Noti Flow needs to shut up about King Alami

Noti Flow has been discussing about her and King Alami’s situation quite a lot for the past few weeks. What I do not understand is why she seems to want to milk this topic given the horrendous circumstances surrounding why the butch lesbian is currently in hospital. I would have thought she would be zealous about wanting to secure her privacy.

King Alami’s arm amputated & set to undergo more surgeries days after tragic fall – ex Noti Flow shares more details

I am ofcourse referring to the fact that Alami was at a party and under some unclear circumstances, she ended up taking a dive off the side of the building and nearly died! The fact that she survived was a miracle in and of itself but it didn’t leave her with no scars! Hell, she lost her arm right at the armpit!

Noti Flow with ex, King Alami

And what’s worse is the fact that Noti Flow who claims to love this woman is busy dishing out personal information about her progress at hospital. And then with that same mouth telling people to respect their privacy. Nah, she is definitely milking this for attention, sympathy and validation.

“Pray for the family” Noti Flow speaks after ex girlfriend is hospitalized

When someone goes through and survives a life-threatening situation, they should be the ones to tell their own story. Especially when it is under such a crazy cloud of suspicion. And Florence needs to be made aware of this.

Noti Flow serving fans with thirst trap image

If King Alami wants to give her updates, she should be the one to do so herself and not Noti Flow. That woman lost her hand for crying out loud, and that comes with a level of psychological damage that will need to be addressed. Let your lover heal with the dignity of privacy.

Noti Flow is in Dubai now *wink wink*

Do not make her the topic of conversation for articles like these. Do not make her the topic of conversation for idle people in matatus sitting in traffic. Silence should be the word you live by.

Unless ofcourse you’re a narcissist. What do I mean by that, no, I am not calling her this as some sort of feminist dig that is thrown around to the point it has become a useless word. No, this truly is what Noti Flow is showing herself to be.

Why Noti Flow involves us in her sexual lifestyle

“Narcissistic personality disorder — one of several types of personality disorders — is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others.”

Noti Flow

Does that sound familiar? But far be it for me to say that this is only my opinion as she hasn’t been diagnosed by a professional shrink. And still, all the signs are there, and plain to see.

Noti Flow is using this to make herself the trending topic. That is what all her yammering is really about. She wants the admiration that comes from being a great, supportive girlfriend. She wants the attention that comes from such a situation. And she has an inflated sense of self-importance as she continues to inject herself into a situation she had chosen to walk away from, wasn’t involved in but now is even more visible than the person laying in the hospital bed.

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Noti Flow is in Dubai now *wink wink*

Noti Flow has had a hell of a roller coaster time in her relationships. She went from being in an abusive relationship with her ex, King Alami and then moving on to dating some random heaux in Mombasa and she’s now in Mombasa.

Why Noti Flow involves us in her sexual lifestyle

The rapper who is better known for all the shenanigans she gets herself embroiled in more than her musical career is now in Doobs with a mzungu man she’s claiming as her lover…

I am really trying to be delicate about what we are probably all thinking Noti Flow’s activities are in the gulf region. And the truth is, we might be dealing with a Porta Potty scenario. Or maybe it is all just love and romance.

Noti Flow and girlfriend let fans in on their bedroom matters, here’s why they are addicted to each other

All I am saying is the fact that the young rapper is busy serving standards in Dubai courtesy of a man. And while there, she has shared images of herself purportedly loving up on the man and they are happy. But where has the guy surfaced from all of a sudden?

Noti Flow
Noti Flow takes risque photographs because she is surrounded by enablers

And what happened to the previous lover she was with just over the weekend? What did Noti Flow do to her? Have they broken up? Are they in an open relationship? We know she doesn’t make any money from her craft because she only has 7K monthly listeners on Spotify. We also know she hasn’t put out any new music nor is she on the circuit touring the world and performing fro audiences of any size… So how is she paying for her trip?

“Huyo chokora” Eric Omondi showers insults on Noti Flow for ‘disrespecting’ him

All I can truly say with any certainty is that she is in Duabi. Wink wink!

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Why Noti Flow involves us in her sexual lifestyle

Noti Flow is a Kenyan celebrity who is more renowned for her sexual activities than she is for her music. And that is by design -a terrible one but it is still the design.

Noti Flow and girlfriend let fans in on their bedroom matters, here’s why they are addicted to each other

You see, she falls into the group of female celebrities who think that their only value lies in making themselves sexual objects for their adoring fans. And while this is part of the design, it isn’t its entirety but it would seem no one told her of this fact.

Noti Flow serving fans with thirst trap image

Noti Flow gave up in being one of the most renowned and popular rappers. She gave up on consistently putting out music. Instead, she decided to be a living thirst trap. Essentially just a meme known for her sexual orientation than her art.

King Alami on handling cyber bullies in her DM after lover, Noti Flow exposed her as an escort

And that is truly sad. She came onto the scene when there was a dearth of female Mcees and artists. She would have been able to establish herself the same way Femi One did even though the latter came… Well, later.

Noti Flow
Noti Flow only gets around low value men

Nah, she decided to focus on telling us about who she is involved with and the ups and downs her relationships experience. So as a result, we are dealing with a woman who should be a rapper but is actually just an influencer without the dynamic content required to captivate an audience.

Noti Flow flashes nipple as she dares to bare in see-through bra (Thirst trap photo)

And her fans are left wondering where her music is. And as a result, Noti Flow gets a paltry 7,000 listeners on Instagram. Meanwhile, her contemporaries like Femi One have double her figures.

Noti Flow
Noti Flow takes risque photographs because she is surrounded by enablers

It would make sense if she made the full transition into becoming an influencer or she decided to actually set up a YouTube channel and go the whole lifestyle vlogger route. But she’s half in and half out. And rather than create solid content, she simply tells us when she is dating Colonel Mustafa, when she abuses him physically and when she has moved on to living as a member of the LGBTQ brigade. then from there the weird antics of unfollowing all the people she follows and making lame excuses for her actions.

Why Noti Flow will never date a man again

All of this reeks of a lack of direction. For how long do you think her thirst-traps will captivate young men? I mean, I like a good scintillating photo like the next man but not when that is the only stuff on my timeline.

Noti Flow

And Noti flow is experiencing the effects of the surge of such content from every other campus girl. And then there is Chaturbate and Only fans so she definitely cannot compete. It would be unsustainable.

Noti Flow is the toxic one

But she is clinging to the only thing she knows. The only model she was taught. And that has no sustainable future. But now you know why she keeps us informed about all her intimate details.

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Why celebrity LGBTQ relationships are tumultuous

Kenya has some rather brave celebrities who are openly LGBTQ. To understand why I label them as brave, you need to understand that Kenya is a very conservative nation and regardless of how things appear on the surface in cosmopolitan cities like Mombasa and Nairobi, homosexuality is still frowned upon.

LGBTQ is the new Nairobi counter-culture movement

As a result, for the longest time, some celebrities, like their fellow members of the LGBTQ community have had to live in the closet to avoid facing the wrath of members of the general public, some of whom would willingly harm them simply for their sexual orientation.

That is why I would expect the openly gay celebs to have very strong relationships with each other because they aren’t just a minority but a persecuted one at that. You would think that this would make them band together in a celebration of the one thing they are forced to publicly deny themselves: love.

Anita Nderu Weighs In On Banning Of Gay Students From Boarding Schools by Magoha, Says She Supports LGBTQ Community

Instead, whenever you hear of LGBTQ celebs and look at their love lives, they are littered with heartbreaks and betrayals. I mean, look at Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri’s relationship. Look at Makena Njeri and her ex. Look at Brenda Johns and Phy Lamar. Fam, those are some hella unstable messes. Noti Flow and King Alami.

And I think I know why those relationships are about as stable as a two-legged stool. It has to do with two factors: the first being the repercussions of having to hide who you are for most of your life. Think about it if you will. Imagine having to deny a huge part of what makes you, you. It would be akin to having to hide your arms all your life.

Chimano explains why he decided to come out as LGBTQ

As a result, most of these LGBTQ celebs who have finally found acceptance in their small community, those who can now date freely are exploring what it means to do just that, date freely. And unfortunately, honesty is what they are sacrificing at the altar of newfound freedom.

Noti Flow serving fans with thirst trap image

It’s like “starvation syndrome”. You were denied love and affection, hell, even infatuation and requited lust and now you have it albeit in a small community and it is a buffet because all the other members have experienced the same thing. So what do you think these people do? They binge. And as a result, those who are in relationships cheat.

‘F*k All LGBTQI Community!’ Lexxy Yung Disses Gayism, Terms It As Inappropriate And Evil

The second reason their relationships are so unstable is that they live in total fear. As a result of constantly being in survival mode, most LGBTQ celebrities are caught up in living their dream vicariously. So what if they have a partner? That won’t stop them from enjoying life because lord alone knows what would happen if they met with the worst dredges of society (criminals) who might just harm them.

Brenda Jon

And the same group doesn’t have an older, more grounded class that can advise them on how to settle into their lives and live them peacefully. When they look for role models, all they can see are the loud, crappy examples of the likes of Kaz Lucas and her throuple. These relationships are indeed exciting but they do not last long. And when they end, things tend to get toxic.

Xtiandela LGBTQ platform will cost him his political ambition

So what you inevitably get in a lot of these celebrity LGBTQ couples, is a lack of balance that is grounded in reality and the truth that life is mundane. If you want a flashy, imbalanced relationship, sure it will be exciting but it will inevitably explode. And that is why you cannot mention a single LGBTQ relationship that was not preceded by or will itself explode in failure.

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