Throwback Thursday: Photos from Eunice Njeri’s first wedding

Eunice Njeri indeed caught us off guard with the her latest post where she revealed she is now a mum and wife to her beloved husband. Honestly she kept this information so secret that no one even spotted her with her baby bump or even has a photo to show.

Eunice Njeri
Eunice Njeri

With social media and gossip mongers everywhere – I’m actually impressed that she managed to keep this secret. Anyway today being a Thursday we will take you back to 2016 when Eunice Njeri got married to one US based rapper Isaac Bukasa only to divorce him two months 2 hours after dumping him straight from the wedding reception…and from what we heard is that the singer didn’t want to continue living a lie – knowing she doesn’t love him.

Sounds like something out of a movie right? But again – it’s the best thing she did for herself. I mean why stay entangled with someone you have no feelings for? Speaking about the divorce in 2018, the gospel singer said;

I wasn’t going with my heart at the time, also at the same time I was very sick. I had fibroids. Bleeding a lot and at the same time I thought I should get married. I was like maybe I should do this, why am I saying no? I have been saying no for 20 year maybe it’s time to say yes.


And in that mix of being sick, being in the hospital and getting all these transfusions, I had a whole confusion time. Confusion made me rush into decisions I wouldn’t have made.

Ex hubby

Her ex husband, Isaac Bukasa on the other hand had a different tale about the whole divorce thing…but unfortunately refused to get into details saying no one would believe him.

In a then post shared back in 2017 he wrote:

 Wana semanga mwenye nguvu mpishe. No one will believe what I have to say, but I am sure my Heavenly Father knows exactly what happened and will definitely restore everything that is being taken away from me.

A close friend of theirs also said;

 This is Njeri’s third relationship that has not ended up well – perhaps something is not right and she needs God’s intervention

Maybe to prove Isaac Bukasa wasn’t the problem. And look…she finally wedded she is comfortable with.

Anyway meet handsome fella she was married to for 2 hours.

Eunice Njeri announces the arrival of her first child months after secret wedding

Gospel Singer Eunice Njeri is now a mum to bouncing baby as revealed on social media by news outlet Uliza links who earlier shared the news through their social media pages.

Eunice Njeri

From what we have learnt is that Eunice Njeri who is known for her gospel music got married sometime last year in a secret wedding and a year later – she has a newborn of her own.

Although there are no details of the newborn – we can tell that the singer and husband must be over the moon after receiving their blessing, a child who completes their family.

Photo courtesy: Uliza Links

Eunice Njeri as an artist

Having established herself as an artist, Eunice Njeri continues to bless fans with gospel music and unlike other artists we have come to know….Willy Paul, Bahati among others she remains rooted in her faith and believes.

Looking at some of her music on YouTube some of her videos go back as far as 10 years ago – which shows commitment and maybe explains why she is so successful unlike most artists in the gospel industry.

Well, hopefully she keeps up with the good record (in terms of releasing music) now that she has a baby to look after.


Celebrated gospel artist Eunice Njeri set to headline The BY2C Gospel Awards Gala in Arizona, USA

Prolific gospel Kenyan artist Eunice Njeri flies out of the country in readiness to perform as the guest artist at The BY2C Gospel Awards gala. She’ll be hosted by US-based Kenyan artist, Msanii Foreman.

This is the gala’s second edition, slated to go down at Glorious Celebration Centre, Arizona (US) on 11th December 2021.

US-based Kenyan Afro-Genge artist Msanii Foreman (file images)

The gospel award gala celebrates, and awards budding gospel youth artists.

Msanii Foreman is the brain child of the Bring Youths To Christ (BY2C) Awards, that was an initiative meant to nurture and mentor young talents – using gospel music.

The award shares a platform with Arizona Swahili Radio that broadcasts exclusively in Swahili across the States.

The BY2C Gospel Awards have different categories, and the gala streams live on Arizona Swahili Radio online platforms – Facebook and Youtube channel on 11th December, from 12pm to 6pm.

The Song of The Year 2021 categories is flush with excitement. All the artists in the category are quite phenomenal, each commanding impressive following with near-perfect releases.

Gospel songsress Grace Wamagata’s hit Miracle Working God, is lined up against Nisafishe, a hit by Jesus Man and SK Sadik’s Show Me Your Way.

Other artists with songs in the category include Esther Wamagata, Alice Mwamini, Dawin Munene, Liz Namnyak, Stephano Iddy, Zemirah Wanjiku and Paskal Tone.

Male Gospel Artist of the Year 2021 category pits Morris Ndungu aka Jesus Man, Dawin Munene aka D-Worship, Pascal Tone, Stephano Iddy and SK Sadik and Jermy Alex Brady

Female Gospel Artist of the Year 2021 has the gifted songbirds Liz Namnyak, Alice Mwamini, Esther Wamagata and Grace Wamanyaro. It’s a tight contest.

Other categories recognise inspiring efforts and outstanding personalities in the wider gospel industry, like:

Young Pastor of the Year 2021 category pits firebrand youth evangelists, on and off the pulpit. Evangelism involves partial skills in mentorship and leadership.

The nominees are Tom Elius Mwangi, Benny Ndegwa and Morris Ndungu. The latter two are also nominees for the Youth Leader of the Year 2021 category.

Meanwhile, Msanii Foreman is yet to confirm the release of his latest album. It’s a project that the Afro Genge artist has featured a variety of leading artists.

Of great interest, grapevine has it that the album features a collaboration with striking US model cum artist, Monique Hasbun.

Kenyan gospel artists must wake up

A few months ago, I wrote an article where I stated that Kenyan gospel artists were deep in slumber reason being the industry is not as vibrant as it was 5 (or so) years ago.

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Whichever way you look at it, the gospel industry seems to be lagging behind and that is something that is giving me sleepless nights because Kenya is a very religious country.

Mercy Masika
Mercy Masika

If you look at the biggest local songs this year, you’ll realize that most of them are risqué and I doubt there is a gospel singer who can say that he or she had a hit this year. Of course, Willy Paul does not count or does he?

I miss the days when the likes of Gloria Muliro (where did she disappear to btw?), Daddy Owen, Eunice Njeri, Mercy Masika, Marion Shakoo, Esther Wahome, M.O.G etc. would serve us with hit after hit.

Gospel concerts sold out in a matter of minutes and gospel award shows such as Groove Awards were really coveted. Those were the days when the gospel industry was at the top.

I don’t really know what happened but somewhere along the way, the rain started beating us so much so that almost everything has been dominated by secular artists. From radio and TV stations to awards shows.


To be honest, I don’t have a problem with secular artists. Afterall, they are also Kenyans and at the end of the day it’s a win for local music but at times I wonder what happened to gospel musicians? Did they get too comfortable?

Not that it’s a competition between the two camps but I’d prefer a situation where we have popular secular songs and popular gospel jams. All I am saying is that it’s high time Kenyan gospel musicians woke up from their deep sleep.

Eunice Njeri’s latest release dubbed ‘Pokea Sifa’ is totally worth your time (Video)

Gospel singer Eunice Njeri, who is famed for songs such as Nani Kama Wewe, Ameni and Unatosha, has released a new jam and we are really feeling it.

Also read: Are Kenyan gospel musicians asleep?

The song dubbed Pokea Sifa, which is a Swahili word that means ‘receive praise’, is off her latest album Secret Place Worship.

As the title suggests, this is praise song that exalts God for his wonderful work. In the song, Eunice Njeri asks people to sing to Him from the bottom of their hearts.

There are several why I love this song and keep listening to it. First, in as much as it’s a song that glorifies God, you’ll realize that it’s very uplifting.

Eunice Njeri
Eunice Njeri

The second reason is that Eunice Njeri’s voice is really melodious. It’s the kind of voices that you just want to listen to even if they are not saying anything important.

The third and last reason is that the background vocalists really nailed it. They brought more life to this song and you just can’t help but hit the replay button.

The beat and instrumentals were also great. It goes without saying that the drummer and the person who was on the keyboard really did justice to this song. Props to them.

Watch Pokea Sifa below and tell us what you think.

Not yet! Gospel singer Eunice Njeri still single after ending 24-hour marriage 3 years ago 

She might be holding the record for the shortest marriage in Kenya, and now she’s being careful for it not to happen again.

Eunice Njeri, three years after getting married to fellow gospel musician Izzo (Isaac Bukasa) and divorcing him on the same day, is still single.

Speaking during an interview with Milele FM, Eunice revealed she has not yet thought about getting herself into a new relationship.

”Yes, I am single and I am not seeing anyone, when I do and the right time comes, I will definitely let you know,” she said.

Not in love

Njeri shocked many after taking to her Facebook and Instagram accounts to talk about her marriage to gospel musician Izzo which was killed less that 24 hours after she walked down the aisle in the US.

“On the 27th Nov 2016, Isaac and I did go to the altar to get married. But at the end of that day, I realised one thing: I couldn’t do it, my heart was somewhere else. Probably in Africa doing what I do best; I’m still trying to figure that out. I immediately left for Kenya and have been serving God the best way I know how,” she said. 

Are Kenyan gospel musicians asleep?

I honestly feel like Kenyan gospel musicians are deep in slumber. I’m saying this because I feel that the gospel industry is not as vibrant as it was a few years ago. I feel like it has stagnated.

If you are an avid fan of Kenyan music then I’m sure you remember how the gospel industry was big five to ten years ago. Can you?

M.O.G performing on stage
M.O.G performing on stage

The gospel industry was so enormous so much so that secular artists were almost unheard of, no one even cared about them or what they were up.

The biggest song in the country at any given time was from the likes of DK Kwenye Beat, Juliani, Willy Paul, M.O.G, Benachi, Daddy Owen, Bahati, Gloria Muliro, Eunice Njeri, Mercy Masika etc.

I don’t know what happened but somewhere along the way, the secular industry overtook took over. We can debate about this until the come home but deep down you also know that this is a fact.

The gospel music is not what it was five to ten years and this begs begs the question, are Kenyan gospel musicians asleep, did they get too comfortable or are they just lazy?

Gloria Muliro
Gloria Muliro

I know it’s not a competition between the two sides. After all, they are all Kenyan. As a Christian, it just gives me comfort when the gospel industry is at the top.

Don’t get me wrong, I listen to a lot of secular music. Yup! From Sauti Sol to Ethic, anything goes. I have nothing against secular musicians.

It’s just I really miss that days when gospel music was the order of the day. Those days when gospel gigs had the biggest crowds. The days when gospel musicians were really praising God with music.

This is a clarion call to all Kenyan gospel musicians. Enough said!

Nyce Wanjeri reveals more details that led to marriage collapsing: He has never even bothered to meet my parents after seven years 

Actress Nice Wanjeri has spilled the beans on why she had to part ways with her man of seven years Titus Wainaina “Tito Wagithomo”.

Initially, Nice had refused to speak about what was going on after her man announced the break up on social media. She recently opened up to Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo where she finally revealed what happened.

Titus Wagithomo said that he decided to end his marriage with Nyce because her successful career had made her neglect her duties and responsibilities as a mother and a wife. Apparently Titus was somewhat intimidated by his wife’s success, the two were said to be competing career-wise.

Nyce however dismissed the claim.

“Money began flowing in; for him and i. It was at that point that i started noticing serious elements of disrespect in him. Of course, there were pockets of disrespect before, but after crossing the 7-year line, the degree of disrespect in him ballooned. I felt it was getting worse by the day, and i could feel it was weighing me down,” she said. 

Snubbed family

She added that the Tito started disrespecting him and at one point felt enough was enough. Another thing that angered Nice is that even after seven years of being together, Tito has never bothered to meet his family.

“There are a lot of issues i’m not ready to talk about but the first one was disrespect among other things. A lot of people handled it depending on how he (waitomo) posted it and blamed it on my success but that is not true, money comes and goes, material things are nothing. The most important thing in a relationship is love and respect,” she said. 


“We couldn’t seek our parents’ intervention because he has never visited my parents, neither has he even met them. We had planned, in the course of the relationship, that he would visit my parents and formally ask them to bless our union. I asked him, several times, why he wasn’t even mentioning to me about plans of visiting my parents… on my end, however, he introduced me to his parents.

“I say when someone disrespects you today, tomorrow and the day thereafter, and he is not showing any signs of changing for the better, you would, of course, get tired of his or her disrespectful habits. And, you realise his disrespectful habits, when you mature mentally.”

Gospel singer Eunice Njeri: I don’t regret dumping Isaac Bukasa immediately after our wedding

Gospel singer Eunice Njeri has explained why she had to cut short her wedding to rapper Izzo in the US in 2016.  Njeri and rapper Isaac Bukasa aka Izzo wedded on November 27 in a Texas church but she quickly ended the relationship.

Njeri has now opened up on the issue saying that she was sick and confused during the time.

I was going with my heart at the time, also at the same time I was very sick. I had fibroids. Bleeding a lot and at the same time I thought I should get married, I was like maybe I should do this, why am I saying no? I have been saying no for 20 years, maybe its time to say yes, you know. And in that mix of being sick, being in the hospital and getting all these transfusions, I had a whole confusion time. Confusion made me rush into decisions I wouldn’t have made. And last year I had to have surgery and I was in the hospital for quite a while. And after the surgery is when I thought ‘Nothing in this world should make you ever make a decision like that even if its sickness because you are gonna hurt many people.’ Which I did,” She said on Talk Central.

No regrets

She went on to say that she doesn’t regret her move despite many criticizing her.

“I don’t regret. The thing is that my story is different, your story is different. I just choose my story to teach me what God wants me to learn. People judge me too fast, maybe it’s because God has put me on a pedestal. My story is a story on conquering things that people would not conquer… what I have learnt in my journey is to walk with Jesus and to learn that God is in my story. When I am seeking him and when I am not seeking him, he is there,” she added.

Gospel singer Eunice Njeri now ready to start over after divorcing husband on wedding day and leaving fans speechless 

Gospel singer Eunice Njeri couldn’t get herself to say ” I do” on her wedding day and walked out on her husband Isaac Busaka leaving him confused and broken into pieces.

That was a year ago.

Emotional message

Now, the singer might have healed — though she’s the one who hurt the other– and is ready to move on. She posted an emotional message on Instagram saying that sometimes things don’t have to go your way but you must keep soldiering on.

“The hardest thing about starting over is actually starting over… there is a reason why the sun goes down and comes back up the next day. It is a sure sign of a new beginning. Praise God for those who stay to see you through…” she said.


“Praise God for those who leave,they were not meant to be there for this next season in your life….lay all your burdens down,give up all you have for what God has. Let people talk it simply means you are very important… #seeYouAtTheTop.” 

Meet Eunice Njeri’s look alike sisters that have left fans talking!

Eunice Njeri had a quite eventful 2017. However things seem to have worked out on her favor as she appears to look more happier now.

She made headlines after walking out on her wedding with rapper Izzoh. The two apparently planned the whole event together and even after walking down the aisle; Eunice refused to sign the marriage certificate.

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It is not clear as to whether the wedding was based on a real relationship or Eunice Njeri was trying to get herself papers like most foreigners in the United States.

Eunice Njeri’s gorgeous baby sisters

Anyway she is back to her mother land and appears to look happier. In a new photo shared on her Instagram, the lady has left fans shocks by the striking resemblance between her and her 2 sisters.

The three ladies look like triplets despite having the youngest sister turn 18 years. She shared her post introducing them to the world.

Arent they beautiful!