Comedian JB Masanduku and new wife expecting baby number 2

JB Masanduku’s career is not where it used to be. Truth is, just like most comedians, he lost his way somewhere along the way; and guessing his dramatic breakup with Tina Kaggia also affected his fan base – hence his current struggle to keep up.

However luckily for him, Masanduku was able to fight through his addiction to alcohol; and in the process of recovery he met his wife, Jackie Karanja who doubles up as an actress.

JB with new wife and son

With his new supportive wife, let’s say JB Masanduku is slowly evolving into a better man; and above all a responsible dad who says he will be welcoming another child hopefully in December. Speaking to Word Is, the comedian opened up about this saying;

  We are expecting a baby with Jackie. She is three months pregnant and so hopefully in December, we will welcome our baby.

JB and blended family

Although many say JB Masanduku’s career is no longer relevant; (I guess time has evolved and things changed) – but we cannot overlook the fact the he was among the top comedians in the industry who have paved ways for the new millennium funny kids i.e Crazy Kennar.

Anyway, now that life is finally looking up for JB Masanduku; the soon to be father of 5 went on to reveal that things between him and ex wife are slowly getting better and hopefully he will soon be accessing his other 3 kids who live with Kaggia’s parents.

Life has been good. I am grateful since I have been able to meet my baby mama and I will be meeting her mum so we can agree on how I will be accessing my kids

Tina Kaggia and ex husband, JB Masanduku

JB Masanduku also went on to add that current wife Ms Karanja, already met his ex-wife Tina Kaggia; and although I can promise that these two can’t be besties – at least their kids can be friends at some point in life.

She met Tina as well and things are good.

Radio presenter Tina Kagia’s bikini photo is the hottest thing we have seen this week! (Photo)

Former Classic FM radio host Tina Kaggia is giving the male species a hard time (literally) on social media; all thanks to a steamy bathing suit she recently stepped out wearing.

As seen on the post, Tina is seen wearing a black cut out swimsuit – which concealed tiny bits of her body part; leaving the rest for her followers to ogle and truth is – Tina Kaggia is HOT!

Former Classic 105 show presenter, Tina Kaggia

Fans enjoying Thirst trap

From the comments it’s obvious that the steamy photos confused many; probably even baby daddy – since it had been a while since we saw the real Tina Kaggia on social media.

Knowing how badly her break up with comedian JB Masanduku affected her; it is indeed a good thing to see Ms Kaggia back to her old self and truth is – she actually looks way better than before.

Tina Kaggia
Tina Kaggia with ex husband, Tina Kaggia

If you haven’t seen the photo yet, then below is the hot thirst trap giving the male species wild thoughts. To caption the post, the lass wrote;

 Whether you’re married, engaged, single, in an entanglement, going through a breakup or divorce, or basically trying to find yourself. Happy valentine’s Day. Love yourself in ways that make it impossible for anyone to break you

Ms Tina Kaggia looking like a million bucks in steamy swimsuit


Tina Kaggia officially returns to radio after 4-year break

After roughly 4 years of going missing on the radio waves, former Classic 105’s mid-morning presenter, Tina Kaggia is back.

However, this time she is making her comeback on rival station, Nation FM. Breaking the news on her Instagram page, the young beauty was spotted sitting in one of the studios, captioning; “Queens never give up the crown. Good morning! #TheVoice is back!!! #nationfm

Tina Kaggia takes up Nation FM’s morning show

This morning, the radio girl welcomed fans to a revamp of her on the Nation Media Group-owned radio station psyching; “Good morning!Let’s do this!!!” From the look of things, Tina has taken up The Morning Fix show as she starts from where she left 4 years ago.

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The break

The radio presenter had in mid-December 2016 revealed she needed to “step back for a minute and focus on greater things,” but failed to give finer details on the same.

Former Classic 105 show presenter, Tina Kaggia

Her love for radio was however going to bring her back, clarifying she was going off-air for a short while but would be back before we know it.

“I have hang my gloves. Not for good. For an extremely short while. I live for radio, I breathe for it. But at times, you need to step back for a minute. For now, I am leaving Radio Africa. I absolutely love each and everyone there. But I need to flap my wings…” confessed Tina Kaggia during her exit in 2016.

Ms Tina Kaggia

Speculations were rife she had quit radio to engage with a leading sports firm after sharing a promotional video for the corporate on her Facebook page but she however never commented on the same.

And now that she is back, we can only enjoy the ride. Excited fans welcomed her back, glad that she kept her word.

martrozilit Wow! !! ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Nasijaambiwa ???????? 2020 is not all that bad. A win for you is enough. ????


nickndeda Congratulations!!! Your voice is radio gold. ????????????


nycewanjeri Yaaaaaaaaas oo oh my … ???????????????????????? ever gives up…. Go girl… I am really happy for you


itsakukudanger Go go goooooo????????????????????????

Let it happen ????????????❤️❤️

Run ting????

Comedian JB Masanduku reveals how ex wife Tina Kaggia tricked him into divorcing her

JB Masanduku and Tina Kaggia got married in October 2013. Their marriage however didn’t stand the test of time as they went their separate ways after only 3 years.

The couple was blessed with two children for the three years they had been married. Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, JB revealed that Tina Kaggia tricked him into divorcing her even after they agreed to part ways harmoniously without any drama.

“I am legally divorced, although at first we had agreed to do it privately without involving the court and the public. Then one day, I received a call from people asking to give me some job as an MC, which I agreed. They tricked to meet me for the job. When I met the person, I found out it was Tina Kaggia’s lawyer and a police officer, and they served me the divorce letter. I had to be attending the mentions, and finally we divorced,” JB narrated.

Rushed into marriage
JB Masanduku
JB Masanduku

JB also opened up about dating Tina who is 7 years older than him. He revealed that he proposed to Tina after only 11 days of knowing her.

“I engaged Tina after 11 days of knowing each other because the first time I saw her was when I had come to do some voice test here at Radio Jambo. We started dating as a joke and even wrote on social media. We received backlash, of course, and finally we said we needed to officiate everything. We went to her parents and we did our wedding, despite her being seven years older than me.”





Tina Kaggia reveals she is ready to jump back into the dating pool

Comedian JB Masanduku’s ex wife Tina Kaggia might be planning on moving on after her bitter split with her husband. This comes as part of her New Years resolution where she shared a post indicating her plans.

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About a month ago the former Classic FM presenter revealed that she almost suffered depression and got into alcoholism after her relationship with JB went sour.

She was checked into a rehab a couple of times and according to JB the ex husband, Tina Kaggia at some point almost committed suicide in front of him.

Time to move on

However all that drama has been left behind and Tina is ready to jump back into dating. In her latest post shared on Instagram she wrote saying;

Resolutions 2018. 1.Stop ghosting good guys. 2.Wake up an hour earlier than necessary. 3.Read the Bible more. 4.Meditate more. 5.Burpees 6.Laser off something. 7.Teach the kids how to play chess. 8.Grow back my hair. 9.Save hard! 10.Less jeans and vests, more little dresses. 11.Drink more water. 12.Go on more dates. I actually don’t like them. What about you? #Resolutions #2018

well it could be the best thing for her especially since her man is already seeing someone else.

JB Masanduku reveals shocking details about his ex wife and how abusive she was towards him

For the past few weeks Tina Kaggia and her ex husband have been making headlines following their breakup. From what we have learnt so far is that the two have been struggling with a few things that forced them to live separately.

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Through her social media pages Tina kaggia confessed to having turned to alcohol and at some point even got suicidal. The lady went  on to say that  she decided to walk away from her marriage since JB Masanduku was never present in their lives. According to her, all he did was drink and party with friends forgetting that his family was waiting home for him.

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JB Masanduku’s version

Since there is always 2 sides of the story, JB Masanduku recently confessed that his ex wife was lying. He revealed this in a post shared on his Instagram page where he brushed off his ex wife’s story saying he would never do that to her.

In yet another twist, JB says that Tina Kaggia was abusive towards. Though he did not get into details, the fella reveals that this is the main reason that drove him away. Masanduku also adds that Tina at some point almost committed suicide in front of him at an Ethiopian restaurant.

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This was apparently after she had spent 3 months in rehab. However when Mpasho tried to reach out to the lady for a comment, Tina Kaggia was not ready to answer any questions.

So who is making who look bad?


Comedian JB Masanduku claims his ex wife has been lying to the public

Tina Kagga and her ex husband have been making headlines for weeks now. Well, this is after Tina Kaggia came out to say that she had split from JB Masanduku who was not serious about their family.

According to the lady, the comedian was never there for her and their kids something that led her into depression. Tina Kaggia went on to say that her ex preferred spending time with his friends partying and drinking than coming home to be with his family.

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Their story left the two in the lime light however comedian JB Masanduku’s name seemed more tarnished than ever. He chose to maintain his silence about the matter but a few days ago he left many shocked after uploading a photo with his ex and wrote saying:

I don’t know what the fuss is about. I wouldn’t do this to Tina Kaggia…

This however left a few of his fans calling him out for what he did to his ex while others asked him to apologize.

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Tina Kaggia splits with JB Masanduku

According to Tina Kaggia, the two are now separated and from the look of things JB Masanduku already moved on.A few days ago he introduced his new lady while Tina Kaggia has chosen to work on herself following the toxic relationship she was involved in.

Is Tina Kaggia hitting back after her ex husband revealed his new girlfriend?

There is definitely an indirect online war between Tina Kaggia and her ex husband, JB Masanduku. This is after the lady came out to reveal some of the nasty things she faced when married.

According to Tina Kaggia, her ex was never involved in their lives. He was barely present when his first child was born as he was out partying with friends. Even after trying to work out things between the two, Tina Kaggia finally chose to walk away.

JB Masanduku introduces new lady

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However, after watching people give Tina Kaggia too much attention JB Masanduku hit back. Through his Instagram page the fella introduced his new found love leaving fans shocked. Most could not believe that he had opted to find love somewhere else forgetting his own children.

Tina Kaggia’s hits back

Well, the drama between these two is not about to end anytime soon. Tina Kaggia’s new posts have now left fans wondering whether they are aimed at her ex husband. In one post she wrote saying:

Dogs get attention when they chase cars.It is absolutely cute and cuddly. But I’m yet to see one driving a Bentley ????. Respect yourself. Attention is the most fickle and fleeting little thing on this planet. Seek things with value and longevity. #respect#putsomerespekonyourname #chasingcars

So could she be bashing her ex husband? Who knows! Here is the other post.

Just us two! Tina Kaggia’s ex husband, comedian JB Masanduku flaunts his new found love

It is now clear that JB Masanduku and radio presenter Tina Kaggia will not be getting back together. In fact according to Tina Kaggia things are way better off without her ex husband in their lives.

Recently the lady came out to narrate how she almost lost herself in depression, alcohol addiction and suicidal toughts. From posts, Tina Kaggia exposed her former marriage saying it was not as perfect as people thought.

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JB Masanduku was rarely involved in their children’s life as he was not ready to give up partying. The comedian in a way ‘abandoned’ his family which led to Tina Kaggia’s depression.

Tina Kaggia leaves JB Masanduku

According to the lady, it reached a point where she realized that she had to live for her children. She seeked help and a few months later her life has totally changed. Tina now uses her social media pages to help women who are going through the same situation she was in.

JB’s new found love

Comedian JB Masanduku however seems to have moved on with his life. He now has a new woman, Njenga Leisly in his life and from his caption he seems un-bothered. Below are his new photos flaunting the new lady he is dating.

“My son felt my pain and it was affecting him as well” Tina Kaggia narrates the hardships she faced while married to ex husband, JB Masanduku

Former radio presenter Tina Kaggia recently confirmed that she had split with her husband, comedian JB Masanduku. This is after some issues which not be resolved in their marriage.

Speaking during a recent interview, the lady revealed some shocking details that left many sympathizing with her. Tina Kaggia revealed that her husband was always out and about with his friends forgetting his family.

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This left her feeling suicidal and depressed – something that also affected her children. According to her she did not know that her children could feel her pain but now that she is sober and wiser she has managed to put the pieces together.

In a new post, Tina Kaggia narrates what had happened in the sad looking photo she shared. She wrote saying

Tina Kaggia
Tina Kaggia

This #tbt .my #2 had finally fallen asleep in my arms after hours and hours of fussing. It was a Sunday and nothing I did would soothe him to sleep.When I think about the circumstances surrounding that day and some previous events, I was under tons of stress so I wasn’t happy at all. My son was feeling my not so positive energy and it was affecting him as well. Your children feed off your energy. When you are happy, they are happy. When you are depressed or sad, so are they. It is very important what you feed your kids emotionally. I’m glad I managed to find my serenity . I can not over emphasize how much good it has done for them. #kagia02 #boylion #heartbeat #son#mummysperfectgentleman

Moving on

The mother of three has sinc moved on and is now building a Christian background for her children. So far she has been using her story to inspire women going through the same situation she was once caught up in.