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Kuami Eugene Reacts To Allegations Of Sleeping With Wendy Shay

Sensational artiste, Kuami Eugene has finally reacted to the recent allegations leveled against him that he has slept with RuffTown act, Wendy Shay.

A notorious Snapchat page Fatpu$$y055 last week accused the Lynx Entertainmnet artiste of  ‘benging’ colleague musician, Wendy Shay among other allegations.

The Rockstar in a live radio interview on Peace Fm, denied the claims by the notorious snapchat

user saying that the person behind the account is doing all of that for attention.

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It was reported that Kuami Eugene was also infected with Gonohoreah by a UPSA student and

also almost chopped down a Chop bar girl when he used the place as a location for his music video shoot.

“I don’t know where this is coming from. Wendy shay is a sister and I know her through Bullet before he signed her

By God’s grace, I have a house so I wouldn’t go to a hotel and moreover, I have never shot a video in a chop bar.

I also don’t know any mechanic called Sam and I feel all this is for attention. This is actually where we find ourselves and it is one of those things“, he disclosed in the interview.

Listen to interview below:

I Need To Work Harder To Expand My Fan Base – Wendy Shay

Budding songstress, Wendy Shay has revealed that she is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to expanding her fan-base despite her success in less than a year after releasing her first hit song,

According to her, she is not taken over by the hype and the consistent attention she is receiving

in the media but rather she is aiming at working even harder to expand her territory.

My first single in this music industry is ‘Uber Driver’ and it was released last year in July. I feel I am still young in the music game even though I have released a

couple of singles and an album as well. It’s less than a year and I learning a lot bit by bit,” she said in a recent interview.


The RuffTown artiste maintains that there are still a lot of people who do not know her songs; a

reason she needs to spread her tentacles.

“I feel I need to do more to capture the attention of Ghanaians so my music can spread into all the corners of the Ghana. I can’t state for a fact that every single Ghanaian has heard my songs so my target is making sure that will happen.”

Her new song ‘Shay On You’ is out and it’s rocking hard.

Wendy Shay Reveals Plans Of Uniting Female Artistes In Ghana

Songstress Wendy Shay has noted that there is absolutely no unity among female artistes in the country.

For this reason, the ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker has revealed that she is currently embarking a

project that aims at uniting all female acts in Ghana.

It could be recalled that after the death of Ebony Reigns, a video popped up of the late dancehall

diva indicating that female artists in the industry hated her.


Narrating in the video, she stressed that she wanted to collaborate with other female musicians

in the industry but it never happened due to what they thought about her.

“I actually don’t have any beef with any female artiste, but I’ll agree that there is no unity among female Ghanaian musicians. I’m working on a project that would unite all the female musicians as one in the country,” she said during a recent interview.

I Feel Ghanaians Are Finally Accepting Me For Who I Am – Wendy Shay

Afro Beats artiste, Wendy Shay, has stated that she now feels Ghanaians are finally accepting her for who she is.

Wendy Shay made this statement when she was asked in an interview on the ‘Drive Time’ show on Starr FM if she thinks Ghanaians have accepted her now.

 “I definitely feel Ghanaians are accepting me for who I am, they’ve really showed me love”, she told host, Joseph Kumi.

According to her it’s about time people dropped all the controversies and focus on her talent and

personality since she is the new artiste on the ‘Rufftown’ records bullet has introduced.

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“I want Ghanaians to see me for who I am, because we were all here in Ghana when Bullet introduced me the controversies that were around me I just feel it’s about time people drop all these things and focus on me”, she noted.

The ‘Masakra’ hitmaker further indicated her passion for music and for making people happy

through her performances and with her talent.

Wendy Shay is a female Afro beats Ghanaian musician she has nine singles with one album.

She is popularly known for songs like Uber driver, Astalavista, Bedroom Commando and she

just released the Shay on you album as well.

Ebony Is A Legend – Wendy Shay

Fast-rising Ghanaian songstress, Wendy Addo, best known as Wendy shay has said that she sees nothing wrong if she should follow the footsteps of late Dancehall diva, Ebony Reigns.

According to the RuffTown Records artiste, the late Ebony is a great legend hence she does not see anything wrong with following her footsteps.

The ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker was speaking in an interview on Starr drive with the host Joseph Kumi.

 “Ebony did a very good thing when she was alive so I definitely don’t see anything wrong with me looking at her footsteps to do mine because she is a legend,” she said.

According to her, it doesn’t really bother her when people compare her to the late Ebony.

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“It’s fine and it’s okay when people compare me to Ebony, I just wish after sometime we will let her name rest”, she stated.

The Afro beats artiste also added that she is continuing the good works Ebony started and it’s not like she is copying her style.

She however professed that they were on the same record label so people should understand if she does certain things similar to hers.

“You know we were on the same record label, we had the same song writer and I just want to say she did a very good job so continuing what she started is okay but am not copying her style”, she added.

Ebony was the first female Artiste to be signed by Ruff town records. She died in a car accident in February 2018.

In in the middle of 2018 Ruff town records introduced Wendy Shay as their new female artiste.

She has since been slammed by many Ghanaians for copying Ebony’s style in the music industry.

My Church Loves My Showbiz Personality – Wendy Shay

Artiste signed onto RuffTown Record label, Wendy Shay, has revealed that her church has no problem with her showbiz lifestyle.

According to the ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker, in spite of the many criticisms from the public, her church overlooks the showbiz personality when it comes to music videos and stage performances.

Wendy was speaking during an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM.

Wendy further disclosed that she could hardly visit any church because her church “don’t criticize me at church and they don’t judge” my art.

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She professed her love for the congregation saying, “they accept me for who I am and never look down on me.”

The musician added that she has a close relationship with the head pastor and her music career

doesn’t interfere with her relationship with God.

“I talk to my pastor every day and this is my way of hustling. Just because I sing secular music doesn’t mean my heart is not with God. If music is gonna get me money, I think it’s another way to help god’s ministry,” she explained.

I Want To Make Money To Build Hospital – Wendy Shay

Fast-rising Ghanaian songstress, Wendy Addo, know in showbiz as Wendy Shay has revealed one of her major reasons for pursing music.

According to the songstress, she quit her nursing career to do music in order to make money

to build her own hospital as part of her ambitions in life.

“I have other things I want to do. I don’t think I will ever go back to practicing it [nursing] but I definitely have other stuffs I want to do…the kind of money I want to make…I want to use the money to build hospital and nursing can’t give me that money that I want,” she said.

She added “I want to build a hospital with the money I will make from my music.”

The ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker made this revelation in an interview speaking on “Efie Kwanso”

on Adom FM on Wednesday, January 30, this year.

According to her, although she is a professional nurse, she is now devoted to music.

“I was a nurse. I’ve learned the profession and I have my certificate. I’ve worked for a while but right now, I have devoted myself to do music now. I want to make money…” she explained.

She further stressed that she has always wanted to become a musician even whilst she was pursuing her nursing course.

“While pursuing my nursing course, I have always inspired to become a very big musician in future. I always tried to work towards it. I have even pursuit a course in music in a Germany school for four and half years,” she disclosed.

The RuffTown Records artiste also added that although she has not made a lot money from

her music career now, she is still pursuing her dream of building a hospital.

Wendy Shay was introduced to the world by CEO of RuffTown Records, Ricky Nana Agyeman, aka Bullet during the 2018 VGMA.

Bullet pointed out that Shay, together with his other newly signed artistes would become hit

like his first signee, Ebony Reigns of blessed memory.

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Just as he said, Wendy is now one of the most sought after artistes in Ghana.

She has even been pinpointed by many to win the ultimate Artiste of the Year Award at this year’s VGMA’s.

Producing back-to-back hit songs, the ‘Shaytants’ leader has credits in songs such as Masakra, Psalm 35, Astalavista, among others.

Loyalty Is Royalty – Wendy Shay On Reports Of Leaving Ruff Town Records

Fast-rising Ghanaian songstress, Wendy Shay has debunked recent reports that she is leaving Ruff Town Records.

It was highly published a few days ago that the ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker who is less than a year in the music industry is set to leave Ruff Town Records.

This however followed a post Shay shared on her official Instagram page which reads:

 “$500,000 and any car of my choice to leave RuffTown Records? Hmmm”.

The ‘Astalavista’ singer has in another recent post refuted earlier reports sparked by her post when she shared a photos of herself with caption;

 “Rufftown to the world ????!!! Loyalty is royalty”.


Wendy Shay joined Ruff Town Records after Ebony’s death and has after less than a year become a household name in the music industry.

She is the author of some hit singles such as ‘The Boy is Mine’, ‘Psalm 35’, ‘Uber Driver’, among others.

Shay also recently released her maiden album ‘Shay on You’.

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Wendy Shay Joins The 10 Year Challenge — You Definitely Got To See This PHOTO

The 10 year challenge is still on and many celebrities have dived onto the train. The challenge has so far been an amazing and inspiring one as many celebs take to social media to reflect on their past and thank God for how far he has brought them.

The latest to join the challenge is RuffTown Record’s current lead artiste, Wendy Addo, best known as Wendy Shay.


Taking to Instgram, the ‘Masakra’ hitmaker shared a before and now picture of herself.

She expressed her gratefulness to the most High God for his blessing upon her life.

Her caption reads: “Eii Abena Wendy 13 years then now almost 23 years God has really brought me far.”

Check out the pic below!


Wendy Shay Apologizes To Ghanaians For Her ‘Dumb Question’ Comment

RuffTown records queen, Wendy Shay has finally rendered an apology to host MzGee of

Joy News and Ghanaians in general for her ‘dump question’ comment.

Wendy in a recent interview on UTV available states that for whatever happened between

herself and the Gee Spot TV show host, Ghanaians and the presenter should kindly forgive her.

The “Masakra” hitmaker also made the point that people should understand that she is one musician who was never an underground act because she became a superstar straight away and as such lacks most of the things she needs as a top star.

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It will be recalled that Wendy Shay during the interview with MzGee some weeks ago was asked

a simple question “Who’s Wendy Shay?” and out some sort of anger she described the question

as a “dumb question”. Wendy Shay came under a lot of backlash from both the traditional and social media with some tagging her as the dumbest musician on earth.

Watch interview below:

Ghana Music Can Be Better If We Support Each Other – Wendy Shay

First lady of RuffTown records, Wendy Shay says out of 10, she will rate the Ghana music

industry 7 because of the lack of support in the industry.

The ‘Astalavista’ singer however noted that the industry can go far if the artists support

themselves rather than the backbiting that exists in the industry.

According to her, she believes that if artists with experience are able to personally speak to the

upcoming ones about things they don’t do right rather than taking to social media to post such

comments, it will go a long way to bring solidarity in the industry and drive the industry to growth.

“We don’t support each other. If a co-artiste does something wrong, it is expected that you contact the person personally and advise them but it’s not so. They would rather take to social media and throw shades at you” she told host Yaa Konamah in a chat on UTV.

Reacting to a question on whether she was friends with any of the female artists, Wendy Shay

said even though she has no issues them, she can say she is not friends with any of them except

Adina whom she has a personal relationship with. She however added that, when they meet and there is the need to talk, they talk.

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Wendy also added that even though she does not believe in selling yourself through ‘diss songs’, she would not miss an opportunity to release good diss song if the need arises.

She also spoke about her first major concert which is just a few days away urging her fans to come and support her.

The Shay Concert is slated for this Sunday, 23rd December 2018 at the La Palm Beach Resort.

I Run To Bullet When I Am Criticized – Wendy Shay

Fast-rising Ghanaian songstress, Wendy Addo, known in showbiz as Wendy Shay has

revealed that the first person she runs to when critics hit hard at her is her boss Bullet.

According to the ‘Uber driver’ hitmaker, her manger is her confidante and fortress

and is always available to listen to her cry and advise her.

“I run to my boss, he has been in the game longer. You know he used to be Bullet ‘Ruff N Smooth’. You Know I didn’t grow up here, but he has been here so he knows what to do and say. I asked him why Ghanaians are like this, why they do this and he is there for me”, she disclosed this on Happy FM’s Ayeeko After Drive show.

Wendy Shay was introduced to music by Rufftown records manager Bullet and signed

in January 2018.

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She dropped her debut single ‘Uber Driver’ which was produced by MOG Beats on June 1, 2018.

Wendy Shay has been in the music industry less than a year and has many hit singles to

her credit which some have also received massive backlash.

Some of her singles include Bedroom Commando, Psalm 35, The Boy Is Mine, Astalavista,

Uber Driver and Masakra.

Wendy Shay is currently warming up for her upcoming concert, Shay Concert on 23rd

of December at the La Pleasure Beach.

Kuami Eugene, Medikal, Kwesi Arthur, Others For Wendy Shay Concert

RuffTown Records present to us the Shay Concert going down on December 23.

Headlining the event is the label’s female act Wendy Shay.

Wendy Addo professionally known as Wendy Shay is a female singer and author of 6 singles for the year 2018.

Her journey in the music industry hasn’t been an easy one and was filled with one controversy to another.

Despite all these she however strove through the odds and has become one of the most sought

after budding female artistes in Ghana.


The Shay Concert will however come off at the La Pleasure Beach.

Loads of artistes have been billed to join her on stage and they include Kuami Eugene, Kidi,

Medikal, Praye, DopeNation and many others.

The rate for the event is ghc20 and it comes along with a free Kasapreko 10/10 Drink.

Sponsors for the event are Kasapreko 10/10 and Axxis Shipping.

Media partners for the event are 4Syte Tv, Multimedia, Kwese Iflix, UTv, GhOne, Fiesta Tv

and Team AVO. For further details contact 0243005695.

Meanwhile, Wendy Shay is currently out with a new single, ‘Masakra’

Enjoy the video from below;

 Wendy Shay Drops Another Hot Tune ‘Masakra’ Featuring Ray James (VIDEO)

Rufftown records artiste, Wendy Shay is out with a new tune for the Christmas.

Wendy has once more proven that she didn’t leave nursing to take music as a joke.

The fast-rising artiste has once again released a new single dubbed ‘Masakra’ which features

rising artiste Ray James.

The song comes with a danceable tune and is already enjoying massive airplay.

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In ‘Masakra’ Wendy Shay announces that she is now a born again Christian ready

to establish a church.

The remarkable video was however directed by Mickey Johnson.

Enjoy video below:


Wendy Shay To Die Because She’s Secretly Planning To Leave Rufftown Records – Prophet

Just when we thought it was all over, the doom prophecies have started again and it’s still

going to Rufftwon records label.

A new prophecy from Cape-Coast based prophet and Founder of Cosmos Ministries,

Prophet Cosmos Walker has it that the fast rising artiste will soon perish in ghastly accident.

According to the prophet, the ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker will perish in a ghastly accident if fervent prayers are not said for her.

The man of God, who had made a similar proclamation on Dancehall act, Shatta Wale

said Wendy Shay’s predicament would be identical to that of her predecessor, Ebony Reigns.

Speaking exclusively on Takoradi-based Spice FM with Yoofi Ayeson, the man of God said it

has been revealed to him in the spiritual realm that Wendy wants to leave Rufftown Records and that’s what would lead to her untimely death, just like Ebony.

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Prophet Cosmos further said he has personally contacted the ‘Astalavista’ singer to warn her so she could seek the face of God to avert the prophecy but Wendy rather gave him a cold shoulder.

He further urged Kuami Eugene to also seek God’s face and be weary of his footsteps since

he has also been targeted to die by someone in the entertainment fraternity.

Listen to audio below:

Wendy Shay Drops Another Banger ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Featuring Eno(VIDEO)

Wendy Addo, known by her stage name Wendy Shay has released yet another single.

She calls this new hot tune ‘The Boy Is Mine’ which features the rap queen, Eno Barony.

In the Yaw SkyFace Y shot music video, Wendy stands ready to protect the man she believes is hers.


Eno who is featured on this record becomes that friend who is not loyal and plays the greedy role of snatching her friend’s boyfriend.

Well, what happened in the end is something interesting you surely must watch the video to understand.

Eno adds the rap element on this record here with Wendy Shay’s artistic voice.

Wendy Shay, who is currently signed onto RuffTown Record label is also known for

other hit singles since she came into the music scenes.

She has for the past months released hit singles such as Uber Driver, Astalavista

and Bedroom Cammando.

Watch music clip from below;

I Won’t Always Sing About Sex; I’ll Vary My Style – Wendy Shay

Afrobeat artiste, Wendy Shay has stated that she has plans to tackle other issues in her

music career other than concentrating only on those with sexual connotations.

In an interview with Delay on the Delay Show, the ‘Uber Driver’ hit maker said despite the fact

that she is known for being playful with song that carry sexual meanings, she would not always

toe that line.

“No that won’t happen. We are coming up with a lot of songs so you can’t say they’re predictable. We are definitely going to change themes,” she said.

This was her response when she was asked if her fondness for songs with sexual

innuendos won’t make her sound predictable and boring, she answered in the negative.

Wendy Shay who is managed by Bullet (manager of the late Ebony Reigns), has also said that

unlike the perception that she is trying hard to copy Ebony’s style, she is only being herself.


According to the 22-year old singer, she is natural playful and believes that informs why her

manager and songwriter Bullet choose themes that would suit her.

Wendy also told Delay that she is not worried when people compare her to Ebony because Ebony contributed greatly to the music scene.

Ebony who died early this year in gory accident was also noted for using puns that invoke sexual interpretations to her songs.

Wendy Shay currently has songs like ‘Uber Driver,’ ‘Bedroom Commando’ and ‘Astalavista.’

Bullet And I Have Never Been Intimate – Wendy Shay

Rufftown records artiste, Wendy Shay has reacted to claims that she and her manager Bullet are being intimate.

According to her she has never had sex with Bullet before.

It was highly publicized few weeks ago that Bullet’s girlfriend caught him and Wendy Shay

in bed after she had traveled from the United States to Ghana to see her man.


The report indicated that the woman engaged in a brawl with Bullet over the songstress.

But reacting to the story on the “Delay Show”, the songstress denied ever sleeping with Bullet.

According to her, Bullet has never proposed to her ever since she joined Ruff Town Records.

She indicated that she lives in her house and not with Bullet and therefore it is not possible for Bullet to sleep with her.

Watch interview below;

Ghanaians Attack Me Because They Know I’m Blessed – Wendy Shay(VIDEO)

Fast rising act, Wendy Addo, known by her stage name, Wendy Shay says Ghanaians

are aware that she is blessed hence the several moves to pull her down.

The Rufftown artiste since her introduction into the music scene by her manager Bullet

has been highly trolled on social media for her hairstyle among other things.

Some entertainment critics believe that she was used as a replacement of the late Ebony.

Others also believe that the time she was introduced after the demise of Ebony by Bullet was too

quick. A few have also accused her of trying to be like the late songstress.

For these reasons, many Ghanaians despise the ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker, despite her hard work to prove them wrong.


Taking her turn on Delays hot seat on the ‘Delay Show’, Wendy said was worried

about the attacks on social media and other platforms.

She however added that she realized God has blessed her and that the attacks were as a result of the jealousy in Ghanaians. Hence, she now cares less about what people say about her.

“Initially I didn’t understand why people condemned me but after some time, I realized I am blessed so people will definitely try their best to pin me down,” she told host, Deloris Frimpong Manso.

Speaking about her sexually explicit videos, she mentioned that they are just a reflection

of creativity and are clearly not who she is.

Watch interview from below:

Wendy Shay To Collaborate With Yemi Alade?

Afro-Pop/Afrobeat Musician Wendy Shay, has dropped hints of an upcoming collaboration with

Nigerian diva Yemi Alade to her fans.

The “Astalavista” singer shared her excitement after meeting the Nigerian singer over the

weekend on her official Instagram page.

Shay, took to her IG page and shared a photo of herself with the Nigerian singer.

She then dropped a hint her followers that she is coming out with a new banger with the “Jonny” singer soon.

Her post reads:

“You are such an inspiration @yemialade I wrote down everything u told me today bookmeworld I love you Mami ?? ..what should be the title of our song?.

See post below:


Wendy Shay Reveals What Has Been Her Greatest Regret In Life So Far

Fast rising artiste, Wendy Shay has said that her only regret in life so far is not collaborating with Ebony Reigns when she was alive.

According to the ‘Uber Driver’ hit maker , Ebony was an artiste she admired so much and she

achieved tremendous feat in the music industry before her demise .

Many have tagged Wendy as the replacement of the late Ebony Reigns since her introduction by her manager, Bullet.

tagged as the replacement of the late Ebony Reigns.

But the ‘Bedroom Commando’ singer has asked that people should stop seeing her as another

Ebony and that she has her own unique style .


She opined that Ebony was a legend and she is happy at the impact the late dancehall

icon made before her demise.

“No female artiste has been able to make the impact that Ebony made in less two years and I am so happy for her.

Every song she released was a massive hit, from Poison to Maame Hwe, Hustle, Sponsor and Date Ur Fada just to mention a few,” she said this in a recent interview.

She added that if there is one regret she has , it is not collaborating with Ebony on a song before her untimely death.

The Rufftown artiste is currently out with her new single ‘Astalavista’

Watch video for Astalavista by Wendy Shay from below;