Sanaipei Tande Addresses Pregnancy Rumors After Trend On X/Twitter

Musician Sanaipei Tande recently addressed online rumors suggesting she is pregnant. In a YouTube interview on March 12th, she firmly denied these claims.

Sanaipei discussed her experiences with various rumors throughout her career. She acknowledged the initial challenges of navigating public scrutiny and learning to deal with fabricated stories.

“When I was 19, when I first came into the industry, I thought everything was black and white but then I learnt from being behind the scenes, that that oh my goodness, people just really create their own stuff.”

“They can fabricate a whole story. So back then there was a lot of fear. I thought everything was black and white. Then I come and figured out that people just create stories, or try and get you in a picture, in a compromising situation and then they blow up the whole thing.”

She emphasizes that with time, she has developed a thicker skin and understands the presence of negativity alongside positive media attention.

Sanaipei cites a recent instance where a random individual spread false information about her pregnancy online. She highlights the absurdity of such claims and the unnecessary focus on her physical appearance.

“And so now rumours don’t affect me. Say it. You say what you want. As recently as last week when I was impregnated by Twitter (now X).

What is that? Just a random chick decided to wake up and say Sanaipei is expecting. And then her body. That’s what she said. Everybody’s picked up on it and asking me is it true, is it not.”

She expresses her stance against engaging with cyberbullies and their attempts to spread misinformation.

Ababu Namwamba redirects Sanaipe Tande’s question about money to Kalasha Awards team

Following criticism from artists and concerns over delayed payments, the promised prize money for the 12th edition of the Kalasha International Film and TV Awards is finally moving forward.

Sports and Arts Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba confirmed that the funds have been dispersed to the Kenya Film Commission (KFC). He assured the public that the money is “safely” with the commission and will be released to the winners soon.

Timothy Owase, CEO of KFC, echoed Namwamba’s statement, confirming receipt of the funds and stating that they will begin disbursing the money next week.

This comes after several artists, including singer Sanaipei Tande and costume designer Fatuo Hassan, publicly expressed their disappointment and frustration regarding the delay in prize money payment.

The initial award amount of Sh100,000 per winner was doubled by Namwamba during the awards ceremony, raising expectations and further amplifying the disappointment when the money failed to materialize.

With the funds now in the hands of the KFC and a confirmed disbursement plan in place, the Kalasha Award winners can finally expect to receive their long-awaited prize money. This positive development will hopefully restore faith and confidence in the awards program and its commitment to recognizing and rewarding Kenyan talent.

Sanaipei Tande Speaks Out: Unfulfilled Promises and Unpaid Awards Disappoint Artists

Singer and actress Sanaipei Tande has raised her voice against the Kenyan Film Commission (KFC) and the Kalasha Awards for their failure to disburse promised prize money to deserving winners.

A year after the 12th edition of the Kalasha Awards, artists are still waiting to receive their Sh200,000 prize money, causing frustration and disappointment.

Sanaipei Tande, while questioning the lack of communication and financial recognition, highlighted the irony of allocating a significant budget for new talent development while neglecting existing artists.

“No prize money, no communication after a year, but 167M set aside for #KNT renovations in bids to develop and nurture NEW talent! What of the existing talent?” she wrote on social media.

This issue isn’t isolated. Fatou Hassan, winner in the Best Costume Design category, echoed the sentiment, expressing her disappointment at the lack of promised funds.

Initially, winners anticipated a lower prize money based on previous years, but Sports and the Arts Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba doubled the amount during the ceremony, declaring, “We have doubled cash rewards for winners in all 39 categories this year as the first step in ensuring pesa mfukoni (money in pockets) for artistes.”

However, this promise remains unfulfilled, raising concerns about the commitment to supporting and recognizing artists’ contributions.

The delay casts a shadow over the Kalasha Awards and questions the dedication to fostering a thriving film and television industry in Kenya.

It’s crucial for the organizers and the CS to address this issue promptly and ensure the promised prize money reaches the deserving winners without further delay.

Sanaipei Tande Questions Silence Over Unpaid Kalasha Award Prize Money

Actress and singer Sanaipei Tande has expressed frustration at the lack of communication and delayed payment of her Kalasha Award prize money. Tande won the Best Lead Actress in a TV Drama award (Kina) at the 2022 ceremony, which came with a promised cash prize of Sh200,000 from Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba.

However, several months have passed and Tande has yet to receive the promised funds. She has also received no explanation or communication from either the Kenya Film Commission (KFC) or the Ministry of Sports, Culture, and Heritage led by CS Namwamba.

This lack of transparency and apparent disregard for existing talent raises concerns, especially considering the recent allocation of Sh167 million towards renovations at the Kenya National Theatre (KNT) aimed at nurturing new talent.

“1 year later, no prize money and no communication on the same from The Kenya Film Commission or Ababu Namwamba, but 167M set aside for #KNT renovations in bids to develop and nurture NEW talent! What about the existing talent?” Tande questioned publicly.

This issue highlights the disconnect between promises made and actions taken. Emerging talent deserves support, but neglecting existing award-winning individuals like Tande sets a discouraging precedent.

Originally, the minimum prize money for Kalasha Award winners was set at Sh100,000, but CS Namwamba had pledged to double this amount for the 2022 awards. However, this promise remains unfulfilled.

The KFC introduced the award scheme in 2019, disbursing a total of Sh1.7 million in prize money. It is unclear why there has been such a significant delay and lack of communication regarding Tande’s case.

While KNT undergoes renovations and aims to reopen in 2024, the question remains: how can existing talent be supported and encouraged if promises made to them are not kept? CS Ababu’s appointment of a new board for KNT and his stated goal of nurturing talent seem inconsistent with the current situation faced by Sanaipei Tande.

The government needs to address Tande’s concerns and ensure that promised rewards are delivered promptly and transparently. It is crucial to prioritize and support both existing and emerging talents to create a thriving arts and culture industry in Kenya.

Senior spinster Sanaipei Tande reveals how being told to get a man to pay for her bills broke her heart

Kenyan songstress Sanapei Tande faced financial adversity between 2015 and 2016 after losing her radio job. She turned to hosting karaoke events in Nairobi to make ends meet, but the reality was far from glamorous. She encountered mistreatment and even physical manhandling from customers, with some events concluding without payment for her services.

“I did it for a whole year in 2015-16, and I realized I could not sustain my lifestyle. I lived in Westlands in a 2-bedroom house, and it just wasn’t working out,”

Despite the challenges, Sanapei persevered for a year before making the difficult decision to move back to her parents’ house to regroup. One friend’s unsolicited advice to find a wealthy man to take care of her financial needs cut deep, but Sanapei refused to give up on her dreams.

“I remember sharing my decision with my friends, and one said, ‘You are going backward in life. Why don’t you find someone to pay your rent and bills?’ I was offended, it was painful, especially when you are expecting to get support,” 

With unwavering determination, Sanapei rebuilt her life and career. She is now a successful musician and has even built her own house. Her recent loss of her father, Manasseh Lemaiyian, who was a unwavering source of support throughout her musical journey, has been a difficult setback. However, Sanapei’s resilience and strength are undeniable, and she continues to inspire others with her story.

Sanaipei Tande’s Father Passes Away

Kenyan musician, actress, and media personality, Sanaipei Tande, is grieving the loss of her father, Manasseh Lemaiyian Tande, who passed away on Friday, October 13, following a brief illness.

Sanaipei’s father was known for his strength and resilience, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of everyone who had the privilege of knowing him. He was a diligent, hardworking, and honest man who taught his daughter the importance of truth.

Mr Tande is survived by his wife, Lucy, Sanaipei’s brother, Saimi, and two grandchildren. He will be laid to rest on Thursday, October 19, at the family’s residence in Matasia, Kajiado County.

Sanaipei Tande has yet to publicly comment on her father’s passing, but she has previously spoken about her close-knit family, which has been a significant support system throughout her life.

We extend our condolences to Sanaipei Tande and her family during this difficult time.

Sanaipei Tande Shares Toxic Dating Experience

In a recent interview, Kenyan singer Sanaipei Tande opened up about her dating experiences, including a time when her first boyfriend dumped her because he believed she wasn’t making the most of her life.

Tande, who is known for her powerful vocals and musical talents, was in her late teens and early twenties at the time. She was on the cusp of stardom, gaining recognition as a member of the girl group ‘Sema.’

The group’s magical performance at the renowned Coke Studio had thrust her into the limelight, making her the talk of the town. However, Tande admits that she was not fully prepared for the whirlwind of fame that was about to consume her.

The transition into a celebrity’s life brought with it immense pressure and unexpected responsibilities. Tande recalls a time when, despite being a rising star, her first boyfriend decided to end their relationship. His reason? He believed she wasn’t making the most of her life.

“I was thrown into a world I didn’t fully understand, and interestingly, the guy I was dating who was in the music industry dumped me. He said I wasn’t doing anything with my life,” she reflects.

Tande’s experience is a reminder that fame and fortune can come with a cost. It is important to stay grounded and focused on your goals, even in the face of pressure and criticism.

Tande has gone on to have a successful career as a singer and songwriter. She is now a single mother to a young son. She is an inspiration to many, and her story is a reminder that it is possible to overcome challenges and achieve your dreams.

Sanaipei Tande Turns 40, Reflects On Her Journey

Kenyan singer, songwriter, actress, and entertainer Natasha Sanaipei Tande is celebrating her 40th birthday. In a heartfelt post on Instagram, Tande reflected on her journey and expressed her gratitude for the years she has spent on this planet.

“Thursdays the new Friday! 40 is the new 30! 😅 hamtaniambia kitu!” she wrote. “I’m so grateful for the years I’ve been given, and I can’t wait to see what the next 40 bring.”

Tande has had a successful career in the entertainment industry, spanning over a decade. She is known for her work as a singer, songwriter, and actress. She has also hosted several TV shows and radio programs.

In her post, Tande also spoke about the importance of embracing aging. She said that aging is a testament to the blessing of continued life.

“I’m not going to fight it,” she wrote. “I’m going to embrace it and all that comes with it.”

Tande’s post has been met with an outpouring of love and support from her fans and followers. They wished her a happy birthday and praised her for her positive attitude.

Tande is an inspiration to many, and her story is a reminder that it is never too late to achieve your dreams. She is a testament to the power of hard work and perseverance.

Sanaipei Tande on Financial Independence, Polygamy, and Respect

Kenyan singer and actress Sanaipei Tande has shared her thoughts on the importance of financial independence, respect, and monogamy in relationships.

In a candid interview with Oga Obinna, Tande said that she believes it is essential for individuals, particularly women, to have their own source of income. She cited examples of couples who have separated, leaving one partner struggling to support themselves financially because they were dependent on their spouse.

“We have seen how many people are splitting and finding themselves in situations where they now can’t cater for themselves,” Tande said. “You must have something for yourself.”

Tande also acknowledged the uncertainties of the future, raising the question of what would happen if a partner were to pass away unexpectedly, leaving financial matters in disarray.

“Even if he tells you that he will take care of you with everything, you never know about tomorrow,” she said. “What if he dies and things were not in order? What will you do? Let’s face it, sometimes even the family takes everything from him after he is gone. You must always have something of your own.”

On the topic of polygamy, Tande said that she would not allow her partner to have a second wife. She acknowledged that such situations often occur, regardless of permission, and highlighted the emotional complexities involved.

“Don’t they cheat always? If you allow or not, some will just do,” she said. “It depends on the dynamics of the relationship and the individuals involved.”

Regarding the possibility of dating multiple men, Tande admitted uncertainty, suggesting that it ultimately depends on the depth of love and the unique circumstances of the relationship.

“I don’t know,” she said. “It depends on how much you love each other and how much you are willing to share.”

Tande emphasized the importance of respect within relationships, regardless of the arrangement.

“You have to respect each other,” she said. “You have to be honest with each other. And you have to be willing to compromise.”

Tande’s views on marriage, polygamy, and financial independence are sure to spark debate. However, her message of self-empowerment and respect is one that is worth considering.

My dress my choice: Sanaipei Tande Addresses Online Haters

Kenyan singer and actress Sanaipei Tande has addressed her online haters, saying she has developed immunity to their negativity.

Tande was recently criticized for her choice of attire, specifically a mini-dress. The incident triggered a mixed response among her fans, with some expressing dissatisfaction with her outfit.

In a live interview with Oga Obinna, Tande said she used to let criticism get to her, but that is no longer the case.

“When I was 19, these things used to bother me. But now it’s like, you can read into what people are saying, and this person is hating you in a way that is just unintelligent,” Tande said.

She highlighted the futility of engaging with anonymous individuals, questioning the value of arguing with people whose background and motives are unknown.

“Why engage? Do you and appreciate the positive vibes and comments. If you focus on the negative side, you are going down, my dear. So, there are always those people who appreciate you and love you for who you are, and you should follow that,” Tande explained.

The artiste also spoke about her social media presence, revealing that she is predominantly active on Twitter, despite the prevalence of hate on that platform.

“I was trending on Twitter, but I am not on TikTok, and I am not so much into social media. I like Twitter, even though there is so much hate because the groups and institutions that I follow feed me with information that I need,” she said.

Tande’s message is a reminder that it is important to not let online haters get to you. It is also important to focus on the positive and to surround yourself with people who love and support you.

Sanaipei Tande reveals why she will never collaborate with Willy Paul

Singer Sanaipei Tande is undeniably a talented artist whose voice continues to impress many with her vocals. For years now, the lass has delivered sensible music which both the young and old can relate to.

However unlike other artists, Sanaipei appears to be a low key kind of person which explains the few collabos she has done in her music career.

So far, the lass has worked with the likes of Kidum, Jua Cali and Otile Brown and has never felt the need to make music with any controversial artists.

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Sanaipei opens up

Anyway, speaking of controversial – Sanaipei recently revealed reasons why she may never work with singer Willy Pozee; who apparently has been requesting for collaborations – yet she keeps brushing him off. Speaking during an interview, Sanaipei said;

I don’t do kiki [publicity stunts] and I always do music that is relevant to people. I don’t follow the crowd as well

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Never working with Willy Pozee

According to Sanaipei Tande, before working with another singer she first looks at the person’s content and talent. She said;

Otile Brown and Sanaipei Tande

First, content and talent. And how you carry yourself around people is also a determination.

Addressing those who have been asking whether she will ever work with Willy Pozee, Sanaipei for the first time opened up saying;

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Willy Paul asked for a collabo privately and I responded privately, so if he did not understand, then he has a problem.

Not that she doesn’t appreciate his talent, but according to Sanaipei – it’s not worth using her voice to work with someone as controversial as Willy Paul.

Nadia Mukami’s collabo with Sanaipei Tande dubbed ‘Wangu’ was long overdue, we absolutely love it (Video)

Nadia Mukami’s collaboration with Sanaipei Tande dubbed Wangu is without a doubt one of the best songs that I have heard this year. It’s quite infectious.

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I have listened to it a couple of times and every time I hear it, I could not help but wonder why these two musical greats had never done a song together but as they say, good things take time.

Nadia Mukami

Both Sanaipei and Nadia and Sanaipei have infectious voices, the kind that you would want to listen to for the whole day and to add to that, they both brought their very best to this song.

One of the things that also amazed me about Wangu is the theme of the song. Most people would expect the two mellow-voiced lasses to do a love song but they chose something that’s a bit different.

In the song, Nadia says that he is going to snatch Sanaipei’s husband because he is hers but Sanaipei has put up a brave fight and is not willing to let to go.

Sanaipei Tande

Nadia insists that Sanaipei’s husband loves petite women and loves to chew them while the latter is convinced that he will soon get tired of her and go to another one.

All I am trying to say is that the lyricism on this jam is unmatched. It’s just like a story that you just want to keep listening to because it flows so well.

Alexis On The Beat

Another thing that really stands out about Wangu is the beat and instrumentation. You guy, Alexis On The Beat really came through on this project. He deserves a pat on the back, for real!

The video is also dope, like really dope! It tells a visual story of the song. We can see Sanaipei’s husband surprising Nadia at the beginning with and how it caused them to quarrel later.

The lighting, scene transitioning, styling, locations are also out of this world. Basically, there is nothing to hate about this jam.

Watch Wangu below and tell us what you think.




Nadia Mukami has set the pace for other Kenyan female artists

When it comes to Kenyan music, I think Nadia Mukami is possibly one of the finest artists that we’ve ever seen, she is exceptional in every sense and I’m not exaggerating.

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Although she is barely even 5 years old in the industry, she has gotten to great heights and I would even dare say that she is the biggest female artist at the moment. Isn’t that a fact though?

Nadia Mukami

She is a great vocalist. For a long time I used to think Sanaipei Tande had a beautiful voice but then I came to know about Nadia Mukami and I changed my mind. She sounds so heavenly. I actually listen to her songs on repeat.

I also think that this lady is so hardworking. Actually she is. She keeps pushing herself and one day she might just be one of the finest African acts.

If I was her part management I would advice her not to slow down because there is no better recipe to being a great African act than constantly pushing yourself, something we’ve learnt from Diamond Platnumz.

Nadia Mukami

What people don’t know is that Nadia Mukami has the potential of becoming as great as Angelique Kidjo who might be a big comparison but I’m sure that she will get there.

Apart from the fact that she is really talented, one of the things that I love bout her is that she has managed to avoid scandals and this means that she can attract brands to work with her and whatnot.

If at all there’s a Kenyan female artist who has a high chance of bagging a Grammy, I believe it’s Nadia Mukami. I’m sure naysayers don’t believe it’s possible and I can’t wait to to tell them, “I told you so.”

Watch her latest jam with Marioo dubbed Jipe below and tell us what you think.

Most Kenyan artists can’t grow because of their massive egos

If you ask me, I’ll tell you that in as much as most Kenyan musicians are super-talented, their careers can’t pick up or grow because of their massive egos.

The only reason the likes of Avril, Nameless, Sanaipei Tande and Jua Cali have survived in this industry for long is because of their down-to-earth attitudes.

Avril Kenya
Avril Nyambura

If you’ve interacted with any of the aforementioned artists then you’ll agree that it’s easy to strike a conversation or get along with them, even if they don’t know you.

Most new-age musicians lack this trait. In most cases, an artist will release a song which will get good reception. As a result, their social media numbers will grow, they’ll get shows here and there and some money.

Thereafter, they become new people so much so that they forget where they came from or the hard work that they had to put in before they were finally recognized.

Jua Cali
Jua Cali

In most cases, this happens because of their swollen egos, a superiority complex of sorts. It’s almost as if they can’t cope with the pitfalls of being famous which is a huge problem.

An artist who was known for his or her humility becomes arrogant or snobbish, they arrive late for shows and interviews and make diva demands. Basically, they let them fame get into their heads.

This is what leads to the downfall of most Kenyan artists because most music fans tend to ignore your music as soon as they realize that you are not approachable.

Event organizers also shy away from booking an artist when they realize that they can not keep up time or make time for rehearsals.

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At the end of the day, the artist stands to lose the most since fewer people are consuming their music or attending their shows.

Maybe, just maybe, one day our local musicians will wake up and see the damage their massive egos are doing to their careers!

Sanaipei Tande and Otile Brown should do more music together

Kenyan actress, songstress and former radio personality Sanaipei Tande is a whole force to reckon. That I can shout if not just write about.

She is a lady that possesses multiple talents like I just started off. Sanaipei is one that can act on Tv and you will definitely love her.

Remember her role on Citizen Tv’s Aziza sometime back? Yes, she stood out with her proficiency with the Swahili television drama.

Further, thanks to her growing up in the coastal region Sanaipei boasts of grace, class, beauty, talent. Her music career started off back in the days of Ogopa deejays and guess what she is still here in the gengetone era.

Talk of playing it cool.

She first came into the limelight when she and two of her bandmates won the East Africa Coca Cola Pop Stars in 2004.

When the group disbanded, she found success as a solo artist and has been flying high ever since.

Musical prowess

Sanaipei Tande started out in the church where she said her big brother and mum were the push for her singing career.

She has had several songs like Amina, Najuta, Ankula Huu, Ghetti Kali that she featured Jua Kali, controversial Mfalme wa Mapenzi among others.

Consequently, she was loved by Kenyans and has been a darling to many despite her on and off in music. We want more music, please.

Sanaipei Otile Juice

Lately, she has been seen with Otile Brown in two songs like Chaguo la Moyo and now Ayiana. For this song, the duo delivered a sensational jam that many Kenyans fell in love with.

Otile and Sanaipei

Then in between came Otile’s love scandal with Vera that saw Sanaipei distance herself from him. She hates drama like a plague.

However, months in we see them again in a new jam dubbed Ayiana, another love song that elicits all sorts of emotions.

With this kind of music between the duo, I have every reason to believe that constant collaborations will propel each further musically.

For one Otile has succeeded in keeping his audience with his RnB jams. He is the kind of guy that makes you believe in love once more but then Sanaipei adds the juice to the music.

Sanaipei Tande: I’ve been dumped twice

´Aziza´ hitmaker, Sanaipei Tande comes out to reveal her multiple love circles that have seen her get dumped twice.

Speaking up and close to Willis Raburu on 10 over 10, the Kenyan songbird discloses:

Asante kwa Kunitema, which is loosely translated to [thanks for dumping me] is a story of my life.

Most of us are being embarrassed about being dumped.

I’ve been dumped twice but sometimes being dumped is actually a blessing in disguise.

Because it means you find somebody who treats you better.

It’s okay. Don’t be embarrassed about saying ‘I’ve been dumped´.

Getting dumped for her, does not mean she is not worth any of the love.

It simply tells her that someone who actually values her is on the way.

Therefore encouraging all to avoid any embarrassment that comes their way.

That the sultry singer explains is the meaning and reason behind her jam ´Asante kwa Kunitema´


Sana now graces the circle of ´single ladies´for more than 6 years, after getting dumped by ex, Andrew Manga having dated for 5 years.

According to her, the affair was not in any way profitable neither leading to positive growth, previously speaking to Dr Ofweneke.

I really loved Manga.

But I realized I was not growing in the relationship.

It was not adding value.

The singer-cum-actress however expresses that she would love to get married to share her life with someone and not because of society´s pressure.

Sanaipei Tande´s video banger sets the Internet ablaze!

Veteran radio personality, Sanaipei Tande is a voice to reckon with and she now drops a new banger to the Kenyan music scene.

We know Sana for the radio waves but so do we know the curvy beauty for her articulate yet sensual voice that only few can compare to.

Ditching her everyday soft pop to the hard ones, the lass is making scenic moves.

Just when we think she has gone under, does she resurface with a massive hit.

More often than not, artistes will tend to have their legacy pop then drown soon after, reason being the rapid growth in the industry as well as new age and era.

Well, the 34-year old beauty has proved that is not a tough road to take for her fans because she is back to serve both eras.

It´s been 10 years and counting since the songbird graced our music airwaves and it has been no regrets for both parties.

¨Simama Imara´s¨ video is now out, and it is all love, already trending on number 50 on YouTube and well over 67 K views.

Friday, 24th of May was the day set for the video release.

Simama Imara is a song well known on the Kenyan land but it´s video has caught many ablaze.

The song´s audio is by House of Dillie.



Kenya to Tanzania, name it! It is nothing but Love for the glaring beauty.

Great Love from Tanzania (+255)
You’re always the best! #Simamaimara


Hii ni kubwaa ????

Big love
Love it! ❤️
Can’t get enough of this been watching and watching and watching again and again
Dope ????
Lovely amazing Tande
Keep shining @sanaipeitande
Now we can play Kenyan music
????????????????????????????????????????my queen ????????
Just did it ????????????????????
Wow i love it. Youtube mara hiyo. Keep it up
Sanaipei love you so much with your drops
Loved it, love it, playlist ????
Nyimbo yako imenivutia Sana, mpaka nikaanza kufuatilia unatokea wap Kumbe from Kenya Nice, Mimi nilijua Ni T.Z maana nyimbo yako inafanya vizuri Sana uku kwetu, Amina Ni the Best song uku T.Z.
I have watched I don’t know how many times
Really nice am ua number fan @sanaipetande
Looking extra gorgeous,the song is fantastic????????????????????????????????

Wardrobe fail: Sanaipei Tande receives backlash from fans after sharing photo looking like a mess

Social media is full of all sorts of ´life advisers´ and Kenyan sensational songbird, Sanaipei Tande has now fallen victim.

Singer-cum-actress, Sanaipei Tande

The former radio queen recently attended an event, looking all glammed up but to her disbelief, what she received was trash.

The 34-year old singer shares a photo; make-up on, sexxy smile and titties pushed up but, according to fans, it was all a wardrobe fail!

Captioned ¨I AM THE WHITE WALKER????¨ might have been a miss!

Critics on social media felt her brassiere was too small-too tight, her clean-up undone and her make-up done overboard.

According to ´social media advisers´ she was looking like a mess.


Waaaa anapumua kweli ????????????


Ile kufinywa zimefinywa zingekua na mdomo zinger gear????????????


Too much makeup.

Nyoa makwapa, get a bra cup ur size


Ul suffocate them soldiers


You are literally bursting outta ur seams


But who is she?

Radio personality, Sanaipei Tande soldiers on and leaves her critics, blue-ticked.

Fans troll Sanaipei Tande after photos showing her struggling to suck in bulging pot belly in crop top (photos) 

Singer Sanaipei Tande was recently turned to a laughing stock by her fans once again over her body.

The veteran musician who recently confessed she has been single for six years now, was spotted trying to suck in her pot belly while posing with hunk Bien Amie.

Just workout

Kenyans were quick to judge the 33-year-old singer saying that she shouldn’t be struggling with beauty and just be who she is.

The top part of Sanaipei’s tummy appeared to be a little protruded than the bottom and according to some critics, she looked like she was about to run out of air.

It’s the second time the veteran singer has found herself in such conversations after being trolled yet again several years for having a potbelly.

Here’s are some comments:

6 year dry spell? This is why Sanaipei Tande is yet to find a boyfriend six years after breaking up with Andrew Manga

Whatever Andrew Manga did to Sanaipei Tande, she hasn’t gotten over it six years on. The beautiful singer has been single ever since she broke up with her sweetheart.

Sanaipei Tande alias Sana was in a relationship with Andrew Manga for five long years before they split and each went their separate ways.

The gorgeous songbird is obviously still devastated by the breakup, she didn’t quite move on. Sana hasn’t been in another relationship since the split with Manga.

Sanaipei Tande and his ex Andrew Manga
Sanaipei Tande and his ex Andrew Manga

Still rediscovering herself

In an interview with Dr Ofweneke, Sanaipei made it clear that she is in no rush to jump into another relationship. The sultry singer explained that she was still rediscovering herself.

“I think I just decided to figure out who I am. I was in a relationship for 5 years and when I got out didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know where I was going or what I wanted. I dated Manga for 5 years. And when I got out of it I was like ‘Sana you need to figure out where your life is going, who you want to be and the kind of things you want in your life,” said Sanaipei.




What happened to your studs? Meet Janet Mbugua’s husband back when he was a TV presenter hosting a show with Sanaipei Tande

Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie Ndichu used to be a TV presenter before he joined the corporate world. For the unacquainted, Eddie is the managing director of internet firm Opera.

On Thursday October 11th, Eddie took a trip down memory lane and opened up about his days as a TV presenter. Janet’s husband reveals that he settled for the TV job while he was looking for his way into the corporate world.

“#TBT ? when i decided to start modelling and hosting TV shows while looking for a job ? woiii @sanaipeitande was a complete natural and has never changed while sisi tuliforce na sasa tumezeeka na mpaka kipara! Nione mtu akicheka ? nitacatch! Wherever you are in life, trust your journey and in God,” wrote Eddie on Instagram.

NTV show

Eddie and Sanaipei Tande hosted a show dubbed ‘The Director’s Cut’ which aired on NTV. The show was all about reviewing movies.

And Eddie has swag for days back then, he had studs and he ‘dominated’ the show. Watch the clip below:




Sanaipei speaks on marrying controversial singer Otile Brown: It’s not fake, When you’re getting married, you don’t tell the whole world

Singer Sanaipei Tande has defended photos of her wedding doing rounds online saying that they are truly from her wedding, though Kenyans remain skeptical with many insisting it’s just an upcoming video they were shooting with singer Otile Brown.

Photos of Sana in a white gown, in a wedding setup, have been shared recently online. Brown is seen putting a ring on it in the photos. It’s a move Kenyan artists have pulled so many times when hyping their videos but Sanaipei said this was something real.

“When you’re getting married, you don’t tell the whole world. Ni kitu ya chini ya maji, haiongelewi. Pregnancy ni siri. Ndoa pia ni siri. Ni mambo ya kurealise it’s an intimate thing, for close family. I’ve always been private on that sector of my life. These things are not shared,” she said in an interview. 

None of your business 

On why she went for a man younger than her she said: “It is none of people’s  business. People do what they want to do. Me, I’m not in anyone’s business, that is why it was a private affair.”

Sanaipei Tande turns 33 years and she keeps getting hotter with age! (Photos)

Singer, radio presenter cum actress Sanaipei Tande is happy to announce that she is now 33 years old. She revealed this in a post shared to celebrate herself today as she turns a year older.

Well, having been in the entertainment industry for about 10 years, Sanaipei Tande has definitely made quite an investment in her talents. She not only ruled the airwaves by being a singer and a radio presenter but also ventured into TV where she is now acting.

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Word has it that she is among the top actresses coming for Catherine Kamau’s spot since she seems to be the best actress in Kenya at the moment. Anyway, as for Sanaipei she is glad to have come this far and made it in life.

To mark the special day, Tande wrote saying;

Sanaipei Tande’s relationship

The lady was once rumored to be involved with a popular media personality and many have been looking forward to when she gets married!

Well looking at her age, seems like time is slowly running out but all in all we wish her all the best and a happy birthday!

“I can still get a baby without a man” Sanaipei Tande reveals why she isn’t in a rush to hook up with a man

Sanaipei Tande was torn apart following the breakup with Andrew Manga over six years ago. The beautiful songbird has been single ever since.

Sanaa is still skeptical about getting in a new relationship with a man. She was totally devastated by the breakup that she hasn’t been able to love another man to date.

The sultry singer still loves her ex Andrew Manda. Sanaa admitted she loves Manga some five months ago in an interview on Ebru TV.

Sanaipei Tande and Andrew Manga 

I would love to have a baby

Sanaipei says that at times she feels lonely and that she would love to have a baby and a family of her own. The ‘Amina’ hit maker however states that she does not necessarily needs a man to have a baby.

The 32-year-old singer explains that she will resort to other means if she doesn’t find the kind of man she needs to start a family with. She insists that she must have a baby with or without a man because her biological clock is ticking.

“I would love to have a family, have somebody to take care of because. Let’s be honest about it, as a woman when we get past the age of 30, you start to feel a sense of loneliness and there is a lack of meaning to your life because there is nobody to live for, nobody to do things for. I look forward to that,” said Sanaa.



Sanaipei Tande opens up about Pam’s alcohol addiction

In the early 2000’s pop group Sema wjich was made of Sanaipei, Pam and Kevin was the it thing. The three dropped hot songs that saw them rise to the top in no time.

However, like most bands…the three split up and went their separate ways. Pam and Kevin disappeared into thin air while Sanaipei Tande ended up landing radio jobs.

This helped her music career and at same time remained popular in the entertainment industry. Pam on the other hand did not have it easy.

Singer addicted to alcohol

Photo credits

Word making rounds on social media is that the singer cannot keep herself away from liquor joints. A few days after she left rehab, the lady was again spotted at cheap liquor dens hoping to get free drinks.
So has anyone in the entertainment industry reached out to help?

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Sanaipei Tande speaks

Her former band mate Sanaipei Tande was recently interview by Kalekye Mumo on Ebru Tv’s Lets Talk show. For the first time Sanaipei revealed that she had reached out to Pam – but it was not something she wanted to publicize. She said

“I’m not going to be that chile, ati i’m going to look for her at the wines and spirit and say, ‘Pam, lets take a photo so that I can post it’. And then what? People don’t understand that when you are an addict of alcohol, it is a disease. Because it gets to a point where it is not really you anymore. You will do anything for that drink. I will not go and sit here and say how Pam got there, yes we saw the story, yes we say the pictures. But I’m not going to sit there and say, yes she was an addict or an alcoholic.”

Sana went on to conclude saying;

“I meet her, i asked her how she was doing, she was like ,’ah, you know, everyone has moments.’ she had a moment. I have had moments. Everyone has had moments. The most important thing is to realise, ‘you know what? If i continue with this i’m going to mess up. Si take a step back.”

Sassy singer forced to rehab for the 2nd time due to alcoholism

Back in 2004 pop group sema was the it thing after winning Coca Cola Pop Stars talent search. The group which ensemble Sanaipei Tande, Pam Waithaka, and Kevin Waweru dropped Leta Wimbo which saw these young talents raise to the top in East Africa.


However in 2005, the group split and each member took a solo career but out of the three members only Sanaipei Tande managed to stay popular in the entertainment industry.

From what we hear is that Kevo went back to school and Pam sort out to doing her own music but things did not work out as planned. She is however now said to be struggling with alcohol addiction which has seen her get admitted to rehab not just once but twice.

Word on the street is that she is now getting treatment at the Serenity Place Rehabilitation Centre in Kahawa Sukari after falling back into alcoholism. According to Word is which spoke to a close source of the lady, the lady has been battling with alcoholism which has brought her life to a stand still.

“Pam is admitted in rehab following prolonged alcoholism. She is admitted in the rehab for the second time following several relapses.”

Her whereabouts have however been kept on the low but we are hoping to get more information once she is out of rehab – hopefully soon. She now joins the likes of OJ and many other celebrities struggling with drug addiction in the country.