Makena Njeri needs to apologise for her ridiculous rant

After it was reported that Edwin Chiloba had been killed, Kenya’s LGBTQ community led by Makena Njeri decided to attack Kenyans for what they termed as homophobia. And this hue and Cry generated a lot of media attention shining a spotlight on Kenya’s fledgling homosexual community.

LGBTQ Or Not, No Kind Of Relationship Is Safe

It has since come to light that everyone’s assumption was wrong mine included. And as such each of us who had made a false assumption needs to step up and own the mistake and apologize.

It especially falls on the shoulders of those who made the loudest allegations to make the loudest apologies. Makena Njeri made some rather unsavoury allegations against Kenyans and she did so on a rather huge platform only to have been proven wrong and rather than admit that she was wrong she has decided to deactivate Instagram account.

Its sad, but we are right; LGBTQ is not accepted outside Nairobi and Mombasa

The problem with this is that it allows the narrative that Edward was killed due to homophobia to continue to run amok. This paints Kenyans in a rather barbaric light. As I have said earlier we too had made this assumption and we too are coming out to say we were wrong as investigations have shown that he was killed due to wrangles with his homosexual partner.

Makena Njeri

Makena Njeri wasn’t the only loud voice by far as there were others who had also come out to push the narrative and who are equally as silent as she is when silence is by far the least preferred reaction to the developing story.

Why Makena Njeri and Kaz Lucas will never succeed in making homosexuality acceptable

The question that remains unanswered is whether she will eventually come out to apologize to Kenyans. I, however, i’m not holding my breath waiting for that to happen. I suspect she will continue to bury her head in the sand and then continue on as if nothing had happened.

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Why Makena Njeri and Kaz Lucas will never succeed in making homosexuality acceptable

Makena Njeri and Kaz Lucas were vocal afew weeks back when it was announced that Kenya was banning any movies or shows (entertainment for that matter) that has any sort of homosexuality in it. It was even more perplexing that they were confused at how happy Kenyans were to receive this news.

Born this way! Makena Njeri recounts growing up different, says she always knew she was special

The news had been announced by the  Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO, Christopher Wambua during an interview who said that same-sex films and movies are prohibited in the Kenyan Constitution hence the board will continue its crackdown on such content in the mainstream media.

Kaz Lucas

First, there was the misconception that this was a new move. He was simply reiterating an already existing law. Secondly, members of the homosexual collective including Makena Njeri and Kaz Lucas felt like they were being unfairly targeted. That is what we would describe as solipsistic behaviour.

Why the Makena Njeri LGBTQ push is dead in the water

You see, for some reason, Kenyan homosexuals have conveniently chosen to ignore the fact that the law also outlaws any pornographic content of the heterosexual variety. That simply put, means that in Kenya we do not allow any sexually suggestive or explicit content to be aired on the mainstream media. No group is being unfairly targeted.

Tight girlfriends, Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri

So why do the LGBTQ members such as Makena Njeri feel offended that we as a people do not want their children exposed to anything sexual. What sort of mindset thinks it is entitled to teach another person’s children it’s sexual identity and ideology?! That is madness. Why would anyone be upset that you and I do not want our 5-year-old sisters and brothers, our sons and daughters being exposed to same-sex marriages via cartoons? That is insidious.

Makena Njeri Admonishes Ruto To Recognize LGBTQ Community

And then there is the fact that Kenya is a conservative nation with Christian and Muslim roots that lean more towards social conservativism. That means that The likes of Kaz Lucas and Makena Njeri are attempting to fight against generations of traditional Christian and Muslim thinking that basically teaches against the practice of homosexuality. But the unique thing about Kenyans is the fact that we are willing to compromise. Think of our system as being akin to the American military’s position on the matter; “don’t ask, don’t tell”.

Makena Njeri

We don’t care about what you as an individual do behind closed doors but you cannot try and evangelize your lifestyle to us. You cannot come to our children and attempt to get them to perceive life as you do. As the guardian of my daughters and sons, that job would be mine (if I had them). So why do the likes of Kaz and Makena think they are entitled to indoctrinate my children?

Why Makena Njeri has so much success with women

Their argument is that they were born this way. They pretend that they are attempting to normalize things for the next generation of kids like them. Kids who realise they are attracted to the same gender and who feel like they are not represented but before we do this, we need to address the question of whether this is a truly healthy affinity or a result of RTS (rape trauma syndrome) and spoiler alert, it is more often a result of predatory adults than an innate inclination.

Kaz Karen Lucas

Perhaps these kids are genuinely born that way… Well, that is well and good for them -sic-. Let them go and get children of their own, whether through adoption or artificial insemination and then teach them their own values. But as for me and my house?! And when you cross that Rubicon, you cannot ask why people have reacted in an animalistic manner.

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Why the Makena Njeri LGBTQ push is dead in the water

We all know Makena Njeri is a lesbian… Or is the currently politically correct term a tranny/ trans man? I don’t know anymore. All I know is that she is a woman who loves women and dresses like a man because she identifies as one regardless of what science says and it is only polite for me to refer to her as one if I subscribe to the currently prevalent socio-political zeitgeist emanating from America -which I don’t.

Makena Njeri Admonishes Ruto To Recognize LGBTQ Community

See how complicated her being a lesbian is these days? She is a tomboy who identifies as a man and would prefer you use the pronouns he/him like we should ignore all the education my parents paid for inorder for me to graduate from the 8-4-4 system so I can preserve her feelings.

Makena Njeri

But this is not about that aspect of Makena Njeri. Instead, it is about the fact that she reached out to President Ruto following his interview with CNN where Christian Amanpour asked him about his stance on the subject.

The Makena Njeri question: Is Kenya ready for homosexual families?

She tried to insert herself into the conversation after the fact for two real reasons; the first being because it directly affects her given her lifestyle and the gender dysphoria she clearly suffers from but also for clout.

Film and TV presenter, Makena Njeri

But you see, this isn’t nearly the time when this conversation is acceptable in Kenya. Why you ask? Because Kenya is not just a conservative nation but is also a Christian fundamentalist nation and the other large majority of Kenyans are conservative Muslims. None of these groups is inclined to listen favourably to anything Makena Njeri has to say on the topic. It’s dead in the water.

Makena Njeri reveals why she likes it when he lovers call her Dzaddy

Secondly, Ruto is a man whose entire political career has seen him align himself heavily with the church and his Christian faith. He wears it as a badge of honour and he will be damned if he appears to be sympathetic to what the Bible and Quran have proscribed as haram.

Makena Njeri

Hell, I doubt whether he would even entertain the idea on a personal level.

LGBTQ activist Makena Njeri talks pregnancy – reveals she wants a family of her own

So what options are open to Makena Njeri? Well, I would advise her and the other celebrities who have come out of the closet such as Chimano and Maxwell Mwamburi is for them to simply continue to live their lives as they have. Kenyans by and large do not care what you do behind the confines of your home. What they hate is for you to rub it in their faces.

Makena Njeri

But in addition to this, if they truly do want to effect any sort of societal change, then they need to borrow a leaf from gay Hollywood. Makena Njeri needs to wake up to the realisation that money is power. Period. They need to come together and start gathering financial power around themselves. This would allow them to first truly create their own spaces such as the places they live, shops they shop at and restaurants they patronize.

“Stop killings us” Makena Njeri speaks following brutal murder of gay lady, Sheila Lumumba

This power can then be used to push not just political changes but also policies and culture. Do I want to see this? No. But this is how Makena Njeri can achieve her far-fetched goals. Until then, all she is doing is singing an opera for a very uninterested bull.

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The Makena Njeri question: Is Kenya ready for homosexual families?

Makena Njeri has announced that she intends to start a family of her own with a lesbian lover to be determined in due time but one interesting factor in all this is whether or not the Kenyans are ready for this type of family unit.

Makena Njeri reveals why she likes it when he lovers call her Dzaddy

You see, contrary to what you might think, Kenya indeed does have certain allowances traditionally for homosexuality. No really, if you’re a Meru, ask your grandmother about the mugawe. There was a gay Bugandan king called Mwanga 2 aswell and it seems sentiment about him only changed when Uganda was colonized. And those are just the examples I can remember.

Makena Njeri

So what Makena Njeri is trying to do later in life isn’t anything new. The change in attitude towards homosexuals and lesbians actually came through Islam and Christianity which were either brought by Arab traders and missionaries respectively.

LGBTQ activist Makena Njeri talks pregnancy – reveals she wants a family of her own

Be that as it may, the truth is that homosexuality as an act is still illegal in Kenya and that would mean that Makena Njeri and other people who identify as gay would be contravening the law. Granted this law only seems concerned with men but it is still a thing.
Article 162 penalizes “carnal knowledge … against the order of nature” with up to 14 years in prison, and Article 165 castigates “indecent practices between males” with the possibility of five years’ imprisonment.

Makena Njeri

But seeing as I am not a lawyer, I am going to drop that gem right here and move on. So back to Makena Njeri’s desire to raise a family as one half of a gay couple. In Kenya, our society cherry picks what to be conservative about. And this would be a real issue. Why? Because Kenyans might decide they don’t want them living near them.

Michelle Ntalami Spills The Beans On Nasty Break-Up With Makena Njeri (Screenshots)

Or perhaps Makena Njeri and her partner will become a problem for the children who will be bullied and teased as she is a high profile gay rights activist. Or perhaps the parents in their school’s PTA will decide they do not want to deal with a homosexual couple. Whatever the case may be, this is a very interesting topic and I for one look forward to seeing how it will respoolve itself. My bet is on Makena Njeri creating a bubble around herself. She will recede into that bubble that will have like minded individuals and she would also live in a more cosmopolitan area and her children would attend a liberal international school.

BBC reporter, Makena Njeri

But as I said before, I would love to see how Makena Njeri would navigate this one.

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Why celebrity LGBTQ relationships are tumultuous

Kenya has some rather brave celebrities who are openly LGBTQ. To understand why I label them as brave, you need to understand that Kenya is a very conservative nation and regardless of how things appear on the surface in cosmopolitan cities like Mombasa and Nairobi, homosexuality is still frowned upon.

LGBTQ is the new Nairobi counter-culture movement

As a result, for the longest time, some celebrities, like their fellow members of the LGBTQ community have had to live in the closet to avoid facing the wrath of members of the general public, some of whom would willingly harm them simply for their sexual orientation.

That is why I would expect the openly gay celebs to have very strong relationships with each other because they aren’t just a minority but a persecuted one at that. You would think that this would make them band together in a celebration of the one thing they are forced to publicly deny themselves: love.

Anita Nderu Weighs In On Banning Of Gay Students From Boarding Schools by Magoha, Says She Supports LGBTQ Community

Instead, whenever you hear of LGBTQ celebs and look at their love lives, they are littered with heartbreaks and betrayals. I mean, look at Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri’s relationship. Look at Makena Njeri and her ex. Look at Brenda Johns and Phy Lamar. Fam, those are some hella unstable messes. Noti Flow and King Alami.

And I think I know why those relationships are about as stable as a two-legged stool. It has to do with two factors: the first being the repercussions of having to hide who you are for most of your life. Think about it if you will. Imagine having to deny a huge part of what makes you, you. It would be akin to having to hide your arms all your life.

Chimano explains why he decided to come out as LGBTQ

As a result, most of these LGBTQ celebs who have finally found acceptance in their small community, those who can now date freely are exploring what it means to do just that, date freely. And unfortunately, honesty is what they are sacrificing at the altar of newfound freedom.

Noti Flow serving fans with thirst trap image

It’s like “starvation syndrome”. You were denied love and affection, hell, even infatuation and requited lust and now you have it albeit in a small community and it is a buffet because all the other members have experienced the same thing. So what do you think these people do? They binge. And as a result, those who are in relationships cheat.

‘F*k All LGBTQI Community!’ Lexxy Yung Disses Gayism, Terms It As Inappropriate And Evil

The second reason their relationships are so unstable is that they live in total fear. As a result of constantly being in survival mode, most LGBTQ celebrities are caught up in living their dream vicariously. So what if they have a partner? That won’t stop them from enjoying life because lord alone knows what would happen if they met with the worst dredges of society (criminals) who might just harm them.

Brenda Jon

And the same group doesn’t have an older, more grounded class that can advise them on how to settle into their lives and live them peacefully. When they look for role models, all they can see are the loud, crappy examples of the likes of Kaz Lucas and her throuple. These relationships are indeed exciting but they do not last long. And when they end, things tend to get toxic.

Xtiandela LGBTQ platform will cost him his political ambition

So what you inevitably get in a lot of these celebrity LGBTQ couples, is a lack of balance that is grounded in reality and the truth that life is mundane. If you want a flashy, imbalanced relationship, sure it will be exciting but it will inevitably explode. And that is why you cannot mention a single LGBTQ relationship that was not preceded by or will itself explode in failure.

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Why Makena Njeri has so much success with women

Makena Njeri is a true testament to something one of my mentors says; most women have been with more women than most men. Let that sink in. Incase it is beyond you (maybe because you’re a knuckle dragging troglodyte) what I am trying to communicate is the fact that most women have gotten to enjoy intimacy with other women more than most Kenyan men have.

Michelle Ntalami finally reveals why she parted ways with girlfriend, Makena Njeri

She has recently been in the media’s limelight because her alleged ex (funny word, alleged) Michelle Ntalami outed her as an unfaithful partner. What was interesting is the fact that the genius influencer knew her partner’s history but chose to ignore it -because clown world.

Michelle Ntalami

Makena Njeri however, is completely unbothered and has already moved on and is now reportedly even in a new relationship. She has moved on like the best of the players. Actually, even my mentor is in awe at how effortlessly she has played her hand like a pro. She genuinely does understand the intricacies of game and seduction.

Michelle Ntalami sets record straight days after fueling lesbianism rumors with Makena Njeri

At this point I need everyone to pay attention to what we are about to discuss. Why? Because you are about to learn game from one of the best lesbians to play their hand.

Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri

Makena Njeri understands that women are equally visually stimulated as men are. That is why she grooms impeccably. She is always dressed to the nines and I have no doubt she smells like a bag of money. Kenyan men need to learn from this. No woman wants to walk around with someone who is dressed like a sack of manure. regardless of how much money you think you have, no woman wants to feel embarrassed walking with her partner. You do not necessarily need to wear something with gawdy labels but dress up well.

Makena Njeri, from all accounts, is a very charming lady. You as a man need to learn to talk to people. If that means learning public speaking or learning how to brush up on your social graces, you must learn how to be charming. This also includes learning social cues. You have to learn to know when someone is open to talking and when someone is simply being polite: when someone is flirting vs when someone is merely into the topic of conversation.

Learn to go after what you like and want just as our champion lesbian does. Feel no shame announcing your interest in a lady. Wait, hold up, that only works if you have worked on yourself to be the best version of who you are. That means you dress well, have game and have been hitting the gym. If you’re a sloppy fatso, I don’t recommend you go this route unless you are a funny SOB.

Also, notice that Makena Njeri does not operate with any scarcity mentality. She is simply put, aware of the abundance of muff she can explore and she carries herself as such. She knows she can replace one attractive lady with another and is confident enough (after having enjoyed multiple women) to know that there will always be another.

Ultimately, her hidden ace is the fact that she offers the excitement of taboo. She represents a dalliance and affair that is exciting because in our Kenyan society, it is considered a “sin”. Every woman she has been with is excited to be involved in something clandestine. And while she has the advantage of the law being contrary to her proclivities, you can achieve the same level of excitement by being mysterious -or you can read that as learning how to shut the fizzak up!

Appreciate the player, hate the game.

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Michelle Ntalami: Getting heartbroken is nothing new

Michelle Ntalami is 37 years old (according to a dating site profile she set up) is online crying and whining about the end of her relationship with Makena Njeri, a notorious butch lothario.

Michelle Ntalami finally reveals why she parted ways with girlfriend, Makena Njeri

It is actually laughable to think that a woman so close to her 40s is acting like a lovesick prepubescent and making her personal affairs public to the rest of us -never mind that when she was in love and things were going smoothly, she demanded privacy.

Tight girlfriends, Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri

To most people, this love story is salacious because it is allegedly a lesbian love triangle. All things LGBTQ have a way of captivating Kenyans because we as a people pretend to be conservative. Also, from the chatter I have glimpsed online, there is a perverse sense of schadenfreude because a lot of men seem to feel cathartic that a lesbian has experienced infidelity -something she had claimed is prevalent in men.

Here’s why Anita Nderu and Michelle Ntalami are fanning LGBTQ rumours

Michelle Ntalami however, needs to maintain sharap about her love life. I for one do not understand why her personal life is being served up like a cheap telenovela by her. She has a private love life and it should stay that way.

Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri

Also, there is the added fact that she has opened up Makena Njeri to cyberbullying. That is something despicable to do to someone you once loved. And this is a sign of a dark soul. Why? Because she knows the statements she shared online not only bring unwanted attention to her exes life but also allow her to be targeted by disgruntled exes, bloggers and haters.

Michelle Ntalami sets record straight days after fueling lesbianism rumors with Makena Njeri

Michelle Ntalami does not realize that she has also opened her future relationships up to being dissected and placed under the microscope by the adoring public. This is a double-edged sword but given the fact she is an “influencer”, I doubt she is too bothered by this -for now. To her, the attention she is currently enjoying doubtless is exciting to her because she is getting insane interactions on social media. When will they learn?!

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Why Michelle Ntalami’s relationship rumours have sparked flames

Michelle Ntalami and her friend, Makena, have caused quite the stir online with their recent display of affection and love for each other.

Michelle Ntalami and BBC´s Makena fuel lesbianism rumors in open love letters to each other

You see, Michelle Ntalami isn’t new to rumours swirling about regarding her sexual orientation and more often than not, she seems to fan them before doing something most do not necessarily associate with lesbians.

Michelle Ntalami has taken to posting thirst traps for attention

On the other hand, with Makena, things are slightly different as even her outward appearance is decidedly androgynous and her style of dressing very masculine.

michelle ntalami and Makena

I think by this point you can get why the posts by Makena and Michelle Ntalami and Makena are the talk of the town:

Whatever you need, I’m at your beck and call. If you need a foot rub, a back rub, someone to take you shopping and spoil you silly , or just someone to drive you around town, I’m your person. I want to make you feel like you’re a true goddess who deserves all the love I give to you ♥️.
I have experienced the most beautiful love with you Queen and it shows in every single inch of my existence . Baby you got me at hello and what a time to celebrate you darling. Happy Birthday you Sexy Queen!! @michelle.ntalami ????????

michelle ntalami and makena njeri

And Michelle Ntalami responded to this blah blah blah saying,

@makenanjeri The spice you’ve brought to my life! Words can’t describe! We’ve not yet even began the real fun.. let’s do this baby! I love you! ♥️

The thing is, we live in a post-modern world in which most people are aware of same-sex relationships. this for conservative, African countries causes quite the confusion as most of the people in question often conflates friendliness with attraction.

Michelle Ntalami finds herself in yet another lesbian scandal, accused of ‘stealing’ another woman 

But even the fact that Kenyan men are wracking their brains to find out whether Michelle Ntalami and Makena are indeed lovers isn’t because they are anti-same-sex relationships but rather because most Kenyan men are worried that two attractive women have decided they aren’t worth siring progeny with.

Michelle Ntalami

Truth be told, Michelle Ntalami and Makena are attractive women and the fact that they have decided to deal with women or so the rumours claim breaks a lot of male hearts.

Michelle Ntalami is a successful entrepreneur with a sexy body and this all means that many a man will be willing to forgive her 36 years of age and try to settle down with her. The same goes for Makena. You can clearly see that were she to wear female clothes and act a lot more feminine, many a man would chase after her.

Why else are Kenyans debating or whispering about the two? So what if they are friends or lovers? What does that have to do with anything? It only makes sense when viewed from the prism of competition.


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