have to think of gaining income right away because it will take time. Honestly, I’ve spent a lot of money on the radio tour I’ve embarked in the past weeks. I travel with a team of ten. We lodge at a hotel and as usual, we cannot just sleep at just any hotel. Transportation, we will eat and drink and on top of it all, you would have to settle Djs and presenters at almost all radio stations you would visit. If I visit just one region, I spend about Gh20,000 there” Mzbel told Zionfelix on Radio Univers in Accra.

Even though she has spent this much on the promo so far, Mzbel is not stopping.

But the outspoken singer added that she has so far halted the radio promotion. This, according to her is due to the World Cup tournament currently ongoing in Russia. She also stated that she will be in Cape Coast, Eastern Region, and other regions to continue the promotion when the Russia 2018 football tournamenr ends on July 15.

Concluding, Mzbel noted that the official music video for the song, Tongues will be out in weeks town.

Music Is No Longer Paying Like It Used To – Mzbel

Songstress, Mzbel has stated that music is no longer paying as it used to. Something she has attributed to the difficulty in promoting songs in modern times.

She also revealed that she no longer releases albums because it has become difficult to sell them due to technology.

The ‘Legelege’ singer stated that formerly, a musician could make money even before the release of his/her music.

But in modern times, musicians have to struggle even after the release of their music.

She also decried the negative effects of piracy of songs, a situation she lamented has affected the sale of albums.

Mzbel noted that people are able to easily access songs online hence, they tend not to purchase CDs.

“Ghanaians are not buying CDs. People are downloading our songs and so we are unable to make money. Speaking for myself, I now release singles because the sale of an album is difficult due to technology,” she said.

Asked how she’s faring after more than a decade in the music industry, she revealed that she’s not doing so bad. However, she isn’t taken music as seriously as she did in the past.

“not so bad. It’s okay. I do music once in a while. After fourteen years, I cannot take music as a world cup because you’ve seen it all, you’ve done it all. So I will release a song once a while,” she stated.

When asked why she has relaxed in promoting her songs she said,

whether you promote your songs or not, you will not make money like in the past. In the past, you will make money even if you don’t promote it because people will buy the rights even before the songs are released. I am currently moving from one station to the other promoting my new song. It was not like that in the past.’’

Mzbel, born, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, was speaking in an interview with Prince Kwesi Dadzie aka Mr. Handsome on GH Entertainment on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM.


Speaking In Tongues Is Nonsense And Silly – Mzbel

Ghanaian hiplife artiste, Mzbel is one who has never hidden her disbelieve in Christianity.

She has in the recent past expressed disbelief in the Christian Messiah, Jesus Christ, and has described Christianity as idol worshiping.

But she seems to have taken it a step further. This time round, she attacks from ‘tongue’ speaking side.

According to Mzbel, speaking in tongues is sheer nonsense.

Mzbel, born Belinda Nana Akua Amoah has released a new song titled ‘Tongues’

In the song which is produced by  Hydraulix Fonye, MzBel begins with a few lines in a strange language – considered tongues.

While responding to why she was poking fun at Christians and tongue-speaking, she said:

“Tongues itself is played. It is very silly… when you go to church and speak in tongues, it is senseless”. She said in a chat with Mr EL on ‘Adwumapa Mmere’ on Connect FM in Takoradi,

The controversial singer, who hosts ‘Odor Nsor’ on Onua FM, explained that the Bible states nowhere that people should say things they cannot understand while praying.

The ‘Take it slow’ singer further stated that people would refer to the day of Pentecost. But she explained that what happened on that day was so to enable the disciples to preach the gospel to other nations as they had been charged to do.

MzBel added that on the day of Pentecost when the disciples received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and spoke in new tongues, there were persons in the crowds who could identify and understand the languages being spoken.

“People would say that on the day of Pentecost, the disciples spoke in new languages, but when you read further…they only spoke languages either than their mother tongues.

She mocked how some Christians forced themselves to speak in ‘tongues’.

For her, praying in a language that no one can identify and understand must be a silly joke.

She admonished people to pray from their hearts and in understandable languages and shun the “nonsense” of tongues speaking.

Listen to ‘Tongues’ by MzBel below;

MzBel Expresses Her Regrets At Supporting John Mahama And His NDC

Hiplife artiste, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, popularly known as Mzbel, has expressed her regrets at supporting and ‘sacrificing’ her career for former President John Mahama and his NDC team.

According to the songstress, she ignored every ‘insults’ and put her career on the line for the NDC party during the 2016 election. However, not even a single member of the party has come to pay her a visit since she got involved in a an accident few days ago.

About two weeks ago, reported that the singer had been involved in a quad cycle accident at the Labadi beach.

As a result, she has been temporarily bedridden. This was two days before mothers’ day which she celebrated in bed with her children at home.

Mzbel, who feels rejected by the NDC and John Mahama took to her Facebook page to express her regrets.

She lamented over how the very political party (NDC) she supported had ignored her.

She added that, the NPP party for which she was rather against has shown her love as compared to the NDC. According to Mzbel, she was paid a visit by Hon. Tina Naa Ayeley Mensah, Deputy Health Minister and MP for Weija-Gbawe Constituency. This she bemoaned was the very woman she had vigorously campaigned against. 

She wrote:

“For the love of my political party NDC, I offended a lot of people, jeopardised my career and was verbally abused, but that didn’t deter me to keep fighting for what I believed in.

It’s sad that I’m temporarily stuck in bed now due to a minor accident and not even a phone call or text message from any of the people I genuinely supported, to wish me well… And the amazing fact is that Honourable Tina Mensah, mother for my constituency, the woman I strongly campaigned against rather visited me yesterday when she heard about the accident.

I am learning my lessons and I’d also want to appreciate madam MP for the love and care, even though we were on different sides, God bless you… You are just too real ??*Teary Eyes*

If i had died, the story would have been different with big speeches and donations… Oh my people!”

If i had died, the story would have been different with big speeches and donations… Oh my people!”

MzBel in photos with Hon. Tina Naa Ayeley Mensah below;

Singer MzBel Involved In A Quad Cycle Crash

Information reaching states that songstress Mzbel has been involved in an accident.

The accident is reported to have occurred at the shores of one of the beaches in Accra. The crash, however,  didn’t involve a normal car but a Quad Cycle she was riding.

According to sources a friend of the singer had just returned from USA. As a result, they both decided to go to the beach to have fun and also ride on a Quad Cycle when the incident happened.

The two were having fun on the Quad Cycle when her friend’s car allegedly bumped into hers.

This however, caused Mzbel’s to overturn with the ‘Take It Slow’ singer underneath.

We are informed the musician was rushed to a hospital nearby where she is currently receiving treatment.

Meanwhile Mzbel had also recently arrived home from her holidays in Germany.


Video: 17-Year Old Boy All ‘Hooked’ With Granny Mzbel

Love, they say knows no bounds. But what will you do when your 17-year old son is dating a woman old enough to be his mother?

Well, information reaching us has it that songstress, Mzbel is now all hooked with a 17-year old boy.

It seems the ‘Yopoo’ singer is having something ‘yopoo’ with the said boy.

Photos and video of the two have since gone viral on all social media platforms.

The two’ love birds’ were in a room, perhaps a hotel room having the fun of their lives as they happily made videos of their fun time.

Upon further investigations we gathered the boy is our very own Miyaki.

Wait a minute, doesn’t Mzbel has a son who’s currently in Senior High, probably same age with this Miyaki?

Miyaki is a rising musician signed onto VVIP’s Vision Music. Oh yes, remember the ‘Koliko’ song? He featured VVIP on that.

Could this be love or something else is ‘boiling’?

Watch video below:

Mzbel And Friends ‘Mock’ Dr. Bawumia, Call Him ‘Oldman’

Songstress MzBel, in a Facebook live stream has mocked the Vice-President of Ghana, Dr Mahamadu Bawumia and the NPP government.

In the video which has since gone viral, MzBel and some unidentified men were heard saying the many promises of the NPP government has affected them.

According to Mzbel, the load of work at the presidency, coupled with the pressure on the NPP government to fulfill their numerous campaign promises seem to be seriously affecting the Veep’s looks.

They mocked Dr. Bawumia over what they described as his inability to withstand the political heat and prove to Ghanaians that he is competent.

They were heard saying Dr Bawumia, who was a “fresh boy” in opposition has all of sudden become an “old man”.

This according to them is as a result of his inability to withstand the political heat and prove to Ghanaians that he is competent.

“They were always saying Mahama is incompetent and now that they’ve come they can’t see anything. Mzbel and her friends said amidst laughter.

They further added that; They thought it was easy.”  They were bragging about working under Kufuor and thus know more.

“Now Bawumia fresh boy has turned into an Oldman at ones. The pressure is too much. His hair has turned grey unexpectedly,” she said in Ga.

They did not end it there but also taunted the entire Akufo-Addo led government.

They described President Nana Akufo-Addo as “King Promise” and the Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta as “James Bond”. According to them, the President deserves the title because he is very fond of making unfeasible promises.

As for Mr. Ofori-Atta, James Bond, they say, best fit him as he is noted for talking about the sale of treasury bills and bonds.

“We’ll call him King Promise and the Finance Minister James Bond. He’s always looking for bonds and now he’s even bringing China bond, ” they mocked.

“You guys have gotten what you’ve been looking for. The numerous promises you voted for. Now you want to protest against the government for not fulfilling them. For the where? Mzbel also added.

Ebony Was The Modern Day Version Of Myself – MzBel

Sensational hiplife artiste,  Nana Akua Amoah, best known as MzBel has stated that the late dancehall diva, Ebony Reigns was the modern day version of her.

The ‘Akuah’ singer made this comment in a recent interview with the Graphic Showbiz newspaper.

According to her she will remember the ‘Date Ur Fada’ artiste for her bubbly smile and her being a genuine person.

“She was genuine, she was so real and I would say she was the modern day MzBel. She came as a queen and died as a queen.” Stated MzBel.

Short Bio on Ebony Reigns;

Ebony Reigns, born Priscilla Opoku Agyemang was a budding dancehall artiste. She was known for releasing hit after hit songs in succession. She scooped several awards barely two years of being in the music industry.

Some of her hit songs are; Hustle, Maame Hw3, Date Ur Fada, Sponsor among others.

Unfortunately, she lost her life in a gory accident on the Kumasi–Sunyani road on February 8, 2018. She was in the company of three others, her driver, friend, Franky Kuri and bodyguard, Francis Atsu Vondee.

All passengers perished with the exception of the driver when their car collided with a VIP bus. They were returning to Accra after paying a short visit to Ebony’s mother in Sunyani.She was finally laid to rest at the Osu cemetery on March, 24, 2018.

Mzbel Finally Reveals Why She Used To Expose Her ‘Private Parts – Mzbel

Hiplife artiste, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah aka Mzbel has revealed that she used to expose parts of her body because her handlers were not professionals, hence allowed her to do whatever she wanted.

According to the songstress, the people who discovered her were amateurish; the reason for her ‘indecent’ way of dressing.

Mzbel added that, Stardom just came to her by chance because she was not prepared for it. To make matters worst, the people who discovered her could also not handle her.

Mzbel Speaks

She said “exposing part of my body wasn’t deliberate. This whole music thing and celebrity thing came to me by chance. I was working in a studio as a production assistant and a front desk girl. And they had this studio and did some freestyle and people loved it. They put it out there and I was a star”.

She indicated that “I was all over the place. It wasn’t planned. Music was never part of my plan, I never planned it, I wasn’t prepared for it. So I was going along with the flow and having fun and whatever I felt like wearing I wear and we go because even if people talk, they will come and watch it”.

Mzbel noted that the people who discovered her were not professionals and did not know what they were doing so they moved along with the flow, they made money and shared but did not work like professional managers do.

Mzbel has been in the music industry for over a decade now. The ‘Awoso Me’ hitmaker is one of the celebrities who built her career on the grounds of sexual imagery and risque lyrics. One would say the very same thing dancehall act Ebony is doing now.

The good news however is that, Mzbel changed her choice of costumes few years back.

This notwithstanding, the act of nudity among our female celebrities seems to be on the rise now. A worry to majority of Ghanaians with a few however not seeing anything wrong with it.

Stacy Is A ‘Hypocrite’ And A ‘Beautiful Liar’ – Mzbel Hits Back At Stacy Amoateng

Songstress Belinda Nana Akua Amoah, best known as Mzbel has fired back at TV host Stacy Amoateng.

It was reported by this portal few days ago that the host of the popular Christian TV Show, ‘Restoration With Stacy’ had a message for the former in an Instagram post.

Though Stacy didn’t elaborate on what was eating her up, she simply wrote at the end of her post that she has forgiven Mzbel.

Mzbel in an interview with has fumed at this new development.

According to her Stacy is a “hypocrite”and a ” beautiful liar” and doesn’t understand why she should mention her name in her post.

Explaining her side of the story, Mzbel said she doesn’t recall stepping on Stacy’s toes. “Even if I have done something against her, she being a christian as she claims to be, is that the best place she should make such a statement?” She fumed.

Mzbel further recounted that about three years ago, she appeared on the Restoration show. Even before the show, they were both chatting. Along the line, Stacy asked her if she believed in Christ. She(Mzbel) answered ‘No’  and explained to her(Stacy) her religious stand.

Later in the course of the show, Stacy repeated the question and she gave her the same answer and explanations as before. Her new manager after the show approached Stacy and her crew and pleaded with them not to air that part of the interview about her religious beliefs. Simply because her manager was at that time promoting a new song of hers and such comments could jeopardize with their work. And also because religiosity is a sensitive issue.

Mzbel Explains More

According to Mzbel, Stacy and her crew agreed not to air that part of the interview only for them to later find out that they had done contrary to what was agreed on.

“So if there’s anyone who should be angry then it should be me. I’m the one who is supposed to be saying what Stacy is saying. She should be asking for forgiveness from me.” Mzbel added.

The singer, who was very upset in her interview, stated she is currently being hounded by various media outlets who want her comments on the issue. And that she could not fathom why the buried matter was dredged up again after three years.

Mzbel’s response follows the post Stacy Amoateng shared via her Instagram page a few days ago, on the third anniversary of her Christian discussion show, ‘Restoration with Stacy’.

In the post Stacy disclosed that the show had come with its challenges, pains, tears and betrayal, from people who had tried to paint her image black.

But what caught people’s attention the most was her conclusion.

At the end of her post, she dropped the final word where she stated that she has forgiven Mzbel.

Listen to the full  interview below:

Audio Credit:

Judaism Makes More Sense – Mzbel

Controversial musician, Mzbel has made more statements about her views on religion. If we would remember, she denounced Christianity a few years back in the midst of a maelstrom of controversy. It was believed that Pst Josh Laryea was the reason behind her decision.

She stated that she believed Christianity was like idol worship. She said, ““I don’t believe that Jesus Christ is God, I don’t believe that you have to pray through Jesus Christ. I don’t believe all those stories about Jesus Christ but I believe in God.”

Recently she made more comments on her religious stance and defending why she denounced and left Christianity. In an interview, she said, “Judaism makes more sense to me so that is basically it. I have been Hari Krishna before, and then I moved to Christianity and now I am at Judaism, who knows where I will be tomorrow”

We also don’t know where she will be at next but what we do know is that we will keep you posted.

I Am Not Ready To Forgive Caroline – MzBel

MzBel is once again in the news and making controversial and contradictory statements. Last year, Caroline Sampson made certain statements regarding the paternity of Mzbel’s son. Mzbel did not take these statements lightly and launched several attacks against her.

She was asked whether she had made up with Caroline and she responded, “No, and I don’t think I will ever be nice… It’s hard. The answer is no. I can’t help it. It hurts. Until she comes out to say that she lied, then I can let go but otherwise it is just too heavy for me.”

She later revealed on Andrew Tandoh Adote’s show that she is a changed person.  She stated, “I am not so proud of some the things I did in the past. It looks like how people get to know you from the beginning, is what sticks in their mind. It is very difficult to erase the memory of who you used to be. So it is difficult but I am trying to do my best.”

She insists that she is now a matured person. The question we have is, isn’t a changed person supposed to be able to forgive those who wrong her without expecting anything in return.

We will be on the lookout for her new music and her various endeavours.

Stop Spreading Lies – Halifax To Mzbel

Musician, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah popularly known as Mzbel seems to always be in the center of controversy. Recently, she took to her Facebook page to deride journalist, Halifax Ansah Addo on an article he posted. His article was on her U-turn regarding her claims to whether or not she slept with the UT Boss. In response to her jabs, Halifax Halifax took to Facebook to write a long letter to Mzbel.

Here is the letter:

Dear Mzbel,
My attention has been drawn to your rants, lies and insults.
Initially, I decided to ignore you because it is your stock in trade. I mean, you have always had problems with almost every story the media ever wrote about you.
I remember your reaction to and denial of the story of the robbery in your home. I also remember your contradictory reaction to the report about whatever happened between you and the KNUST students. I do recollect again, your reaction to news reports that you had been detained over some traffic offences. Even your thoughts about Jesus Christ managed to land you in some media controversy of some sort.

Then, there was the controversy over why you left ICGC and what you had told someone’s husband about which pastor was bonking who. Again your fight with Graphic Showbiz, Ghana Celebrities and several others

As for you and the media, ah well…. Controversy has always helped your brand. You are a good musician and I must confess, I admire your entrepreneurial skills too. But you’ ve got to understand that just like life, music career has its ups and downs. So, when you are down, relax, keep working hard and believe in God for a brighter day.

Resorting to such media ‘beefs’ to remain in the news is old school strategy and paints you as a cantankerous brand. Get creative and trend properly.

Now to the main issues you raised:
“Halifax Ansah Addo, you used my image and lies to promote and sell “News One” paper and now this? The last time we met at Peace FM, you were all apologetic, blaming every harm you’ve ever caused me on perception… You later came over to my event at Bukom to plead with me to feature your artiste on my stage. This is absurd and sometimes I wonder what you people want from me… What do you gain when you boldly lie to tarnish me?”

RESPONSE: You accuse me of using your image to promote News-One? Really, I thought you were the one who rather drove to my office with Maxwell (the gentleman now with the adorable McBrown) and provided me with photos and stories to promote your brand.

You are telling a blatant lie when you say I met you at Peace FM and apologized to you. What wrong have I done to apologize? I never apologized to you at Peace FM or anywhere.

Again, you are telling a big fat lie that I, Halifax Ansah-Addo, pleaded with you at Bukom to let my artiste feature on your stage. Get serious. Your management contacted me that they NEEDED my artiste on your stage. I charged them and they paid for his performance. I remember they again contacted me for another performance from him when you staged your NDC concert. We charged them again and they paid. We never begged to be on your stage.

In any case, you really think NII FUNNY would plead to be on a stage in Bukom? Oh how? Kindly check our records in that community. We run the show there. Abi you know ‘dada’

“Delay asked me a sarcastic question and I gave her a sarcastic answer but unfortunately, I was misunderstood…. I really don’t get it, what has my relationship with Mr. Amoabeng got to do with anyone…? Is that the cause of the constant rise fuel prices?”

RESPONSE: There was no gun to your head when you answered the question Delay asked you. As a journalist, I found your answer to be an interesting one. I sell news. Not all news items are to reduce the price of fuel. News is not only to inform and educate. It is also to entertain and I found it entertaining to hear you on public television tell us about who bonks you.
About a year or so later, I found it equally newsworthy to have read that you had gone on Rainbow Radio to say you never got bonked by the man you claim had bonked you, during your interview on the DELAY show.

It was a piece of entertaining news because of your celebrity status and the fame of the man whose name you are mentioning in the media over sex-related matters.
For the records, I did not manufacture the story. It was sourced to Rainbow Radio, the same station you spoke to. Indeed, even the station’s website, carried same story.
Same story was on Peacefmoline, Adomfmonline, and several other websites. Why get irritated by only the one published in my newspaper, THE PUBLISHER? Perhaps it was because I described the sex as “hot”. Well, I had no evidence it was hot sex. I just felt, there was no way the sex would be boring. It is a compliment and not an insult.

“Unfortunately, I can’t stop jerks like you from saying bad and untrue things about me but know that there is a G-d and there are consequences for telling lies and misquoting others… Rainbow Radio has the full audio of my interview online and I never said any of these things you mentioned. This is sad and I keep wondering if indeed you are a trained journalist or just a desperate blogger. This is offensive and I am very disappointed. Some of your colleagues in the studio with me during the interview had the best and encouraging things to say except you. This is not a noble way to start a new business.”

RESPONSE: I am not a jerk. That’s an insulting word. Ladies do not use such words. I have a spare copy of the good old book, ‘Courtesy for Boys and Girls’. It may help you in your choice of words.
As for the full interview being on Rainbow Radio, I have already told you the station’s website was where I sourced the story from.

What things did you not say? Please educate us on which of the versions to believe: you said the man bonked you. Did he or did he not?

And to answer your question, I am not a blogger. And yes, I am a very well trained and professional journalist. An award-winning journalist for that matter. If there is a portion of the story you are not comfortable with, all you needed was a simple rejoinder or a call on me to correct it.
But thanks for sharing my front page on your Facebook wall. At least you have helped pushed the story to reach some 192, 000 plus of your followers. I am grateful.

I have to end here because there is a video of Ebony playing on my TV. Her style reminds me of your much younger days.
Cheers and have a good day.
Yours In Arts,

I Don’t Date Young Guys-Mzbel

Controversial singer Mzbel, born Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, says getting married is not readily in her plans. The 37-year-old said although many hold the view that she is old enough to be married by now, it is not a priority for her.

Speaking in an interview on Behind the Fame on Drive Time on Joy FM with Lexis Bill, Mzbel said she is currently in a healthy relationship which is equal to marriage.

“Marriage is not a priority but if it happens, why not,” she noted and added that she is in a healthy relationship which she is enjoying.

Although she won’t disclose the identity of the man in her life currently, the singer had said in a couple of interviews that older men are her taste.

She said, “I am an old man’s girlfriend. Everybody in Ghana knows that I don’t date young guys. If you are a young guy and I date you, I might break your heart. I like old men. They are very gentle.

“They don’t also like sex. They can’t even have sex for long. You know, I don’t like sex like that. I like sex once in a while,” the singer said. Mzbel is currently promoting her new single, ‘African Boy’.